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Ducati July 9, 2016 posted by

The Real Thing: 1990 Ducati 851 Corsa Racebike for Sale

1990 Ducati 851 Corsa R Side

The term “race replica” can mean different things: a stock bike with a graphics design that mimics a famous competition machine, or an homologation machine that will be used in part or nearly whole in some form of production racing. But all that goes out the window here: this is a genuine World Superbike Ducati 851, as raced by Davide Tardozzi in 1990 and 1991.

1990 Ducati 851 Corsa Clutch

Tardozzi was a rider and later team manager. He raced in the very first World Superbike event on a Bimota YB4 in 1988 and then had some success in both 1990 and 1991 riding for Ducati, with enough points to earn him a 10th place finish overall in 1991. Tardozzi won the European Superbike championship in 1991 as well. While he had some success as a rider, he was a far better team manager: under his leadership, Ducati flourished in the early days of WSBK and Fogarty, Corser, Toseland, and Bayless all rode for for him. Later, he worked for Ducati’s MotoGP team.

1990 Ducati 851 Corsa Shock

Often overshadowed by the later 916, the 851 was a hugely significant bike for Ducati. Participation in the fledgling World Superbike series signaled their return to top-level production racing and brought them into the modern era. It was the first Ducati to feature their new Desmoquattro four-valve, liquid-cooled engine and showed that the company was ready to compete against the Japanese sportbikes on equal footing with no excuses, other than the displacement bump available to twins competing against 750cc four-cylinder machines.

1990 Ducati 851 Corsa Termi

It’s a truly historic racing motorcycle, bathed in the glow of success at the top levels of the sport.

From the original eBay listing: 1990 Ducati 851 Corsa Superbike for Sale

Ducati 851 Corsa WSBK

Model year 1990 VIN ZDM888S*000155*


This bike was raced in the 1990 World SBK Championship and later in 1991 used by Tardozzi (works rider and then Ducati Corse director) to WIN the European SBK Championship.

Amazing bike, preserved conditions, full known history, part of my private collection for 10 years then sold to UK collector.

It comes with original GPM certification document.

Race, parade and collect! Bulletproof investment.

1990 Ducati 851 Corsa Dash

This is another bike from our favorite poster Gianluca, who appears to have access to the coolest bikes ever. There’s plenty of time left on the auction and bidding is just getting started. This bike is obviously not cosmetically perfect and probably never was: it’s a racing machine, designed to go very fast and look good from the grandstands as it flashes by at 180mph. It’s scuffed and dented and used, in the best possible way, with legitimate racing success woven into its DNA. And, as a bonus, it has a slightly anachronistic vintage white Veglia tachometer, with a literal red line painted on somewhere near 11,000rpm…


1990 Ducati 851 Corsa L Side

The Real Thing: 1990 Ducati 851 Corsa Racebike for Sale
Gilera October 18, 2013 posted by

Single Cylinder Exotica: 1992 GILERA SATURNO PIUMA CORSA (U.K.)


sat right

It looks like Gilera was taking its’ racing version of the Saturno very serious.  It was specifically  created for “Super Mono” racing throughout  Europe.  A simple glance tells you  there isn’t much in common with the Saturno road bike other than the name.  These bikes were bumped up to 569cc’s and apparently some factory supported riders got versions that were 620cc’s.

sat tank

Time to go racing, so the street bikes trellis style frame had to go.  Instead it has a pretty darn stout looking twin spar unit.

sat muffler
My what a large, um, muffler you have.

sat left rear
Yep, it’s been a museum piece:


sat right frontAsking price is almost 15,000 GBP.

Single Cylinder Exotica:  1992 GILERA SATURNO PIUMA CORSA (U.K.)
Bimota March 4, 2013 posted by

Italian Treasures: 1987 Ducati F1 750 Laguna Seca & 1987 Bimota DB1 W/Corsa Kit

laguna right

db left

If you only had money for one, which would you choose?    The seller that brought us the Ducati Santamonica at the end of February has found some other gems in the back of his garage.  Like the Santamonica, these bikes are actually located in Italy but listed on Ebay UK.


laguna right

Another fine example of an F1.  The bike is listed with 10,000 KM’s but the seller also mentions a complete restoration.
laguna clutch

Hmm, a dry clutch and folding rubber foot pegs.  That just seems like an odd combination to me.


laguna carb

 Who has ridden one?  Do they make a lot of intake noise?  Is it the equivalent to a mechanical symphony?

 laguna left rear

 The auction on the Duc is winding down but the reserves has yet to be met.  Check out the auction here.


db left

 Apparently also taking up too much space in his garage is this interesting ‘Corsa’ kitted DB1.  The seller states only two DB1’s were produced in 1087 with this kit.  I could find no mention of the kit on the internets.

It sounds like this is what the kit included:

Engine specs as the Ducati F1 Montjuic: special cammes, special pistons, 41mm Dellortos, 2into1 exhaust, delivered also with road exhaust and double front fairing, race and road/headlight.
Mileage is a scant 2,900 miles.

  db dash db bodywork

Road bike dash but with a pretty race upper.  Who is into the tech on the forks?  Is that whole contraption on top some sort of air bleed off system?


db tank

As soon as I saw ‘Corsa’ I thought we had a full on race bike (DB1R) but as you can see from an earlier post on a DB1R Corsa, they are quite different.  If you were curious, there was the DB1, DB1S, DB1SR,  DB1SR Serie Finale and DB1R.  It looks like toal production of all the models combined was under 700.


db frame

Nice, simple and tidy.

db engine

No dry clutch here my friends.  That is not not slowing the bidding though.  The bidding has jumped over $21,000 and still not hit the reserve with only a little over a day remaining.  Here is the auction.





Ducati November 29, 2012 posted by

Ultimate Ducati? 1991 Ducati 851/888 Corsa Raymond Roche Replica (AKA 851 Superbike Racing 91)

You know it is exotic when the engine size doesn’t match what the badge on the fairing says.  Ducati meant it when they called this the Raymond Roche Replica;  it was built for racing.  No SP with lights here.

Here is info on the Roche Replicas (from

Factory built at the end of 1990 as a close copy of Raymond Roche’s 1990 World ‘Superbike’ championship winning bike.

Ridden to Victory by Doug Polen in the 1991 and 1992 championships.

Produced in two batches of 25, 50 in total, all identical.

The front mudguard, fairing under the swingarm and the upswept exhausts were the result of post season wind tunnel testing on Roche’s 1990 bike.

No ignition key, starter motor, side stand, cooling fan, speedometer or road gear of any kind.   Frame and swingarm different to the road SP.
Weber-Morelli ECU housed in the nose cone, and not under the seat, as on the SP.
Higher compression ratio than the SP.
Each of the two 50 mm throttle bodies had a second injector added.
Ported head with higher-lift, longer-duration cams.
Intake and exhaust valves 2 mm larger than SP.

Carbon Air intakes, Airbox, Fuel tank, paper thin fairings, seat unit, front/rear mudguards and exhaust heat shield.
Black areas on the lower part of the fairings are unpainted Carbon Fibre and are not painted black like the SP.

Racing battery.

Magnesium Marvic wheels with Michelin radial slick tyres as standard.

Billet Brembo brakes, Competition radial levers

I saw on another discussion group, a  claim that 10 were imported to the United States with a $50,000 price tag.

Like a true race bike, the electronics are upfront and not nestled in the subframe.  Yes, they did come with a tail light but no bulb was intalled or wiring for that matter.

Having said that, check out the story on this bike:

This particular bike was imported and purchased brand new through Pro-Italia by a well known actor who actually used it as a road bike. I believe this bike was never raced. The original owner got a clear street title for the bike and that will be included with the sale of the bike. The bike was very well known in Southern California in the early 90s as being a Factory Superbike ridden on the road. The bike has a tail light wired with a banjo bolt with a brake light pressure switch. This can be easily removed to return the bike to original form. I have the original sales receipt as well as an extensive list of very detailed service receipts from Pro Italia and Ferracci as well as a long list of spare parts and hard to acquire Corsa bits. This bike can be used as an over the top road bike, the ultimate track day bike or as part of a pristine collection. The bike has a presence all it’s own. It has a raw factory look and feel… Carbon, Magnesium, Titanium and billet. It reminds me of a Ferrari F40 on two wheels. This is not a road bike made into a race bike. This is the real deal. Hand made in Bologna, Italy with passion and pride. The bike has only been serviced by the best certified Ducati technicians. I will gladly connect the buyer with a certified Ducati Dealer who can confirm this bike’s authenticity and pedigree prior to buyer transferring funds AFTER initial $ 1000 deposit has been made. The bike has always been kept inside the previous owner’s office or my living room. If you are having trouble finding specific information about this rare Ducati email me and I can point you in the right direction.

I don’t know if we’ve had a more interesting bike on RSBFS.

Oh yeah, there are some serious spares:

Spares Crate:
I have a very extensive spares kit still in the original Cagiva/Ducati bags that comes with the bike. This is the kit that originally came with the bike as well as the huge list of Corsa parts that the original owner was able to acquire through his connections with Ducati Corse and NCR. I will attempt to list everything although I am sure I will skip something. Feel free to contact me if there is something specific that you are have questions about…
Complete Poggipolini Titanium bolt kit still in the original bag ( rare! )
FG Special Parts paddock stand
2 sets of brand new complete Termignoni Corsa exhaust
Complete set of Corsa mapped ECU EPROMs
Spare piston jugs
6 different ratio Renthal sprockets
Spare clutch/brake levers
Spare foot pegs/rearsets
Spare Corsa pistons
Spare fuel injectors
Spare ignition wires
Spare stainless lines
Spare gastkets and seals
Spare pulleys and flywheel
Spare valves
Spare heads
Spare Ohlins rebuild kit
Spare stainless velocity intakes
Spare clutch cover
Spare filters
Spare handlebars
Spare Carbon heat shield
Spare clutch plates
Spare Champion Racing spark plugs
Spare fuel pump
Tons of small bits, clips, seals, connectors, etc. too much to list

Lets hear your opinions, what Ducati would you consider more exotic or desirable?  I think I’d put the Supermono in that category.  How about one of the 916 specials?

 Engineering art in my opinion.

Want to put your hot little hands here?  The bidding is set to start at $55,000.

Here is the auction.


Ultimate Ducati?  1991 Ducati 851/888 Corsa Raymond Roche Replica (AKA 851 Superbike Racing 91)
Moto Guzzi November 15, 2012 posted by

Grab A Guzzi And A Fosters: 2010 Moto Guzzi MGS01 Corsa


I’ll take it, let me get my check book.  Oh, how I wish I was in Australia and could write a check for a cool $45,000 (that is just the starting bid) for this Guzzi Corsa.  Hint, hint RSBFS management.  By the way, the last MGSO1 we listed here had an asking price of $62,000.  And that was without a vacation to Australia!

In my humble opinion, one of the best looking bikes out there, period.  The design is a nice blend of classic and modern lines.

The story: 

This bike was built new for me by the factory and received in Australia in late July 2010. It has been pre-delivered and run but has never been ridden. The original crate, race stand and all original books available with the bike. At the time I owned a shop selling Moto Guzzi’s and this was the centre piece display. I am now rationalizing a number of bikes and have decided to sell the MGS01.

All business here.  Why the heck did they not make a street version of this sucker?

I imagine a lovely sound emanates from that muffler.

The seller provided a nice history on the MGSO1 Corsa:

In early 2002, with the renovation of Moto Guzzi world-wide already underway, Moto Guzzi began to develop a new range of modern, agile, sport motorcycles that would embody all the rich racing history and spirit of the famous brand from Mandello del Lario. 

The creative team of esteemed motorcycle designers Ghezzi and Brian, with the full backing of Moto Guzzi brought the initial concepts from the Moto Guzzi “Style Laboratory” to life. 
Unleashed creativity breeds the MGS-01 Corsa, a Moto Guzzi with the ultimate sporting temperament. With a two-year goal from concept to the street, the designers decided to work with the existing 4 valve V-twin power plant developed for the Daytona and Centauro. 

The new Corsa racing engine has chrome cylinder walls, Cosworth triple ring racing pistons, and (31 mm exhaust, 36 mm intake) nymonic valves.  A special lubrication system that sprays oil under the pistons for greater reduction of friction was incorporated.  

The choice for the transmission was the current V11’s road-tested six-speed gearbox and shaft drive.  The use of a new sintering double disc hydraulic drive clutch was necessary to handle the massive power output of the new engine. 

To keep the overall weight down, lightweight components like the new 19.5” (495 mm) aluminum box section swing arm and rising rate linkages were created.  

The entire one-piece carbon fiber body design can be removed quickly and easily for ease of maintenance.  Ohlins suspension and a rigid rectangular single spar steel frame gives the MGS-01 its impressive agility. 

In keeping with the goal of being lightweight and agile, the standard gearbox was redesigned and turned into a structural component to keep the wheelbase to 56” (1423 mm) maximum. 

With the short wheelbase, perfect weight distribution between both wheels and weighting in at less than 423 lbs (192 kg), the MGS-01’s overall stunning aerodynamic design ensures perfect agility and performance on and off the race track. 

Lets face it, the average enthusiast isn’t going half way around the world to buy a motorcycle.  Having said that, a Moto Guzzi collector with a hole in his collection and a healthy bank account  just might.  You won’t find one at your local dealer; unless that dealer is in Adelaide, South Australia of course.

Check out the auction here.


Moto Guzzi April 4, 2012 posted by

On American Soil: 2006 Moto Guzzi MGS 01 Corsa

On American Soil: 2006 Moto Guzzi MGS 01 Corsa

Update 4.4.2012: Back on eBay after originally being listed in January. Now $42000 buy-it-now. Links updated. -dc

I remember coming across this photo back in 2006 and thinking to myself, “Wow! Moto Guzzi has turned the corner.” I thought this bike would be the beginning of a series of more modern Guzzi’s. I guess I was wrong and I don’t believe the rumored street going version of this bike was ever produced. That takes nothing away from the MGS 01 Corsa though.

It’s back! This is actually this bikes third appearance on RSBFS. Back in February I posted this bike while it was for sale in New Zealand and Jay had even written it up before me. Well, it has made the trip here to the States and is back for sale. Does it have some sort of curse?

There is no arguing this is a rare bike but the BIN price is eye popping: $62,500! The seller states that 50 were produced back in 2006. I can’t confirm that number but it looks like it has been produced on a yearly basis ever since. The bike still appears on Moto Guzzi’s Italian website. The MSRP is roughly $37,000. Even with hiring someone to translate for you and shipping fee’s I’d think you’d come in under that BIN price. Having said that, maybe this bike is of higher spec than the bike off the showroom floor. Then of course there is the frustration factor of trying to import a bike on your own.

It looks damn good from any angle.

There are plenty of video clips of the Corsa out there but I thought this one was cool because you get to see it without the bodywork. Very compact.

If you aren’t feeling brave enough to import one yourself, make the seller an offer as he as added that option.

Take a look here.


Ducati November 28, 2011 posted by

Fast by Ferracci – 1998 Ducati 916 Corsa

There certainly are not too many of these about.  A 1998 916R which apparently is a Corsa factory bike.  Now that would be tough to believe except this is a FBF bike but for those who know about Eraldo Ferracci and his relationship with Ducati, there would be little doubt that this beauty came from the Corsa part of the factory.  While designated a 916 the engine is actually a 996cc unit which eventually was in all the bikes and they became the 996.  The seller has very little to say about the bike however a look through the pictures and you can see loads of carbon fibre, Ohlins, Brembo monoclocs etc.  I love the picture of the shower injectors, these were designed to supply the engine with fuel in the upper rev ranges in order that it could make the high end power it needed to.  The 916 Corsa was never road legal unlike latter R designated bikes. This bikes had 60mm throttle bodies and made 151bhp at 11,000 rpm straight from the factory, while weighing 155kg (342 lbs) dry.  As for rare, according to Ian Falloon, only 18 of these bikes were made in 1998.  It really is a part of Ducati history.

The seller only has a little to say:

Fast By Ferracci ’98
Factory Ducati Corsa 916R
Wide Adjustable triple tree. Shower injectors.
Thumb brake
PI Research LTD Data Acquisition sys. / Marchesini / Ohlin’s / Brembo
Magnesium, Titanium, Carbon Fiber

The auction can be found here on eBay.

You can see the bike running here and if I am not mistaken the grey haired gentleman is Eraldo himself:

At $28k this is not cheap but compare that to 999R prices.  Ok so this is not road legal but even so what a bike for the money.


Moto Guzzi February 21, 2011 posted by

Guzzi Exotica: 2006 Moto Guzzi MGS01 CORSA

Guzzi Exotica:  2006 Moto Guzzi MGS01 CORSA

If it looks this good standing still, it must be a sight to see and hear in motion.  Can anything really be bad with word “Corsa” in the title?  This is as exotic as they get straight from the Moto Guzzi factory to date.  Trying to find accurate info on the MGS-1 is confusing to say the least so Guzzi enthusiasts please correct me in the comments if need be.  It looks like the bike debuted in 2004.  I keep seeing production numbers of 50 bikes.  I do not know if that is a yearly total or an overall total.   I can’t even determine if any of the bikes were “officially” imported to North America.  It also looked like Moto Guzzi had plans for a street version that never materialized.

It might date from 2004 but it doesn’t look dated to me.   Slap some light and turn signals on it and I bet you’d sell a few.  I read several reviews of the bike and for the most part there was nothing but positive comments about it.  This review on MCNEWS.COM was one of the more interesting ones, plus it has some good pictures for those of us that loose interest quickly.  It  covers what technical enhancements were made to the bike that made it drool worthy.

Just a bit from the auction:


From the side it looks like such a wide bike but from this photo it looks pretty darn thin.

This particular MGS01 has an accent, it is located in New Zealand.  I’m sure that might scare off a few bidders but I’d assume a  Guzzi collector would jump at the chance to own one of these rare bikes.  The bidding is starting at $25,000.  It looks like they sold for close to $50,000 originally.  .  If that starting price sounds high, it is actually quite a drop from the starting bid price on the same a bike from a year ago.  Check out the post Jay did on the bike last year:  unless of course there are two MGS01’s in Christchurch with number four plastered on them.

They sound as good as they look.