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Ultimate Ducati? 1991 Ducati 851/888 Corsa Raymond Roche Replica (AKA 851 Superbike Racing 91)

You know it is exotic when the engine size doesn’t match what the badge on the fairing says.  Ducati meant it when they called this the Raymond Roche Replica;  it was built for racing.  No SP with lights here.

Here is info on the Roche Replicas (from ducati851and888.com):

Factory built at the end of 1990 as a close copy of Raymond Roche’s 1990 World ‘Superbike’ championship winning bike.

Ridden to Victory by Doug Polen in the 1991 and 1992 championships.

Produced in two batches of 25, 50 in total, all identical.

The front mudguard, fairing under the swingarm and the upswept exhausts were the result of post season wind tunnel testing on Roche’s 1990 bike.

No ignition key, starter motor, side stand, cooling fan, speedometer or road gear of any kind.   Frame and swingarm different to the road SP.
Weber-Morelli ECU housed in the nose cone, and not under the seat, as on the SP.
Higher compression ratio than the SP.
Each of the two 50 mm throttle bodies had a second injector added.
Ported head with higher-lift, longer-duration cams.
Intake and exhaust valves 2 mm larger than SP.

Carbon Air intakes, Airbox, Fuel tank, paper thin fairings, seat unit, front/rear mudguards and exhaust heat shield.
Black areas on the lower part of the fairings are unpainted Carbon Fibre and are not painted black like the SP.

Racing battery.

Magnesium Marvic wheels with Michelin radial slick tyres as standard.

Billet Brembo brakes, Competition radial levers

I saw on another discussion group, a  claim that 10 were imported to the United States with a $50,000 price tag.

Like a true race bike, the electronics are upfront and not nestled in the subframe.  Yes, they did come with a tail light but no bulb was intalled or wiring for that matter.

Having said that, check out the story on this bike:

This particular bike was imported and purchased brand new through Pro-Italia by a well known actor who actually used it as a road bike. I believe this bike was never raced. The original owner got a clear street title for the bike and that will be included with the sale of the bike. The bike was very well known in Southern California in the early 90s as being a Factory Superbike ridden on the road. The bike has a tail light wired with a banjo bolt with a brake light pressure switch. This can be easily removed to return the bike to original form. I have the original sales receipt as well as an extensive list of very detailed service receipts from Pro Italia and Ferracci as well as a long list of spare parts and hard to acquire Corsa bits. This bike can be used as an over the top road bike, the ultimate track day bike or as part of a pristine collection. The bike has a presence all it’s own. It has a raw factory look and feel… Carbon, Magnesium, Titanium and billet. It reminds me of a Ferrari F40 on two wheels. This is not a road bike made into a race bike. This is the real deal. Hand made in Bologna, Italy with passion and pride. The bike has only been serviced by the best certified Ducati technicians. I will gladly connect the buyer with a certified Ducati Dealer who can confirm this bike’s authenticity and pedigree prior to buyer transferring funds AFTER initial $ 1000 deposit has been made. The bike has always been kept inside the previous owner’s office or my living room. If you are having trouble finding specific information about this rare Ducati email me and I can point you in the right direction.

I don’t know if we’ve had a more interesting bike on RSBFS.

Oh yeah, there are some serious spares:

Spares Crate:
I have a very extensive spares kit still in the original Cagiva/Ducati bags that comes with the bike. This is the kit that originally came with the bike as well as the huge list of Corsa parts that the original owner was able to acquire through his connections with Ducati Corse and NCR. I will attempt to list everything although I am sure I will skip something. Feel free to contact me if there is something specific that you are have questions about…
Complete Poggipolini Titanium bolt kit still in the original bag ( rare! )
FG Special Parts paddock stand
2 sets of brand new complete Termignoni Corsa exhaust
Complete set of Corsa mapped ECU EPROMs
Spare piston jugs
6 different ratio Renthal sprockets
Spare clutch/brake levers
Spare foot pegs/rearsets
Spare Corsa pistons
Spare fuel injectors
Spare ignition wires
Spare stainless lines
Spare gastkets and seals
Spare pulleys and flywheel
Spare valves
Spare heads
Spare Ohlins rebuild kit
Spare stainless velocity intakes
Spare clutch cover
Spare filters
Spare handlebars
Spare Carbon heat shield
Spare clutch plates
Spare Champion Racing spark plugs
Spare fuel pump
Tons of small bits, clips, seals, connectors, etc. too much to list

Lets hear your opinions, what Ducati would you consider more exotic or desirable?  I think I’d put the Supermono in that category.  How about one of the 916 specials?

 Engineering art in my opinion.

Want to put your hot little hands here?  The bidding is set to start at $55,000.

Here is the auction.



  • Gone already? Link to auction says that item is no longer available.

  • WSB came to Brainerd in 89/90/91 I believe. Roche was the man for Ducati!! Watched him and Merkel chase each other around lap after lap. In 91 If I remember right Polen schooled all!!

  • I had a feeling someone would make an offer and it would be gone.

  • Good man CJ!

  • Link should be current in post now as well.

  • This bike should be sitting at Barber.


    I saw Roche race the factory bike at Brainerd, MN World Super Bike round in 1990. I can assure you this version wouldn’t disappoint it’s new owner.

    What a machine.

  • 6th, I’m jealous and Nedragr good point. I’ve been to Barber and can’t remember if they have something close to this or not.

  • Who was the well known actor mentioned in the listing I wonder?

  • I think it was Nic Cage, hes kind of bike nut (or at least he was before he went bankrupt). He had a couple of the zane era laverda formulas too, when he went bankrupt he sold a bunch of stuff including those.

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