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Bimota September 24, 2018 posted by

Unobtainum alert: 2011 Bimota DB8 Oro Nero with 5 miles

2011 Bimota Oro Nero with 5 miles on ebay

Back in the early days on RSBFS there was an ongoing debate about what made a bike a true rare sportbike and  was mostly centered around Bimota models such as the SB6 which seemed to be available on eBay pretty much constantly.  Some  claimed that any bike that was readily available couldn’t be a rare sportbike while the other side claimed availability wasn’t as big an issue as factors such as technology or condition.   While I can’t remember who got the final word, a set of criteria did result that I often use to evaluate whether a bike is truly a rare sportbike.  These criteria are

► extremely low availability/production numbers
► technological or historical significance 
► location 
► desirability 
► condition
► high original price, especially compared to other models in the same manufacturers lineup

Obviously not every bike posted on RSBFS has all these criteria but the more of these criteria that a bike has the more it seems to qualify as a rare sportbike.  Perhaps most importantly, if a bike has ALL the criteria listed above then its considered to be “unobtanium” and definitely worth a post.  Today’s post is a 2011 Bimota DB8 Oro Nero, a bike that seems to meet all the unobtainum criteria.

Let’s run through the criteria starting with availability.  According to Wikipedia, only 10 Oro Nero were built.  The seller indicates this Bimota Oro Nero is #11 of 11 produced which seems odd at first but the seller has a plausible explanation for this which can be read on the Bimota forum (link here) and anyone who has dealt with the Italian manufacturers knows how a few extra models tend to appear here and there based on supplies.

As for technology, the Bimota Oro Nero wasn’t just a pretty carbon-fiber face; it was actually  the first production bike to offer the combination of a carbon fiber frame, subframe and swingarm.

Location?   It’s currently located in California, the heart of sportbike country in the USA.

Desirability?  Well if you are like me and you like the pure carbon fiber look then damn this thing is sexy.   The pics provided by the seller aren’t the best (they seem to  indoors and don’t give a full walk around on the bike) so I reached out to the seller and they were kind enough to share some additional video links along with pictures on the ebay listing, see below

Vid 1 – coming home in the sun

Pic 1 – Upper frame in carbon

Video 2 – Walkaround

Pic 2 – Rear swingarm in carbon

Video 3 – rolling it into the garage

As for condition/maintenance, with 5 miles since new there isn’t a lot to talk about on this one.   The pics the seller includes on the ebay listing do seem to show recent maintenance (not sure where/when this was done though) and I think I spot a new tire sticker in the last video.  The fluid in the brake reservoir does look its due for a change though.

The last criteria for being a rare sportbike is OEM price.  The Oro Nero was originally offered for $80,000 USD so the sellers Buy-It-Now price of $91,000 USD isn’t as outrageous as it might first seem (and the ebay auction indicates that offers will be considered).

Now that we have reviewed this bike’s unobtanium qualifications we arrive at the final question – is this this bike something to put on your collection list?  $80,000 USD is still a fair chunk of change for a bike that has a plastic gas tank cover and what appears to be a phantom pillion seat pad (no footrests for a passenger).  Also the full carbon look isn’t really exclusive to the Oro Nero; other options include the Aprilia Nera, the Kawasaki H2 carbon or if money is really no object there is the MV Agusta F4cc.

Even though the Oro Nero is definitely worthy of a post here on RSBFS it doesn’t seem likely it will appreciate much in the near future.   It seems like its more of a long term investment that will appeal to a deep pocketed and patient collector or perhaps to a Bimota collector looking to complete their lineup.   While it will probably never ellicit a reaction like an RC30 or Desmosedici whomever buys it will be able take comfort in the fact that have something that even the famous Barber and Solvang museums don’t have.

Martin G/Dallaslavowner

Unobtainum alert:  2011 Bimota DB8 Oro Nero with 5 miles
MV Agusta September 29, 2014 posted by

Rebirth, Italian Style: 2000 MV Agusta 750 Carbon/PROTOTYPE

What is art?   For a long time the belief was that a motorcycle could not be art because “art can never have any other purpose than itself”.  But the folks at the Guggenheim museum in New York thought differently and their 1998 display the Art of the Motorcycle was the most popular event at the museum in decades.  Of course the fact that they had a Ducati 916 front and center probably helped.  The 916 was designed by Masimo Tamburini and probably did more to transform Ducati from little known Italian motorcycle manufacturer to high end luxury item than any other bike in their history.

While for a lot of people the 916 would have been a career defining moment, Cagiva design house chief Massimo Taburini went on to design yet another jaw dropping blend of art and function and thereby relaunch an epic manufacturer into the new century.  I am referring of course to the MV Agusta 750 F4.

mv agust 2

Its hard now to explain the impact the new MV Agusta 750 F4 had when it was introduced. Bike design had become focused on blending function and weight (or as Colin Chapman is known for saying, “simplify, then add lightness”).  The Honda Fireblade/CBR900 was the standard bearer of this philosophy and while bikes like the Fireblade were a technological tour-de-force, they inspired appreciation but not lust.

Into this setting came the rebirth of MV Agusta with the 750 F4, a drop dead, sexy red, narrow bodied bit of Italian exotica that didn’t have the eye gouging 90’s-style graphics packages. Plus it came with a rear end that was unlike anything else out there.

mv agust 3

2000 MV Agusta 750 ORO for sale on eBay

The first generation of the F4 model released to the public was the F4 750 Serie Oro and only 300 examples were produced, with only 60 being brought into the US.   A few seem to pop up on RSBFS repeatedly but this is not one of the previously listed bikes.

The Oro was significantly different from the standard 750 F4 models which followed it.   Many parts such as the swingarm, frame side plates and wheels were made from magnesium and were anodized gold for consistency with the name ‘Oro’ (which is Italian for gold).   All painted parts, such as fairings, seat cover, front mud guard and even the fuel tank and air box are made of carbon.  Also the Showa fork has fast detach axle clamps and according to the seller, the engine casing is different as well.

mv agust 3

So what’s it worth?   Well on the plus side it has ultra low mileage, looks pristine and is 1 of the 60 series Oro bikes in the US with all the upgrades listed above.  But on the minus side MV Agusta went down the same road Ducati did, offering multiple “limited editions” of the bike which kind of diluted the appeal (I’m referring to you, Nieman Marcus edition) so it won’t blow them away at bike night.  Also, the 1000cc engined bike introduced in 2005 is a more popular option with a lot of riders.  Lastly, a standard MV Agusta 750 seems to go for around 9k, so the asking price of 32k on this one seems a bit high but perhaps this bike will appeal to a collectors of 1st edition and zero mile bikes.  One thing is for sure, Tamburini knew how to “artfully” blend form and function.


Rebirth, Italian Style: 2000 MV Agusta 750 Carbon/PROTOTYPE
MV Agusta March 27, 2013 posted by

Gold Standard: 1999 MV Agusta F4 SERIE ORO


When MV Agusta bounced back from extinction after a relaunch of the legendary brand, new owner Cagiva needed something that would make some noise in the marketplace. The 750cc F4 was the result. The first 300 examples of the F4, however, were the truly special “Serie Oro” editions. Here is the good bit: When it comes to the Oro, if it looks like gold it is made of magnesium. The rest is pretty much aluminum and carbon fiber. The seller of this particular Oro, #281, has a lot to say:


From the seller:
Beautiful MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro #281, approx 3k miles, one of only 20 imported into the U.S. Ten years of development with input from Ferrari resulted in this marvel of motorcycle design bringing it to the entrance atrium of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC for it’s most widely attended “Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit. This is the first of the completely handmade resurrected brand, first of the Tamburini designed MV Agustas.

Complete carbon fiber bodywork including gas tank, exotic magnesium swing arm, rims, side plates and lower triple clamp to reduce weight by 25 lbs over standard F4, owned since new by responsible adult and stored properly indoors. Recent service($1200) includes Michelin Pilot 2 CT( I kept the original tires if you’d like) , new battery, coolant flush and replaced with Engine Ice, oil and filter change and brake fluid change. The bike runs like new, no disappointments here.


More from the seller:
Bike will include service records, original docs, red rear bike stand, bike cover, Trussardi leatherbound datebook, Serie Oro cover story Motorcyclist magazine publication. Will include like new one-piece custom leather (fits 5’9″- 5’11” , 150-165 lbs) if buy-it-now. Of all the MV’s I have owned, this brings the widest smile, the precision of the gearbox, the flawless fueling and the induction howl is intoxicating, add to that the symphony of the 4 organ pipes and you’re in riding heaven!


Serie Oro models are exclusive and expensive. We don’t see them come up all too often, which is a shame – these are great looking bikes! The upside is that most all of them are carefully protected, offer low miles and are in great shape. This one is no exception, right down to the price. Starting bid is a cool $20k – and that is just to get the party started. If you want to buy it outright, you will need to come up with a curious $39,785. Click the link for all of the pictures, details and more!


MV Agusta February 25, 2013 posted by

Precious Metal: MV Agusta F4 750 Serie Oro – New (in Germany)

After the Ducati 916 was launched it was very difficult to imagine another motorbike that could be as beautiful. A few years later though, Massimo Tamburini thought to combine the incredibly sexy lines of his previous creation with a 4 cylinder inline motor to re-launch one of the most iconic motorcycle brands in history: the MV Agusta. The return of the brand on the market had to be something spectacular and so in 1999 the F4 750 Serie Oro was born. Built to 300 examples it features the finest of raw materials: Magnesium was used for all cast parts (excluding the tubular steel frame), carbon fiber was used for all otherwise ABS made parts (fairing, seat cowl and even the fuel tank)

mvoro_003 mvoro_012

The bike featured also a number of innovations, some of them technical (like the radial valves) and some of them aesthetic (like the amazing organ pipes exhaust built by Arrow as a tier 1 to MV).


It was originally sold in Germany for 72000 DM (Deutsche Mark) about 36000 of modern days Euros. In this sense the fixed price set at 29000 Euro for this brand new Nr. 155/300 is almost cheap…



This bike is clearly coming from a collection and probably deserves to find another warm and comfortable heated room to be shown off. I mean loot at the tyres :



If you are into the carbon fetish you might want to check the gallery below as well:

I used to own a more standard EVO3 and boy what a beautiful sound it had. It was too heavy though, but I guess that all this magnesium and CFK will make the riding experience differnt.

Check out this sale on by clicking the link below:

MV Agusta F4 750 Serie Oro


MV Agusta January 16, 2013 posted by

This One Is Art: Literally–1999 MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro #184

oro artoro exhaust

That sure as hell beats any art I’ve seen in a gallery.  Another Oro and another Oro that has been hidden from that evil pavement.  Actually, after looking back at the Oro’s we’ve posted before, the majority have basically been eye candy.  This one rolls in with a staggering seven miles on it.  Even the most casual motorcycle enthusiast knows the history of the bike so lets just enjoy some pictures laced with carbon fiber.

oro upperoro tailoro armoro bottom

The info:

For your consideration here we have a like new 1999 MV Agusta Serie Oro Edition for sale.  This is number 184 out of 300 ever built for World Wide Sale.  The bike has been stored for its entire life with only prep from the factory and sits with “7” miles on the odometer.  Battery has been taken out and gas drained since new.  Bike is 100% factory original including all accessories and original delivery crate.

oro left

The bike is listed as a classified ad with an asking price of $35,000 OBO.  I don’t know if they are selling for that but the asking price is similar to several other Oro’s we’ve posted here.  Now, go tell the wife you have a new idea of what to put in the entry way.

Check it out here.


MV Agusta December 10, 2012 posted by

2000 MV Agusta F4 Oro For Sale in Connecticut

We rarely get the chance to post a real Oro for sale in the states but here is the real deal and with a thorough seller’s description. The auction has a starting bid of $25000 and wears a buy-it-now of $38,750. One can assume a deal can be struck somewhere in between, but if you’re in North America this might be worth your time if you’ve been waiting.

My favorite quote from the listing should resonate with a growing number of our readers, “Note, a motorcycle that is never used and kept in a crate for 12 years is not in better mechanical condition than a bike that has been used regularly and maintained properly over that same period.” Well done sir!

2000 MV Agusta F4 Oro For Sale on eBay

quote from the seller:

MV AGUSTA F4 SERIE ORO, these special bikes don’t present themselves often, highly collectible as this was the first completely hand built re-introduction of the famous brand into the market. Only 20 were imported into the United States, that’s less than 1 per state. If you had the opportunity to visit the Guggenheim museum for the most widely attended exhibit “Art of the Motorcycle” the glorious Serie Oro #1 owned by the King of Spain was the first display bike in the Atrium.

Over the years, I have owned numerous MVs, I just love the brand, reliable, beautiful to look at and what an incredible ride. I have owned #281 since 2000 and unlike most who resign it to the living room, she has been ridden by a responsible adult being maintained and stored properly over the years. She recently had full service ( 2 months ago) with fluids change, and new Michelin Power 2CT, new battery.

If you are looking at this ad, you are probably familiar with the model, but just in case, here are some details: full carbon fiber bodywork including the gas tank, Magnesium (light weight) swing arm, rims, side plates, and lower triple clamp, everything that came with this bike is included with the sale: bike cover, certificates, 2 sets of keys and red rear wheel stand, Trussardi leather-bound Datebook,Ferracci bar-risers (originals included). If buy-it-now exercised, I will also include some collectible items that did not come with the original bike including new one-piece custom leathers ( fits 5’8″-6’0″, 150-180 lbs), original Motorcyclist magazine cover article story on the Serie Oro, original brochures. These motorcycles are truly the Ferrari’s of bikes as they collaborated with MV Agusta in the engine development.

MV Agusta motorcycles are very special bikes but this one in particular, even more so, the gearbox is flawless, better than the others I have owned, the fuel injection seemless, the induction howl it makes with the musical symphony accompaniment from the quad under seat organ pipes can only be matched by the Classical greats! It’s with great hesitation that I list my first dream bike for sale, but it’s time for another lucky individual to enjoy her as I have. Good Luck!

Note, a motorcycle that is never used and kept in a crate for 12 years is not in better mechanical condition than a bike that has been used regularly and maintained properly over that same period.


MV Agusta October 30, 2012 posted by

2000 Agusta MV F4 750 “ORO” #286 of 300

Update 10.30.2012: This listing was first published in September of 2009 and has reappeared on eBay from what appears to be the same seller. The opening bid is up a bit at $25k but is also listed with a buy-it-now of $37k. Currently no bids with just less than 2 days to go. Thanks to Doug for the original post on this bike! -dc

I posted a 1999 F4 a few days ago that had been upgraded to look like this bike.  As my previous post stated “Oro” means gold in Italian.  All of the gold bits on this F4 Oro are Magnesium with gold finish, thus the badge of Oro.  I think these are pure eye candy and am envious of anyone who owns one of these beauties.  This MV Agusta F4 750 Oro is #286 of 300, located in Miami and is listed for sale on eBay for $22,000 with no reserve or buy it now.  So, it is possible that you could own this for $22,000. 

MV oro1mv oro3MV oro2mv oro4

I just had to throw up some large pictures this time so everyone can see the detail, carbon fiber bits and Ohlins components. 

This super rare example of MV Agusta’s premiere motorcycle is one of only a hand full that made it to the USA. Most were coveted by celebrities like Jay Leno and Lyle Lovett who were able to get their hands on them. Only 300 were produced in total! It was featured in 2000 at “The Art of the Motorcycle” exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in NY. Wesley Snipes rode this mode in the movie “The Art of War”. This bike has only 1,200 miles and has never been titled. Comes with Certificate of Origin. Engine: Four Stroke 749cc Inline 4 cylinders 4 valves per cylinder Double overhead camshaft Bore Stroke: 73.8 x43.8 Weber Marelli 1.6M injection carburetors Liquid cooled 6 gears Chain drive transmission Sandcast engine Loads of magnesium parts Brakes: Front – twin disc Rear – disc Weight: 396 lbs. Serviced by Fast by Ferracci IMMACULATE Stand included There is too much to say and no way to express how awesome this bike is in an ad.  Call Earl for the information and stories you could listen to for hours!

I would love to hear the Ferracci exhaust note on this thing, I bet it screams….  Although the owner doesn’t give much information on any modification made to the bike, they do offer their phone # for additional information.  So if you’re interested hit Earl up for some info.


Ducati June 18, 2012 posted by

Monday Medicine: MV Agusta F4 Serie ORO, Ducati 996RS Ex Bostrom NCR, Suzuki RG500 MKII

If you dread Monday’s like I do, hold your calls, push the files to the side of your desk and enjoy a little UK dreaming for the start of your work week.

Is there any other MV Agusta to own? The ORO still gets the largest “Wow” factor in my book. Wow best describes the asking price as well, approximately $36,000. They are open to offers though and I highly suggest that route.

It is basically new, old stock. It has only traveled 11 kilometers. Sometimes MV’s start to look generic to me since they all basically have the same shape. When I see close ups like this though I realize how beautiful they actually are.

The bike is actually located in Italy but is listed on Ebay UK. Don’t worry, they will ship if the check clears. Place a bid or make an offer here.

How about an Ducati 996RS ex NCR race bike to fill out the old Ducati collection?

What shes’ got:

Super rare genuine RS Factory 1998 bike with certification. Bike has all the “works” upgrade as 16,5″ wheels, big tank, magnesium swingarm, doulble water radiator, rear monoblock caliper, etc. 1998 WSBK and 1999 as spare bike of Bostrom/Team NCR.

Bet you’d like to take that apart and see what lies inside. The price you ask to be able to do so? $54,000 OBO. A quick search brought up a parts bike 996RS advertised at $30,000 and a BSB Champion 1999 996RS for $75,000. I think I can afford the race stand it sits on.

All business. What would you do with it? Ride the hell out of it or worship it in your garage? Here is the auction.

And lastly one for the premix crowd. A fully restored RG500 MKII with a TT race history. It apparently was restored by a well known ex Suzuki technician.

Do you really need another photo? I’m ready to plug my ears.

To pretend you are a TT hero of the late 70’s will set you back roughly $44,000 + premix. Sorry, no best offer on this one.

I’m not sure if this is the same bike but it is well worth a look if you are interested in the restoration process. Click here to see the classified ad.

Now stop dreaming up ways to empty your bank account and get back to work!