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Moto Guzzi June 24, 2019 posted by

La Scelta: 2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

Going Moto Guzzi has always been a choice. These v-twins are an interesting alternative to the high-strung offerings of those other Italian marques. Character is plentiful, as is an abundance of low RPM torque. Quality is high, at both the component as well as the build level. Performance is adequate – but far more relaxed than your usual hypercycle. Think of modern Moto Guzzis as a BMW boxer with a funny engine configuration and Italian flair and you will get pretty close to the mark.

2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport for sale on eBay

The V11 Sport model is dominated by the engine. A 90 degree twin with cylinders that sit across the bike, the nearly 1100cc mill is tuned for torque rather than outright horsepower. With an engine like this, who needs bodywork? And while the bike retains traditional (and low maintenance) air cooling, there have been several concessions to technology. Most likely these came about due to EPA regulations, but let’s ignore that and simply enjoy how well the bike breathes throughout the rev range thanks to 4-valve heads, and let’s revel in the cold start capabilities and decent mileage thanks to Magneti Marelli computerized fuel injection. These pieces almost seem wasted on something as arcane as this throw back, but they are well integrated pieces that actually improve what is already a great riding bike.

From the seller:
Pristine V11 Sport. Unless there’s a new one in a crate in Italy then this is the lowest mileage V11 in existence – 1076!!. Taken out 2 to 3 times a year for shorts runs just to make sure everything is working perfectly. Absolutely perfect paint and mechanics – truly no scratches or imperfections.

Runs , stops and handles like the new bike it is. I bought it basically just to admire the fantastic Italian styling and colors but the motor is surprisingly strong with wonderful sounds. I’m slowly thinning my collection of high end low mileage collectable bikes. The one is truly the best. Buy with complete confidence.

These V11 Sports have gained in interest over the years. Moto Guzzi’s fits and starts and changes of ownership placed the brand – and the history – under considerable pressure. But somehow the bikes retained key Guzzi trademarks, and the key Guzzi feel. These are solid machines that do most things well. There is no doubt that the earlier LeMans and V7 machines are the most sought after, but even De Tomaso and later era bikes are gaining in popularity. Pricing remains relatively low for the newer examples, but condition and mileage generally vary wildly.

Many, many Guzzis are ridden to extreme; these bikes have an enviable reputation for longevity. Today’s bike is the opposite; this one has a scant 1,000 miles and change on the clocks (!). Treated more like a ultra rare homologation racer, this V11 Sport has barely been ridden, and appears to be in good shape. It is located in sunny California, but looks to have spent most of its life indoors. If I’m to nitpick I spy a bit of what looks like corrosion in some of the pictures, which would be likely if the bike is in a beach community. Ridden or not, sea air can do a number on most metals. Unfortunately, that makes the appearance conflict a bit with the ultra low miles. Perhaps that is not an issue with someone looking to ride. We do see these bikes come through now and again – so they are not totally rare – but this is certainly the lowest mileage V11 Sport we have posted. Check it out here, and Good Luck!!


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Sunday Goose: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport for Sale

It’s a shame we’ll probably never see a modern Moto Guzzi sportbike, since they’ve been nominated official “heritage brand” for the Piaggio Group. Especially disappointing, since Guzzi was active and successful in a variety of racing classes up into the 1970s. Guzzi even had a modern superbike in the works intended to compete head-to-head with the 916. This new superbike engine kept the longitudinal v-twin, but used a narrower angle between the cylinder heads for more cornering clearance, liquid-cooling, four valves, and even chain drive. Until things change, we’re got  this roadster V11 Sport as the sportiest production Guzzi of the modern era.

Tractor jokes aside, bikes like this V11 Sport were a definite step in the right direction after the charming, but very agricultural Sport 1100 that dabbled in modernity after the very long-in-the-tooth Le Mans series and the retro 1000S. It still used the company’s torquey, two-valve and air-cooled twin, here displacing 1064cc and producing a respectable 91hp. After years stuck with a clunky five-speed box, the V11 introduced a much more modern, smooth-shifting six-speed that, although hampered a bit by the intertia of the shaft drive, could even be upshifted clutchlessly.

Handling and balance were good, although obviously it wasn’t as light as naked offerings from Ducati. Considering that it’s nearly 550lbs ready-to-roll with a full tank of fuel on board, the V11 Sport isn’t a hard core sportbike and wasn’t pretending to be. It was a sporty roadster meant to evoke Guzzi’s history while simultaneously hinting at a future that would unfortunately never arrive.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport for Sale

Very fine V11 Sport dressed in the stunning green with red frame. I am the second owner. I purchased the bike from a older gentleman who had put very few miles (1600) on the bike. I haven’t done much better as my riding miles are spread between a number of bikes. Machine is in stock form except for the carbon fiber mufflers (beautiful music), CRG barend mirrors, headlight protector, and Ventura tail pack. Tail pack is simply removed by two screws as is very handy for day trips. 

Headlight rim and front brake lever have small rash spots due to tip-over.

A friend of mine bought one of these off eBay, without ever having actually seen one in person.

After winning the auction, he asked me, “It’s not really that green right? That’s just the photos?”

“No man,” I said. “It really is that green…”

It’s a shockingly vivid color, but it suits the bike. Certainly kids seem to love it, and they always wave when he passes cars, and point excitedly. He still has it, and loves it. The V11 Sport was also available in a subtle silver or a sleek black, but this color combination, meant to evoke the original, extremely rare “teliao rosso” version of the early 70s V7 Sport, is the one I’d have, hands down. Think of it a safety feature. With prices of the older Sport 1100 and Daytona variants on the rise, the V11 is the only game in town if you want an affordable, collectible Guzzi. It’s definitely a quirky machine, but if you’re looking for something odd and charismatic that can also cut a rug and comes with the trademark Guzzi boom, this is worth a look.


Sunday Goose: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport for Sale
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Quintessential Cafe – 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

The oldest European manufacturer in continuous production of motorcycles, Moto Guzzi has an impressive history, from their founding in 1921 by two Italian Air Force pilots and their mechanic, championship-winning 250, 350, and 500cc racing machines, to the present-day large displacement fuel-injected street bikes.  Long a technical innovator, the company developed a 500cc engine with one overhead and one side valve, a 500cc V-8 motorcycle, pioneered the rear swingarm, and was the first motorcycle manufacturer to build a wind tunnel.  The V11 Sport uses some of their most durable developments, the longitudinal V-twin and shaft drive.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right

2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right front

The booming twin displaces 1064cc and weighs almost 550 lbs. fueled, but a lightweight flywheel allows the air/oil-cooled pushrod twin to rev happily, though the wide torque band ensures some giddy-up is almost always available.  A revised 6-speed gearbox, fully adjustable suspension, and three big Brembo brakes make this a 21st century bike which hasn’t forgotten its roots.  The V-twin and shaft drive have been part of the lineage since the 1967 V7, and the bikini fairing recalls the 1976 850 Lemans.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right rear  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport left detail

Treated to a few nice updates, this Moto Guzzi has carbon mufflers, a power commander ( making fuel injection 1.0 and Y2K emissions better to ride ), braided brake lines, and bar-end mirrors.  Honey-where’s-our-bike paint with red frame and gussets.  Neat factory pillion cover.  Certainly a rider with 31,000 miles, the paint looks good and the bike appears mishap-free.  Forks and shock have been rebuilt.  Sporting a Moto Guzzi National Owner’s Club sticker is some reassurance the oil changes and valve adjustments haven’t been ignored.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport cockpit  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport rear

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport right rear  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport left detail

From the eBay auction:

This is a very strong running exotic Italian V-Twin with 31,xxx on the clock located near Akron, OH. 
Well cared for, this Moto Guzzi is a work of art for pleasure riding as well as track day adventures. Like the idea of having the rumble of a Harley with the ride of a sport bike? Moto Guzzi is the answer.

20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport left grip  20150504 2000 moto guzzi v11 sport under seat

Over on the cafe racer side of the sportbike universe, the classic look and sound of a V11 Sport have the makings of a fine weekend afternoon.


Quintessential Cafe – 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport
Moto Guzzi November 8, 2011 posted by

Mean and Green: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

For Sale: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

Today we have a great looking Moto Guzzi V11 Sport. Remaining seemingly unchanged for decades, these big Guzzis continue to follow the same 90 degree traverse V-twin philosophy, with air cooling and shaft drive. Look back into Guzzi history and you need to go back a looong way before you discover anything different. This is what makes these bikes so iconic; a modern incarnation of “same as it ever was.”

The Guzzi concept of motorcycling has always drifted toward the Gran Turismo (as in Grand Touring) vein of performance, prefering the stability of long wheelbases and the torque of long-stroke, loping motors over high-strung, hyperactive race replicas. The V11 Sport is no different, with just over 90 HP and 90 ft/lb of torque pushing a somewhat heftly 480+ lb (dry) motorcycle. What you give up in outright acceleration, however, you gain in rideability and longevity. Guzzis are legendary for piling on the miles, and rival the BMW boxer in terms of outright durability. These bikes are over-built and long-term ownership is the true reward.

From the seller:
This bike is in fantastic condition, near mint. Every thing works perfect on the bike. Odometer stopped at 13k and i have a log of all miles, services and oil changes ext. This is a rare beauty that you will not anyone else riding around here, its a real head turner. Read my feedback and bid with confidence. Comes with original Guzzi tank bag as well. Spec’s below. If your a Guzzi fan than you already know, if your not a Guzzi fan than you should be cause look at this Twin

Unlike the LeMans series I bikes, the V11 models have yet to appreciate to any measurable degree. Moto Guzzis do hold their value by and large, and one might expect in time even the V11 models to gain in value. Unlike many more fragile bikes, you can be sure that this one will at least still be running to see that possible value appreciation!

This bike is up on a No Resevre auction, and the bidding is but a paltry $3,050. That is very low money for a 2k V11 Sport; take note of this one RSBFS fans, because at this rate somebody will be riding Italian style, design and sound for a song. For more info on this green machine, click the link and check out the auction. Good luck!


Moto Guzzi June 5, 2011 posted by

2001 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello

While many won’t think of a Guzzi as a sportsbike the company has a very long and proud racing history.  Just to give you an idea look at these stats. By the time of its pull out from Grand Prix racing, Moto Guzzi had won 3,329 official races, 8 World Championships, 6 Constructor’s Championships and 11 Isle of Man TT victories. The Rosso Mandello was built to celebrate 80 years of the company and only some 300 were created so this is a rare bike across the globe.  No denying the look of the red rocker covers in the sunshine, these are very fine bikes.

The Seller seems to look after his bike well and from the listing:

Changes within my Circle of Life compel me to sell my beautiful 2001 Italian Moto Guzzi V11 Sport Rosso Mandello V-Twin motorcycle. I am the original owner of number #261 of 300 originally built limited edition Rosso Mandello cafe bikes. After seeing a debut picture of this model in a cycle magazine, I chased down the Moto Guzzi VP of Marketing North America himself in order to locate this bike back in late September 2001. To his knowledge, there were 2 available in the USA east of the Mississippi River at the time & one sold as soon as it hit the show room floor. A Guzzi-guy all my life, I bought #261 sight unseen from Myers Ducati of Ashville, North Carolina. The Limited Edition Rosso Mandello celebrates the 80th anniversary of Moto Guzzi motorcycle production. This shaft-driven bike represents it well. I refer to it as my two-wheeled Maserati. The burbling exhaust notes from the V twins are superb. The ride is powerful & soulful. This Guzzi is now 10 years old with only 3,147 miles (5065 km). Time does fly & so does this motorcycle.

The V11 Sport Rosso Mandello features carbon fiber fairing, front fender, dashboard, starter cover & exhaust covers. It has red anodized valve covers & pork-chop framing and a unique reddish factory paint that is beautifully mesmerizing under varying lighting conditions…in other words, it’s one sexy bike…a real good looker & performer. Basic specs for the Rosso Mandello can be viewed here:

The V11 Sport Rosso Mandello provides 30+ mpg with a range of approximately 180 – 200 miles per tankful depending on driving habits. Specs claim a top speed of 124mph (200km/h). I’ve personally done 115mph (185km/h), which was plenty fast enough on 2 wheels.

I originally planned on keeping this bike until I became a doddering old fart, no longer able to ride on 2 wheels. But I just don’t find the time to ride anymore & my riding season is so short; plus my favorite bike pals are now dead or gone. This Guzzi was last registered & driven during the 2009 season. It is unjust to have this bike set covered up like unseen fine art. It must be driven & enjoyed by its next rider. If you want exclusivity, this is the motorcycle for you. It was produced only for the 2001 Model Year. There really aren’t many numbered Rosso Mandellos in America. Except for a gathering of  the MGNOC (Moto Guzzi National Owners Club), you will probably never cross another Rosso Mandello’s path.

Included with the purchase of this bike are:

  • the original complete tool kit
  • one UFI oil filter & oil filter cover removal tool
  • a rare factory workshop stand & spindle
  • a Road Gear red flannel indoor cover
  • a complete 2 volume workshop service manual in both paper & CD formats
  • V11 Sport workshop manual & parts manual on CD
  • original operator’s manual
  • framed factory-issued certificate of provenance for Rosso Mandello #261
  • an Ian Smith Motorcycle Report containing V11 Sport & Rosso Mandello motorcycle magazine articles & literature
  • one container each of Golden Spectro 4 Blended SAE 20w50 Engine Lubricant, Golden Spectro Full Synth SAE 75w90 GL-5 Differential Gear Lube & Bel Ray DOT4 brake fluid
  • Key-operated helmet cable lock
  • Key-operated red Kryptonite front disc lock
  • Documentation of factory recall 101EBS (Shift Ring & Cush Drive Assembly) completion


The bike received its warranty-required 1000 mile valve adjustment & subsequent scheduled service from a factory-authorized shop in Avon NY before the closing of its sales/service business. Each driving season thereafter, I performed basic scheduled maintenance & service using the following products:

  • Golden Spectro 4 Blended SAE 20w50 Engine Lubricant
  • Golden Spectro Full Synth SAE 75w90 GL-5 Differential Gear Lube
  • UFI oil filters
  • NGK sparkplugs
  • Bel Ray DOT4 brake fluid (every other driving season)

This bike is factory original with the following exceptions:

  • Moto International valve cover protectors
  • Battery Tender connector affixed to gel battery terminals
  • The emissions canisters (included in this sale) have been removed & lines plugged to provide more storage room under the seat
  • 3 of 4 side reflectors no longer attached (Inferior metal brackets fracture & fail after several seasons of riding. 2 of the 3 detached reflectors included)
  • Cherry DC1 replacement front brake light microswitch from DesignTech Engineering, LLC (original switch failed in 2007). The Cherry DC1 is a superior robust design & the preferred replacement for the prone to fail OE switch.
  • NGK Racing sparkplug cables & caps (the rare original Champion PRO5U 5KOHM cables & caps are included in this sale)
  • Tire Minder 32psi safety pressure indicating valve caps. The cap color visually tells you if tire pressure is incorrect.
  • A few tasteful Italian motoring-related decals

This bike is cosmetically excellent with the following exceptions:

  • This bike’s black engine paint, like all early production V11s, exhibits the unintended original factory “crinkle coat” finish (see pic)
  • Scratched carbon fiber on right muffler surface (see pic) from taking the sharpest corner in my life on its Bridgestone BattleAxe tires!
  • Two small nicks on right red anodized valve cover (see pic)
  • Front tire roadblasting on alternator cover (see pic)
  • Minor steering head paint-rub caused by keys (see pic)

All rubber & vinyl covered components are in excellent condition. The rear monocoque seat cover can be removed for two-up seating. The Bridgestone BattleAxe tires have at least 2 more seasons worth of sensible driving.

There is No rust whatsoever. This bike has NEVER sat outside neglected in the elements; always stored inside the garage under a breathable cover. This motorcycle starts right up & is ready for more road adventure. There is No Reserve on this auction, so bid confidently for one of the rarest Guzzis of this New Millenium!


Current you can start the bidding at $6k which I think is a very good price.  Tough to say what it could get to given they are rare to see but with a Guzzi buyer it could well press higher. Reading through the post the owner looks after the machine and it has a low mileage for a 2001 bike.  If I had more garage space ….


Moto Guzzi February 15, 2011 posted by

It’s not easy being green: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

For Sale: 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

You have to hand it to the Italians: They certainly do things their own way. Take this 2000 Moto Guzzi V11 Sport, for example. From the engine-dominated side view, to the voluptous “naked bike” bodywork, to the electric green-paint, this bike practically screams “eclectic designer custom.” Yet this is pretty much factory stock, save for a few added tidbits. All in all, this bike is a very interesting package.

View from the rear. Top section of tail can be removed to reveal passenger pillion. Can anybody make a bike’s plastic flow quite like the Italians?

From the seller:
2000 MOTO GUZZI V11 Sport, Engine: 90 V-Twin, 4 stroke Cylinders: Aluminum alloy with Gilnisil treatment Pistons: Forged, 2 compression & 1 oil control ring Cooling system: Air cooled Displacement: 1064 cc Bore and stroke: 92 mm x 80 mm Compression ratio: 9.8:1 Valves & operation: 2 overhead valves with light alloy push-rods Maximum power: 91 hp @7800 rpm Maximum torque: 70 ft/lbs @ 6000 rpm Fuel system: Magneti Marelli IAW Multipoint phased sequential fuel injection Starting system: Electric Ignition: Magneti Marelli IAW electronic digital ignition with inductive spark Exhaust system: Steel, 2 tubes connected to 2 steel mufflers Gear box: 6 speed Lubrication: Wet sump, forced oil, cartridge filter Transmission: Primary: helical gears Secondary: shaft drive Clutch: Double discs, dry, with hydraulic command Electrical system: 12 V; 12 V alternator; 14 Ah battery Instruments: Speedometer with tripmeter, tachometer and warning lights Frame: Monobeam frame Trail: 4.05″ (103 mm) Rake: 25 Front suspension: Marzocchi USD fork, 40 mm compression/extension adjustable Front wheel travel: 4.72″ (120mm) Rear suspension: Cantilever swing arm with Sachs Boge mono shock compression/extension/preload adjustable Rear wheel travel: 5.03″ (128 mm) Front brakes: Two Brembo ORO Series stainless steel 320 mm floating discs with 4 piston caliper Rear brakes: Single stainless steel 282 mm fixed disc with Brembo 2 piston caliper Wheels: Brembo spoke light alloy, Front: 3.5″ x 17″ Rear: 5.5″ x 17″ Tires: Front: 120/70 17″ Rear: 180/55 17″ Overall length: 84.64″ (2150 mm) Width: 30.90″ (785 mm) Height: 42.91″ (1090 mm) Seat Height: 31.49″ (800 mm) Ground clearance: 7.00″ (178 mm) Handlebar Height: 36.61″ (930 mm) Wheelbase: 58.66″ (1490 mm) Dry weight: 487.22 lbs (221 Kg) Fuel capacity: 5.81 gallons (22 liters) Reserve: 1.18 gallons (4.5 liters). Add ons: K&N Filters & Mistral Aftermarket Pipes. This bike is one of the most unique around, especially with this rare factory paint scheme. Bike has never been down & is always stored inside.

The seller has done us the favor of listing out the book specs on the bike, but little else. The two known modifications are the pipes and the air filters – both reasonable additions to performance considering the EPA-choked stock items of that era. Otherwise, this appears to be a very clean bike with low miles in a rare color. Given, not everyone likes their bike in fishing-lure green, but you must admit it catches the eye…

Pricing on Guzzis has been hit-or-miss recently. The older bikes have gone up in value, but the newer-generation machines have been flat. This auction started at $2999 – a very fair price – and quickly rose up to $4350, which is still a bargain. There is no reserve on this auction, so some lucky bidder is going home with this beauty. To get in on the fun, click the link and !