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Rolling Stock: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

For Sale: 1985 Yamaha RZ500

Update 6.20.2012: Back on eBay and it looks like for the last time as it’s now no reserve. Thanks for the heads up Jared! Links updated. -dc

Update 3.8.2012: Mileage is now stated as 9300 miles and buy-it-now dropped to $15k. -dc

Hot on the heels of Ian’s post on a modified RZ500 comes this beautiful survivor. How many stone stock RZ500s do you find in the States? Those who have looked will tell you – not many. Perhaps it is because so few RZ500s made it to the US in the first place (Yamaha never officially imported it, so all are grey market bikes), or maybe, as Ian stated previously, RZs tend to be on the receiving end of heavy modifications. Any way you slice it, a stocker from ’85 is definitely a rare find.

This particular bike looks good in the pictures, has the stock chambers, retains the dinky 16″ front wheel (inspired by GP technology of the day) bolted up to 37mm forks (equally dinky by today’s standards), and offers the solo seat cover (a passenger pillion is hidden beneath). All the reflectors are in place, and the turn signals have not been cut down or otherwise modified. From afar, this looks to be a showroom RZ500.

From the seller:
This is a 1985 all original Yamaha RZ500. has a Canadian title and is in South Florida. Not a big problem to title in States as it is considered an antique. Is in great shape with low miles. A real classic eye catcher.

So the BIG question is what is a 1985 RZ500 sporting 30,035 miles on the clock worth? Values on these bikes have been all over the place, but mostly on the up. We have seen lower mileage examples offered at $20k, but no real evidence of them selling at that level. This particular bike is being offered with a starting bid of $9,500, and a BIN set at $18,000.

This bike just hit the market, and interest has been relatively low at the time of this writing (zero bids). The opening ask is not out of line with the bike’s value, but perhaps bidders have been scared off by the BIN? For more info and details, click the link and jump over to the auction. This is a good looking example of a rare breed. Good luck!



  • Sweet! This is more like it. Somebody smart will pick this up and love it to bits.

  • Looks like it comes with a matching woman.

  • this bike is owned by guy who sees ALOT of very good looking women.his r1 is kind of his signature in south florida.when ever you see it out and about,you can bet he’s on the hunt.

    as for the yammie….i like it.would love to see it on the street again.

  • Wait a minute- “has a Canadian title…not a big problem to title in the States…” If it’s not a big problem, then why didn’t HE do it after he bought it? In my state, you can’t legally own, license, or insure a vehicle without a US title. Another case of a gray market seller trying to pass his legal ownership problem along to the next owner.

  • No title… if it is truly stokc and in good nick, the bike is worth more sold off to an overseas buyer in the UK.

    Imagine being $10 grand into the bike and find out you have no hope in hell of getting a title.

    I bet the first thing you do is throw it on eBay with a claim “Easy as pie to title”…

    See opening post for visual aid LOL.

  • It seems like people have not learnt anything from September 2008.If you start paying silly money again for materialistic junk,you are going to end up with another GFC on your hands.Don’t pay anything over 9 grand….maximum.

  • RZ ‘s are nice bikes but RG’s are nicer — A bit high at $15K .. Heck I would consider selling my RG for $15K and it has less miles , is titled and is stock with extra goodies..This RZ should go for $10K to $12K..
    Nice bike but toooo high. My opinion…
    They are damn pretty though aren’t?? Them there 500’s
    FYI – I would take his illegal ownership problem for $9K lol…………….

  • What the heck is it with guy’s that own RZ’s? They think their worth their weight in gold? I should know, I owned both a 350 and a 500. Yes, 2 strokes are nice, and rare but 18k? that is freaking crazy. The 500 did not handle THAT GREAT! A newer R-1 would kick it’s ass. Save your money and buy a new R1. I love RZ’s, but the price is way…………to high.

  • If you do not have all of the proper US Customs import paperwork from when the bike was brought into the US, Customs is going to seize the bike from whomever the first fool is that tries to title the bike in the US. Kiss your $$$ goodbye.

  • I just registered a canadian RZ500 with just a canadian title in Florida, no problem at all. Looks like a clean bike, but I never paid more than 4K for a similar RZ.

  • im in South africa that price is hectic

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