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Mailbag: 1998 Ducati 900SS/FE #208 Custom

Dan 6

Mailbag is a new idea I’m piloting for bikes submitted via email. It’s a no brainer that bikes like the RC45, 916SPS, ZX7RR, and the like are natural fits for the site, but there are so many bikes just outside the uber-collectible that many RSBFS readers will appreciate. This is especially true for modified bikes that haven’t traditionally been well received at RSBFS. For commentors that claim museum pieces are a waste and bikes are meant to be ridden, here’s your ride!

We’re looking for your feedback and expertise on the submitted mailbag bike in the comments: What to look for, what’s a good price in 2023 (with citations), and your experience and stories with a similar bike. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but disrespectful comments that add no value will be deleted. -dc

Bruno emails us this week with this loaded 900SS/FE. As a prior SuperSport owner from this era, I can tell you his bike has all the desirable upgrades and then some. He’s painted the bike to resemble a Paul Smart as well. He’s asking $14,500 and can be contacted by email.

Listing up for sale the my beautiful Ducati 900ss Final Edition #208 of the 300 imported.
This bike was built to cure the few flaws that the 900ss had, as well as improve it in all departments.
It has been painted to be a Paul Smart replica, something that I’m sure some will love, some will hate. I personally love it.
This bike is obviously extensively modified, I’ll give the cliff notes. This bike could not be built today as it has many very rare parts on it.
> 944 big bore
> Keihin FCR41 Carburetors
> Termignoni high mount carbon slip ons
> OZ lightweight wheels
> Ohlins rear shock
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon gas tank
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon solo seat, side fairings, front fairing, and front fender.
> Shorai lithium battery
> And much more…

Recent Maintenance:
> Fresh oil and filter
> Spark plugs
> Cam Belts
> Fresh brake/ clutch fluid
> Gas tank resealed

Runs and rides like a dream. This bike is deserving of being in a collection for a long time.

$14,500 OBO

Located in Sacramento, California.

Contact Bruno by email.
{additional comments from our email}

I do want to say that I was not the builder of this motorcycle, Martin Wong, the owner of Moto wheels was. It was built a long time ago in the early 2000s, that’s how it has such rare parts like the DP carbon tank and bodywork. I also forgot to mention that it has a carbon air box cover and dual plug heads.

Also when the frame was painted, it was reinforced where these tend to crack.

But to answer your main question, I have zero clue if the bike was ever down because nothing is original, and while to most that would obviously point out the bike has been down, this bike was Martins personal bike, and I saw pictures on the forums from the early 2000s and the bike has remained the same since then apart from BST carbon wheels. I know that Martin had a knack for modifying(obviously) especially since he would get all the parts wholesale since he owned a Ducati parts store. I personally feel like this bike was never downed, just customized from the start to make a special bike even more special. And it rides amazing!! I ride it almost everyday.


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  1. Dan Dan

    I rode a 93 750SS with the Keihin carbs for 13 years. A little tricky to get dialed in and no choke makes for prolonged start up procedure, but the performance was stunning. With a 944 kit and the Termi’s, this has to be a total riot to ride in a properly spirited manner!

    You mentioned dual plug heads, I haven’t seen those before!

    Good luck on the sale,

    Dan, RSBFS

  2. Mike Mike

    I just love this generation of the Supersport – I have a half-faired 900SSCR in my stable, bought new in ’96. I personally love the Paul Smart green frame treatment. This one looks like it should have come from the factory this way!

    – Mike (RSBFS contributor)

  3. Dan Dan

    Updated to include location: Sacramento, California.


  4. Michael J Michael J

    I love the Paul Smart treatment. Very good looking. If Ducati had done that in 92 with the superlight I think it might have hastened the “limited edition” trend. The perception of the 900SL would have been much enhanced.

  5. Greg Cutler Greg Cutler

    I’ve been keeping an eye out for one of these for a while. So, when I saw “900 FE for sale” I perked right up. But, to be completely honest, when I saw the word “custom”, I came back down to earth again. This is a cool bike for sure, but I think the nature of some of the modifications – in particular, the paint on the frame, swingarm and body – take away from it’s collectabilty as a numbered, limited edition model. The other factor (for me, anyway) is the mileage – which, according to the photo of the dash, is just shy of 40,000 miles. It’s great that the owner/owners have enjoyed the bike so much, and it indicates that it’s a good “runner” that’s probably had most of its kinks worked out (thumbs up on that frame reinforcement), but there’s no getting around the fact that that kind of mileage affects its value.

    In my own search, FE prices have ranged from around $7500 to $10k or so. Current ads are hard to find, because of its rarity. I’ve tried to paste some links to old ads below, but I don’t seem able to. They included one in Arizona that had 5k miles on the clock and looked like it just rolled out of the factory. It sold for $9800. (I’m still pissed that I missed that one…)

    I wish the owner well but, to me, he has this bike priced a bit high.

  6. Bruno Bernardi Bruno Bernardi

    Thank you Michael, I agree, the Final Edition or MK1 Sup relight would be way more special today if produced with this color scheme.

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