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New School – 2014 EBR 1190RX

Erik Buell Racing had to provide a toned-down version of their flagship 1190RS superbike, since even their managers couldn’t afford the RS.  The 1190RX has some of the expected Buell innovations and a refreshing level of tech compared to earlier offerings.

2014 EBR 1190RX for sale on eBay

Buell had earlier turned a corner and used a Rotax-based engine for their 1125 series, and continued development resulted in the 1190cc engine adopted by EBR, delivering 185 hp and 102 ft.-lbs. torque.  Fuel is in the formed aluminum perimeter frame, and the “tank” holds the airbox.  Showa has provided the big piston forks and a more conventionally configured monoshock.  It would be news if an EBR machine did not have the zero torque load front brake, this one might be the pinnacle of the design at 386 mm with an 8-piston caliper.  Electronics jumped the shark to this model, with an LCD dash and traction control configurable on the fly.

Though it has low miles and looks excellent, the salvage title makes this a real opportunity.  States handle this differently, making a reading of your DMV’s rules and inspection of the bike a requirement.  A couple of calls to local indie shops wouldn’t be a bad idea either, to see how much support is available.  From the eBay auction:

There only about 1200 EBR’s made worldwide. This one is production #26. This is a 2014 model EBR 1190RX. Makes 185HP and 101TQ. The bike just hit 5,600 original miles and runs perfect. The power and torque delivery on this bike is crazy! This bike goes head to head with the Ducati 1199. It has interesting features like all LED headlight, the fuel sits inside the aluminum frame and airbox is on top.

The bike also has traction control and different track modes. There is a single sided front brake rotor and single caliper and stopping distance shorter due to the size of the bigger rotor. The bike is in pristine condition and only has your normal wear. The bike does come with a California rebuilt salvage title from previous damage to the right side plastic. Damage was minor and have pictures to show.  All the parts were special ordered from EBR.

EBR had just a few years afloat, and accomplished a lot, considering.  The Cycle World head-to-head with the Panigale was basically a draw, their biggest complaint being the hefty clutch.  Most of the development costs had been well, amortized in the 1190RS, allowing EBR to offer this advanced superbike at mere Ducati prices.  Now you could have it for significantly less, but put an eyeball on it first…



  • “The bike does come with a California rebuilt salvage title from previous damage to the right side plastic” – riiiiight. Because the side fairings are made from unobtanium, and the cost to replace just one caused the bike to be totaled by the insurance company . . . . . I’d want to hear more about how the salvage title came to be.

  • Very common for sport bikes to be written off due to cosmetic damage to one side. Buying parts at dealer list price gets nuts in a hurry. I’m sure seller can provide more information but usually damage to one side panel results in about 15 small pieces being damaged from the ‘new’ state which results in listing on the claim paper. Seller is being very transparent so why not ask vs. whining?

  • yes, I’ve repaired a few bikes that had damage limited to one side fairing and involved R&R of the metal brackets; I’ve also repaired bikes that had more extensive damage that almost approached a total loss situation (the cost of repairs plus the salvage value exceeds the actual cash value (ACV) of the bike before the accident). There is a difference, and I don’t agree that it’s
    “very common for sport bikes to be written off due to cosmetic damage to one side” unless it’s a Bimota / MV Augusta etc.- so I suspect the situation that gave rise to the salvage title would or should be of interest to a prospective purchaser. That’s my constructive observation

  • Meh… I have seen these with far less mileage and a clean title for just over $9K. If you are patient they will turn up. Although red is the fastest color, I feel this one with a salvage title should be somewhere in the $6-6.5 range. Even if it was just cosmetic, salvage is a hard sell.. JMO..

  • I second ez’s comment that bikes salvage out very easily. I owned a moto salvage shop on the side for several years, ran thru a couple hundred bikes bought at salvage auctions, and I’m sure I looked in detail at literally thousands. Saw SEVERAL sportbikes, both rare (Bimota etc) and common (Big 4) that indeed had salvage titles and just minor marks on fairings, maybe a nick on a frame, bent steering stop, scratch on a case, etc. Very, very common and if this seller has pictures from the salvage auction (kudos to him for being transparent) then you can tell a LOT based on that.

    Also agree salvage titles, even rebuilt, really hurt value, it takes a certain kind of buyer to remain interested. On a Gixxer, no big deal, but on something more exotic that usually has older, more conservative buyers, it can really hurt the value.

    All that aside, I really like these EBRs. They got rid of the uglies that plagued the earlier Rotax Buells and worked the bugs out. I’d take one of these any day, awesome bike.

  • Just google the VIN number. All the info is there. Says all over damage with repair estimate over $7k but it doesn’t look that bad.

  • Thanks Billy. You are right all across the board there as well. A single scratch and it gets added to the replacement list. Salvage definitely hurts value. Cool bikes.

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