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Sport Bikes For Sale February 2, 2013 posted by

First Year! 1987 Yamaha FZR1000 For Sale

Bedford, NH – 16,921 miles – $2,725 with Reserve


Links fixed! -dc

Been looking for that classic Yamaha liter bike to fill an empty space in your garage? Then look no further than this first year FZR1000. Granted, Yamaha didn’t update the engine and introduce the EXUP system on the FZR until 1989, but this year is still no slouch. With 135hp, this bike can still go 0-60mph in around 3 seconds and hit a top speed of 160mph.


This example looks to be in nearly stock condition minus the Vance&Hines pipe, blue windscreen, and Corbin seat. Your butt will thank you later for the seat. Mileage is also very low for its age with under 17k on the clock. I also see no physical evidence of it ever being down, which is impressive as I am sure that a number of these were flung off the road back in the day.


From the seller:



The bids are rolling in and the auction is at $2,725 with the reserve in place and a few days left. This bike is truly a survivor and still looks good today. The bike is near stock with only a few era correct parts and in undamaged condition with low-ish miles. You can jump over to the auction here and place your bid today!


KTM December 2, 2012 posted by

Early December 2012 Mailbag [RC8R, GS1000, FZR1000, ZXR400]

Hey guys,

Here’s the latest submissions to our email. It’s been very busy for all of us at our day jobs and unfortunately we weren’t able to to get to everything before it expired but we appreciate your submissions.



First up is Adam’s 2011 KTM RC8R. Current bid is just shy of $15100 and appears to be winning bid with 2 days to go. It comes loaded with tons of trick bits to be a track day super threat, but with just 1200 miles and all the stock bits included in the sale, you get to decide how it lives the rest of it’s life. Good luck with the sale Adam!

Kurt and Amy forwarded this awesome 1978 Suzuki GS1000 survivor. Available in Tampa Bay, Florida for $4500 this one sports just 17k miles and looks like a great buy for this price and condition.

Ned forwards us this 1992 Yamaha FZR1000 in North Carolina. It has 22k miles but looks unmolested and even sports the original exhaust. For $2700 it’s hard to go wrong here I think.

Jeff emails us this brand new 2000 Kawasaki ZXR400 for sale on eBay UK for about $8000 USD.

Ducati June 18, 2012 posted by

Monster Monday Mailbag!

Good morning guys!

Here are the latest reader rides and suggestions, and it’s a packed day to say the least! My apologies to those who were missed and good luck to those still available.

Anyone score any new rides or gear for Father’s Day? Drop a comment and tell us about it!


Let’s kick things off with this Honda CBR400RR Joey Dunlop tribute bike spotted by Jeremy. Located in San Francisco for $6500.

Mark spotted this unusual Suzuki RG400 available in Toronto for $8900 CAD. The seller is a dealer who states they can export to the U.S.

This 1985 Yamaha FZ750 custom cafe is being offered from Noel. Normally I’d post this on one of our sister sites, but since he’s thrown in some free advertising for us on his listing you check it out. Opening bid is $2500 reserve not met and it’s located in Minnesota.

Jay W. has been loving our GSX-R 1100 posts and sent us this listing for a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R. With about a day to go it’s at $3k reserve not met and has 21k miles.

Here’s another submission from Mark, a sweetheart 1985 Suzuki RG500 in Toronto for $9000 CAD.

Joel emails us his gorgeous 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 survivor. With a bit over 7k miles he’s asking $6200 in Detroit. Good luck with the sale!

Eric emails us this sweet spot, a 1987 Yamaha FZR1000. This is a really sharp looking ride and appears mostly original for just $4500 in Bakersfield, California. As a bonus, the seller is throwing in a parts bike!

Shaun emails us his 1992 Ducati 851 with just 11k miles in Dallas, Texas. Good luck with the sale!

Finally Tony sends us this RZ350 he spotted on San Francisco Craigslist for $6500. Just 5k miles from an older rider according to the seller.

Bimota May 19, 2012 posted by

1991 Bimota YB10 in San Diego

For Sale: 1991 Bimota YB10 Dieci

Update 5.19.2012: Buy-it-now has been dropped again and is now at $6k. Good luck with the sale Chris! Links updated, -dc

Update 3.14.2012: Originally listed in February, this YB10 is back and the buy-it-now has dropped from $8k to $7k. -dc

From a noted collector in San Diego comes this 1991 Bimota YB10. Known as the “Dieci” when released (Dieci means 10 in Italian), this model was an extension of the Bimota-Yamaha relationship with the FZ family of powerplants that brought such amazing machines as the YB4, YB6, YB6-Exup, Tuatara, YB8, and YB9 Bellaria. The YB10 was a carbureted YB8 motor in a modified Tuatara chassis (the Tuatara was a very rare, fuel injected beast). Ergos were also adressed, with higher handlebars and a more comfortable seat welcoming the rider. In many ways, the YB10 was a bike that moved Bimota from “art and performance with no compromises” to “artful performance with polish.”

This particular Dieci has over 10,000 miles on the odometer. That is not a lot of miles for a Yamaha FZR1000, but hand-built bikes from Rimini rarely rack up that high of a score. This really speaks to the rideability of the YB10 – great performance (145 HP), fantastic presence, and relative rarity with a reported 224 produced from 1991-1994. As the result of the mileage there is some minor damage reported, as noted by the seller in the photos.

From the seller:
1991 Bimota YB 10.
Bimota factory uses Yamaha FZR 1000 motor in this model.
Looks good, some paint chips, strong runner.
Orig Paint.
Minor paint chips on bike as shown in pictures.
Still, pretty good shape for a 20 year old unrestored sport bike.

Back in 1991 a new YB10 Dieci would set you back approximately $24,000. That price has dropped considerably over the years, and nowadays a Dieci fetches between $6k-$10k depending on condition. This particular bike, with higher mileage and some damage is not likely to top out that scale, but the seller is realistic and has set the BIN number at a reasonable $8,000.

The bidding is currently up to $6,400 on this bike, with a fairly high number of interested parties. The bike appears to be in honest condition (apart from the zip tie hanging off the rear brake master), but as always we recommend that readers contact the seller for more information about any rare and collectable bike. There is no reason to believe that over time this bike will not hold its value – if not go up slightly – and with easily sourced FZR1000 parts the maintenance on the non-Bimota pieces should not scare anyone away. To check out all of the details or get in on the action, click the link and jump over to the auction!


Yamaha May 16, 2012 posted by

Good Looking, Low Mileage ’92 Yamaha FZR1000

Location: Gross Point Park, Michigan

Mileage: 9,363

Price: Auction, $5,000 BIN

Big liter bikes like this FZR1000 were a big deal back in ’92. Sportbikes were still kind of in their infancy in the early 90’s. For instance, 1992 was the first year of the GSX-R 600. The 1000 ruled all and the FZR1000 was a big part of that scene on the track and the street. These bikes aren’t what today’s 1000’s are, but they are still no slouches. This machine put out around 145 BHP, plenty to make the horizon come up on you quick.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

You are bidding on a really low mileage Yamaha FZR1000 Exup

I have owned the bike for 5 years and have put about 200 miles per year on it regularly cleaned and kept under cover in heated garage used only as an adrenaline rush toy 

brand new battery this year, good tires 

comes with original factory tailpipe. and rare matching single seat cover

this bike is so fast its like a video game!

unbelievable handling and huge stopping power

everything works as it should

comes with owners manual and factory tool kit

the only negative is a crack in the fairing where the previous owner dropped it off the side stand

please check out the photos and ask any questions before buying

And pics-

This bike looks to be in great shape and the mileage is relatively low. It was apparently dropped at some point and has a crack in the fairing near the turn signal. The seller highlights that and includes a good photo. This could be an issue if you want a minty bike. It may be repairable or you could always look for a replacement fairing, although either may not be easy. The bike comes with the original exhaust and cool solo seat cover. Bonuses for sure.

The seller is asking $5k for this ride, which may be a little on the high side, but certainly not outrageous. These are not easy to find in any condition, so if you can give it a good home, make the jump!



Sport Bikes For Sale May 7, 2012 posted by

One Owner 1988 Yamaha FZR1000 For Sale!

Location: Valrico, Florida

Miles: 31,028

Price: Currently $2,475 with reserve in place

It is no surprise that many called the FZR1000 the bike of the 80’s. It was hailed for its amazing power and even more for having a chassis that could channel that power and maximize the performance it had to offer. It was one of the main reasons that the terms “Deltabox” and “Genesis” are so familiar to and 80’s and 90’s sportbike lover.

Let me just say that this bike does not look like a 31k mile bike. In fact, if you told me it had 3k miles, I would probably believe it from the photos. Talk about clean. It is also a one owner bike, meaning that the seller has looked after it for the past 24 years and it shows. The only non stock items that the seller mentions are a beefier rear tire (up to 180 from the stock 160), 39mm flatside carbs, billet clutch cover, and a Kerker exhaust. The pipe is definitely a nice era-correct mod. Looks like the wind screen is a tinted one as well.

From the seller:

This FZR is in mint condition. I bought this bike new in 1988 (one owner) Never dropped. The bike has a up graded rear wheel with a 180 tire. The engine up grades are as followed, 39 mm Keihin flat slide carbs, Billet clutch basket and Kerker header.

This bike is in pristine condition for a 24 year old sport bike. Bike has been garage kept since new, It is a must see to believe motorcycle with only 31000 miles.

Now I will say that ’88 was the year before Yamaha had redesigned the FZR1000 and in comparison, the ’89 is a better bike with the EXUP and Deltabox II. But let’s face it, finding well cared for bikes like this from the late 80’s isn’t easy, so this is definitely one to consider if that’s what you are looking for. This one looks super clean and would absolutely turn heads to those in the know. Check out the auction here!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 17, 2012 posted by

Another Clean, Low Mile Yamaha FZR 1000

Location: Oradell, New Jersey

Mileage: 3,500

Price: Auction, currently $4,000

Well, for some reason the early FZR1000 has come out of hiding in numbers recently here on RSBFS. Here’s another one. Clean, original and low mileage. It doesn’t have the killer over-the-top 90’s graphics of this one. But it is a killer looking ride. And these bikes put out enough power (roughly 140 ponies) to keep your time on the street interesting.

Here’s the info from the seller-

Rare 1990 Yamaha FZR 1000 with 3500 original miles in absolutely great condition, garage kept, runs great, new tires, also have original single seat conversion matching cover and original exhaust. 

This bike is adult owned, all stock, never dropped. 

A must see for someone that is looking for an original almost new vintage Yamaha FZR.

Photos for you-

This looks like a real clean, low mile bike. The only mod looks like the aftermarket D&D pipe and the original is included. Finding a bike like this that survived over the last 22 years is not all that common. Mileage is low enough that you will be able to ride this for some time without any worry. You also may just want to keep the mileage low and enjoy looking at it in the garage everyday. Up to you.

So there you go. Another clean FZR1000 for the taking. Who knows where the auction will end. If you want to find out, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale March 11, 2012 posted by

Ultimate 90’s FZR1000…At least when it comes to the graphics

Location: Boston, Massachussettes

Mileage: 14,000

Price: Auction

So I have to admit when I first saw this photo I assumed that someone had had the bike repainted. Then I took a closer look. I guess even a fan of 90’s era sportbikes and all their graphic glory, like myself, had forgot just how far things went. It was certainly a defining era in terms of graphics and while it’s easy to laugh now, many of the 90’s bikes I think look better than the all black framed, black fairing bikes of today.

The seller provides lots of information-

Your looking at a posting of a very rare 1994 YAMAHA FZR 1000 cc motorcycle in Black Metallic with stock original graphics. Its rare in the fact that not many of these were made overall and the black metallic color scheme was mostly sold outside of the U.S. and the white color scheme was sold mostly in the U.S. These are hard to find, and most people that had these wish they still owned them now. Looks brand new, never dropped, no accidents, no problems ever, very reliable, well built trouble free bike, well maintained.

It boast 145 hp. Its a 4 cylinder boasting 5 valves per cyclinder( 3 intake, 2 exhaust), for a total of 20 valves total ( 3 intake, 2 exhaust). Uses the original EXUP exhaust system that monitors efficiency and helps with power efficiency where its needed thru the exhaust system. It was the fastest bike, time trial and overall speed for its year. States that its overall top speed is 174 mph. Its carburated and not fuel injected and its been kept exactly stock as it came out of the showroom. Its a short frame aluminum chassis, with a large 1000 cc motor.

Adult owned, original owner, well maintained. Fluids changed seasonally. Tires in great condition. No leaks. Maintained by certified motorcycle mechanic who is passionate about making the bike run true and correct and babies it as much as I do. Last season the mechanic did a scheduled radiator flush with new fluid. I’m putting this out there for former owners that wished they still owned this bike or wish they owned this bike back then. Helmet in pic not included….this post is just for the turn key working motorcycle only! Needs nothing, practically brand new with 14,000 miles on it…….less then 1000 miles per year. Heated winter storage for all of its life.

Only serious inquiries and offers will get email responses back. Anyone under the age of 21 years of age needs a parent present when purchasing this motorcycle. No tire kickers and no free rides.  TOP LEFT PIC IS THE MOST RECENT PIC.

There is a reserve price on this auction item. I have it listed locally and I reserved the right to end the auction early if it sells locally. I require $500.00 down payment thru Pay Pal at the end of auction. The rest will be paid by a certified bank check from a well known banking establishment. ***LOCAL IN PERSON AUCTION WINNER PICK UP ONLY***(No excuses)***

Engine and Transmission

Displacement: 1002.00 ccm (61.20 cubic inches)
Engine type: in-line four
Stroke: 4
Power: 145.00 HP (105.8 KW) @ 10000 RPM
Valves per cylinder: 5
Starter: electric
Gearbox: 5-speed

Physical measures

Dry weight: 214.0 kg (471.8 pounds)
Seat height: 775mm (30.5 inches)

Chassis and dimensions

Front brakes: Dual disc
Rear brakes: Single disc

Speed and acceleration

Power/weight ratio: 0.6776 HP/kg
Acceleration (0-60): 2.9 seconds
Top speed: 174 mph (280.025 kph)

This was a review article from back then, enjoy:

1994 Yamaha FZR1000

The FZR1000 is a very well-balanced bike with massive amounts of power. The chassis is perfectly capable of maintaining its composure under the stress of a motor at full throttle, and this makes the ride and the feel of the bike more enjoyable.

One of my favorite things about this machine is its extreme light weight and maneuverability. Due to its layout with 45 degree angled cylinders and relatively low seat height it feels lighter than a brand new R1, although it’s about 50 pounds heavier. The bike is very easy to handle around town and it has a very satisfying acceleration.

When you ride the FZR1000 you feel like you are a part of the machine and the ride is more enjoyable. On the modern sport bikes you are perched on top of the bike and the ride is not so comfortable.

But what goes fast, needs to stop fast and the FZR1000 has no problem with powerful braking. The bike’s solid and reliable braking system will do the job for you every single time.

The bike’s powerful engine really starts to scream when you hit 7000 RPM and no moving object on the road will leave you behind at full throttle.

The 20-valve inline four built by Yamaha is one of the most reliable power plants ever constructed so you will ride the bike with no worry.


The people that own these motorcycles take very good care of them so it wouldn’t be hard for you to find a bike that looks great and rides smoothly. If the owner has the full service history of the bike and you are satisfied with the miles, than you should really consider buying it. Also make sure that the tires are in good shape because they aren’t so durable on sport bikes and they don’t come cheap.

Yamaha’s FZR1000 was considered the Best Street bike in the 90’s. It was the bike to own in those days: very fast, beautiful and handled like no other. (END)


*Buy this now at a reasonable and affordable price. Loan could be as low as $100.00 a month for you.

There is a reserve price on this auction item. I have it listed locally and I reserved the right to end the auction early if it sells locally. I require $500.00 down payment thru Pay Pal at the end of auction. The rest will be paid by a certified bank check from a well known banking establishment. ***LOCAL IN PERSON AUCTION WINNER PICK UP ONLY***(No excuses)***

Not many photos, except proof that the paint actually is factory Yamaha-

This looks to be an all original and well cared for FZR. There are not many photos, so you may want more close ups to make sure things are right cosmetically and in terms of original parts. The paint looks good in the available photos and nothing immediately stands out as being replaced. Mileage is not bad at all and if well maintained should not be an issue.

This looks like a clean and original ’94 FZR1000 with graphics that leave no guessing as to what era it came from. For all you Yamaha guys out there or folks that just remember these back in the day and always wanted one, here’s your shot at it!