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Rare Fun: 1982 Honda MB5!

For sale: 1982 Honda MB5 50cc two stroke

So you’ve been lurking on RSBFS and lament that you can’t afford some of the exotic two-stroke bikes that have been posted recently. Well, here is your chance to grab something equally exotic and rare – but more in the price range of the common man.

Imported into the United States for one year only, the 1982 Honda MB5 bridged the gap between the moped/scooter crowd and the big-bore sportbike. Powered by an air-cooled, single cylinder 50cc two-stroke with oil injection, the MB5 could zing up to 10,500 rpm on its way to its 50+ mph top speed. With approximately 7 horsepower on tap, and weighing in at about 170 lbs dry, performance was surprisingly good for the size.

Nowadays, these MB5s are downright hard to find. It is even harder to find one in reasonable, unmodified condition. This one is showing a little bit of its age, but the pieces are all there making this a rare find indeed.

From the seller:
I would consider this motorcycle to be in very good condition for this year, model, and type of motorcycle. I bought this motorcycle used locally in 1993, it has been in my possession and garage kept since that time. I used it as a pit bike at the local racetrack to get around the pits while at the track. It has not been registered on the street since I have had it. I have a clean clear title in my company name for it. This bike has the usual scratches and scuffs on it from garage storage and recreational use. To the best of my knowledge it is all original. It is missing the original heat shield on the exhaust that mounted behind the right footpeg. It still has the original tires on it that hold air. The back one is worn out (bald). Original lights, seat, key, mirrors, tool kit, etc.

The motorcycle runs and is in running condition, everything works, turn signals, horn, brake light, speedo, tach, hi beam indicator, neutral indicator, etc. When this was stored, the carb was always drained. Anytime I’ve needed to ride, I’ve simply cleaned the spark plug, put some fresh gas in it, and it has started right up. Original 2 stroke injection pump is still hooked up and functional. The current battery is dead, it was the one that was with it when I purchsed it. For those that don’t know..this bike doesn’t need a battery to run. The ignition and headlight are magneto powered and work when kick started. The battery and charging system are for taillights, turn signals, horn, gauge lights, etc. I have ordered a new battery which should be in shortly. The bike will be sold with the new battery installed and operational.

I also have the original owners manual, a service manual, and an original article on the MB5 from a US motorcycle magazine. These will be included with the purchase.

Some quick web searching turned up these fun Honda brochures on the MB5, featuring the alternate red paint scheme. This model was only offered in two colors in the US.

The seller has also included this fun video showing the start up and running operation of the bike:

Due to the engine size, the Honda MB5 was legal in all 50 states (yes, even California). Thus, there should be no issues with registering the bike where you live. It is not the best highway mount due to the displacement and limited top speed, but it will handily keep up with city traffic and the average commute.

If you want to join the ranks of rare, two-stroke collector, this bike just might be for you. With an opening bid of only $600, this little jewel is downright affordable! and start burning some two-stroke oil!



  • Is this a “sportbike”? Really? FAIL!

  • Clearly you have missed a great life experience by not riding one of these 50cc machines. It is far more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow, and in the right conditions this little MB5 would flat out spank a bigger machine. Given – those conditions would be absurdly tight and narrow – but hey it could happen! 🙂

    Back in the day, race clubs and classes were organized around these machines – and you can still find them raced in special events held at karting tracks nationwide. That’s not too bad for a “non-sportbike.”

    OK… we might have stretched the “sport” part a bit here. But this bike does have a “cool” factor, and is a neat example of a rare one-year model machine. What do you other RSBFS readers think? Let your opinion be heard!

  • The MB5 was my first mode of transport being 16 years old in the UK. Mine was red with a bikini fairing.. I loved that little bike and I did 30,000 miles on it the year I owned it! I went everywhere on it! Thank you for posting this it brought back some great memories..

  • I get it Mike. It belongs on “”. Not here. That’s all I’m saying.

    And just for arguments sake, I have small and large cc cycles. I know what fun they can be. It still doesn’t belong here……….. that’s all. 🙂

  • Ha Ha! Thanks ME. Maybe we need to start a cooltinymotorcyclesforsale section on RSBFS!

    This MB5 could be our inaugural post. But then what comes next? A Kawasaki AR50? A Yamaha YSR50? A Honda CT70? So many cool tiny motorcycles!!! 🙂

  • I’m honored. Thats my MB5 on RareSportbikes. Only an hour to go on the auction and it won’t be mine any longer. I kind of hate to see it go. But its time with me is up. This has been the highlight of owning it though , being featured here. I hope one of your readers gets it and takes care of it.
    Oh yeah the rare mini Kawasaki was an AR80 in the US. They were only available one year here in the states if I remember right, and are super hard to find

    Thanks you’ve made my day

  • Good luck with the sale, Mike L!

  • Hello Mike.I’m from Holland.The Honda MB 5 (49cc in Holland)was seld here from 1979 till 1992. U could get it in many differend collors. Totaly Black,Blue,white or Red and later White with blue or red\black stripes.These were most populair. Sorry my english is bad.

  • Rode my MB5 to the Harley dealership on Saturday.
    It received more attention than the harleys there.

  • Hey Mel – too cool that you still get your MB5 out on the road! +1 for that for sure!

    Thanks for the comments – hope you enjoy the rest of what has to offer!

  • hey i was wo der if you still had the bike i am very interested in it

  • its a good bike. have any stok ?

  • Hello, what is your askn price? I’m very u
    Interested..please contact me

  • Hello, what is your askn price ? Please contact me at 3475172179

  • How much?

  • How much are you selling for and where are you based?

  • I’m interested.

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