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Grab A Guzzi And A Fosters: 2010 Moto Guzzi MGS01 Corsa


I’ll take it, let me get my check book.  Oh, how I wish I was in Australia and could write a check for a cool $45,000 (that is just the starting bid) for this Guzzi Corsa.  Hint, hint RSBFS management.  By the way, the last MGSO1 we listed here had an asking price of $62,000.  And that was without a vacation to Australia!

In my humble opinion, one of the best looking bikes out there, period.  The design is a nice blend of classic and modern lines.

The story: 

This bike was built new for me by the factory and received in Australia in late July 2010. It has been pre-delivered and run but has never been ridden. The original crate, race stand and all original books available with the bike. At the time I owned a shop selling Moto Guzzi’s and this was the centre piece display. I am now rationalizing a number of bikes and have decided to sell the MGS01.

All business here.  Why the heck did they not make a street version of this sucker?

I imagine a lovely sound emanates from that muffler.

The seller provided a nice history on the MGSO1 Corsa:

In early 2002, with the renovation of Moto Guzzi world-wide already underway, Moto Guzzi began to develop a new range of modern, agile, sport motorcycles that would embody all the rich racing history and spirit of the famous brand from Mandello del Lario. 

The creative team of esteemed motorcycle designers Ghezzi and Brian, with the full backing of Moto Guzzi brought the initial concepts from the Moto Guzzi “Style Laboratory” to life. 
Unleashed creativity breeds the MGS-01 Corsa, a Moto Guzzi with the ultimate sporting temperament. With a two-year goal from concept to the street, the designers decided to work with the existing 4 valve V-twin power plant developed for the Daytona and Centauro. 

The new Corsa racing engine has chrome cylinder walls, Cosworth triple ring racing pistons, and (31 mm exhaust, 36 mm intake) nymonic valves.  A special lubrication system that sprays oil under the pistons for greater reduction of friction was incorporated.  

The choice for the transmission was the current V11’s road-tested six-speed gearbox and shaft drive.  The use of a new sintering double disc hydraulic drive clutch was necessary to handle the massive power output of the new engine. 

To keep the overall weight down, lightweight components like the new 19.5” (495 mm) aluminum box section swing arm and rising rate linkages were created.  

The entire one-piece carbon fiber body design can be removed quickly and easily for ease of maintenance.  Ohlins suspension and a rigid rectangular single spar steel frame gives the MGS-01 its impressive agility. 

In keeping with the goal of being lightweight and agile, the standard gearbox was redesigned and turned into a structural component to keep the wheelbase to 56” (1423 mm) maximum. 

With the short wheelbase, perfect weight distribution between both wheels and weighting in at less than 423 lbs (192 kg), the MGS-01’s overall stunning aerodynamic design ensures perfect agility and performance on and off the race track. 

Lets face it, the average enthusiast isn’t going half way around the world to buy a motorcycle.  Having said that, a Moto Guzzi collector with a hole in his collection and a healthy bank account  just might.  You won’t find one at your local dealer; unless that dealer is in Adelaide, South Australia of course.

Check out the auction here.



  • For me, this is THE most beautiful motorcycle ever produced. I dearly wish Guzzi would build one for the street. Simply put, nothing captures my heart as much as the lines on this bike do. Stunning.

  • A street version does seems like a no brainer. Has anyone ever heard fact or rumor of why they did not?

  • Probably because they had no intention of running this thing in WSB or any other homologation sanctioned series.That’s the only reason we have bikes such as the RC30,OW01,RC45,R7,etc..The factories would never have made those bikes if the racing rules didn’t require them to. Now they have changed the rules again,to 5,000 road bikes for homologation,so it is not viable for the factories to do homologation specials anymore.We may never see them again.

  • Hell, Guzzi could stuff a V7 motor in this thing, plug a headlight assembly into the front scoop and Krazy Glue some signals onto the fairing and I’d STILL buy one. ROTFL

  • Aside from the performance aspect, I think you could have produced one just on the styling and still sold them. I think Trane would have bought one.

  • ghezzi brian should get off their ass and sell their bikes in the States…….They’re missing a huge opportunity.

  • A brand new one is available off the floor for less money at Red Dog Motorcycles in the UK. BTW one in UK and several in Germany have been converted to street trim.
    The best looking bike ever, by far.

  • Fred speaks the truth


  • Fred,
    Any link to a street going version?

  • Here’s one- in Norcal no less.


  • Fred,
    Thanks for the link. They are actually discussing why MG didn’t make a street version and one guy in England mentions for a fee they would make it street legal.

  • “A brand new one is available”

    Make that was available. Sold! 🙂

  • They never made the road as the motor that was designed in the late 80’s early 90’s as a stop gap to keep the cases of the old two valve viable for a bit longer would have never passed emissions. It was also fairly expensive to produce by all accounts.

    Originally it was aimed at WSBK and some of the american road racing series that at the time were talking about 750 fours litre water cooled V twins and up to 1300cc air cooled twins, which would of suited Guzzi and Buell). Unfortunately the japanese manufacturers spat it and insisted on 1 litre fours all the rules changed and Guzzi didn’t have the rescoures to do anything.

    This also occurred around the time Aprilia ran into financial trouble (the owners of Guzzi at the time) and was swallowed up buy the Piaggio group. To their credit they have sunk money into the factory where they could of simply closed it and sold a nice line of red Tshirts with the logo. Guzzi has now been aligned as a BMW boxer fighter and Aprilia is the sports bike company. So flights of fancy like an MGS-01’s have quietly been ignored and now with the minimum 5000 bike requirement there is just no way Guzzi can look at that (it would be almost half their annual production). This is all as best I can tell.

    Yes a lovely sound does emanates from that muffler.

  • Murray,
    Thanks for sharing, great info.

  • Spoke to Red Dog today about another bike (OW01) they have for sale, and they said the MGS-01 is still available…

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