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Track Tuesday: Bimota DB5 Lapping Weapon

Longtime RSBFS readers have always indicated they prefer streetable sportbikes on these pages. We’re tipping our toe in the water on Tuesday’s with dedicated track bikes that aren’t streetable but of similar quality to our usual selections. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. -dc

Bimota have always been focused performance machines.  Not for the faint of heart, or wallet.  Many commanded eye watering MSRPs and few had the stomach to track such a rare and finely crafted machine.  Luckily not all heros wear capes, and some Bimota did find their way to the track.  One such example is this 2007 DB5.  It is powered by an air cooled Ducati twin that is said to have the capacity slightly enlarged to 1123cc  and on race fuel produces 116 hp.  Just enough power to provide thrilling performance in a light  package.  Quality Ohlins suspension, forged wheels and Brembo calipers round out the top tier specs.

Bimota DB5 Race Bike

Listing states that there is currently no title, but does not provide any details about why.  Obviously it is not set up for road use, but one can only wonder how hard it would be to return this bike to the street.

Ducati only gave us two generations of the famed air cooled Super Sports, for some these DB5 carry on that fire of sweet handling and simple sport bikes.

From the eBay Listing:

2007 Bimota DB5 Lightweight Race Bike    NO T I T L E
Bill of Sale and Vin Verification—Not Street Legal
Motoforza Bodywork
Built 1100 to 1123 2V Aircooled Engine
Makes 16hp on C12
Full Akrapovic Exhaust
Marchesini Magnesium Rims
Vortex Clip-ons
Ohlins Forks
Ohlins Rear Shock
Ohlins Damper
Microtec ECU and Quickshifter
Brembo Master, 
Brembo Rotors
Woodcraft Case Covers
STM Slipper Clutch
Currently listed with a Buy It Now price of just under $14,000.  With some research you can find this bike listed a couple of times in the recent past is decreasing asking prices.  It seems that this rear beast has been on the hunt for a new home for a bit now.  The next owner can look forward to an ultra exotic track toy that will offer a great experience for less then it would cost to convert a more pedestrian street bike to track use.


  • What’s not to like?

    • In the past track only bikes have such a narrow appeal they did not generate the views/interest of “normal” rare sport bikes

    • I think it should be a different color….lol

  • “Makes 16 hp on C12.” Sounds very, very weak. Especially for an 1123 cc v twin.

    • I saw that error too. I assume they meant 116hp

  • Agree. I’ve no interest in a streetbikewhere the most it ever gets is a brief straightline blast. A trackbike is for riding a training mastery. How would you ride a sportbike if there were no cops? So post up trackbikes. This site need not post ONLY stock bikes. Keep the bikes in good nic and I will happily list for them. Keep it up!

    • Most of the time people hunting rare and exotic bikes want them as stock as possible, but from time to time a well modified and period correct bike pops up and might make it to RSBFS

  • Please more track/race bikes!
    I’m sure that many of the guys who are regular readers of this site have done track days and/or raced.

    • Glad you enjoyed the read!

      And if the readers are doing track days regularly, what would be better then a rare and interesting track bike?

  • I really enjoy the new feature of having the bikes sent right to my email. Gets my morning going on the right foot. Always excellent info about the bikes. I learn something new from the write ups everytime. I do like seeing the track only bikes but it keeps expanding makes my bucket list. Keep up the great work!

  • Totally fine with seeing trackbikes if they are rare/ exotic. And Iconic sells plenty of them from the looks of it.

  • I am sure this is a great bike (modern day Bimota’s tend to be) but I have to say its really kind of ugly. Not sure if that paint job is from the factory or custom but damn…every once in a while the Italians do something wonky with the paint (-sideye-to-ben-bostrom-ducati) that probably seemed like a good idea at the time but later you are like seriously, how many bottles of wine did you guys have at lunch?

  • This reminds me of that awesome Ducati paint scheme from the early 2000’s. Soooo freaking cool!!

  • Bring on the race bikes!

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