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The American Superbike: EBR 1190RX

So you are shopping for a 180 horsepower V Twin superbike, but you find the offerings from Ducati a little too……what is the word?….Italian.  You want something different, not a bike that you will see very often.  You love a good story and racing history.  Enter the EBR 1190RX.  Mr Buell has one of the most amazing stories in modern motorcycling.  No doubt will end up in the history books.

2014 EBR 1190RXfor sale on eBay

These bikes are dripping with interesting engineering.  Almost every review raves about how well they handle and how nice they are to live with.  Rotax supplied engines ensure power and reliability.  The styling can be mistaken for a brand new model.  Production data is limited, but it is safe to say EBR did not make thousands of these.  The owners groups are very loyal and provide a robust network of knowledgeable people to keep these on the road should an issue ever arise.

Listing is lacking some details, but appears to honestly list an faults.  The new owner should budget for a new set of tires and a basic service as with anything with low miles, tires age out.

From the seller’s eBay listing:

2014 Ebr 1190 Rx , origonal owner bought new in april 2014. Near perfect condition, small tear in rear seat and hairline crack in side fairing about an inch long. Completely stock other than super bright led tailights and rear turn signals. Come with original tailight bracket and turn signal and rear stand. Well maintained and hardly ridden.

The current Buy It Now price of $9,000 is roughly half what this bike would have sold for new.  With just 2353 miles on the clock this could appeal to either a collector or a rider.  A rider will be treated to amazing performance for the entry price.


  • Eric buell is an icon but I am not sure if these will ever appreciate in value. Some of the earliest buells seem to be trading well at meecums though so you never know

    • Never know for sure what will happen over time. The early buells where all but worthless a couple of years ago, not clean stock examples are being sought out for collections.

  • Why in the world would you try to sell a bike and leave it filthy dirty? Spend a half an hour washing and detailing the bike for fucks sake’s.

    • Sometimes that is a perfect way for a buyer to capitalize on the sale!

  • I owned an earlier version of one of these. The fuel was housed in the large black frame and would be bubbling under boil when I stopped to fill up. I’m not sure how that got past the EPA. Apart from that, I had some fun riding it, in my flameproof suit…

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