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Hail Hail: 1983 Ducati Mike Hailwood (MHR) in AZ

Joey Dunlop, Agostini, Fast Freddy Spencer, Wayne Rainey, Mike Hailwood, and Valentino Rossi, all have had legendary careers in motorcycle racing.   But only a very few were able to endure over multiple decades, and even fewer managed to do it with a break in-between.   Seriously, to take a multi-year break from racing and then return is impressive in itself, but to come back and win a major race is the stuff legends are made of.

Mike Hailwood was one of the few who managed this feat.  Mike “The Bike” Hailwood won the Isle of Mann TT race 12 times including what many historians consider to be the most dramatic Isle of Man race of all time, the 1967 Senior TT against his great rival, Giacomo Agostini.  In 1978 Hailwood returned to motorcycle racing after an 11 year hiatus and won the legendary isle of Man TT again, this time on a Ducati.  A few years later, Ducati produced the 900MHR to commemorate the event and the bike was an instant hit.

hailwood 1

1983 Ducati 900ss Mike Hailwood Replica for sale on eBay

From a production numbers standpoint, the Hailwood replica is actually not that rare (see production info here) but it still always seems to draw interest from avid motorcycle fans.   The seller indicates that this is bike was previously in Japan and that the bike has the optional factory big cams and Conti pipes. The seller also lists lots of recent refreshes including:

  • new Pirellis front and rear
  • new brakes
  • new cush drives
  • new battery hold down, tank hold down, battery tray.
  • New rebuild on the rear master cylinder.
  • New fuel lines (correct green) and clamps.
  • New alternator harness.
  • New steering head bearings.
  • New turn signals.
  • Petcocks reworked.
  • Carbs looked over at Ducati Phoenix (the carbs were rebuilt by the Woods Bros in Cal in an earlier workup).
  • EFX clipons installed. but have original ones.

hailwood 3

The seller includes both standard and hi-res photos as well as a link to a video walk around in the auction.  This particular MHR certainly appears to be in immaculate condition.

hailwood 4 hailwood 5

While bidding on this one has been minimal at this point (the reserve is still in place), the current price is right at the KBB retail limit.  Past MHRs featured by RSBFS have been bid up over $15,000 so I think this one will get a bunch of last minute bids.


Hail Hail: 1983 Ducati Mike Hailwood (MHR) in AZ
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1987 Cagiva Freccia C9 available in Colorado

Cagiva Freccia for sale

Back in the late 80's, I would eagerly await the monthly delivery of Cycle magazine (FYI-If you don't know what a "magazine" is, ask your parents). Each months issue covered the latest offerings from the big 4 Japanese manufacturers; 1st gen GSX-R's, Kawasaki Ninja's, Honda Hurricanes, etc. Unfortunately, the meager budget of myself and my friends meant our exposure to information about the smaller displacement bikes from Europe and Japan was petty much nil.

1987 Cagiva Freccia C9 for sale on eBay


This little gem is an Italian two stroke from Cagiva called the Freccia, which means arrow. It was introduced in May 1987 and was designed by Massimo Tamburini who is now famous for the 916 and MV Agusta F4. Cagiva claimed the Arrow had enough power to hit a top speed of around 97 mph, which while not a lot by today's standard, was close to what most 250s could achieve at the time.


Reviews of the the Freccia said "it pulls cleanly from as low as 3000 rpm but at 7000 rpm there's a sudden surge of extra power as the exhaust valve opens fully, leading to GP-levels of performance at the upper reaches of the rev band - and that remarkable top speed. The close-ratio, six-speed gearbox makes light work of keeping the engine on the boil." The full review can be read here.


So in summary: its rare, it's a two stroke, it's Italian, and it's designed by the late, great Tamburini.


NOTE: The seller is a dealer in Colorado who often offers pieces out of collections. I personally bought a Mondial Piegga from them last year with no issues, including shipping within the USA. -MG

1987 Cagiva Freccia C9 available in Colorado
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Set Your Budget and Sale Prices: August 2012 Review

Hey guys,

I've been meaning to be better about catching everyone up on close values and winning bids, so here is everything we have a factual close or high bid pricing on from eBay. Adjust your sale price or target price accordingly!

Enjoy the short week,


This Ducati 888 SPO with only 430 miles failed to sell the first time at $12,600 and a second time at $12,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

888 SPO for sale

This lovely Honda RC30 failed to sell at $26,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda RC30 For Sale

This Vance & Hines FZR600 has been listed several times since our original post and it has failed to get a single bid at $3400. It currently listed for $3200 in the latest relist. Current Auction | Our Post

Vance & Hines FZR600 For Sale

The RC45 in Florida that was originally for sale in the same auction with an RC30, has been relisted a few times and is currently available for a buy-it-now of $35k. Current Auction | Our Post

Honda RC45 For Sale

As a few of you noticed, there was a rare sighting of an actual close to a Lance Gamma RG500 auction! This lovely sold for $17,920. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Lance Gamma RG500 For Sale

This gorgeous Ducati 750 F1a failed to sell at just shy of $10k. Closed Auction | Our Post

1985 Ducati 750 F1a for sale

Here we have a 2005 MV Agusta F4 AGO that was listed with a buy-it-now of $14,500 and failed to sell the first time at $12,300. But it was relisted and was sold for $14,500. Closed Auction | Our Post

MV Agusta F4 AGO for sale

A fan favorite, this 1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 sold for $3650. Unfortunately the sale fell through and the bike was available again briefly before being pulled as 'no longer for sale'. Closed Auction | Our Post

1990 Kawasaki ZX-7 H2 for sale

This 95 Honda NSR250SE MC28 sold for $10,400. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

Honda NSR250SE MC28 For Sale

This 2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS was originally listed with a $18k buy-it-now and failed to meet reserve at $15,100. It was relisted and sold for $17k. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 BMW HP2 Sport with ABS For Sale

This Ducati 916SPS failed to sell twice at $11,500 (classified) and a third time only reaching $7800. Closed Auction | Our Post

Ducati 916SPS For Sale

This RG500 Gamma failed to sell with zero bids starting at $10,600. Closed Auction | Our Post

1986 RG500 Gamma For Sale

This plated 2000 Aprilia RS125 sold for just $3850. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

2000 Aprilia RS125 For Sale

The 1980 Vetter Mystery Ship Turbo received 19 bids to $11,200 but failed to meet reserve. Closed Auction | Our Post

1980 Kawasaki KZ 1000 Turbo Mystery Ship

This sharp 93 Honda VFR400 NC30 sold the first time for just $5000. Closed Auction | Our Post

1993 Honda VFR400 NC30 For Sale

Mike posted this 2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol Edition that he titled "medium rare". Failed to sell the first time for $10k, but the relist sold for $9500. Closed Auction | Our Post

2009 Honda CBR1000RR Repsol For Sale

The Ducati Sport Classics are hot right now and this 2006 Ducati Paul Smart follows the same path selling for $14,500 the first time. Closed Auction | Our Post

2006 Ducati Paul Smart For Sale

This sexy little Cagiva Mito failed to sell with 12 bids up to $5400. Closed Auction | Our Post

Cagiva Mito For Sale

This very clean 91 GSX-R 1100 received 38 bids and sold for $6500. Congratulations to buyer and seller! Closed Auction | Our Post

1991 GSX-R 1100 for sale

This fantastic 1982 Honda CB1100 R has now sold with 24 bids totaling $16,900. Closed Auction | Our Post

1982 Honda CB1000 R For Sale

This 96 Suzuki RGV250SP VJ23 was originally listed last November and has now sold for $10,150. Closed Auction | Our Post

1996 Suzuki RGV250 SP (VJ23) for sale

This Aprilia RS250 Cup we recently listed sold for $7500 but must have fallen through as it's relisted for $7200. Current Listing | Our Post

Aprilia RS250 Cup For Sale

Cagiva August 23, 2012 posted by

Who Shrunk The 916? 2000 Cagiva Mito 125cc EVO II (CA Title!)

Who Shrunk The 916?  2000 Cagiva Mito 125cc EVO II (CA Title!)

You have to give it to Massimo Tamburini, the man's designs are classics.  It takes skill to make people appreciate a 125cc bike designed for teenagers.  Yeah, it might not have come from a fresh sheet of paper but it has some sexy lines for any size of bike.  Of course we American's lust after them like  teenagers because of the stroker factor as well.

The Evo II is differs from the Evo with a 6 speed gearbox (Evo is 7), 6 spoke wheels and solid color lowers and white number plates on the tail.

The seller included a lot of info on the bike so I'm going to let him take it away:

This is an extremely unique motorcycle here in the US.  Designed by legendary Ducati/MV/Husqvarna designer Massimo Tamburini, this little Italian two-stroke single delivers Ducati looks and 125cc GP performance in a complete 7/8-ths sized motorcycle.  This California clear-titled and currently licensed and registered example shows only 4,527 km on the clock (2,813 miles), and only 350 km (217 miles) since a fresh top-end and service was done.  De-restricted and capable of 11,500 RPM, this light and very flickable ride is a true blast in the twisties, and will be one-of-a-kind wherever you go.  These were only imported briefly in 2000, and they are incredibly rare.  The good news is that there are parts all over the world if you need something, as this is a far more common bike in Europe and Australia. Also, many parts on this bike are common to other models that Cagiva produced, again helpful when in search of a part.

The GOOD thing is that this bike is close to stock, including those 'sponsor' stickers.  It is about a "9" cosmetically, and about a "9" mechanically. It has brand new tires and a freshly serviced carb and top-end, and comes with a handy box of spares (including an extra cylinder to ready your next top-end job "on the bench").  There is nothing that NEEDS to be done right this second, turn the key and ride away. Auction includes the bike, the spares including the tool-kit, and the original owner's manual (not pictured). EVERYTHING WORKS, and nothing leaks.  This bike starts on the first push of the button, warms right up and is ready to ride.  The Michelin Pilot Powers have only 217 miles on them, the carb was completely cleaned with the new top-end, oil injection system works fine, and it is pre-pig tailed with a hidden plug for a standard Battery Tender.  The rear passenger pegs are not currently installed, but are in excellent condition and are included in the sale (see spares photo)

The BAD is that there are a few items that will need attention soon:  A new chain and sprockets will be a good idea for next season maybe, although these have some life left in them.  The brake pads will be up soon, but new sets from GALFER (front and rear) are INCLUDED with my spares (see spares photo).  The bike originally had large "MITO" stickers on the rear number plates, they were ugly anyway, but the prior owner removed them.  New ones could be ordered to get the stock look back easily.

The UGLY is really not that bad:  Previous owner has cut the rear-fender to flush with the tail, and moved the rear signals inside the tail, viewable through the rear-tail vent holes.  To go back to stock, a new stock undertail fender would be needed, as well as the rear-signals, these items can be ordered.  Also, the front R turn signal and front L turn signal don't exactly match, they are slighlty different, I believe the R side was replaced, but the stock ones are easy to find anyway.  The previous owner let the kickstand wiggle loose, and it looks like it struck the swingarm a few times on the L side.  I immediately tightened the stand and it no longer can make contact, but a small paint repair here would be ideal...I just never bothered with it, please see swingarm photo to see the scratch.  There are only a few chips in the original paint, the chips were filled with matching red but you can still see them from closer than 5 feet away.  It is missing ONE lower fairing rivet, lowest rivet on the R side (see R side photo) you will see is slighlty larger, it is currently just a plastic screw being used as a placeholder.  These are like the metal rivets on the Ducati 916, I am sure they can be ordered, I just didn't get to it.  There are some small chips on the underside edge of the R rear side of the swingarm, just in front of the rear caliper.  Lastly, I believe this bike may have fallen over on the previous owner.  There is a tiny scuff on the lowest corner of the (right-side mounted) pipe, it is TINY.  There is a tiny scuff on the stock R side bar-end (not currently installed, but included in the spares), and then there is that non-matching R side front signal.  The good news is that there is no damage to the tail or the mirror, so it must not have been more than a tip-over IMO.  I have tried to photograph each of these issues, look carefully at the shots but please understand that overall, this is a beautiful machine with great paint and only a few minor blems.  Besides, if the small scratch in the swingarm gets you down, swing around the back and just look at that California License plate and current registration, that should cheer you up (I didn't install the month upside down, previous owner did that...)

I have taken very good care of this machine, always garaged, never rain-ridden, and it has not been crashed as far as I can tell...I know I didn't crash it.  I had designs on doing the few things it still needs to make it absolutely perfect, but I found riding it required none of these things. 

This is a beautiful bike, a blast to ride, and it is hysterically rare in the US, but easy to find parts for...What a dream. 

I've never owned one or talked with an owner but I just get a sense you would end up neglecting other bikes if this became part of your collection.  By the way, if it even crossed your mind that some parts might interchange with the 916; forget about it.  There was actually a forum thread discussing that exact topic.

Click it for the auction.


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Mailbag Tuesday and Feature Listing Price Goes Up Sept. 15th. [RS250 Chesterfield, 998 Bostrom, Muth Katana’s, Raymond Roche, CX500T, Haga RSV1000R, Guzzi Sport 1100, FZ600, Superlight]

Hey guys,

Sorry we've been behind on these catch-all entries based on your emails. Between sheer email volume and weekends out and about, it's been on the back burner. Here are the best of what's still active.

Also I wanted to alert all you guys who are planning to sell your bikes at the end of the season that our Featured Listing is going to get upgraded in the fall. This means that for a limited time you can still take advantage of the low, low price of $25/mo before it goes up. The price will expire on September 15th. Email me now on how to get started. More details on the new and improved Feature Listings coming soon.

Good luck to all the buyers and sellers out there and keep the emails coming!


Marty was spending a hot evening surfing ads in Europe and came upon this 1987 Cagiva GP C587 ridden by Raymond Roche. Yours for only $104k USD.

A few of you emailed us this Aprilia RS250 Chesterfield for sale in the Bay Area for $7800. Ad states 10k miles and like new. Do some investigation though as it's missing about half of the factory decals. Possible they were removed cleanly as they were on top of clear coat from the factory. And it does have a plate.

Philip sent us this Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 available on eBay for $7500. These have a strong cult following with people emailing them to us all the time!

Jeremy had another stack of bikes for us to consider in the Bay Area as well, and this Ducati 998 Bostrom stood out to me with less than 1k miles. He's accepting offers and suggests that $12k isn't an offer, so bid accordingly!

David emailed us this 2003 RSV1000R factory Haga race replica for $8495 in Minneapolis, which is down from $9250 in just 11 days since I got the email.

Shay on our Facebook page alerted us to a guy in Los Angeles with 4 Suzuki Katana's for sale and all of them look pretty interesting in different ways.

Brian shot us a note that his 1982 Honda CX500T Turbo is available for $5500 in Los Angeles. Good luck with the sale!

J.D. sent us a note that his 86 Yamaha FZ600 has only 345 miles and is just $4k on Colorado Springs Craigslist. Good luck!

Garrett in Boston emails us the budget bike of the day with his Honda Hurricane for $1500! Looks damn good at that price, good luck with the sale!

And finally Greg just spotted this Ducati Superlight with 7200 miles in Florida on Craigslist. $10.5k seems a bit lofty but I know when I list on CL I expect low balls...


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Relisted on eBay: Honda RC45, Cagiva Alazurra, Suzuki RG500

Honda RC45 For Sale

The RC45 in Florida is back. Price is down ten grand to $35k. Getting closer.... Original Post.

Cagiva Alazurra for sale

This nearly new Cagiva Alazurra 650 is back. Bidding up to $2,800 with reserve still in place. It only made it up to $4k last time, and didn't meet the reserve. Our original post on this bike.

Lance Gamma RG500 For Sale

This Gamma is back as well. Looks like the current bid is up to $8,600 and no reserve or reserve already met. I know readers are annoyed that Lance removes the listing before they close, but I'll bet actual buyers will find a way to make it work. Our original post on this bike.