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Street-Legal Stroker: 1992 Yamaha TZR250RS for Sale

Yamaha’s TZR250 doesn’t seem to command the same prices or attention as Honda’s NSR. Which is interesting, considering it’s similar in terms of weight and performance, and the TZR is generally even rarer in every market outside Japan: both the 3MA and 3XV versions were officially sold in the Japanese market only, although plenty found their way to the UK, Europe, and Canada via “parallel import” laws.

Certainly, the TZR isn’t lacking in technology: the 3XV packs an electronic engine-management system to rival Honda’s PGM-IV that controls the ignition advance, the powervalve, and the carburetors’ fuel mixture. Yamaha’s Deltabox frame is light and stiff, and the RS version seen here adds a dry clutch, close-ratio box, and later models even included fully-adjustable forks. This example goes a step further and has been upgraded with Öhlins forks and a Nitron rear shock.

Ultimately, the package closely mirrored the rest of the class: 90° liquid-cooled two-stroke v-twin displacing 249cc, an aluminum frame, a six-speed gearbox, and the de rigueur powervalve to boost the two-stroke’s limited midrange. The seller is asking $11,500 for this updated, well cared-for example.

From the original eBay listing: 1992 Yamaha TZR250RS for Sale

You are looking at a super clean, well maintained and a hard to find TZR 250RS. The RS model comes with close ratio gear box, RS paint scheme, fully adjustable suspension and dry clutch. I upgraded the front forks with Ohlins components, Nitron R1 rear shock, Brembo calipers, Brembo pads, braided brake lines and full floating rotors. Maintenance was done which includes fresh Motul fluids (coolant, brake fluid and transmission oil), carbs been cleaned/synced. Bike is street legal, titled, registered and insured in NJ. Everything on the bike is OEM all original with the exception of the upgrades mentioned. You will never find another one in this condition. 

This one has been up for sale more than once in a couple different places, but appears to be very clean and comes with a New Jersey title, which is a nice bonus for anyone looking to ride their stinky little sportbike. The biggest question here is: has the bike been de-restricted? Collectors may not be too worried, but anyone looking to ride this anywhere outside a very tight, technical racetrack or a very twisty back road will want more than the government-mandated 45hp. The Japanese government, obviously: the US government regulates many, many things, but horsepower is not one of them.



  • Zeel tronics cdi bye bye restrictions they run about $400 and are programmable becoming the hot mod for these bikes.

    Having both a nice fresh nsr mc21 and now a 95 3xv tzr and a rgv vj22 all 3 fully unrestricted. The 3xv is my favorite lighter weight and it has the most power of the 3.

  • And almost all of the engine parts from a TZ can be bolted right on. 80-85 HP is not that hard to get.

  • SOLD

  • seller misinformed …. the RS does not have a close ratio box. I have had one along with an SPR 3XVC, the SPs have the close ratio box. And Smoking Joe needs to jump on a v model full power VJ23 with pipes etc. It will toast a 3XV with 36mm carbs. My 34mm VJ22 was also much quicker than any of the 3XVs.


  • My spr with sugo cdi and jackel pipes smokes my vj22 with 34mm carbs and tyga pipes and I’m running the 22d30 cdi the uk unrestricted cdi. The vj23 doesn’t make any more hp then a well sorted vj22 engine. I’ve been following what my rgv forum brothern have been saying about it for years.

    Doesn’t matter if you have the special autorimesse parts or go with a zeel tronic cdi street or track the vj22 beats it in peak hp almost every time. Maybe 1 or 2 hp but the vj22 engine always has better peak hp. The vj23 only has slightly better midrange is it’s advantage. Most on the forum who have owned all 3 would pick a aprilia rs250 or 3xv over a vj23 for a track weapon cause they handle better and are easier to get more power from.

    Who cares if it has a sp transmission on the street i don’t need shorter gear ratios that runs up through the gear box faster and has lower top speed. The taller gears of a standard model are better for cruising on the street.

    Yes i have seen a vj23 real lucky strike in person even got to at least sit on it. It’s a sweet ride but from what the guys on the forum who owned them say it’s no revolution to the 250 smokers only different. Some say it’s more or less a nsr copy cause it has the same bore n stroke of the nsr and similar frame style just Suzuki style.

  • The street 250 2 stroke sellers are pricing themselves past the race bike levels now. You can buy a 3YL race bike for $8K, not sure how $12k for a 3XV is that attractive.

    Perhaps the mods add value, perhaps not. It just begins to reduce the pool of potential buyers and steers people towards more modern better running similarly priced super-bikes.

    Then again a buyer with the itch to scratch may come along.

  • Funny…it definitely showed sold for $11,500. Looks like that deal fell through.

  • Was going to get one of these a couple years ago when the RS250 I had been lusting over, was, after many years, offered to me. Still love the yamaha-esq-ness of the body on these. The 3ma and XV were a step towards fitting in with the contemporary looks of 1/4 liter competition at the time as compared to the 2ma imo. The split seat is as always far sexier than the all encompassing rider/passenger seat like on a 2ma. Hope this bike finds the right home.

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