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Sport Bikes For Sale July 22, 2010 posted by

1993 Yamaha TZ 250 GP track bike – and it is clean!

1993 Yamaha TZ 250 GP track bike

Make: Yamaha
Model: TZ 250
Price: $2,800 starting bid with $5,500 B.I.N. – This won’t make it through the day on ebay!
Location: Rocklin, CA

Found this beauty on ebay this morning while key wording for rare bikes- did I hit the jackpot! This one is super clean and has been stored for approximately 10 years on stands and it shows! I suspect this one doesn’t have any bids on it because the key words are a little funny. I assure you at a $2,800 starting bid with no reserve, this one will not make it through the day. I’ve been on a 2 stroke kick lately and I’ve seen piles of what is said to be a rare 2 stroke bike and it is merely junk. TZ’s have a long storied racing history and are probably some of the sickest looking race bikes around- sans a MotoGP machine of course.

Looking for a cheap race or track day bike? Then look no further because you have found it!

Quote from the ebay listing:

Yamaha TZ250 Former AFM race bike with minimal spares.

Tough economy forces sale of this awesome bike.

* Starts easy & runs great, very fast and collectable

* Very low use on this bike. I have owned it for almost 10 years and only ridden it twice at trackdays. It has older Dunlop tires on it. It has been stored in my shop up on a stand. Needs a little clean up, remove dust and cobwebs.

* This bike sold new for over $20K – factory GP bike

Okay, so it needs to be dusted off and a new pair of sneakers before hitting the track. Not to keep harping on it, but you can’t buy a 1997 CBR F3 track bike for $2,800 bucks! This is 250#’s of 2 stroke madness at it’s best!

I won’t hold you up any longer….



Sport Bikes For Sale July 22, 2010 posted by

Two Stroke Goodness: 1992 Yamaha TZR2503XV

Two Stroke Goodness:  1992 Yamaha TZR2503XV

I think we’ve had a pretty steady stream of strokers this spring and summer but later model TZR’s are far and few between.  In my opinion late model TZR’s are the rarest 250cc two strokes here in the good ole USA.  This is sure a good looking example of one.  From the sound of it this bike has had a ground up restoration.  During that time they sprinkled in some SP suspension parts for a nice upgrade.  Nonadjustable suspension was common on all home market standard 250’s.   Since they were home market bikes they were generally softly sprung thus causing problems for our more, emmmm,  robust frames.  It looks like they’ve taken the time to match paint and stick with Yamaha parts.  Only the end cans stick out as aftermarket.

Here she is:

And from the CL ad:

This machine has been completely restored from the frame up by a professional motorcycle technician.
The frame, swingarm and wheels were all stripped down and powder coated in a semi gloss black.
Chassis assembled with a TZR250 SP swingarm, SP suspension linkage and SP adjustable shock absorber.
TZR250 SP triple clamps and adjustable forks replace the ‘pre load only’ standard TZR250R forks.
New swingarm bearings and steering head bearings were installed, any worn hardware replaced with OE Yamaha parts.
All hand and foot controls are OE Yamaha, in very good condition.

I know what you are thinking:  what about a title?  There is no mention of one but the bike has plates on it, so maybe.  How about price?  They are asking $9,950.  Hmmmmmmm.  That seems really high in today’s market.  Generally only bikes that have incredibly low miles, are bone stock, have a title  and maybe an SP model are fetching those prices.  As I said though, late model TZR’s are rare.   Almost $10,000 rare, I’m not sure.  If it was a true SP then I think the price is in the ballpark.   I know they’ve spent a lot of time and effort rebuilding the bike but price wise that is a bit of a knock on it in my opinion.  Any of us who have rebuilt a bike from the ground up know it is never quite exactly the same.  Nothing wrong with it but it’s just not that factory fresh anymore. 

One other factor to consider with the price is derestriction of the bike.  Home market bikes were restricted to 45hp in Japan.  Each brand has it’s own  little tricks to extract the extra hp.  I’ve heard the TZR’s can be a bit expensive to derestrict.  They don’t mention any of this with this bike other than it has an M Max derestirction box.  I have to be honest,  I’ve never heard a good thing about these things on any brand of bike.  I’ve seen a couple of discussions were guys have said SP barrels, a CDI (such as Sugo) and a set of pipes are needed to gain the extra ponies.  I’m sure some rejetting would be required somewhere in there as well.  That could easily run you another $2000.  I’ve gone through this process with my RGV.  Here is some advice.  If you want to hop on and ride on the street and not worry about things like jetting, premix etc.  keep it stock and enjoy the 45hp.  If you like to tinker and don’t mind being frustrated every now and then,  then open her up.  The extra hp is fun but comes with a price.  Expensive or not, there is no denying it is one pretty bike.

Check out the bike on Craigslist here.


Track Bikes For Sale June 30, 2010 posted by

1989 Yamaha TZ250W Reverse Cylinder Project In Montreal, Canada

This is a very nice TZ250 reverse cylinder that has had all the major work done and just needs to be finished!

Bike:  1989 Yamaha TZ250W

Price:  $6,500 USD

Location:  Montreal, Canada

This TZ is a project that’s nearly complete.  The engine has been gone through with a new top end, fifty miles on the crank, a polished frame and swingarm, and a paint job that isn’t perfect but was painted with track work in mind.  The asking price for this bike is $6,500 USD.  This is the same seller that had the restored Honda RS250 ND5 that looked fantastic and can be seen here.  The restoration of this TZ can be seen on NATS here.  See the ad for this bike on WERA here.


Quick Spot June 13, 2010 posted by

1977 Yamaha TZ250 Restoration Project In Virgina

This is a TZ250D in Virgina that needs  to be rescued!

Bike: 1977 Yamaha TZ250D

Price:  $3,500 USD

Location:  Roanoke, Virgina

The seller only states that this bike last raced in the late ’80’s and has been sitting since.  Looking at the photos it looks to be in quite good shape–pictures can be deceiving–and just might need a mechanical restoration if you’d like to keep the original look.  These bikes were very competitive in the ’70’s and still make great vintage machines with good parts availability if you know where to look.  See the bike on Craigslist here.


Sport Bikes For Sale April 18, 2010 posted by

1981 TZ250H Toronto Area

Located in Ajax, Ontario (20 minutes east of Toronto).

Here we have a “museum quality” 250 GP bike.  While these bikes are relatively easy to find in raced condition (read well-used and modified from original), original or restored bikes are a rare find.

 There is not a lot of info on this ad, but it sure looks great in the factory Yamaha colours.  These bikes are so small they would fit in your living room, bar, or rec room with ease!

The ’81 TZ250H’s were totally re-designed using the exhaust powervalve system used on the factory 500’s. This system was used in later Yamaha street bikes, namely the RZ350 and the RZ500.  Yamaha called it the YPVS or Yamaha Power Valve System.  The ’81 model came with new lighter frames, new crank cases, carbs and  a return to wire wheels just to mention a few changes.

When I think of these bikes, Randy Renfrow, John Cornwall, Fred Merkel, and Motorcyclist Magazine writer Nick Ienatsch (who covered his race antics in print) come to mind.

I love the look of these bikes and this one looks nice.  Buy a piece of history, take it out on track days, or just sit on it in the den and pretend your a GP star!


Yamaha December 27, 2009 posted by

1978 Yamaha TZ250E

Located in Menlo Park, California is a completely original 1978 Yamaha TZ250 with less than five miles.  To quote the seller:

1978 Yamaha TZ 250, less than 5 break in miles if that .
This example has never even broken in. Garaged since new, will need new rubber & seals. Campagnolo 5-spoke alloys, fairing & duck-tail seat. Minor dings & scratches from sitting for so long, you will not find another one in nicer or newer condition.

Some information about 1978 TZ250s from Motor Bike Search Engine:

Introduced in 1978, the ‘E’ version of Yamaha’s all-conquering TZ250 production racer featured a new chassis frame. Retaining the same ‘monoshock’ rear suspension layout (complete with adjustable pre-load and compression damping) as its forebears, it relocated the famous twin-cylinder, two-stroke water-cooled engine some 20mm further forward. Mounted on special alloy plates, this remarkable unit boasted Hitachi’s automatically advancing / retarding CDI ignition system and Mikuni VM34SC carburetors. Reputed to develop 53bhp @ 10,500rpm, it was mated to a six-speed gearbox and reined in by front / rear disc brakes. A stepping stone in the careers of such riding greats as Kenny Roberts and Tom Herron etc, the TZ250’s influence reverberates to this day.

The asking price is firmly set at $7,500.  It would be nice to see this time machine cleaned up and on display–it would take some serious work to get it back to racing condition.  See this fantastic barn-find on Craigslist here.


Yamaha December 22, 2009 posted by

1990 Yamaha TZ250 Reverse Cylinder on ebay

Is there anything that looks faster sitting still than a TZ250? I actually stumbled across this bike while looking for the RZ350 and thought to myself “This one deserves a spot as well.”

Auction info:

1990 Yamaha TZ250A original Yamaha USA import. Bike is in very good condition comes with a few spares see pics. The engine case numbers match the frame number. There are no dents in the frame all parts in good condition. Bike comes with a Ohlins rear shock and the original rear shock. TZ250A are getting very hard to find these days. If you are looking for one of these bikes don’t miss your chance. This bike is listed on our website for sale so I reserve the right to end the auction at any time. Will ship worldwide buyers pays for crate and all other costs.

If you take into consideration, that this bike has been exposed to a race environment it’s entire life the condition of it is simply amazing! All numbers match, the frame doesn’t have any dents and the swingarm looks clean as well. It looks like it’s ready to go racing. However, it has a $7,600.00 bid and looks like it will sell. So if your serious about vintage TZ’s this one might be for you.


Yamaha October 14, 2009 posted by

Yamaha 2 stroke multi-post


1st up is a TZR 250 on the South Florida Craigslist located in Hollywood, FL




Very Good Running Condition
2 Stroke Very Fast
Sold as is with bill of sale


The seller didn’t disclose the year, but if I had to guess I would say it is a late 80’s due to the color scheme; my 89 400 looks very similar.  I really like this little bike and I think it would look nice next to my 400 and at $2,600 it seems to be on par with previous post on RSBFS.




Next up is an Aussie 1985 RZ 500 on the Tucson, AZ Craigslist



The pictures aren’t that detailed to see the quality, but the seller gives a very detailed description of the bike and offers more pictures if requested.  It is being offered at $7,000.  You can compare past RSBFS RZ500’s here.


The plastic is in good condition with a couple of broken corners but nothing serious for a 25 year old bike that hasn’t sat in a museum. The paint is okay with a spot on the upper cowl where it’s cracked. I’ll send more detailed photos to interested parties.  I imported this bike a number of years ago and have ridden it very little.  It has a fair number of miles on it at 50k but, it’s been well cared for and not abused. It has the original Solo Cowl and even still has the Aussie license plate on it.


This one is registered on a Canadian frame that is currently on the bike, but the owner states he has the original frame as well so it could be put back to original if you chose to do so.  I’ve never had the opportunity to ride a big 2 stroke, but they sure look fast sitting still.  There’s nothing like the smell of burnt oil in the morning!