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Sport Bikes For Sale November 26, 2011 posted by

’86 GSX-R 750- The start of 25 glorious years

Location: Fresh Meadows, New York

Mileage: 24,500

Price: Auction, $3,879

Lots has been written about the Suzuki GSX-R 750 this let year in celebration of the 25th anniversary of one of the most iconic sportbikes to ever be introduced. A true game changer when it hit US shores in 1986, it was the most race replica bike offered at the time. It’s 16 valve in line four was a 106 hp powerhouse and it brought all sorts of acronyms to describe the trick suspension and cooling system, among many other parts. It was and remains one of the most important bikes in the evolution of the species. The fact that the GSX-R 750 has consistently been one of the best sportbikes offered every year since has not diminished that standing.

The seller of this particular bike doesn’t have lot to say in the listing. Here it is-

1986 Suzuki GSXR 750. All original except exhaust. Only 24,500 miles. Chance to own a legend for only $3,879.00.This model was the first of the super bikes to be introduced to the USA. Call if you have any more questions.

Not a lot to go on there. Here’s the pics-

The seller lists the bike as stock except for the exhaust and the photos look that way with the exception of the windscreen, which looks aftermarket, and the front fender (normally black on that paint scheme). The exhaust appears to a Yoshimura, a name long synonymous with Suzuki, so not unusual. Mileage isn’t too bad for a 25 year old bike and the motors are sturdy, so if maintained, should provide much more ride time in the future.

The seller is asking $3,879 to take this bike home. Seems like a pretty good deal to me but some more information on the history of the bike may help as not much is described in the auction. However, if the bike checks out you may have a chance to get a killer piece of sportbike history at a good price. It’s no secret I love these bikes. If you do too and you want to give yourself an early Christmas present, go place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 19, 2011 posted by

Low Mileage, Original ’86 GSX-R 750

Location: San Jose, California

Mileage: 5,628

Price: Auction, currently $4,300

Quite a few of these early GSX-R’s have been featured recently here at RSBFS and they have all been cool rides. This one fits that bill too and it also has very low mileage and looks bone stock to boot. Finding sportbikes this age in this condition is hard enough. The fact that it’s a GSX-R 750 makes it even better considering the important history associated with the bike. I’m sure everyone here knows how the GSX-R 750 changed the game when it was released. In fact, you may be able to divide sportbike history by all things before the GSX-R 750, and all things after.

Here’s information from the seller-

Here’s a rare chance to purchase an unmolested 1st generation GSXR 750. This bike was purchased directly from the original owner. I did not register it in my name so technically the new owner would be considered second. It has 5,628 original miles. Never been modified in any way, original tires and every piece of documentation since day of purchase including sales receipt and warranty card. Original service manual also included. There are no service records because the owner didn’t put enough miles on the bike to require more than an oil change which were done according to schedule by himself. Bike even has the original tires ( Bridgestone Cyrox-04 Radial) although showing signs of dry cracking I felt it would be better for display purposes to leave them on. New owner will need to replace them if he plans to ride it often. Bike runs excellent, this is the most original GSXR I’ve ever owned since they were new. The only work it needed were cosmetic and changing of fluids. The upper fairing was tank were repainted due to damage suffered in the 1989 California Loma Prieta earthquake. Some boxes had fallen on top creating a small dent in the tank and left side of the upper where mirror mounts. paint was matched and looks excellent. See last pics to see the bike with the damage the day I pulled it out of the garage it had been sitting in since 1996. The owner confirmed that it had not been ridden since that time. All fluids where replaced and carbs disassembled and cleaned. Body panels all really nice, paint shines excellent, a few minor scratches but nothing too noticeable. Not a perfect bike but very nice original. I felt it better to leave paint as original as possible with the exception of the tank and upper fairing which would of detracted from the looks if not corrected. Not many ’86 GSXR’s with all the original paperwork anymore. Excellent investment bike as values are sure to go up in the coming years. Please email me with any questions you may have. I will ship bike anywhere, buyer responsible for shipping cost but I will be glad to assist with the logistics. Call with any specific concerns. Full Payment due within 72 hours of auction end. 

And check out the pics-

The seller describes the bike as 100 percent stock and also highlights that it hasn’t been ridden for years. Clearly this machine falls into the category of collector bike because of its originality and mileage. It appears the re-paint work was well done and that’s key because any change to the originality of this kind of bike has an impact on the value. It may not be a large impact but it still needs to be considered so you might want some closer photos of that area. The bike does include some cool extras with the manual and original paperwork. I always love that stuff.

Where this bike ends up selling is hard to say. I think if you could take this home in the $5k range, you’ll being doing just fine. Clean examples like this are hard to find. If you have been looking to start collecting go check this bike out!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 16, 2011 posted by

Another Shot at The Grail- ’86 GSX-R 750 Limited Edition

Location: Portsmouth, Virginia
Mileage: 8,100
Price: Auction, starting bid $12,500 Update 10.16.2011: The owner has contacted us to let us know the bike has been relisted with a lower starting bid. Links updated. -dc

Okay folks, enough is enough. This is killing me. Another GSX-R 750LE for sale. In case the universe has not been paying attention, I don’t have the money for one of these, so quit putting them out there. Okay, I feel a little better now.

I don’t know that this bike needs much of an introduction by now. Especially since the excellent write up in Motorcyclist magazine (go here to check out RSBFS mention in that issue), much about what this bike is about is out there. It’s a truly special machine that costs significantly more than the stock factory GSXR750 in 1986, but it came with the extras to make it worth it. Again, I would point to the June 2011 issue of Motorcyclist and the article Riding the Legend-we ride the 1986 GSX-R750 LTD. The seller mentions the article and provides a link in the auction (below).

Here’s the seller’s write-up-

Here is a link to Ari Henning’s article in Motorcyclist Magazine on the 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 LTD.

Not only is this one of the most sought-after sports bikes, but this one may be one of the the only ones left on the planet that is in this condition.

My father-in-law is painfully parting with his because the doctor’s don’t want his heart to beat quite that fast…

I included some pictures, but have lots more.

The Legendary 1986 Suzuki GSX-R750 LTD

It has been my Sunday morning ride for 20 years, and it draws a crowd anywhere it goes. The motor is silky smooth, a little soft on the bottom end, but pulls through its 13000 rpm redline with authority. Health forces sale! 63 year old owner can’t stand to see it sit idle.

8100 Original Miles.

Body work is perfect condition except for a thin scratch in the clear coat on the bottom left fairing, lower.

It has a smoke windscreen & headlight cover, solo seat, quick release body work fasteners, engine covers and foot pegs.

  • The fork tubes are 41 mm with progressive springs. They came with electronic neas anti-dive with servos that are triggered by the brake light switch.

· The rear suspension is a GSXR1100 Aluminum bodied remote reservoir shock with aluminum full-floater linkage

· The rims are 18” performance machine Chicane front and rear with Metzler performance tires 120/70 2R18 and 170 / 60 2R18.

· The brake lines are Kevlar front and rear.

· The bike has a close ratio 6 speed gearbox and dry clutch.

· The motor was professionally built with 771 Cosworth pistons with 13.5:1 compression.

· It has Yoshimura stage II cams, valves and springs. The heads were ported and flowed.

· The carbs are 39 mm Keihin, velocity stacks and new K & N filter pads.

· It has a full D& D exhaust with carbon canister.

· It has a Vance and Hines programmable ignition.

· The motor was tuned on a Dynojet model 150 Dyno. The motor made 120 RWHP on that Dyno up from 78 stock.

· The bike comes with the original owner’s manual and service manual.

Here’s some more pics-

As highlighted in the seller’s description, there are some modifications to this bike. While sometimes modifications can benefit a bike, when they are this rare and this collectible, you should weigh that information carefully. Even if a modification is a mechanical benefit, collectors tend to want all original regardless. I would keep that in mind when considering the value and how much you want to pay for a bike like this.

All that being said, this bike is a legend and a chance to own one is a rare opportunity. If you are a Suzuki fan or just a sportbike fan, this has got to be on the list of the all time greats. If it’s on your list, make the jump here!


Sport Bikes For Sale October 13, 2011 posted by

Muscle Bike- ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Mileage: 14,152

Price: Auction, BIN $4,999

These bikes keep popping up here at RSBFS, and for me that’s a good thing. Being a big fan of the older (and newer) GSX-R’s I’m always excited to see original bikes still out there. Back in the day, they were like the current bikes today, very cool and popular and subject to some serious damage and modification. Much like many things that develop a collector’s market later, in the beginning very few saw that market developing and so most bikes were seen as expendable. Of course, without that, there would be no rarity. Oh well, I digress.

Back to the bike. The seller doesn’t list a lot of information, but here it is-

Here it is!!

The Mother of all Super bikes!! 

The One that started it all!! 

A prime example of a Excellent condition, Garage kept 1986

Gixxer. Never ridden but started weekly. Not to be dissapointed.

All original fairings, tank and seat. Light scratching and one small fairing crack by left side mirror.

Starts and sounds great, should be serviced before ridding.

Vance and Hines exhaust and fender eliminator, comes with original exhaust and other misc. parts.

Liquidating my vintage Super Bike collection. Checkout my 1986 Honda VFR 1000 and Super Rare 1990 Kawasaki  750 Ninja ZX-7

Buy all three for a instant collection

Feel Free to call with any questions. Will help arrange shipping if needed.

$500 deposit required upon purchase

And there’s only a few photos-

So clearly there are some modifications, as highlighted by the seller, who also notes that original parts are included. This is good as again these bikes are certainly becoming more and more desirable. This is also the first year of the GSX-R 1100, which always scores a few extra points in my book. The seller does highlight a fairing crack up by the headlights, and that should be taken into consideration. Also, the bike has been started but not ridden, so there may be some maintenance that needs to be done to make it a solid daily rider. If well maintained, mileage shouldn’t be a concern.

So there it is. A clean, first year GSX-R 1100 in white and blue for a reasonable $5k BIN. Tasty.

If you agree, then check this (and the other auctions) out!



Sport Bikes For Sale October 9, 2011 posted by

Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing- ’86 Walter Wolf RG 500 (Japanese Spec)

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Mileage: 4,970

Price: Auction, currently $12,892- Reserve not met

If you’re interested in Suzuki’s and the words rare, special and awesome appeal to you, then here is what you seek. Behold the Suzuki RG 500 Gamma Walter Wolf Edition. These pop up here at RSBFS from time to time, usually from the UK or Canada. While Gamma 500’s are awesome and collectible in their own right, the Walter Wolf edition takes it up a notch (or three).

This particular bike seems to be a well cared for example that has everything you’ll want. From the seller-

1986 Suzuki RG500 Model:  RG500EW-2W

Super Rare Japanese Spec. RG500 “Masaru Mizutani Replica”

7995 KM or 4970 Actual Miles

Excellent Condition 


All Original

Serial # HM1A105234

Super rare 1986 Suzuki RG500 “Masaru Mizutani Replica” one of only a limited number of 500cc Japanese Spec models. Made to commemorate the “1979 All Japan Champion, Class 750A, and all Japan 1981 Champion 500cc, Masaru Mizutani who at the time was sponsored by Walter Wolf Racing (See picture below). This bike is often referred to on this side of the pond as a Walter Wolf Special Edition, but it differs from the Canadian version graphically, it has integrated turn signals, a fuel gauge, passing lights, Walter Wolf instruments, key, and different wheel and seat color. In my opinion a superior model as a investment as well as a more complete package and attractive as a bike.  I have did considerable amount of research on this model both within the US and abroad over the last several years and have found only one other example, none in the US.  What few examples I found were the more common RG400 model , that are identical  with the exception of the “500” decal, and engine displacement do to the Japanese license restrictions at the time limited riding to just a few if displacement exceeded 400cc.

This bike is in very nice condition, all original, with 7995 Km (4970 miles) on the clock. The paint is very nice and I am not aware of any cracks in the plastics. The bike has been kept in temperature controlled conditions by former collectors including myself beginning in Japan.  The bike starts, runs, shifts, and rides like a RG500 should.  I am not aware of any mechanical problems.  Could probably use a minor tune if you decided to use purely as a street bike, but normally starts on first kick.  A toolkit, service manual, parts manual, rear seat pillion, extra dash foam, and a factory rg500 bike stand are included in the sale, along with my small collection of Walter Wolf items including a genuine helmet, racing leathers, and watch. The bike has No warranty expressed or implied.

A $500 deposit is required within 48 hours of the end of the auction. The deposit can be paid with PayPal the balance will need to be paid by cash or certified cashier check. Neither the bike nor the title will be released until funds have cleared. It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange pickup or shipping, however I will be glad to assist where I can. At this time this auction is for US buyers only, international buyers can request to be added to bidders list, but must have paypal, ability to pay balance by bank wire transfer, arrange there own shipping and have excellent feedback

Bid with confidence, I am veri-sign approved. DON’T MISS THIS ONE. PS The fluid on the concrete you see in some of the pictures is water from A FRESH WASH, not a leak of any kind

And more pics for you-

So from what I can tell from the seller, there’s not much, if anything, that this bike needs. I also like the extras like the helmet that come with the bike. The seller also highlights the fact that this is a Japanese spec model (red wheels and seat, different graphics and other stuff highlighted above) making this version much more difficult to find than the Canadian/UK versions.

As for price, who knows where the reserve is, but these seem to command $15 to $20k in clean condition. Being a Japanese spec model may add a premium to that. And the bike also has a Texas title, if that helps at all.

So, there you have it. This would clearly be a collector bike in my mind and if you’re a Suzuki guy, this is a crown jewel. Especially if you are all about the Gamma. While these come up here from time to time, not many are the the Japanese spec and certainly this clean and original are gonna be key for any collector.

So if you’ve been searching, here’s your opportunity. To place your bid, make the jump!


Honda September 20, 2011 posted by

V3 Smoker Across the Pond: 1986 Honda NS400R

Location: Kent, United Kingdom

Kilometers: 4,876

Price: 3,995 GBP

The year was 1983 and Freddie Spenser had just become the youngest 500cc champion ever. Fast forward a couple years, and Honda had released what it claimed to be a replica for the road of Spencer’s machine. Okay, it may be 100cc smaller than the original, and way more refined for the daily use. However it does share in common the compact V3 engine configuration that Honda used to take the title. This light weight (359lbs) and powerful little package had enough gusto to make 1000cc 4-strokes of the day sit up and take notice. Being praised all around in handling, steering, and braking, the NS400R sure was a force to be reckoned with.

The bike up for grabs here, unfortunately for those of us here in the U.S., is located in Kent UK. But, this NS400R has very low mileage with only 3,026miles (4,876 Kms) and looks to be in very good condition for a 25-year-old two-smoke. I does look like it has some flush mount turn signals, as all the stock photos I have seen indicate that the stock ones are black.

Info from the seller:

“Honda NS400R V3 2 Stroke Triple
Only 4876km amazingly clean time capsule bike
imported in October 2009
Fresh Battery and MOT when sold
1986 model
Genuine Workshop manual included
Sounds amazing
Rare in this conditon
(Not immaculate concours condition but very clean for age)”

The NS400R is definitely rarer than its RG500/RZ500 competition from back in the day. Couple that with the fact that it was never imported to the States, and you have a recipe for a bike that is difficult to come across. The price translates to about $6,300 USD, and seems reasonable compared to other examples we have seen on RSBFS. If you got to have the two-stroke classic and feel like shipping it to the U.S., then take a look at the for sale ad here!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 15, 2011 posted by

A Vulgar Display of Power- ’86 GSX-R 1100

Location: Hollywood, California

Mileage: 9,400

Price: Auction, BIN $5,500

Well, here we have one of my favorites. I’ve written on various early models of the Suzuki GSX-R 1100 and I love them all. This bike was a serious machine when it was released and the air and oil cooled motor put out extreme power (as the seller highlights), so much so that the first year here risked having the chassis overwhelmed by the power. This bike along with the GSX-R 750 really set a new course for sportbikes. The engine in this bike lived on in later Suzuki machines and many a drag racer due to its bulletproof nature.

Here’s info from the seller-

1986 GSXR1100

Clear California Title



This model absolutely turns heads everywhere I go. 

Runs like a top- Just dialed in by Yoshi and crew at World famous ‘Garage Company’ in Los Angeles

I have done my best to take pics of the trouble spots…there are only a few…its just too fast for me. 131 horse power. This is the bike that started the revolution…

Bike is sold as is. I’d prefer you to pick-up locally. If I ship it, it will cost you out of your pocket for everything….everything.

Additionally, I have all the stock blinkers front/rear for this bike. 

Again this bike is being sold as is…it’s vintage now….25 years old. It will do nothing but go up in value.

I have 100% positive feedback

I will accept Paypal or cash-period.

Please ask any and all questions.

Good luck

And some more photos to get your attention-

As you can see by the pictures, this looks to be a pretty clean example of a first year GSX-R 1100. The seller highlights some small flaws in the pics and states that the original turn signals are included. Maybe not a major thing but important as these bikes in original condition are becoming more and more rare. Imagine the many that were wrecked and now are gone forever. The seller also highlights a recent service and claims the bike runs well. Mileage should not be issue given the reliability of the motor. And the blue and white paint. Lord help me.

So, take this home right now for $5,500? I think that’s a pretty good deal. I can’t imagine that this bike doesn’t become more appealing as the year’s go by. I don’t think they’ll ever lose their luster for me.

Give this one a good home. Go to the auction and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 14, 2011 posted by

Best Suzuki of All Time? ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 750 LE

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Mileage: 3,000
Price: Auction, $8,950 BIN

A lot has been written about the GSX-R 750LE here at RSBFS and in recent issues or motorcycle magazines highlighting 25 years of the GSX-R 750. And all of that has been earned in my opinion. In the Suzuki world, it’s hard to think of a more important bike. Gamma’s and RGV’s are all very nice, but for me this is bike number one for any Suzuki collector. Limited numbers and rare, hard to find parts all make up why original versions of this bike command big dollars. I would argue they are still undervalued. You may think different. But you would be wrong.

Here’s what the seller has to say about this particular bike-

Up for sale is my Limited Edition GSXR 750R race bike with flat slide smoothbore racing carbs 24k gold plated petcock, new avon tires, new custom made D & D pipe professionally cut down to 13″. I have had this bike fully tuned up with new plugs filters,wheel bearings,powder coated white wheels, Lockhart fairing screen, new petcock, battery,coated tank, front blinkers, fuel filters, rebuilt carb, new fork seals, and lots of Chrome plated parts all around. ( the carb and forks were done Jan 2011 ) I have been watching these on Ebay for over 2 years and they all sell for $10.000 to $19.000.. This one has 3000 miles on it.. I purchased it from the owner of a Suzuki dealer. This was one of his personal collection of bikes. I purchased this bike in 1989 and i have had it in my garage ever since. I ride it about 3 to 4 times per year.. Wife said “get your bikes out of garage” …. Bike runs like a race bike and has current tags… When the bike was new it was wrecked at low speeds by the new owner coming out of the drive way of the Suzuki dealer with under 5 miles on it.( he didn’t know how to ride it ) The dealer somehow had the bike totaled because it needed a new tank and front fairing. ( i have the paper work on the damage, i have to look for it in my filing cab) In my personal opinion i think the dealer was tring to buy the bike back cheep. So anyway the dealer purchased the bike back from the insurance company and bought a new oem tank and fairing. He kept it in his collection untill he retired and then sold it to me with a builders blue Texas title. The bike wasn’t in my opinion in the building condition. Because all it needed was a fairing and a tank. I had the bike checked out at the dealer and the frame and everything else was in perfect condition. So i purchased the bike back in 1989 and i have owned it ever since. I would like to see this bike sold to a museum or collector. Most Suzuki collectors i’ve talked to say there were under 300 of the 750 Limited Editions made. Garage kept, never driven in the rain or been rained on. and NO RUST…

I talked to a GSXR collector who has 3 of these and he said there were only 208 built. So the value of these bikes in the future is going to be BIG…

I have rare original chrome pipe, front blinkers new foot peg rubber covers, fuse box cover( took fuse box cover off to clean fuses before i took pictures ) and chain guard. 

you looking at around $500.00 to $800.00 for shipping to the upper 48 states

Latley i have been riding the bike 2 times every month or so around the block to keep the carbs fresh.

I also have a 1983 GPZ 550 with under 10k miles on it also for sale.

Thank You for looking at my auction. Bike is located in San Antonio , Texas

Bike is ready to ship or drive it home

And more pics for you-

The seller gives a good history of the bike above and the photos show a clean ride. The description also speaks to the bike being dropped early in its life and the steps taken to restore it. The seller highlights the replaced parts being OEM. This is important because collectability is a big thing with this bike. Go check out the June 2011 issue of Motorcyclist to get the lowdown, but the production on this bike is low (200 or less for AMA Superbike purposes) and again the parts (dry clutch, flat side carbs) are exotic and rare. The seller is right to highlight the issues and replaced parts as those things need to be considered when determining the value of the bike.

Speaking of value, the seller lists this at BIN for $8,950. I think that’s a pretty good price for one of these, replaced parts and all. Bottom line is these things are rare. As collectors take the pristine models and hide them away, all that will be left are less than perfect versions. But demand is still there. So I think you can figure out what happens to the price.

If you are a Suzuki fanatic or a collector, this bike is a good start or finish to your collection. Or maybe you just want one of the rarest, coolest bikes on earth. Whatever the case, you should check this beauty out!