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Honda February 21, 2013 posted by

Original ’86 Honda Interceptor 700!

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana   Mileage: 17,941   Price: Auction

86 VFR700

86 VFR700

Not too accustomed to seeing a VFR700? Does the cc designation throw you a little? Well, that’s okay. The 700cc machine out of Honda was built to come in under the 750cc tariff the U.S. imposed to punish Japanese bike builders. Can you guess which U.S. company wanted the tariff? I’m sure you can. But if you can’t, it rhymes with Harley Davidson. So you had the tariff model VFR700, only made for a few years time as the tariff was eventually lifted.

This is a clean example of a really cool bike. The VFR has a stellar history all its own. Here’s the sellers info-

  • Very clean
  • Good solid original bike
  • Everything is in good shape
  • Runs well
  • Kept in climate controlled storage
  • Original tool kit included
  • Needs a new home
  • Needs to be ridden
  • Located in Indianapolis, IN
  • Inspections are welcome
  • Sold As Is
  • Cash or certified check accepted
  • Deposit due at end of sale (amount to be determined between buyer & seller)
  • Buyer assumes all shipping/delivery fees
  • Delivery can be arranged

And more pics-

This looks like a very well maintained bike that is described as a strong runner and original. Hard to find bikes like this and it’s only gonna get more difficult. The VFR is a significant bike in Honda history, so if you’re a collector, this may be a good opportunity for you. The mileage isn’t bad and I’m betting this thing is still a blast to ride. I also think it looks great too!

So if this bike is your thing, make the jump and place your bid!


Sport Bikes For Sale September 5, 2012 posted by

This bike is not perfect, but…’s an ’86 GSX-R 750

Location: Altamont, New York

Mileage: 16,200

Price: Auction, $3,750 BIN

Everyone who reads RSBFS regularly and probably even the newbies know the importance of the GSX-R 750. Every sportbike since the introduction of the GSX-R owes something to it. Like it or not. The truest repli-racer of its time, the GSX-R 750 was a genuine game changer. All of this has been said, but it bears repeating if for no other reason than I like saying it. I love the GSX-R.

The bike up for auction here is not perfect, by any stretch. And the seller is right up front about that. But what you do have here is an opportunity to own of piece of history. I think that’s pretty cool, so here it is on RSBFS.

Here’s the seller’s description-

1986 GSX-R 750 in Beautiful condition. 16k original miles. bike was gently down twice once on each side. Still has original levers, grips, pegs, pipe and mirrors (not shown). I left these on because they aren’t bad and to show the bike was never totaled. just low speed wipeouts. I am the second owner of the bike. first owner took great care of it.

Underside is awesome. Clean and in great condition, bike runs great, engine is strong, no leaks, no oil burn, clutch is firm, lots of power for a 750. Shifts and drive as it should. Tires have lots of tread but showing signs of drying. Mechanically rides nice. Its a little cold blooded and idles lower when started up and faster when warm. haven’t figured out why but think it may be the K&N air filter. (its all stock so maybe a stock air filter would help?)  Or carbs need to be cleaned. Has never been done and really doesn’t pose as an issue cause it goes away when bike is warm. Truth be told I haven’t pursued it as of yet. Oil has 500 miles on it, new plugs, and brakes are as new. Chain and sprocket are in excellent shape as well. I think it may be the original chain because there is no link. Not sure. 

I don’t ride it much cause she should be retired. When I do, its just amazing. This bike started it all. Fun, comfortable, light, fast. The engine is very smooth with a real nice power transition. She has a tiny bit of hesitation at 6500 RPM and clears up. Hardly noticeable but i can feel it. 

Plastic is in great shape. I had all the hairline cracks plastic welded on the underside so not to mess up the paint. They were only hairline cracks. wing tips on the nose cowl are perfect. Again still has the original, grips ,pipe,windshield, mirrors and levers so it didn’t go down hard. Consider it motorcycle patina! The Hairlinecracks are hard to see from 5 feet. Bubbles on the lowers took some abuse and the guy liked left turns cause he wore a hole in the bubble. That’s why he said he cut out the hole when fixing the plastic. Wait till you see the foot peg. Original owner was a peg scraper. I was planning on getting the plastic resprayed but cant get myself to do it. Original paint kind of shows the history, which I like. Whenever people come to see it they think its a new bike and more experienced cant believe what they are looking at. This bike is NOT mint. But its really good and with a good painter could be. I actually cant bring myself to do the body work because the paint is original and would never be the same. Now, it tells a story, and I’m a fan. There are touch ups and mid left has been resprayed. see pics and focus on decals. Its a nice job and looks the part.

I installed a bar end mirror on the left side. been doing it for years and like the look. Also it keeps the wing tips from getting snapped. The mirror gets bumped into or pulled on, or even adjusted by someone who doesn’t understand the age of the plastic and there goes perfection. I do have the original mirrors if you want to put them on. 

Bottom line. (See Pics) they will explain everything.

I have picture and video of the bike running. I can email link if so desired. 

Email any questions. 

And the pics-

The bike is not 100% stock, although not far off. It’s not perfectly mint, either. The cosmetic issues and history of how those issues came about is provided by the seller. The mileage ain’t too bad and it looks pretty good overall in the photos. You’ll want to get all the detail you can from the seller, as with any purchase like this.

So you have a chance to own one of the coolest and most important, if not the most important, sportbikes ever. For $3,800 bucks. Choice is yours. To take a look, make the jump!


Honda August 31, 2012 posted by

Nice and Clean ’86 Honda VF1000R

Location: Superior, Wisconsin

Mileage: 11,445

Price: Auction, $4,600 BIN

Race replica bikes, or attempts by people to build them, have been around in some form since the dawn of time. However, the 80’s seemed to bring in the current era of the factory race replica bike and the Honda VF1000R certainly played a role, along with the Ninja, Hurricane and, my favorite, The GSX-R. The VF1000R was also a precursor to one of the greatest bikes ever, the Honda RC30. Honda also only built them for two years, so this bike is rare too. It’s got it all.

Here’s the seller’s take-

Regreatably selling a 1986 Honda VF1000R Interceptor sport motorcycle .  This time-warp machine has barely 11,000 miles from new, and has seen only 3 owners.  I am only selling for two reasons:  I am having increasing trouble with arthritis at a fairly young age (need a cruiser, or at least a standard) and have too many toys crowding our garage.  Sadly, just bought (wasn’t cheap) and shipped from MA to WI (wasn’t cheap) this Spring, so my loss is your gain.  Included in the sale is the original owner’s manual and key.  Please note that like many of these very expensive bikes, it sat unsold for over 3 years, not selling at Parkway Cycles in MA until 1992!

Creating a race replica bike like everyone else was doing at the time didn’t come inexpensively. The VF1000R had state-of-the-art styling and engineering, from its hand-laid fiberglass fairings, twin-headlights, and gear-driven V4 engine.  Add in TRAC anti-dive forks, quick-detach front wheel, air suspension front and rear, and more, and you can see why it retailed for well over $5,000 way back then.  But know one said you could look like Freddy Spencer for cheap!

As mentioned, sale includes the original manual, key, plus a 1985 microfishe set, along with some service records.  The tool kit is still in the box along the right panel.  The condition of the bike is awesome, overall, but does reflect  a few minor flaws, as may be expected for any vehicle this old.  Pictures will show the following: damage to the LH mirror mount area, from a partial tip-over, a crack in the rear taillight cover, a scratch on/near the RH oil level cover, and some touch ups to the front fender.  However, from 5 feet away, it still looks fantastic, styled like n othing else, you could shave using the tank for a mirror, tires are correct type Dunlops with only 600 miles, I changed oil/filter using Bel-Ray semi-synthetic.  Starts at the touch of the button, idles perfectly, carbs were done last year, sounds of the twin exhaust V4 and gear drive cams is unique.  Shifts perfect, brakes should be bled, runs nice and fast, you hit about 3 grand and you’re gone!  Turns heads everywhere and has been a show stopper at bike nights.

A must have for any serious Honda collector, bike is sold “as-is” “where-is”, no warranty implied/offered.  I will assist with shipping, but it is the buyers’ responsibility.  Location is just outside Duluth, MN , 150 north of Mpls-St. Paul, or Eau Claire, WI.

And photos-

This bike looks clean for its age and the seller highlights some of the  minor cosmetic issues. The mileage is low for a 26 year old machine and hopefully the bike has been maintained well over the years. The current owner says it starts and runs no problem, with recent carb work having been done. It also comes with the original manual, rare indeed, and some microfiche, interesting if you can find a machine to view them on.

I have to think that in the history of the sportbike and the world of collectables, the VF1000R will always be a major player. Taking that into consideration, I think the price on this bike is pretty reasonable. It’s certainly worth a look for all you collectors or Honda fans out there. If that fits you, go check the auction out!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 26, 2012 posted by

Another Lance Gamma ummm…Gamma (Suzuki RG500)

Location: Leicester, North Carolina

Mileage: 30,000

Price: Auction, currently $10,000

We see Suzuki RG500’s on RSBFS from time to time and they command some significant attention. Never imported into the U.S., the Gamma was a potent two stroke 500cc bike and a rider’s ticket to Grand Prix racing on the street. The two stroke motor offers an incredible combination of power and weight, and power that comes on like an earthquake wrapped in a tornado. Lance Gamma likes to build, tweak, and well, improve on an already insane formula. So while you may not get the pristine, all original, Gamma you’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting for, you do get an awesome ride that will probably scare the hell out of you.

Here’s the description-

I have always enjoyed a classic blue and white Gamma around the shop. These things came in several paint schemes along with many custom options performed afterward, but there’s something about one in traditional Suzuki racing colors that just seems right. This RG is in excellent shape both mechanically and cosmetically with a complement of Lance Gamma goodies. The bodywork is all new with my premium fiberglass and paint/graphics applied. The motor is freshly rebuilt and performance tuned by the premiere RG specialist, Lance Gamma (hence the eBay handle). This motor is at factory second overbore and assembled with all correct and OEM stock Suzuki parts with ported cylinders, bored carbs and milled heads. You can expect to see my clutch kit, ride height strut, petcocks and Crawford pipes along with my LG TriPod filter kit and inline oil check valves. The Fox shock and 3.5″ rear wheel along with a 3″ front rim fitted with a set of Continental radial tires assure traction when needed. Upgraded brakes and Race Tech fork mods complete the chassis for a fine handling experience. If you are disappointed that the bike is no longer in absolutely stock trim, I understand. I am sure that a nice original bike with 26 year old ABS plastic and untouched motor will be along any time now. Be patient and don’t compromise your beliefs by considering such a well developed and highly functional RG in place of your dream machine. If however, you are wanting to discover for yourself what all the hoopla was about at the release of these bikes some 27 years ago (you remember, GP bikes for the street? What were they thinking??), this is one which will bring you up to speed, so to speak. It simply begs to be ridden. If you wish to discuss this bike in further detail or explore the options in my extensive Gamma inventory, please give me a call. I would be happy to put your mind at ease concerning such a frivolous purchase. Test rides happily accommodated to hearty souls willing to take the trek to Western North Carolina and visit my shop. And now for your viewing pleasure…..

And photos for you to drool over-

Since this is a Lance Gamma bike, you will see that it’s been gone through and rebuilt. The bodywork and paint is fresh, as described. So you should be getting a bike that runs well and looks good. Granted, it’s not stock, but looks real good to me and the overhaul should hopefully provide you with a reliable bike that you can enjoy riding while scaring the hell out of other people.

Clearly this isn’t a bike that’s gonna be cheap. You are already starting at the $10k mark. So it’s up to you to decide how much money it’s worth to you. Whatever you decide, you should at least treat yourself and go give the auction a look!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 8, 2012 posted by

Modified But Cool ’86 GSX-R1100

Location: Portland, Oregon

Mileage: 20,941

Price: Auction, $5,500 BIN

Okay, this bike has been modified but also maintained and upgraded. And sure, it’s in Oregon, my home state. And I also love GSX-R’s. So there was really no way I couldn’t write this up. Generally, I like to find older GSX-R’s that are completely stock, if possible. Because these bikes were an instant success and the bought, and then wrecked, not too many have survived. So these days even modified bikes deserve consideration. Like this one.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

1986 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Survivor !! 20k original miles. 138 RWHP !! Tuning and Dyno Pulls done in April 2012 at Rons Performance Motorcycle. Local Racer.

Engine / Brand new head, Ported and polished, All new bearings,Timing chain, Rods and pistons, Gaskets, Valve springs, Stainless valves, Rings, Drag Cams, Mikuni carbs, K&N Pod Filters, Carbon M4 Exhaust.

Transmission / New bearings, New backset gears. JMC reinforced swingarm, Ohlins rear shock.

Runs great, looks great, sounds great. Very nice Old School Gixxer. The last of their kind. You don’t see too many of these anymore, this one is first year GSXR 1100 in the states. Very collectable.

Thanks for looking

The seller outlines a lot of work on the bike, including work on the engine, suspension, transmission and exhaust. So clearly the bike has been run but it sounds like extensive work has been done to bring her back to good health. Clearly, it’s not all original, but it’s still a first year 1100, which is cool, and it still looks good, at least from the photos. Mileage isn’t too crazy high either.

You’ll want to do your homework on this one to make sure you get the bike you want. But if it works out, it could be cool.

So I guess it’s worth checking out, I mean, if you’re into awesome things. If you are, go here.


Sport Bikes For Sale April 27, 2012 posted by

Get One While You Can – Original, First Year GSX-R 1100

Location: Visalia, California

Mileage: 42,000

Price: Auction, currently $3,850

Update 4.26.2012: Previoulsy posted on March 1, this bike sold for $4500 but is back on eBay. Links updated. -dc

So everybody knows that I’m particularly fond of the Suzuki GSX-R. And we really haven’t had an early one in a while here on RSBFS. Well, here’s one. 1986 is the first year of the 1100, a bike that took things up a notch or five when it came out a year after Suzuki shocked the motorcycling world with the GSX-R 750. The 1100 was the same chassis, but with a bigger air and oil cooled 137hp monster of a motor. And a bulletproof motor at that. This bike is legendary.

The pics are a little fuzzy but here they are-

And from the seller-

here we have a 1986 suzuki gsxr 1100 rare british color scheme it has the 530 chain conversion with brand new chain and sprockets, the tank is dent free completely and is in near perfect shape other than some clear coat peeling on the stripe portion. the other panels are in good shape not perfect but not poor a nice example of a 26 year old bike. it has brand new bt45 bridgestone tires and new rear brake pads. the rear grab rail comes with the bike not pictured on it. the bike has not been down at all other than the left lower fairing has a silver dollar size rash where it bubbles out to cover the crank shaft. it has 180 psi compression in every cylinder. all stock bike please call larry with questions. other than me this is a one owner bike included with the bike is the original sales contract. fresh tune up as well plugs, oil carb and valve adj

The seller mentions the minor mods to the bike and some small cosmetic issues. Photos show a pretty clean and original bike and while the mileage is up there the engines in these, as mentioned above, are pretty bulletproof. Many a GSX-R 1100 motor went into many a drag bike. So if the bike has been maintained, you should have something you can ride as you like for quite some time. Who knows where the price goes on this one, but I would suspect between $5k and $6k. We’ll see.

So another early GSX-R 1100 up for grabs. They ain’t gonna make any more of these, so if you’ve been looking, it might be time to pull the trigger. To start the squeeze on that trigger, make the jump!


Kawasaki December 30, 2011 posted by

Ninja Power! 1986 Kawasaki GPZ1000R For Sale

Location: Near Wilmington, NC

Miles: 17,286

Price: Currently $3,000 with No Reserve

Nothing screams 80’s sport bikes like a Ninja. When the GPZ900R bust onto the scene, it was the first bike to dawn the Ninja name and quickly became a benchmark of its time. Next up was the 1000R. It came with more power, but also a couple more pounds to pull around. Though the 900R was seen by riders as more manageable in the corners, the 1000R would outrun it on the straights.

The 1000R up for grabs here has higher mile with over 17k, however it does appear to well cared for and owned by a classic Ninja enthusiast. It is not completely stock with its Corbin seat and its Vance&Hines exhaust. But the seat does look the part and you can be sure the exhaust is going to add some ponies. The seller does mention some repair done to the tank, so take not of that if you are contemplating buying this bike.

More from the seller:

” Okay enough of my love for the bike, by the way the Magazine will go with her when she sales.This is a great mostly original 1000R ( after market pipe, Corbin Gun fighter seat) The body is in good shape but it does show its age here and there from road use. Never dropped to my knowledge, there is ruff spot on the right rear of the tank where the former owner had a ding repaired, the tank does not leak or show any signs that it has.. The pictures should speak more than the bike than I can, I am honest on here, and my feedback reflects that. The Corbin Gun Fighter seat is color matched to the bike and will hold you secure in the seat under hard acceleration!! If you are looking for a great low mileage no issues ready to ride super Ninja this is the one! It even has new rubber with almost no miles log on them. There are boxes of extra parts that will come with the bike, body panels, head light, engine parts, so on, nice to have on hand as finding replacements can be hard some times.. and I will have no need of them after she is gone.

There is more description about the 1000R in general and why the seller is selling it in the link to the auction

If you think I could go a whole post about a GPZ Ninja from the 80’s without making a reference to Top Gun, you would be greatly mistaken. This is your ticket to the Danger Zone and you can star in your own sequel with this bike. (Top Gun 2: The Revenge of Goose… No? Okay, you pick the title then). All jokes aside, this bike looks clean and well cared for. It will even come with the Motorcyclist it was featured it. As far as the price is concerned, it’s tough to tell since I haven’t seen one of the 1000R’s pop up here before. The auction is active with a couple bidders and No Reserve in site. Check it out here and decide for yourself!


Sport Bikes For Sale December 7, 2011 posted by

First Year Beauty- Original ’86 Suzuki GSX-R 1100

Location: New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

Mileage: 31,068 (50,000 km)

Price: $3,250

Here’s an opportunity to take home a legendary bike. For those in the know, the GSX-R 1100 is an icon. When it was released by Suzuki in 1986, the power of the air and oil cooled 1100cc motor built an instant following. It was a brute that quickly set a new mark for the liter bike class. It followed the year after Suzuki introduced the game changing GSX-R 750 and is truly one of the great classic sportbikes.

And this bike is a legend. Why? How about an unreal amount of power (130+ hp) in a roughly 430 pound package. And this was back in 1986. Really, that kind of power to weight was a mind blower back then.

This bike appears to be one of the rarest of the rare when it comes to old GSX-R’s. And by that I mean an original, unmodified example. It’s hard to find any early GSX-R’s on the road but a first year that is original falls into the hen’s teeth category.

As described in the ad, the owner of this bike was “old-school” and kept this beautiful machine in original condition. To me that really is a thing of beauty. A piece of history for everyone to enjoy.

The description in the ad reads-

Hard to find first year GSX-R 1100, extremely good condition, owner was “old school”, kept bike original.  Estate needs to sell.  Can include riding gear.  Bike is in New Glasgow, NS

This bike was clearly owned by an enthusiast who took excellent care of the machine. The mileage is significant but these engines are also known for their amazing durability. A bike maintained well, even with higher mileage, should still give you many more miles of riding time.

Asking price on this is $3,250. And that may be Canadian, I’m not sure. Regardless, I think that’s an amazing deal on a real icon. Do yourself a favor and take a look at this listing!