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Kawasaki August 4, 2011 posted by

Go Back in Time! – Clean, Original, Low Mile ’86 Ninja 600

Location:  Cleveland, Ohio
Mileage: 3,805
Price: Auction, no reserve

The Ninja 600 was a groundbreaking motorcycle. I’m guessing most people here are pretty familiar with the Ninja in general, and older guys like me remember when these bikes hit the streets. You have to think about a time when 16 valve in-line four’s with full fairing were not common. Back in the day, this bike was straight up killer. The Ninja also put Honda on notice, which resulted in the release of the Hurricane 600 in ’87. And the rivalry went from there.

Here’s some more pics of this beauty-

Here’s what the seller has to say-

Beautiful condition, completly original. Flaws are a few small nicks & scuffs on tank, rear tail panel. Exhaust has no scuffs, Rims have no damage or scuffs. Good tires.

Bike has been in storage and not been run for years. It will need the tank drained and probably a carb cleaning. It is guarenteed to run after carb cleaning is performed. It ran like new before it was put away.

This bike looks original and exceptionally clean, even in the low light photos. And the mileage is extremely low for a bike its age. Now, the real issue would be the fact that it hasn’t run in a long time. That should be a concern for anyone looking at the bike and I would want some assurances from the seller that the bike is capable of running. The seller does guarantee that the bike will run after a carb cleaning, so you will have to figure out how to work that out.

Provided you can get it running and the rest checks out, this would be an awesome early bike. Truly the beginning of the modern era for sportbikes. And the red, white and blue paint really does it for me.

To start your collection, or just add to it, make the jump!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 30, 2011 posted by

’86 Suzuki GSXR 750- The Game Changer!

Location: Pensacola, Florida
Mileage: 17,000
Price: Auction, currently at $2,134- No reserve!

I’m guessing it’s been discussed here a thousand times, but I’m gonna cover it again, just cause I like to say it. In 1985, the GSXR 750 set a standard that I would argue has not been met since. While I certainly tip my hat to the many bikes (GPz, FZ, GS and the like) that came before and blazed the trail, the GSXR 750 changed the game. From the time of its introduction, it set the mark that put into motion every company racing to catch up. Is it just me, or did every other sportbike that followed become more aggressive after the GSXR came out?

Here’s some specs: Cast aluminum frame, clip-on bars, vented fuel tank, and a 106 horsepower , 53 lb.ft. of torque in-line four. The aluminum frame helped bring the bike in at 464 lbs. Light compared to other bikes in the 750 world at the time.

Here’s a few more pics-

Some brief information from the seller-

ALL ORIGINAL PAINT..NEVER BEEN LAID DOWN…BIKE RUNS EXECELENT…ORIGINAL EXHAUST INCLUDED.(excelent condition) taken off in 87′ and been garage kept ever since.

Shipping is reponsibility of buyer…….. $500.00 Deposit is due 24 hours after close of auction..and remaining balance due within 3 days.

The seller here doesn’t give a whole lot of detail about the history and maintenance and it does have 17,000 miles on it so it would be smart to get more detail. It also looks to have a Yoshimura exhaust but the seller indicates the original is available. Since there’s no reserve I guess the market will decide where it goes.

Although this isn’t the first year of the GSXR, it is the second, and I think represents the beginning of the legacy of this bike well. If the bike checks out, this could be a good opportunity to get a nice piece of sportbike history. If you agree, check out the auction!



Reader Rides For Sale June 15, 2011 posted by

’86 Suzuki GSXR 1100-First Year of a Classic!

Mileage: 13,292
Price: $6,000 SOLD!

I have had the privilege, and I do considerate it a privilege, to write up some very clean, early GSXR’s lately. This bike is no exception, and to make it even better, this is a first year GSXR 1100. That fact alone makes this a little more special than others.

Indulge me while I recap what makes this bike special. Legendary air and oil cooled motor, cranking out 137 bhp that was unheard of in 1986. That fact alone gave the bike an instant following. It was essentially a bored-out GSXR 750 motor and is considered bulletproof, being used for years on drag bikes.

Some more photo goodness-

This bike appears very clean, original and well cared for with reasonable mileage for its age. It also includes the original parts and owners and service manuals. From the seller:

Up for sale is my 1986 GSXR1100 in excellent condition. 13,292 miles first year GSXR1100, runs great, pampered and adult owned. Shown here with a Yoshimura exhaust, Mikuni radial flat slide carburetors, new chain and sprockets, oval pod filters and new Bridgestone tires.

Included in the asking price are the following:

Original Exhaust System (in excellent condition)
Original Carburetors
Original Airbox
Original Tool Kit
Original Owner’s Manual and Service Manual
Original Turn Signals
Original Sprockets
Original Windscreen
Custom Corbin Seat (not shown)
Rear Wheel Stand

Asking $6000.

The bike also includes the many acronyms that make up many GSXR’s over the years and for a Suzuki person are part of the package. On this bike you will see the SACS (Suzuki Advanced Cooling System) and the NEAS (New Electrically Activated Suspension-anti dive). This stuff is pure gold for detail people like myself.

I have said before and will say again until I leave this planet, I think all current liter bikes owe something to the GSXR 1100. This is clean example of sportbike history for anyone who wants it (and if you don’t, it’s time for therapy).


[AffomaticEbay]Suzuki 1100[/AffomaticEbay]

Sport Bikes For Sale June 14, 2011 posted by

Holy Grail Alert! 1986 GSXR 750 Limited Edition

Location: Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Mileage: 6,139
Price: Auction, starting at $6,000

Well, all you have to do is read the June 2011 issue of Motorcyclist to learn anything you need to know about this rare, awesome machine. And if you did read it, especially the Smart Money column (that highlights RSBFS!), you know what an opportunity this could be for one lucky soul.

There is plenty that is special about this bike. From the seller:

Don’t mind the low feedback – I trade commercially as loudbikesteve on eBay and enjoy an excellent reputation. I set this account up to keep my personal stuff separate from my business stuff..

I’m listing this 1986 Suzuki GSXR 750 Limited for a very good friend who’s not very computer savvy. I’ve personally seen the machines and took the listing photos last summer.

I had just started road racing when this bike came out and if you were up in the 750 class, this was the bike to have. Suzuki took the GSXR750 and added trick bits to create a racing homologation Limited Edition model that offered some interesting goodies that improved an already great bike. Gun-coat engine finish, gold-plated chain, blue-coated wheels and two sets of racing numbers plus a new electrically activated front suspension system (NEAS), 310 mm floating front brake discs, steering damper, racing type adjustable clutch-lever, dry clutch, hand-laid fiberglass single racing seat, remote rear damper reservoir, amber halogen head lights and more.

More race bike than street bike, this one is absolutely MINT. The machine was decommissioned and has been on display in a climate-controlled environment since acquisition by the current owner almost a decade ago. Please check out the hi-resolution pics on my Flickr account HERE.

If you have zero feedback, please contact me before submitting a bid. Any questions, feel free to email me (I’ll gladly give you my phone number if you need to chat).

More photos:

As described in Motorcyclist, this bike was $6499 when it came out in ’86, $2,100 more than a stock GSXR 750. It came to the States in limited numbers (299) in order to qualify for AMA Superbike. Again, the June 2011 issue will give you all the information you need.

This is truly one collectible, historic sportbike. The seller says above that he deals commercially and is listing this for a friend. I don’t know the seller’s reputation, and there’s limited feedback, so I would want to be very clear on the situation with the bike. I would also point out that that it may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find some parts for the bike should you ever need them. And with it being stored for a decade, I would want to know if, and how, it runs.

That being said, I would rate this as one of the coolest and most collectible sportbikes of all time. And I would certainly put it at the top of any Suzuki list. If you can’t pass up this opportunity, make the jump and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 3, 2011 posted by

Oh Canada! 1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Miles: 5820Km (3,616mi)
Price: $16,000

Our neighbors to the North again offer us a piece of sport bike history in the super clean and original ’86 RG500 Gamma. It seems that a few of the RG500’s featured here on RSBFS are Canadian, and this on is no exception. So kick back and check out this low mileage and unmodified 500cc two-stroke!

If you’re a fan of the Gran Prix bikes of the late 70’s, then the RG500 is your ticket to pure bliss. The square-four engine, which is essentially two parallel twin engines geared together with two crankshafts, is capable of 95hp in stock trim.  With the bike weighing in at roughly 350lbs, one can only imagine the surplus amount of fun that can be had. If you subscribe to the philosophy that more is better, then the four exhaust pipes screaming at 10,000rpm should leave you grinning from ear to ear.

First off, because this is a Canadian bike, there obviously is no U.S. title. But this bike is one of the cleaner and lower mileage examples I have seen. Obviously not the Zero-mile version that appeared back in November, but this would make an excellent addition to any collection or maybe even the start of one. You could pick up this RG500 and maybe the RGV250SP that was featured earlier.

The seller states that the only modification to this bike is the Rick Lance air filters (originals available) as well as several NOS parts being included with the sale.

From the seller:

“1986 Suzuki RG500 Gamma offered for sale by owner.  This RG500 Gamma is as clean as they come and all original except for the Rick Lance air filters (I have the originals).  Mileage is all original at 5820 KMS (3500 Miles).  I will state the obvious and say that this RG500 has never been tracked or down.  You will not find a cleaner or more showroom RG500, I have the original tires as well (Just have to find them!)  Bike is fully serviced and ready to ride or show.  This RG500 is running perfectly, burns the same oil out of all cylinders.  The engine paint is still shiny and new looking, not faded and dull from so many heat cycles.  Have a close look at the photos and enjoy.  Included with the bike are N.O.S upper cowl with N.O.S wind screen, N.O.S meter foam, N.O.S solo cowl and bum stop. N.O.S mirrors, N.O.S bellypan and original decals for it.  This RG500 would be a show winner every time out, pretty much spotless.  I hate to sell it but it’s just too nice to ride, I know I’ll never find another in this shape any time soon.  Those of you looking know what this bike is, and how the RG500’s are quickly appreciating.  Not much else to say, thanks for looking.”

This particular bike has an opening bid of $16,000 with no reserve, and no bids at the time of writing this. Though this does seem a little on the high side for one without a U.S. title, it’s hard to say when the next excellent condition RG500 with this low of miles is going to come about. If you got to have this piece of Suzuki history, then


Ducati May 26, 2011 posted by

1986 Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich For Sale

It is always nice to see a rare Italian bike and this 750 F1 is a perfect example. The F1 came about from being the road going version of the TT1 race bike, albeit a few years later. This particular version was created to celebrate the by Grau, de Juan and Reyes in the 24 hour race at Montjuich Park. This bike had hotter cams, bigger Dell’Orto’s and a freer 2 into 1 Verlicchi exhaust. This is one of 200 produced.

This looks like a nice example:

quote from seller’s listing:

If you are reading this you probably know what this bike is. This is a Ducati 750 F1 Montjuich. The
first of 3 limited editions that Ducati made of the F1. The Montjuich is the rarest of the 3 with the most
upgrades over the stock F1. It has approx. 1600 kilometers (will post actual later) and has been dry
stored for at least 10 years. I purchased the bike on E-bay on 09/27/07 for $27,000.00 . This bike was
once owned by Guy Webster and was the actual bike pictured in The Standard Book Of Ducati by Ian
Falloon. The man I bought it from was acknowledged in this book by Falloon.

I have never had the pleasure of hearing this bike run, that will be my biggest regret of letting it go!
There is a scratch on the front fender, I tried to show it in a picture. There is also some spiderwebs on
the right side below the seat. I also noticed some pitting starting on the exhaust and the handle bars.
This is exactly how the bike was when I purchased it. It is #153 as you can see on the tank badge.
The rest of the bike is in great condition. If you have any questions please let me know and I would
also be happy to get more pictures for anyone interested. This is a very special bike and it is also a
large investment, I don’t want any surprises to anyone so please ask questions!

Also, I purchased the bike with only a bill of sale. I do not have the title. Thanks and good luck!

OK, actual miles is 1545 Kilometer approx. 960 miles. Sorry for the confusion I did not have actual
miles when I posted the listing. Also have only 1 key. I tried to post more pictures but was not able. If
you would like to see any pictures of the exhaust or handlebars please let me know. Thanks

Clearly there has to be a concern on the state on the engine as it has not turned over for some time but even so this is a very rare bike. It is original in all aspect and has been cared for in the way it has been stored. Also it has a history with famous owners which will only add to the value and of course gauging the value is tough given the rarity. Already however bidding is brisk with 5 days still to go and so it seems that the seller will certainly get back what he paid for the bike in 2007even though the economy has been tough since then.

– AS

{Note: Andrew is our latest contributor on RSBFS. Please give him a warm welcome and leave a comment! -dc}

Reader Rides For Sale March 15, 2011 posted by

1986 Yamaha FZ750 For Sale-

1986 Yamaha FZ750 For Sale

Location: Manhattan Beach, CA
Mileage: 17,000
Price: $4,000.00
Selling from: 2007 Daytona 200 AMA winner Steve Rapp’s personal collection

Introduced in 1985, the FZ750 was a solid performer, but as we all know it was quickly outpaced by the GSX-R’s in 1986. The FZ’s sported some of Yamaha’s modern era technology and utilized the Genesis 5 valve cylinder heads which helped pump out a whopping 75hp at the rear wheel. Granted, not much by today’s standard, but in 1986 that was kik’n some ass!

1986 Yamaha FZ 750. If you have been looking for a nice FZ,This is it! Its has been gone over and is ready to ride or store in collection.It is all stock, just replaced clutch, battery,tires, oil,filter, chain, sprockets, spark plugs etc. 17K miles runs great!

As “days gone by” come full circle, bikes such as this one have found a special place in many hearts and garages. I can remember spending hours in the local Yamaha showroom drooling over the latest offerings from Yamaha in 1986. All the while knowing good and well that I couldn’t afford the brochure I was holding in my hand.

If any of you have a spot in the garage for a now ‘classic’ Cafe’ style sport bike with a sprinkling of exclusivity added for good measure- Click here to pick this one up.



Sport Bikes For Sale May 5, 2010 posted by

1996 1986 GSXR750R Limited Edition in AL

1986 GSXR750R Limited Edition in AL

These bikes need no introduction.  On your mark: get set:  gooooooooooo!  How fast can you write that check?   This Limited has appeared on Craigslist down in Pell City, Alabama which is about 30 miles East of Birmingham.  From a quick scan of the pictures it appears to be in good condition and not heavily modified.  I do notice a pipe, case cover and updated wheels.  I wish the seller had included the mileage:  always at the top of the list of buyers questions.

Here is what the seller has to say:

Offered for the first time ever. I am only the second owner, haven ridden this Classic for 22 years. This Limited has never been wrecked and has been garage kept since new. If you are a collector, or you want to ride the first and most rare sport bike in the world, this is your bike.

The seller has the bike listed for $8,900.  That sounds right in the ball bark if the bike is in good shape and has relatively low mileage.  I’m assuming the seller still has the lower fairing and it would be a plus if he had the original wheels as well.  I wouldn’t wait long if you are interested.  I don’t think these stay for sale very long at all.  Check it out here.