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Featured Listing: 2005 Aprilia RS50

Update 6.17.2020: This bike has been sold for a little while but I’m behind on my updates. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

In these trying times there is tremendous fear as to what might be to come. Worried about raiding your retirement account to purchase that perfect collectible specimen of a RC30 / OW01 / Mh900e that you are not likely to ride? Then how about setting your sights a little lower – as in lower seat height, lower capacity, lower investment risk and lower entry point. The only things that are not reduced with this plan are the cool factor and the fun. Today’s 2005 Aprilia RS50 is the perfect example of this “less is more” philosophy. This is an awesome little bike that allows you to channel your inner Max Biaggi and ride at 10 tenths without risking everything. It looks great and would make a fantastic addition to your man cave or garage. But please don’t miss out on riding – there is absolutely *nothing* like riding a slow bike fast. Those who have tried it would tell you about it, but they can’t stop smiling long enough to talk.

Featured Listing: 2005 Aprilia RS50

The RS50 is not your average little moped. For those raised on MB5s, AR50s and YSR50s (you know who you are), this Italian wonder is a mini GP bike on steroids. Under the full MotoGP fairing enclosing an aluminum, liquid cooled, single cylinder Motori-Minarelli engine (later units were built by Derbi), the RS offers some pretty advanced technology including a full aluminum frame, 17 inch cast wheels with a large 300mm front disk, and 40mm forks. Dry weight slips by under 200 lbs. Power – if you have to ask – hovers around 10-ish provided the tach is pointed at the 1:00 or 2:00 o’clock position. And that is where the fun lies with riding a bike such as this; nothing teaches you corner entry speed, conservation of motion, gearbox management, tachometer awareness and – perhaps most importantly – how to tuck in tight.

From the seller:
2005 RS50 with 1412 miles. Bike is all stock except for Leo Vince V6 pipe. Great condition overall except for a few minor scuffs here and there. Starts, runs, everything works as it should. New Mitas tires. New Antigravity LiON Battery. Comes with 2 keys, 1 liter of injection oil and a new Naraku 70cc BBK never fitted. Bike ready to go and is located in Cary NC

Clean & clear NC title in my name. $1900 or best offer.

The US has never truly embraced the small-bore racing set. We don’t have license restrictions like they do in Asia and Europe. American riders tend to cut their teeth on bigger bikes, and as a result they see small motorcycles as entry level. But if you can work the sliver of a power band and minimize the limitations of the format, you can scare yourself silly while having the absolute time of your life. Anybody with access to a karting track knows they need one of these. And regardless of your age/weight/displacement preference, this is something that will make you a better rider. There is simply so little room for error that by simply tooling around on this type of bike you become more focused and aware. You want to improve your skills? The line forms right here.

And the best part of today’s offering is how accessible it is for nearly everybody. I don’t know how to say it gently, so I’ll throw it out there: this bike is priced to sell. The seller is a fan of the site, and is looking to change out his current stable a bit. So if you want to become a better rider, learn skills that directly transfer to a bigger bike, feel like Rossi without ever breaking the speed limit, or simply want an uber cool piece of artwork, reach out to Roy. He is one of us and gets it. There is not a lot of power here, but this one will move quickly. Check it out, and Good Luck!!


Featured Listing: 2005 Aprilia RS50
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Featured Listing: 1998 Aprilia RS250 MK2

Update 5.14.2019: SOLD in just 4 days! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Gary in Utah has several bikes Featured on RSBFS right now. Check them out too:

Good luck to buyers and seller! -dc

One of our favorite collectors is back, and the plush offices of RSBFS are abuzz with gossip concerning what new gems will surface next from Gary’s vast rare bike archives. Today’s bike is a great example of what I’m talking about: A super clean Aprilia RS250, unmolested and with a street title. And while we have seen a lot of hot-rodded, modified or converted Cup bikes, this Mk2 version of the venerable v-twin two stroke is stock and original. Let’s check it out.

The RS250 – as is well known, is based on Suzuki’s successful RGV250 architecture (also known as the VJ22). And while Suzuki supplied the parts, the preparation and tuning is all Aprilia: from the intake and airbox through to the expansion chambers and silencers and the ECU in between. The chassis is an in-house unit design, a twin spar aluminum frame with gorgeous welds and substantial bracing. The swingarm follows the haute couture trend of an asymetrical, curved section on the right hand side in order to allow the pipes to tuck more neatly and provide additional ground clearance. Call it a gull arm, call it a banana arm – the goal is the same. In the case of the Aprilia, the arm is polished and more gorgeous welds are prevalent. Forks are courtesy of Showa, with the rear shock unit provided by Sachs. Both are adjustable.

From the seller:
What can I say about this RS250? It has 3,883 miles ((6,248 kilometers). It is in mint mint mint condition without a scratch, ding or dent. No flaws! Never been crashed, or tipped over. All original and all fairings and components are 100% genuine Aprilia OEM factory. This bike is as new as they come. One owner bike. I’d like to see $12,500 for this beauty. . Will come with all new fluids. Runs like the day it was new. 17 digit vin number.

The RS250 is pattered after the 250cc road racers that made Aprilia famous. One look at that draft-busting streamlined tail gives you the impression that this apple doesn’t fall far from the same tree that sired Valentino Rossi or Loris Capirossi’s rise to fame. But this example is a street bike, can be licensed in all states that allow this ridiculous level of fun (hint: not California unfortunately), and provides you with both the means of transportation as well as transporting you to a higher plane of riding where you can let your inner Max Biaggi loose. Keep the canyons tight and the revs up, and your riding buddies will all but disappear.

This bike is being offered at $12,500. Check out all of the high res pictures, as they tell a terrific story. Gary has sold numerous bikes through RSBFS over the years, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So you have a fantastic model that is rare in the US, sitting in all original condition (with fewer than 4,000 miles!), and a known seller. If you are in the market, this one should tick all of the boxes on your wish list. So drop Gary a line, and then brag to all of your friends about your new bike – as soon as they catch up to you, that is. Good Luck!!


Featured Listing: 1998 Aprilia RS250 MK2
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Smoke ‘Em if Ya Got ‘Em: CA-Titled 1995 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield Replica for Sale

1995 Aprilia RS250 L SIde
Although for many, the second-generation Aprilia RS250 captures the essence of lightweight, two-stroke performance, I prefer the earlier versions, like this Chesterfield replica: the later bikes are just a little bit bulbous in the tail, and that techno-futuristic dash just look a little bit too “1980s Dodge Daytona” for me. Not that I’d pass up the opportunity to own one of course! But for me, the earlier bikes are just a bit more graceful, and while the dash looks a bit odd, that’s just because you’re supposed to yank that speedo and the associated idiot lights off for trackday shenanigans!

1995 Aprilia RS250 Dash

The 249cc, liquid-cooled two-stroke and six-speed gearbox combo was basically a heavily-modified Suzuki RGV unit, with the same Brembo Goldline brakes used to stop bikes weighing over 100lbs more, but the rest of the package was all Aprilia. The bodywork is very sleek and distinct from the Japanese competition, with a gorgeous aluminum frame and that classic “banana” swingarm designed to allow the expansion chambers to tuck in close to the bike for maximum lean angle.

1995 Aprilia RS250 Headling

Aprilia claimed 60hp and, with just 300lbs to push around, the bike is a rocket. Straight line and top speed will suffer, even compared to a 600cc supersport machine, but the Aprilia’s light weight pays dividends in corners, so what you lose on the straights you’ll gain back in the corners and under braking.

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Aprilia RS250 for Sale

Max Biaggi two-stroke race replica in Chesterfield Livery
California plated, insured and registered: clean title in hand.

I’m the fourth owner of this original Max Biaggi Chesterfield (not a sticker kit replica). I bought her from a good friend that needed a car for his growing family. This was THE bike I originally wanted when I first got into motorcycles. 18 years or so and a lot of bikes later, I was lucky enough to get my hands on this wonderful machine.

She has 13,060 on her currently, and runs flawlessly.
Top end rebuilt at 10,000 with Wiseco pistons and Boysen reeds. I just had her serviced and run through by Nichols Sportbikes in Milpitas. They went through the whole machine and have her running tip top! including; coolant and brake fluids flushed, new battery, gear oil change and had the forks re-sealed. The tires were replaced around 12,000 miles or so along with fresh brake pads. Plenty of life on all.

This bike is a beautiful Italian specimen that loves to flaunt her stuff. The decals are not in perfect shape, but are in great condition for the age. The bike decals came original on top of the clear coat, so after 21 years they have some sun fade, minor wrinkling and an occasional worn edge. The bike has never been put down, and the original fairings are in perfect shape. She is a street machine and I take it out regularly for the Italian tune-ups to keep her purring like the hot cougar she is.

She is original with the following exceptions;
Arrow full exhaust. You’re welcome, future owner!
Toby steering damper. Again… you’re welcome.
Aftermarket turn signals. They were on the bike when I got it, never changed them but I have 2 of 4 of the original signals which can still be found on AF1.

I have the owners manual, service record receipts, workshop manual and other parts: gaskets, screws, brackets, passenger pegs and passenger seat. I also have an OEM tank decal replacement kit if you’re not a fan of the awesome, road pounding patina of the current tank decals.

Buyer is responsible for local pick up. Bike located in Bay Area, California.

As you can see from the images, the bike is in good condition overall, and the aftermarket signals and slightly faded stickers can be easily fixed with parts the seller is including with the sale. The headlight lens looks slightly cloudy in the pics, or maybe it’s just dirty, and the recent mechanical overhaul means miles of smiles for the next owner! This bike looks like the perfect machine for someone concerned more with riding than displaying, although the price will likely be out of reach for many enthusiasts…

1995 Aprilia RS250 R Rear

Bidding is up to $7,100 with the Reserve Not Met and several days left on the auction. That’s likely due to the fact that this bike has a clear California title, a bit of a Holy Grail for two-stroke enthusiasts. I’m not generally a huge fan of race-replica graphics, but this is my favorite version of the little thrilla from Aprilia, and that CA title means you can thrash the little quarter-liter machine on some of the amazing canyon roads we have here.


1995 Aprilia RS250 Fairing Detail

Smoke ‘Em if Ya Got ‘Em: CA-Titled 1995 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield Replica for Sale
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Featured Listing: 2011 Aprila RSV4 APRC SE – Max Biaggi Special Edition

9.27.14: This Featured Listing sold in just 1 hour, a new RSBFS record! Congratulations to both buyer and seller! If you have a very good to excellent condition sportbike, that is priced to sell, contact me about purchasing your own Featured Listing. -dc

2011 Aprilia RSV4 APRC Max Biaggi R Side

Aprilia has a history of producing bikes that feature shall we say functional aesthetics. From the bulbous but incredibly effective original RSV through the dangerously angular restyle and the pterodactyl-ous Dorsaduro and brutally-ugly Tuono, their bikes may not be pretty, but they sure do the job, and they do it with tons of charisma. And the current Aprilia RSV4 certainly follows this trend of looking functionally over-styled, with a strange, finned tailpiece and triclopean face.

This particular example features the very trick Austin Racing exhaust (from the UK, not Texas) and race-replica colors to celebrate Max Biaggi’s Rossi-free success in World Superbike. It’s a very clean, tastefully upgraded bike with less than 2,000 miles on the clock.

2011 Aprilia RSV4 APRC Max Biaggi Rear Brake

The RSV4 features one of the most comprehensive and cutting-edge electronics suites available on a motorcycle at any price, coupled to one of the best-sounding motorcycle engines ever built. Everyone loves the sound of the Yamaha R1 with its flat-plane crank, but it basically sounds like it wants to be a V4. Just like the one in the Aprilia. It’s powerful, flexible, exciting, and sounds amazing, even with a stock exhaust. But who has one of those, anyway?

I’m torn as these are simply awesome machines, with performance and pedigree. But I do wish the style was just a bit more subtle… But if it isn’t beautiful, you can’t argue with the tiny dimensions. It’s an amazingly compact motorcycle, and hugely effective, winning comparison tests all over the world while the race bike tears up World Superbike. You can find bikes with more straight-line speed, or ones that are more user-friendly, or cheaper. But it’s simply the best overall package available anywhere.

From the seller: 2011 Aprila RSV4 APRC SE – Max Biaggi Special Edition

Bike has less than 2,000 miles on it, and to be honest, I’ve been having so much fun on my Honda Grom, my Aprilia just sits around.
Full service recently completed by MotoCorsa here in Portland, OR.
Updated with Titanium Austin Racing Exhaust
Special ECU mapping by AF1 (well known in the Aprilia world)
Austin Racing fold-up levers and mirror block-off plates
Bike is immaculate and was well-loved.
Additional photos available upon request.
Bike comes with all original equipment, including a special edition Max Biaggi motorcycle cover!

Priced to sell at $14,000.00!!! SOLD!

2011 Aprilia RSV4 APRC Max Biaggi Cockpit

I love this bike and at $14,000 this is a screaming deal. Just pull off the Max Biaggi bodywork and hang it on your office wall, fit this with some black race bodywork, and ride the wheels off it. Or just park it in the driveway and rev the hell out if it to impress your neighbors.


2011 Aprilia RSV4 APRC Max Biaggi Rearset

Featured Listing: 2011 Aprila RSV4 APRC SE – Max Biaggi Special Edition
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Conversion Soup: Aprilia RS250 Framed, RG500 Powered, Tyga wrapped Biaggi Replica…..


Conversion Soup:  Aprilia RS250 Framed, RG500 Powered, Tyga wrapped Biaggi Replica…..


..and Ohilins sprung.  Conversions are an acquired taste but this UK RS/RG/ETC impresses in pictures.  It has a bit of everything and that everything appears to be top shelf.  With a conversion though, a true test is seeing it in person.  Seeing how the wiring is done, how the engine conversion was handled and basic fit and finish. First impressions are this one is put together correctly.



500cc’s wasn’t enough so this is bumped up to 570cc’s.  I think I’d let an expert look at how that engine is mounted for peace of mind.  I’ve seen some mounted without the down tubes and I had a frame builder tell me that is insane with the big RG engine. It looks like a down tube peaking out there beneath the fairing though.





It’s a long list!

here we have my latest just completed aprilia rs250 with suzuki rg500 engine fitted

the bike has been built with no expense spared, every part of this bike is either new or refurbished 

if you no these bikes you will appreciate how much time, effort, and money goes into building one of these bikes

brief description of the specification of the bike

engine completely rebuilt inc

cranks rebuilt 

570cc big bore

new pistons rings gudgen pins bearings clips

gearbox rebuilt with new later undercut gears

new clutch with mod done

refurbished disc valve covers

new billet clutch cover

new itg air filters

every bearing, gasket, o ring, oil seal, has been replaced with genuine suzuki parts where available 

swarbrick exhaust pipes with carbon cans

carbs ultrasonic cleaned and rebulit with new needle valves, gaskets etc


standard aprilia rs250 frame modified to take rg500 engine

frame powder coated

swingarm powder coated

ohlins front forks with radial brake callipers, fully rebuilt with new seals, oil etc

ohlins rear shock fully rebuilt and resprung 

rs250 wheels powder coated new bearings

brembo 320mm discs

brembo radial master cylinder with pazzo lever

new pazzo clutch lever and perch 

gsxr switch gear

new carbon frame protectors 

new carbon swingarm covers

new carbon hugger

new carbon front mudguard 

new braided lines

new alloy clipons

new chain and sprockets

new koso dashboard

new tyres

new tyga fairing

new one off seat unit loosely based on honda rs250

new max biaggi paint job last years colours in fluorescent orange, the pictures dont do it justice



I’m guessing the suspension is swiped from another Aprilia model since it has been rebuilt and resprung.  Not sure if the brakes are Aprilia items as well.



I wonder how much it has been ridden since all the work.  There would definitely be some sorting out on a project like this.  I’d wonder about the heat coming of those chambers under there and ruining the paint if it is a tight fit.



Have you been adding up the numbers as you’ve been looking at the pictures?  Did you come up with 12,500 GBP ($19,600!)?  If you go down the list and add up all the parts and labor I’m sure you get to that total.  You know there has to be a “but” don’t you?  The problem with conversions is that you build them to your tastes and the pool of buyers out there probably doesn’t have the exact same tastes.  More importantly, they aren’t willing to pay for the things you thought were worthwhile.  Even if you aren’t a buyer this bike should be an inspiration on what you can do with a conversion.


Take a look at the ad here.





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Best Replica Yet? Mick Costin Yamaha RZ500/YZR500 Marlboro Replica

Best Replica Yet?  Mick Costin Yamaha RZ500/YZR500  Marlboro Replica

What a couple of months for YZR replicas!  Each one seems to get better.  In my humble opinion this is the one to own.  I remember stumbling across the Microproducts website and just weeping knowing I couldn’t afford one.  I honestly don’t know how well they are constructed, the quality of components or how they handle.  What I do know is that they are visually the best replica I’ve seen of a YZR500.

Some of it is exotic, some isn’t.  You’ve got a custom frame housing a mildly breathed on RZ500 engine.  A TZR supplied the swing arm and forks are RGV units.   Subframe is all custom.  Custom tank?  Nope, it is off a VFR400.  I don’t know if the fairings are the real thing or copies but they are from a 1996 YZR500.  The tail section is from an RS250.  That is quite a mix and match project.  I wonder what the fit and finish looks like in person?

It just looks the business.  I’m actually surprised they haven’t done a RGV500  replica with a proper frame and  RG500 engine.

How about that for some tail?

What RZ or RG owner hasn’t dreamed of a frame like this?  Here is some advice Yamaha and Suzuki.  Dust off the cobwebs of your  two stroke department.  Grab some old engines and plug them up anyway you need to,  to meet environmental standards.  Proceed to stick them in a modern frame.  Give us two versions please:  one can be a 1990’s GP replica and one can be a more modern version.  You will sell every damn one of them.  We will unplug them on our own, don’t worry.

Well we all know my pissing and moaning on here won’t get us any new two strokes so you might have to look here for satisfaction.  How much to play?  Roughly $30,000.  Oh and shipping from Australia.  Yep, they are down under.  They are open to offers on this one though.  Make room in your garage and buy it here.

Now are you thinking, “I like it but I still know it isn’t a YZR”?

Now that looks like it fell off a Yamaha race trailer!  They are apparently building a replica of a 1990 YZR500 for a customer.  To do so they have created this replica frame.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed they stick something in there more exotic than a RZ500 engine.

Grab a tissue and enjoy:


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Brand New 1996 Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield on Craigslist

We’ve been fortunate to see a number of MK1 Aprilia RS250‘s listed for sale in the U.S., but I don’t think we’ve ever seen a 0 km example for sale, with plates, in California!! This won’t last long so here is the link:

quote from the seller’s listing:

1996 Aprilia RS250 Max Biaggi Race replica with zero km . Yes, it’s brand new . Needs to be broken in before riding hard. A reliable two-stroke race bike from the Pro Italia Ducati dealer and it’s currently registered with CA title which makes this a plus. 80 plus hp on superlight body. The price is firm on this bike because it will be hard to find another.

While the price is one of the highest we’ve seen at $9500, good luck finding another brand new one. Maybe if they sell the one at the Barber museum!

This is correctly stated as a 96, which you can tell from the lime green pin-striping instead of the yellow on the 95’s. The early MK1 RS250’s can be distinguished by their slightly more angular bodywork, analog gauges, 3″ wide front wheel, and oil and water reservoirs in the rear. It does appear to have Arrow pipes, which are fine but I hope the stockers are included as well.

From what I’ve read, 80hp stock is very optimistic — maybe if measured at the crank. The AF1 forum has a great RS250 section and one of the pinned topics is how to get 70hp at the wheel.

Of course what makes this one extra special to RS250 enthusiasts is that it bears the Chesterfield livery, which imitates the bike that Max Biaggi rode in his early days of 250GP racing. I recently acquired a 95 myself and it will serve as the RSBFS project bike. You can read a bit about it on my personal blog.

Considering my purchase price and what it will cost to bring my bike back to the condition that this example shows, I might be better off financially just to buy this new-old stock bike!


Aprilia March 14, 2011 posted by

The other Italian – 1996 Aprilia RS125 Biaggi replica

1996 Aprilia RS125 Chesterfield Max Biaggi replica with a low 1,265 miles!

All our regular readers would probably know how much we love 2-smokes strokes here on RSBFS, so it is my pleasure to bring you my first 2-stroke (and first Aprilia) post:

Aprilia RS 125 Max Biaggi Replica. This was bought from a race team but never raced. I also have another set of body work also but it is scaped up from street crash. The new body work is on it now.

This Aprilia is also the last of the unrestricted 125’s so it has a 38mm carburetor.

It is also a Biaggi Chesterfield Replica of a limited edition. There are only 2 in the the whole USA.

Perfect condition, keep inside heated from start, never outside or in a cold garage.

New perilli tires, will put on new front turn signals.

It also has a full arrow exhaust on it with a carbon fiber canister

I also had a racer lower for me, I can put it back up, I’m 4’11” and I’m just a tad on my tip toes.

I also have a complete repair manual on cd for this bike.

We don’t see many streetable 125s on RSBFS, and even then it’s the newer Aprilia 125s with the more angular design.  I actually quite like the older RSs with the more rounded, organic shape.  This one ticks all the right boxes for me – destricted? Check. Limited edition Chesterfield (couldn’t care less about Max though) rep with only 2 of these in the entire US of A? Check. Full Arrow exhaust with carbon fiber canister? Double check!!

Come to think of it, this would be the perfect match for Dan’s RS250 Chesterfield Rep!  How bout completing the set Dan?

Starting bid is $4,000 which I think is very reasonable.  If you’re game, give Lynda (I assume that’s her in the pics)