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When Black Friday Comes – 2002 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup

Almost always in black, Aprilia’s pint-size race machine had its own series in the early 2000’s.  With only 550 miles, this one has been spared too much track abuse and looks like a great way to start preparations for the 2019 club racing season.

2002 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup for sale on eBay


Aprilia developed the RS250 for 1995 model year and the 249cc race replica was immediately successful.  With Aprilia’s own intake and exhaust, the Suzuki-built engine returns 62 hp.  Built like a much larger machine, its pressed and welded twin-spar frame is all alloy, as is the banana swingarm.  40mm upside-down forks and 298mm front disks could cope with more than the reported 130 mph.  Sheared of all its lights, mirrors and accompanying electrics, weight is just 309 lbs. dry.


We’ve seen several RS250’s that were put on display from new, and this one is close with just a few tanks of gas in its past.  The owner comments on a few rubs and scratches, but the photos show very nice condition.  Some return-to-duty maintenance has been done, as listed in the eBay auction:

Very limited numbers of Cup Challenge Bikes were produced, and this is one of the lowest mileage examples offered for sale at this time
Cup Challenge Bikes come from Aprilia with 15 digit VIN’s, to prevent them from being licensed as a street legal vehicle (which have 17 digit VIN’s)
884 Original Kilometers on the Odometer (550 miles)
Beautiful Condition
Perfect bike to sit in your living room or man cave so you and your friends can stare at it like a piece of artwork
Bike has slight rubbings, scratches, and road debris indicative of being ridden for 550 miles.
Recently pulled out of long term storage
Carbs were recently gone through by a local 2 Stroke Mechanic to clean them out and to make them ready for some fresh race gas
I installed a new battery, added some race gas, checked the fluids, and the bike fired up on the 1st kick


Aprilia brought their single-make series stateside for a few years to gin up interest, and went on to provide sponsorship and contingency prizes as the series matured.  The two-stroke formula was waning however, and in a final comment on the strength of the 250’s, FIM changed Moto2 to a 600cc four-stroke class for 2010.  Maybe you’re thinking of a robust track season next year, and are way ahead on your holiday shopping ?  If so this RS250 looks ready and could make your holidays a lot brighter…



When Black Friday Comes – 2002 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup
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The Usual Fantastic – Aprilia RS250 2003 Final Edition in Japan

Early 2000’s the two-stroke open range was contracting, MotoGP rulemakers made the 500cc two-strokes obsolete, and the EU’s transition from Euro2 to Euro3 basically cut allowed emissions in half.  Aprilia’s successful line of small bikes, which had brought them 1990’s championships in Moto1 and Moto2, were breaking camp.  The company produced a Final Edition of the RS250 in 2003 with special graphics and the bike’s usual ( fantastic ) performance.

20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right

Aprilia RS250 2003 Final Edition ( Japan ) for sale on eBay

20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 left

20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right front  20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right rear

The RS250 is based on a carburetted Suzuki single of 249cc, and with Aprilia’s own ECU, cylinders, and exhaust makes 55 hp.  The torque graph is a little peaky though, with most power available above 8,000 rpm.  Aprilia’s twin spar frame is a work of art, the thin-walled stampings welded to magnesium alloy steering head and connector castings, supporting a similarly fabricated ( and beautiful ) banana swingarm.  Forks are 40mm Showa upside-down, dual-adjustable, and the Sachs monoshock is triple-adjustable.   Brakes are over-spec, twin 298mm discs in front with four-piston calipers, and 220mm rear.  Bodywork and appointments are sporty to the point of uncompromising, and if you’re not busy trying to go fast, you’ll find time to be uncomfortable.  The RS250 saves weight using only a kick-starter, but does give you a full-featured instrument panel.

20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right fairing  20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 left front

20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right front wheel  20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 left rear wheel

Coming out of what appears to be a Japanese dealer, this RS250 appears to be in nice shape, with only a few rubs on the rainbow stripes.  Coming up on 5,000 miles which is about half-life for the top end and probably ready for a power valve cleaning.  While the pictures aren’t hi-res, they don’t show evidence of damage or modification.  Interesting that the owner offers free shipping ( to a port ).  From the eBay listing:

Very rare 2 stroke motorcycles from Japan to the world!!
And Shipping cost is FREE!! (from our office to port near your place)

Aprilia RS250 Later model
VIN; ZD4LDA0003S104576
Year: 2003
Mileage: 8,020 km
Condition : Mint condition. It has tiny scratches on the body work.
Engine condition is very very well.

20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 front  20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 left peg

20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right seat  20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right peg

Though 250cc two-strokes would remain legal in Moto2 until 2009 and brought Aprilia championships in 2006  and 2007, the bell had tolled for the road bike.  The ask seems high but these were very expensive when new, exquisitely built and lightning quick.  Though road registration would likely be a trial, this would make an outstanding track day machine…


20160601 2003 aprilia rs250 right

The Usual Fantastic – Aprilia RS250 2003 Final Edition in Japan
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2007 Erion Built Honda CRB600RR Race Bike

Update 4.30.2014: Seller notes this one is now sold. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc


We’ve had the pleasure of featuring some really well put together track day machines, and this one is very good indeed. Built by none other than legendary AMA team Erion Racing, for the purpose of AMA racing in 2007. To my mind this would be a perfect step up from your first track day bike with lots of room to grow. With racing quality parts the likes of HRC, Arata/Ladybird, Ohlins, and more, you have to say it would very difficult to duplicate for the $6969 asking price. Click each picture for a high resolution version to inspect. Available in North Carolina.

Thanks for helping to support the site Jay!



from the seller:

2007 Erion Honda CRB600RR $6969
This is the real deal, a 2007 Erion built/owned AMA Sportbike. This was a “A” bike in 2007 and a “B” bike in 2008. I still have the MSO in Erion’s name. This bike has hundreds of Pro hours put into the setup, it wasn’t built from a crashed bike in somebody’s basement, the longer you look at it the more cool stuff you find. She isn’t a spring chicken but still pulls most 600s on the straight with my fat ass. This bike was raced on and off by the past AMA/Expert level rider for a few years and I bought it last year for track days. I used it for 5 weekends, mostly instructing in the “I” group, I rode it but never really pushed it (I’m losing my MoJo). This bike is capable of 1:35s at VIR, I got down to 1:43s. This bike needs nothing to go fast, really fast, or if you are like me it was content to ride at a reasonable pace. Look around, you will see other bikes in this price range without the pedigree and HRC parts… which would you rather have.

Refreshed motor fall of 2012 (has 5 easy weekends on refresh)
Arata headers w/ Ladybird slip-on
HRC race ecu
HRC wire harness
HRC steering stabilizer
HRC quick turn throttle
Quick shifter (Standard)
Yoyodyne slipper
25mm Ohlins fork internals refreshed spring of 2011
Ohlins shock refreshed spring of 2011
Custom Erion rear sets
Custom rear sub-frame
Custom intake
Galfer brake rotors (race only, the good stuff)
Woodcraft case covers
Sharkskinz Erion bodywork
Carbon Shark fin
Lots of upgraded hardware, some Ti
Cool stuff I’m forgetting
Added in 2013:
Brembo Radial GP master cylinder
Vesrah RJL pads with one weekend
Vortex gas cap
Stomp Grip

1 and 3/4 sets of spare bodywork, I used the black white and red set, the Erion tank, upper and lower look like new.
Spare complete front and rear rims with rotors and cush drive
Spare clip-ons
Spare sprockets and a third cush drive, OEM front M/C, rear brake parts.

2007 Erion Built Honda CRB600RR Race Bike
KTM March 29, 2013 posted by

Mono Mashup! 1980 KTM custom racer

Can you take a pile of not so rare parts and assemble them into something very rare and special? I think the likes of Harris, Baker, Spondon and even earlier Bimotas prove that this can be the case. Careful selection of parts and a healthy exchange of sweat equity can create something truly special. In this case, a super mono style racebike consisting of a Honda Hawk GT 650 aluminum twin spar frame and a KTM 525 single. Toss a RGV swingarm on the back, mate up a smattering of Honda CBR600 and 900 pieces to complete the mix, and you are ready to roll down your driveway.


We don’t usually post unfinished custom builds on this site, but I took a chance on this one anyway. It is in far better nick than the GSX-R LE basket case recently posted by Ian, and it represents another type of spring project: sorting and finishing rather than a complete redo. The seller claims that this bike has seen a track day, although he has not ridden it on the track since he acquired it from the original builder. Is that a case of life getting too busy, or an indication of what lurks beneath? I’ll let you decide.


From the seller:
For auction is my unique KTM powered supermono. I purchased this machine from the builder. The gentleman was a professional machinist from Toronto. He bulit the machine for supermono/sound of singles racing. As fate often has it, he didn’t have as much free time as he thought (seems to be a recurrent theme). I negotiated the purchase of the machine and he brought it to me in an enclosed truck from Canada. The bike has one track day on it’s clock. I rode the bike up and down my street a few times per year and started it to heat cycle it a few times. It is made up of a “hybrid” of components: it is essentially the wonderful honda hawk GT aluminum frame coupled to a suzuki 250 2 stroke aluminum swingarm. I am listing the specific compononets below. I have many many bikes and cars and another baby on the way so I’m honest enough with myself to know that I’m not going to have the time to race this great little bike. I have listed it with what I feel is a very low reserve. Please don’t ask me the reserve however I do have it listed locally and am open to offers. Thus, I reserve the right to end the listing early. If you are interested in converting this to a street legal canyon carver, I have a nearly new duplicate hawk frame with a clear and open title that I will make available to the winner.


The seller has posted a brief spec sheet to go along with the pictures and text. Nothing terribly rare went into the bike, but what came out is a modern day super mono machine that has unmistakable potential. A little work may be needed to polish up the package, but it certainly looks to be a potent track day bike for anyone willing to try. Only a few bids thus far, with the auction up to $1,500 and reserve still in place. Somebody has already invested the dollars and sweat to get it to this stage; in the end this could be a real bargain. Click the link to jump over to the auction and check it out!


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2000 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike For Sale in Bend, Oregon

A fellow Ducati club member is listing his Cup bike for sale. Update 2 9.23.2012: Back on eBay after being previously shown in July. Links, description, location, and pictures updated. -dc

His description:

I am selling my Aprilia RS250 track bike to a new home. An extremely nice specimen of a very rare breed in the USA this bike is set to make someone very happy. The last of the 2 stroke bikes seen in America this little gem delivers about 65-70hp from the 250cc V-Twin engine. This is an ultralightweight bike that can be raced with very little effort. Easy on parts and very easy on tires this bike will deliver fun for years. The bike has 3250km on the clock and is in pristine condition. Upgrades include the following.

Full Arrow exhaust system with silencers
Sharkskins bodywork
Tyga carbon front fender
Woodcraft rearsets with pedals
Vortex clip-ons
Reworked suspension
On / Off switch (No key required)

The paint is in great condition and the bike looks superb. There are a couple of scrapes on the underside of the fairing from cornering. I can send more detailed pictures on request. The bike has been run on VP110 leaded with Motorex oil since I have owned it. The oil injection is still on and operating perfectly. The bike is Oregon titled but not registered. I have a ton of spares that I will sell separately that will make this a complete race day package.

The bike is in Bend Oregon.

What an excellent track day package, especially with all the optional spares. If you’ve been wanting to scratch the 2 stroke itch with something that’s track ready instead of living room ready, this may be the one for you.

Good luck with the sale Scott!


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May 1st Mailbag — A Little Late but Worth the Wait

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay this week but we got a ton of submissions, probably twice as many as usual. While I’ve passed on a few almost all made the cut. Thanks for your submissions and have a great rest of your week!


Chris M shoots us his listing for a 1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona RS. Just 5400 miles and located in San Diego. Good luck with the sale!

Perhaps the deal of the day (even with the goofy signals), Chris forwards the first of several sweet finds in the Toronto area. Here’s a 1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR for just $4500 CAD. Doug needs to a leave a comment on this one!

Chris S. forwarded us this great looking 1985 Ducati MHR Mille in San Francisco. $21500, miles not disclosed.

Dan spotted this freshly imported 1989 Honda VFR400 NC30 for sale in Toronto. 27k kilometers, $6000 CAD.

By now you know I’m a sucker for mass produced sportbikes of the past that have somehow survived. This one strikes a chord with me as my first bike in college was an FZR 600. This one spotted by Louie has only 70 miles and is located in the Winston-Salem area. Seller is asking just $3400. {flame suit on!}

Gregg spotted another sharp Aprilia Bol ‘d Or RSV1000R in Reno for $9350 with under 5k miles!

Chris spotted an interesting 1992 Yamaha 3TJ FZR400RR for sale in Toronto. After conferencing with Doug, it appears it does have OEM bodywork though looks painted. For $2499 CAD might be worth a look for such a trick little machine. For those in the U.S., check out our sponsor SpeedWerks, who have extensive FZR400 experience on track.

Craig spotted this Red Bull Rookies Cup KTM 125 GP Bike on the WERA classifieds. It’s a brand new bike, never ridden, and has spares. $24k.

Adam forwarded this rare Bimota SB6 in New Haven for $9999. Rare because it’s actually been ridden nearly 9k miles!

Tim forwards us another nearly new track bike, a 2008 Honda CBR125 track bike with just 2km’s. For just $4500, this looks like a fun track day machine for a smaller rider.

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Track Day Special: 2009 Aprilia RS 125

For Sale: 2009 Aprilia RS 125 – Brand New!

Up for grabs today is a brand new Aprilia RS 125. This is listed as a track bike as it is not capable of being registered in several US states (i.e. California). There are many examples of these bikes being registered for the street, however, so all might not be lost if you are dead-set on a new 125cc street bike.

For those states with tighter EPA standards and more restrictive DMV policies, this is a track day only bike. How much fun could that be? Well, let’s take a look – light weight, decent horsepower, good brakes and adjustable suspension all add up to a lithe and nimble track day weapon. If your local venue has more corners than straights, you could well embarrass your friends on much larger machinery.

Yup – that sure looks like fun. Given that this is a new bike, the seller has gone all out in sharing the specs on this little 125cc two stroke GP replia.

From the seller:
Aprilia has always been the undisputed leader in 125 cc supersports, a market segment in which Aprilia has pioneered new concepts and advanced solutions, and developed technology that others have struggled to follow. Like all Aprilia motorcycles, the RS 125 has benefited from the sophisticated technology that has been developed over years of success in GP racing, and quickly transferred into production. Over the years, the RS 125 has forged a reputation as the standard setter for sports 125’s. Sales success has come naturally too, with the RS 125 topping the sales tables on major European markets. The RS 125 is the inevitable choice of riders entering Sport Production racing. And rightly so, because when the competition gets tough, there is simply no other bike like the Aprilia RS 125. The Aprilia RS 125 offers young riders the best in components and equipment, and a concentration of technical refinements worthy of a flagship supersport.
The following are just some of the main features of the Aprilia RS 125:
• tried and tested yet extremely sophisticated Rotax two stroke engine;
• super-rigid aluminium frame and swingarm derived from Aprilia’s vast GP experience;
• upside down fork;
• front brake with radial caliper and four opposed pistons;
• RSV 1000 R style fairing, windshield and tail;
• RSV Factory style, crossed spoke wheels;
• analog/digital instrument panel with multi-functional computer;
• RSV Factory style, forged steering yoke;
• oval section racing silencer with riveted end plates;

The mean, cutting edge look of the new RS 125 tells you that this is a professional racing machine. The styling of the RS, like that of all Aprilia sports bikes, is the result of painstaking aerodynamic research.
The fairing, for example, was perfected by extensive wind tunnel testing, to guarantee great wind protection and minimum drag for maximum racetrack efficiency. The fairing, windshield and tail not only look mean and aggressive, but allow the RS 125 to reach a blistering top speed, eliminating all turbulence around the rider and allowing man and machine to become one.
The latest generation twin halogen headlight also adds to the mean look of the new RS 125, and delivers a high power light beam for enhanced visibility and safety at night. The sleek tail looks exactly like the tail of a GP racer. Thanks to the effort put into the design of the RS 125’s tail, not even the passenger seat disturbs the bike’s impeccable lines.
The crossed spoke wheels are not only lighter and more stylish, but safer and more reliable too.

The powerful but reliable, single cylinder, two stroke, Rotax-Aprilia engine needs no introduction. Over the years it has won a reputation for being unbeatable on the track and dependable on the road.
Still today, this engine boasts technical solutions that are state-of-the-art for two strokes, including a crankcase reed valve intake, liquid cooling, an anti-vibration balancer shaft, and an automatic mixing system. The RS 125’s engine has been constantly updated over the years to keep in line with the latest emission control legislation without penalising performance. A catalytic converter and precision carburation has won Aprilia’s single cylinder two stroke homologation to Euro 3 standards. And the amazing thing is that this has been achieved without losing out on performance: the Aprilia RS 125 engine remains the reference point for all 125 cc powerplants.

Without a doubt, the most advanced single component on the RS 125 is its frame. Developed from Aprilia’s vast experience in GP 125 racing, the RS 125 frame is made from cast aluminium alloy with cross-ribbing reinforcement. Despite its extremely light weight, this advanced structure achieves amazing torsional rigidity, setting the standards for Aprilia’s competitors.
The box section, aluminium alloy swingarm has the highest torsional rigidity of all production 125 cc swingarms. Differential side members enable the exhaust to follow a path that maximises engine performance and enables more acute angles of lean to be achieved on bends without risking dangerous contact with the asphalt.
The suspension too plays a fundamental role in ensuring not only the RS 125’s performance, but its safety and comfort too. The RS 125 can rely on an upside-down fork that has been optimised for maximum performance on the racetrack while also delivering a more satisfying ride on public roads.
The rear suspension features rising rate linkages based on Aprilia’s 125 GP racing technology, for excellent traction and superb comfort even over uneven road surfaces. The hydraulic monoshock that provides the damping for the swingarm is also adjustable in spring preload.

Like any self-respecting supersport motorcycle, the RS 125 has to have the best when it comes to components. The braking system is the best available, and designed for maximum efficiency under competitive riding conditions. The front brake is a genuine state-of-the-art, high performance system with a radial caliper and four opposed pistons. In addition to the 320 mm front disc, the system also incorporates a radial master cylinder and aeronautical hoses for maximum precision and unrivalled braking power. The rear disc is 220 mm in diameter and is also equipped with metal braided hoses for perfectly balanced, high performance braking.

The Aprilia RS 125 is packed with prestige components. Compact and impressively light in weight, the instruments include an analog rev counter and a multifunctional digital display with an on-board computer that can be operated from the handlebars. The speedometer, rev counter, coolant temperature gauge and exclusive racing chronometer put you in total control. The on-board computer even has provision for interfacing with the optical finishing systems used on racetracks.

These bikes listed around $5500 new. This auction opens the door for a lower priced RS 125, as the auction opens with a $3,500 ask. There is a reserve in place and the BIN is set at an even $5k. Assuming that the reserve is slightly lower than the BIN, this bike could be a real bargain in the making. And in case you need some reminding that a 125 two stroke is effective in the right setting, check out the video below.

Your chance to pick up this bike and become a mini track day GP hero is here – just click the link and jump over to the auction. At the current rate, this bike could turn out to be a real bargain, which is just what we all need: an economical track day toy! Good luck!


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Cupper With Mega Spares: 1998 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

Cupper With Mega Spares: 1998 Aprilia RS250 Cup Bike

Fellow Americans, I wish you all a happy Fourth of July weekend. A holiday where no mailbox is safe from explosives and where we all give thanks for not having to endure royal weddings. Hey, what says America like an Italian bike with a heart from Hammatsu. Plenty of Aprilia Cup bikes have graced the glossy pages of but not many come with enough spares to satisfy even the most crash happy. Take a peek below.

Now that is a spares kit!

Here is what you want to know:

You are bidding on a 1998 Aprilia RS250 in excellent condition. It comes with a lot of spares as you can see in the description and from the pictures.
About the bike: It has re nickasilled cylinders by Millennium Technologies. It has new pistons, rings, and wrist pins by Wiseco. New little end bearings also. Tyga exhaust, and the kit ignition. If you are reading this, you probably know what that is already and how much it is worth. The panels that are on the bike are not, NOT included in the sale. They were painted by a friend of mine and I will be using them on a second bike I have. What it will come with is a very nice black and silver combination. If you make me an absurd offer for the panels, I’ll sell them. Hell, my friend can always paint more panels and I’m not that attached to them. The suspension has bee set up for a 160 pound rider. I don’t know what the actual milage is on the bike. I do know the crank has less than 800 miles on it since it was replaced.
It comes with a lot of spares, here is the list:
One pair of spare rims. The front rim has full floating rotors. Yes, they are orange, but they go nicely with the blue and orange panels. Otherwise you’ll want to paint them.
One pair of Metzler Sport tech tires: 120/70 front and 160/60 rear. New, never mounted
One pair of Dunlop slicks: 125/80 front and 165/55 rear. I have more in this size as well. Used, not abused, there are still a few races or track days in them.
One pair of brake pads
Carburetor parts
Cylinder parts
Power Valves
Little end bearings and wrist pins
One rear shock
One top yoke, or triple clamp
One rear caliper mount
One Gas Cap
3 used pistons with rings, and wrist pins
2 new pistons, one Suzuki and one Wiseco with new rings and wrist pins
Assorted rear sprockets
Assorted front sprockets
One pitted cylinder head
One injector pump
Various reeds
Used big end bearings
Wires, cables
One ignition
One instrument cluster
4 spark plugs: 2 BR10EG, 2 B9EGV
One Air box
On pair of stock expansion chambers and silencers
One mark 2 frame, 15 digit VIN
One spare Engine. The engine has a fresh crank by the Crankworks, new nickasilled cylinders by Millennium. Nothing else was touched. It will need pistons. I had some spare money over the winter and thought it would be a good idea to have a spare engine. Clutch is good, engine was running fine when I did the crank and cylinders.
Now, answers to questions:
Answer: Yes, I will sell the parts separately but only after the end of the auction if the bike and all the parts don’t sell
Answer: Yes, I will ship anywhere in the galaxy. I’ll box everything, get you a shipping quote and put it in the mail or load it on the truck. You are responsible for the shipping costs. I will also deliver the bike and all the parts for a fee.
Answer: No, neither the bike nor the frame has a title. They are (were) race bikes so there were no titles. I will give you a bill of sale, a sworn statement I don’t owe money on them or what ever else you need to feel comfortable.
Answer: Yes, I will take more pictures or detailed pictures if you need them.
Answer: No, I will not disclose the reserve. That takes all the suspense out of it. But I will give you a hint. Figure the average price of a well maintained cup bike. Add in a few dollars for the Tyga pipes and kit ignition. Add a couple of thousand for all the spares and you will be pretty close.
Answer: Yes, I will end the auction early if and only if there are no bids on it. Once there is a bid, I will not end the auction even if you offer me an obscene amount of money. It is not fair to those who have bid in good faith and enjoy the auction format.
Answer: It would have to be a pretty good offer to end it early.

It is a little bit of a bummer the body work on the bike isn’t included but you are just a good paint guy away from being back in business.

It reads like a decently sorted track bike. Just a little set up time and you’d be buzzing around 750’s in no time.

Did you catch the RSV250 on the paint work? Don’t we all wish! Other cup bikes have been selling for very reasonable prices lately since most are not titled for street use. As of this writing, this one is sitting at $4,000 and it hasn’t met reserve. I think you will just have to decide how valuable the spares kit is and bid accordingly. Everything there can be sourced half way easily but do you want to go through the hassle? Decide and bid away.