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Aprilia December 17, 2020 posted by

50 Shades of Smoke: 2000 Aprilia RS50

This time of year it is common for RSBFS to refer to little scooters as stocking stuffers. But this particular tiddler – an Aprilia RS50 – has already been stuffed full of 77cc goodness. That should certainly up the power ante beyond the estimated 8 ponies of the stocker, and allow this 216 lbs (dry) chainsaw on two wheels to reach a speeding violation in no time flat. Note that the dyno sheet does not appear to be this bike, but rather the output from a motor with the 77cc conversion (along with many other accessories which may not be on this bike).

2000 Aprilia RS50 for sale on eBay

Based around a 49.7cc aluminum single cylinder featuring liquid cooling and reed valve induction, the Aprilia RS50 mill is actually produced by Italian firm Motori-Minarelli (2006 and later models are powered by Derbi units). And unlike some of the more pedestrian scooter-peds available, the RS50 was quite adult sized and had decent components. From full fairing that mimics the RS250 bike, the RS50 included 17 inch wheels (110 front, 130 rear), and a 300 mm single disc up front. Aprilia even included a passenger pillion and pegs – although I don’t know many that would two-up something of this size.

From the seller:
Stage 6 bore kit 77cc ,installed at 3k miles,d.i.d. chain sprocket conversion,full exhaust,upgraded rear adjustable shock.New tires Have all receipts paper work. Bike has amazing power band. Very reliable, exotic sound. I have all the old parts in box ,very fun ride.

I don’t know why nearly every RS50 I have seen includes custom rash on one side or the other (or both). Perhaps it is a testament to how confidence inspiring the handling is, suckering you deeper and deeper into corners until traction cries uncle. Perhaps it is simply the nature of small-bore, two stroke power than demands high corner entry speeds. Maybe it is simply because these smaller bikes have been hooned by youngsters who simply don’t know better. Regardless this bike has been artfully enhanced by a horizontal cornering move that likely left similar scars on the rider. Small bikes are a blast to ride, and they are also cheap to buy and own. This one has some decent upgrades in addition to the graphical customization, and is listed for a pretty strong $2,900 USD with zero bids thus far. That might be a bit high to open the auction, and thus the lack of response. There are several days remaining, so check out all of the detail here, stay safe and good luck!!


50 Shades of Smoke: 2000 Aprilia RS50
Honda May 25, 2017 posted by

Featured Listing – BOGO 1987 Honda NSR50’s

Our Utah collector obviously has a soft spot for the NSR50 as this his his second two-bike offering. This two-for-one pairs a stock NSR50 with a 80cc four stroke conversion. Both have some miles, and are complete, ready for an easy restoration.

Almost always available in lookalike paint schemes of the more senior machines, the NSR50 is diminutive but flies the Honda colors on pit lane.  Rugged build indicates Honda knew they would live a hard life with young riders and/or be irresistable to full-size adults.  Mini but wicked cool with perimeter chassis, alloy wheels and disk brakes.

The black machine has been upgraded to a Honda 80cc four stroke, note the large(er) diameter exhaust.

Not often an owner will boast scratches, scrapes, cracks, dents and dings throughout, but props for the honest assessment.

From the eBay auction:

Two NSR’s for the price of one. Up for auction to the highest bidder with NO RESERVE are TWO Honda NSR’s. You get both bikes for one bid. Highest bidder wins both bikes. The RED NSR50 is completely stock with 6299 kilometers (3914 miles).

The BLACK NSR has a Honda APE 80cc four stroke engine professionally installed and odometer reads 8889 kilometers (5523 miles). Actual mileage on engine is less than 500 miles since it was installed. The black NSR also has upgraded front brakes and the upper has been painted.

Showroom novelty, pitbike or maybe for the kids, the NSR50 packs more than 49cc of fun into a tiny package.  The 80cc upgrade might tempt you to take it out on the road, but stick with minibike fun races in support of the privateers at your local track.  After restoration, they could be kept in the kitchen, hell maybe right up on the table !


Featured Listing – BOGO 1987 Honda NSR50’s
Honda December 16, 2012 posted by

Christmas Dreaming: 2004 Honda Dream 50R


I’m not sure what I like most about this Christmas Dream: The very rare, very chic-vintage, very cool 50cc Honda racer, or the fact that it offers you the trip to Hawaii to check it out and pick it up. Mele Mele Kalikimaka everyone!


From the seller:
OFFERED WITH VERY, VERY, LOW RESERVE. THIS RARE MOTORCYCLE WILL SELL !!! You are bidding on an unusual find here on Maui Hawaii, a vintage 2004 Honda Dream 50 factory reiisue of their 1962 racing motorcycle. It has been chosen for dispersal from a collection of the 5 oldest Honda motorcycles in the Hawaiian Islands. It has been on display in a private collection since 2004 and I have the manufactures MSO paperwork. As new condition with associated paper work included in the sale. Be the lucky winning bidder to own this superlative rarity.

This machine will be sold with a Notarized Bill of Sale, and any other paper work associated with this particular bike. This is a super rare and neat find . nice original condition over all , Brand New condition.


The Honda Dream 50 was a retro-racer produced by Honda in the early 2000s. The goal was to evoke the feel of the Honda racing projects of the 60s – primarily the dominant CR110 – in a package that was easy to consume and relatively easy to ride. The result was a collector sensation, and it is likely that many more of these bikes were squirreled away without ever turning a wheel than those that actually were ridden in anger. The best part is this bike is the rare racing variant of the line, with no lights or electrics and just a lone tach to keep you honest.


This bike is being sold as a zero mile example, and appears to have come from a Honda museum exibit. The seller will throw in a shipping crate for the bike at no charge, and has noted that shipping costs will run approximately $700 – $900 to the mainland. If you are looking for a Dream 50 racer, this may be your opportunity.


It is no secret that I lust after little bikes like this. While I prefer my chicken chasers to run on pre-mix, this little four stroke looks the business and is purported to be a blast to ride on the track. This is the second time around for this bike as it failed to sell when last we saw it on eBay. The BIN is set at a pretty reasonable $4,650, and bidding has been completely scarce and stalled at $510 with reserve still in place. Click here to jump to the auction and check it out. Christmas in Hawaii sounds like the perfect way to spend the holiday season!


Aprilia June 27, 2012 posted by

End of Month Mailbag

Good morning guys! Here are your latest submissions for this Tuesday. (Facebook readers: click through to see all the bikes!) Enjoy the rest of your week,


Motion SBK for sale

Let’s get things started properly with this Motion SBK Ducati 1198 built by Brad Miller. Thanks for the forward Jason!

rz350 for sale in Canada

Tom sends us this Yamaha RZ350 for sale in Canada. At $3500 this could be the deal of the day.

Greg spotted this sharp FZR400 for sale in Washington for $3500.

Bol d'Or for sale

Rob has emailed his Aprilia Bol d’Or which is for sale in the bay area. His listing on BARF states it has about 16k miles and the dealer selling his bike is asking $8995. Good luck with the sale!

Dan sent us this 1998 Ducati 748L for sale in Wisconsin for $4800. This is the Neiman Marcus edition. With just 14k miles this looks like a buy at that price!

suzuki gs700es for sale

We’ll continue with this unusual 1985 Suzuki GS700ES “tariff” bike for sale in San Francisco. In 1984 the GSX750 was facing stiff import duties being over 700cc, and the GS700ES is essentially the same bike with 50cc less displacement. Good luck with the sale Robert!

Next up from Sandro in Portugal is this 1981 Honda CB900 F2 Bol d’Or. Two in one week is unusual?! His has 84k kilometers but looks restored from the pictures. Asking price is €3250.

From Tub we have this very unusual MV Agusta 50cc minibike. According to his listing the minibike was built by MV Agusta for Phil Read, who won the 500cc championship for them in 1973. Thanks for the forward!

Coby spotted this 1987 Ducati Paso that needs resurrecting. The ad states it’s been sitting for 10 years but looks pretty decent in the photos. Under 10k miles for $2500 in Ohio.

Here’s a 1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona RS for sale in Los Angeles with 10k miles for $11500.

FZR for sale

How about an FZR with 73 original miles? For sale in North Carolina for $3800. Thanks for the spot Oliver!

And finally, Chris sent us this sharp 1986 Honda VFR750 for sale in Texas at $2500.

Sport Bikes For Sale May 5, 2012 posted by

Pocket Madness! ’90 Yamaha YSR 50

Location: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

Mileage: 1,993

Price: Auction with a reserve

Want a two stroke that’s legal in the U.S. and won’t exactly overwhelm you with power? Do you want to feel like a giant on a sportbike or maybe have a 10 year old aspiring to be the next Rossi? Well, here’s your new ride. When these came out back in the day a kid in my high school rode one to school. It made no sense, but we all loved it and took turns riding it. I’m too old (read fat) for one now, but I still dig it.

Here’s what the seller has to say-

1990 YAMAHA YSR50 that runs and drives perfect! I’m a factory trained cycle tech and have gone through the bike top to bottom to prepare it for sale. Cycles needs nothing when it comes to mechanics but body was banged up and has been patched painted and touched up, looks good from a few feet out. any questions just email me or if you want you can call me. I can help arrange shipping if needed just ask. heres a youtube link to see it run and drive   Thanks and good luck bidding. check out my other items, bikes im selling on my current listings. I am 25 miles west of Milwaukee.

I tried to view the video to include in the post but it was listed as unavailable. Oh well. Here’s some pice at least-

The seller sounds like they have the bike in running order and it looks to be in good shape. The body has had some paintwork done and maybe you’ll want some really close photos to get an idea of how it looks.

Times are tight and maybe you want to start doing some pocket racing, or just cruising around the neighborhood looking like a maniac. Or maybe it’s an ideal bike your kid can learn on. I don’t know. I just like it. If you do too, take a look!



Aprilia March 17, 2011 posted by

Let’s go Mini GP racing – Aprilia RS50 for sale in MA

2000 Aprilia RS50 with 1800 miles for sale in MA for $2000!

Here’s another Aprilia RS 2-stroker, but this time it’s the smallest (and cutest) of the 3 bears – the diminutive RS5o:

70cc Althena Kit

21mm Dellorto Carb

V force reeds

HD clutch springs

Arrow Carbon ExhaustSetup for Pre-Mix

Now I have no idea whether something like this could be made street legal or not, but with a top speed of  only 100km/h (de-restricted; 50 km/h in restricted form) you would have a hard time trying to outrun granny in her Oldsmobile anyway, so this mini GP rep would probably be best served as a pit bike or, better yet, as a mini GP race bike.

There not much additional info on the bike, but at this price you couldn’t really go wrong unless it’s an absolute lemon.  For pricing reference, check out previous RS50s that we have listed.

If you’re feeling lucky and need a pit bike or mini GP race for the upcoming race season, click HERE to check out the listing on Aprilia Forum.


Honda November 16, 2010 posted by

Rare Fun: 1982 Honda MB5!

For sale: 1982 Honda MB5 50cc two stroke

So you’ve been lurking on RSBFS and lament that you can’t afford some of the exotic two-stroke bikes that have been posted recently. Well, here is your chance to grab something equally exotic and rare – but more in the price range of the common man.

Imported into the United States for one year only, the 1982 Honda MB5 bridged the gap between the moped/scooter crowd and the big-bore sportbike. Powered by an air-cooled, single cylinder 50cc two-stroke with oil injection, the MB5 could zing up to 10,500 rpm on its way to its 50+ mph top speed. With approximately 7 horsepower on tap, and weighing in at about 170 lbs dry, performance was surprisingly good for the size.

Nowadays, these MB5s are downright hard to find. It is even harder to find one in reasonable, unmodified condition. This one is showing a little bit of its age, but the pieces are all there making this a rare find indeed.

From the seller:
I would consider this motorcycle to be in very good condition for this year, model, and type of motorcycle. I bought this motorcycle used locally in 1993, it has been in my possession and garage kept since that time. I used it as a pit bike at the local racetrack to get around the pits while at the track. It has not been registered on the street since I have had it. I have a clean clear title in my company name for it. This bike has the usual scratches and scuffs on it from garage storage and recreational use. To the best of my knowledge it is all original. It is missing the original heat shield on the exhaust that mounted behind the right footpeg. It still has the original tires on it that hold air. The back one is worn out (bald). Original lights, seat, key, mirrors, tool kit, etc.

The motorcycle runs and is in running condition, everything works, turn signals, horn, brake light, speedo, tach, hi beam indicator, neutral indicator, etc. When this was stored, the carb was always drained. Anytime I’ve needed to ride, I’ve simply cleaned the spark plug, put some fresh gas in it, and it has started right up. Original 2 stroke injection pump is still hooked up and functional. The current battery is dead, it was the one that was with it when I purchsed it. For those that don’t know..this bike doesn’t need a battery to run. The ignition and headlight are magneto powered and work when kick started. The battery and charging system are for taillights, turn signals, horn, gauge lights, etc. I have ordered a new battery which should be in shortly. The bike will be sold with the new battery installed and operational.

I also have the original owners manual, a service manual, and an original article on the MB5 from a US motorcycle magazine. These will be included with the purchase.

Some quick web searching turned up these fun Honda brochures on the MB5, featuring the alternate red paint scheme. This model was only offered in two colors in the US.

The seller has also included this fun video showing the start up and running operation of the bike:

Due to the engine size, the Honda MB5 was legal in all 50 states (yes, even California). Thus, there should be no issues with registering the bike where you live. It is not the best highway mount due to the displacement and limited top speed, but it will handily keep up with city traffic and the average commute.

If you want to join the ranks of rare, two-stroke collector, this bike just might be for you. With an opening bid of only $600, this little jewel is downright affordable! and start burning some two-stroke oil!


Derbi March 22, 2010 posted by

2002 Derbi GPR race replica serie #422

2002 Derbi GPR Race Replica #422 with a scant 2395 miles on the clock.

Is there anything that makes us start salivating faster than a race replica? Okay, okay maybe a OW01, 998r or some other homologation special, but with those comes the big price tag. So what better way to be the envy of bike night than to cruise up on a mosquito killing, 49cc 2 stroke, race replica that hardly anyone knows about. And if you’re afraid of the low speeds you can always arrive early and post up before anyone else arrives. You know, sort of like “it’s better to appear slow than to fire it up and remove all doubt.” Looking fast while posting up on the cheap says a lot and you can definitely do both with this little gem.

Located in Los Angeles, CA and is .

Take a look:

Being a huge fan of small displacement bikes and Derbi’s being relatively cheap compared to most 2 strokes in the US, I can see myself owning one of these someday. Hopefully, I won’t have to “Fred Flinstone” to get it moving with my fat butt on board.

Quotes from the listing:

2002 Derbi GPR50 Race Replica street motorcycle.
Made in Spain. Only 2,395 miles. Fresh TOP-END REBUILD at 1,800 miles.
50cc 2-stroke engine(oil PRE-MIX required). 6-speed transmission. 17 inch wheels.

$600 in Performance upgrades include;
-MetraKit SP Series performance exhaust with Carbon Fiber Silencer
-24mm Mikuni TM-24 Carb upgrade with K&N Air Filter
-1/4 Turn Throttle Cable
-Carbon fiber oil pump block off
-Carbon Fiber reeds
-Nology Hotwire
-NGK V-Power Racing Spark Plug

Since it has the Metrakit upgrade that includes a carb upgrade and exhaust this one should scoot down the road quite nicely.

Price is currently at $1.499.00 with no bids and the reserve is still on. My guess is that this one will need to be around the $2,000 mark for you to be able to park it in your garage.