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Raw Materials: 1987 Ducati F1 For Sale

1987 Ducati F1 L Front

Ducati’s 750 F1 was intended to closely resemble their competitive TT1 racebike, and was the very last bike introduced before the company was taken over by Cagiva, when Ducati was on the ropes financially. It was the very last of the old-school Ducatis, and is finally starting to find its value because of that.

1987 Ducati F1 R Rear2

The F1 displaced 749cc’s and produced a claimed 76hp with the typical 16″ front and 18″ rear combination for impressive agility. Unlike later Ducati’s, the F1 still featured the older, less compact carburetor configuration, instead of the more familiar arrangement with both carburetors situated in the vee of the engine.

1987 Ducati F1 Dash

There’s plenty of potential in these motorcycles and handling was exceptional, but that’s kind of the problem: it’s almost like Ducati assumed that they were selling roadbikes to race teams, who planned to tweak and tune and set them up to suit, instead of to normal, everyday consumers. It’s like they thought they were just supplying the raw materials out of which you could build a very nice sportbike.

1987 Ducati F1 L Fairing

This one looks to be in very nice condition, although as a display piece, you’d obviously have to put some work in before riding it.

From the original eBay listing: 1987 Ducati F1B for Sale

A complete frame up restoration. This bike retains all original equipment including mirrors, original brakes, turn signals, air box, two into one exhaust (stock exhaust available). Engine dismantled and serviced as required. New battery, tires, brake cylinder kits and more. Only displayed since being renovated. A show quality motorcycle. Lying in Ft Lauderdale inspections welcome. One of the last true Ducati custom designs.

I’m really not sure what “one of the last true Ducati custom designs” is supposed to mean: this is neither custom, nor the last of anything. And period tests were not especially kind to the F1, nor were they especially popular.

1987 Ducati F1 Controls

Sure, go find some nice, period suspension upgrades and have Loudbike tune your 750 for 100hp and you’ll have yourself a nice, vintage firebreather: air/oil-cooled Ducatis are fundamentally tough, race-bred motorcycles. But as stock, the F1 was a raw material than finished product. In spite of that, these early Pantah sportbikes have rocketed in value recently, so this might be a good investment or the perfect bike to complete your collection.


1987 Ducati F1 R Side


  • God I love these, great looking and raw.

  • The center stand would have to go however.

  • Centerstand only on F1’s- no side stand on this model. And you have to worry about the standards of “renovation” on the stuff you can’t see, when you do see the overspray on the clutch reservoir and allen fasteners!

  • I have a factory delivered sidestand on mine

    • I’m corrected- limited edition Montjuich and Santamonica models had side stand, but no centerstand.

  • A friend of mine had one of these and talked me into riding it. I could barely make it turn! The steering made my 1997 SS/SP seem agile by comparison!

    • He must have had a poorly setup bike. These handle quite well although the seating can be a bit tight. Much smaller feeling than a modern inline 4. The 900’s do not steer as quick when riding back to back.

  • I may be mistaken but, I don’t believe the turnsignals shown are correct for 1987.
    The ones on the White Santamonica are correct though.

  • The vent tube should be green and the handle bar end caps are not of spec. The end caps should be red plastic, not black metal.

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