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BMW June 16, 2011 posted by

German Express: 1992 BMW K1

For Sale: 1992 BMW K1

When it was first released back in 1988, the BMW K1 was something of a sensation. Based on BMW’s recently introduced longitudinal four cylinder “K” configuration engine, the K1 featured new motorcycle technology such as ABS brakes along with stunning bodywork developed from hours and hours in the wind tunnel. Intended to be a teutonic tour de force, BMW relied on aerodynamics to produce an autobahn missle dispite the European cap of 100 horsepower (Erik Buell did essentially the same thing with his Battletwin bike, as seen here). Since BMW Marketing was also in a funk – replacing the boxer engine with a four cylinder left BMW without a clear plan, strategy or image – the K1’s aesthetics were magnified by garish paint schemes, graphics and wild colors.

As the 1980s turned into the 1990s, BMW realized that the George Jetson look of the K1 was not selling. Thus, in the final years of production, the paint schemes were subdued slightly. And while the bikes did receive some updates throughout the model run, there continued to be many concerns with vibration (the engine was solidly mounted), heat radiating from within the confined space, and panels cracking. The last issue plagues most K1s; to save weight on an already large and heavy bike, the panels were engineered to be as thin and lightweight as possible. As such, they are prone to cracking at stress points. Even with the lighter bodywork, a K1 still tips the scales at over 500 pounds – before you add fuel or rider. High speed distance is the strenght; acceleration, low speed handling and turning radius work against it.

From the seller:
This particular bike was owned by a casual collector who always wanted a K1 and finally bought one several years ago. Showing 20,367 miles, he has replaced the fuel pump and had it regularly serviced by the local BMW dealer in Medford. He gave us the service records he has paid for and the records from the previous owner. The bike comes with the factory soft luggage and stock colored front wind screen. The bike has been ridden and is not a trailer queen, but it is stunning to view today as it was twenty years ago. There is a crack on the upper right fairing where the mounting screw attaches the two panels, the tank has three scratches that have been brush touched and the front of the lower fairing has rock chips from the front tire as can be seen in the images. The bike is not new, but it is original as you can see by the decals and finish. It runs excellent and rides great. These bikes are rare and collectable today yet can be ridden and serviced.

BMW moved a reported total of 6,921 of these wild machines between 1988 and 1993. As far as rare and collectable bikes go, that is a huge number. To BMW (or any other mass-market player), that was not even enough to cover design and product costs. The K1 faded from sight and only occasionally crop up on the open market. When they do, they are generally well loved and have some pretty respectible mileage on them. That should tell you the important bit: these are great machines to ride – in the right circumstances and if you can accept their limitations.

This auction is on right now, and the current bid is only $2,650. The reserve has not yet been met, and the volume of bidding has been above average. Some research on the ‘net indicates that low mileage, excellent examples should trade for $7,000 – $10,500. This one, with high mileage (for a collector) and paintwork issues will struggle to meet that. Depending on where the reserve is set, this could be a collection-filling bargain in the making!

To find out more information, read more of the details, and review more photos, . Good Luck!


BMW June 8, 2011 posted by

2009 BMW HP2 Sport

This is without doubt the greatest incarnation of the BMW boxer engine.  The HP series spun off a number of interesting bikes as the company started getting serious and this HP2 is no exception.  Of course we all now know how well BMW can create a sports bike but lets not forget the old boxer twin. This example has 8,100 miles which means this engine is barely run in.  Ohlins front and rear, Brembo brakes, full carbon fairing, MotoGP style digital dash, four valve heads, all these elements meant it was quite a departure from BMW’s of old.  The bike handled very well and while the engine produced 130 HP it was a long was short of the competitive offerings from the other manufacturers which meant it was never going to be competitive.  I always thought the skid plates on the cylinder heads were a lovely touch.

Condition: The bike is extremely clean. The only wear that it has is some small belt scratches and some small normal wear on the underside of the fairing. Both are just from normal use and extremely subtle/small. There are no major scratches, dings, dents or anything of that nature. The bike has never been down, dropped or wrecked.

Features: Here’s a link to Total Motorcycle’s write up on this year/model: There you’ll find everything you ever wanted to know about this bike in terms of features/specs. The only thing I’ll mention beyond what you’ll read on the specification sites is that this bike is a looker. The blue, white and carbon fiber all make for an extremely attractive bike. I still fall in love with this bike all over again every time I open my garage. I believe you will too. The fun thing about this bike is how much character it has, being a true BMW boxer, and the most powerful one they’ve ever made, it’s just so much more interesting and has much more history attached to it than standard inline 4s.

History: I purchased this from a dealer in San Francisco. The previous owner was the original owner and owned multiple BMW and other exotic sport bikes. He was mainly a collector but decided to trade it in for something more comfortable that he could ride more often. When I purchased it from the dealer, it had extremely low mileage and had a full inspection by the dealer. Since I have owned it, it’s seen extremely light use. I have only used it for commuting from the East Bay to the city, so all the miles are just light freeway miles. I’ve never taken it to a track, never run it hard up mountain roads or anything like that. It’s been babied. Since I’ve had it it’s had one oil change at 7000 miles. BMW’s premium high performance oil they use in all their “M” class was used.
Shipping & Payment: I require a $1,000 deposit within 24 hours of auction end. The balance is due within 3 business days. I accept only cashier’s check from a certified bank or cash. If you turn out to be a deadbeat and don’t follow my terms I reserve the right to leave negative feedback and re-list the bike or sell it to the next highest bidder.
Reason for selling: I love this bike and am only selling because we’re moving from California to Oregon soon so I will no longer live in a climate that allows me to ride.

I am not sure I agree with the reason for selling, perhaps an R1200GS would be better suited for the winter weather!  These bikes don’t come up that often but best estimate is between $16k and $17k which is a lot lower than the original $25k retail.  The boxer engine is not for everyone but this is a lot of hi tech bike with all the appropriate go faster bits and pieces.  In March one failed to sell on eBay even though bidding got to just over $13k so perhaps this one will be a good bargain.


BMW March 21, 2011 posted by

Killer Boxer: BMW HP2 Sport

For Sale: 2008 BMW R-Series HP2 SPORT

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And this HP2 Sport has got to be about as close to Italian as BMW can get. When you think of an air-cooled, twin cylinder, underseat exhaust, carbon fiber bodywork, Ohlins suspension sportbike, Ducati or Bimota springs to mind. But in some ways, BMW has out-Ducati-ed that famous marque with this offering. Sporting 130 HP from the traditonal boxer motor, BMW has created a farewell icon; while boxers will continue on in the BMW lineup, all serious sporting duties will fall to the newly minted S1000RR.

When new, these bikes rivaled Bimota in pricetag: it took upwards of $25k MSRP to purchase one of these special machines – provided you could find one. Lately we have seen a few come available on the used market, but pricing has held pretty firm.

From the seller:





Read the seller fine print: Mileage may not be accurate due to bikes being available for a test ride. Hmmm. A test ride is exactly the kind of thing that would help put my nerves at ease considering that this was a Lemon Law buy back. Of course the extended warranty certainly does not hurt. Those are nice aspects when negotiating with a dealer.

Value on these bikes has been very strong, although the previous owner and bike history may help with bringing that down somewhat. The current bid is at $11,211, which would be an absolute steal for this bike if the reserve had been met. It will be interesting to watch this one – a very desireable bike with a questionable history might be the incentive bidders need to try to snag one of these BMW rockets below the going rate.

To find out for yourself, . Read the score, look at the pics, and then tell us what you think. Is this something that you woud bid on? If you win, we want to hear about it!


BMW January 7, 2011 posted by

On the touring side of sporty: 1993 BMW R100RS

For Sale: 1993 BMW R100RS

When it comes to selling a bike, presentation is everything. And this, my friends, is what makes this bike RSBFS worthy. Sure, the BMW R100RS models are reasonably rare – especially the final year made, like this one. And sure, this bike leans a little further over to the “tour” side of “sport touring” than most RSBFS posts. But look at the pictures and tell me when you have seen a cleaner motorcycle of this vintage. Original owner, less than 4k miles, and plenty of pictures to peruse – THIS is the way to advertise your bike.

I will readily admit that the 1000cc boxer motor is not the most powerful in the world. They are stone reliable, however, and are well-known to outlast most riders. This one looks clean enough to eat off of – only you might make it dirty!

From the seller:
Rare 1992 BMW R100 RS. 3,949 miles. Bike is all original, except for replaced battery and front tire. Original owner with all documents, manuals, toolkit and battery charger. Everything that came with the bike in 1992 is included. This bike has always been stored indoors in climate-controlled environments. All markings and assembly decals are still on the motorcycle. There are no dents, accidents or scratches on the paint. The few stone chips (maybe three?) were touched up using BMW touchup paint from the dealer. This bike is rare and is the last year for this model style with wind tunnel designed fairing from the mid seventies. The pinstripes are hand painted and in perfect condition. It runs excellently as one would expect from a bike with less than 4,000 miles. Last registered in California in 2004. Originally purchased in Maryland and shipped to California in 1999. It was once ridden in a sudden summer rain shower for about 30 minutes, otherwise never in any foul weather. The saddlebags are rather soft plastic and have a few marks on them. The bike was never dropped or in any accident (unless you consider the unfortunate owl that flew into the bike right in front of my left boot/cylinder head one evening – there are a few small marks where the talons made contact with the bike at the bottom of the fairing – these have been touched up). Bike is guaranteed to be just as I describe here and will not disappoint. It is excellent in every way for an original bike with less than 4,000 miles. E-mail with any questions. I collect and restore vehicles and this bike I have treasured for almost 20 years.

These oilhead BMWs will eat up miles all day long, and get you to your destination relaxed and comfortable. The RS fairing is designed to envelope the rider in a still pocket of air, and the riding position is neutral, with a slight forward cant. Fill up the detachable hardbags (long known as the best in the business), and journey off to points unknown – without ever seeing another rider on the same bike. Not a bad way to go.

To get in on the bidding for this beauty, or to just drool over some of the high-res pictures included by the seller,


BMW January 3, 2011 posted by

1938 BMW R51RS Available this week in Vegas

Check out the latest writeup over at our companion site,, on this BMW R51RS available by Bonhams this week at their Vegas auction.

Many thanks to Brian for the guest post and if any of you are going to be at any cool events this year, we’d love to have your first hand accounts and pictures on Rare Sport Bikes. Shoot me an email if you’re interested!


BMW October 30, 2010 posted by

2009 BMW HP2 Sport

For Sale: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport

Pity the BMW clientele: Up until 2008 BMW boxers were merely seen as gentlemanly transport. Sure, the bikes made long-distance touring easy, but performance was never on par with other Japanese or Italian hardware.

Enter the DOHC, carbon fiber clad, no excuses, 130 horses, image-changing HP2 Sport:

The HP2 Sport model, made in limited numbers and offered for sale at over $25k MSRP, is the holy grail of the boxer world. Which brings us to our seller’s bike:

This example is a 2009 BMW HP2 Sport with low miles on the odometer.

Note the digital dash, providing MotoGP-like functionality and style.

BMW really went all out in an attempt to make this boxer current and competitive against both the Japanese and the Italians. Check out this great single-sided swingarm:

From the seller:
Like New, Never laid down

Never Raced

Clear Title

Low Miles

Sharp looking

Rare Model

Carbon Fiber accessories make it light weight


130 HP


0-60 in 3.1 Seconds

There is no indication if this particular bike is optioned with the desirable ABS system, and scouring the pictures did not result in anything obvious. This model does come standard with a factory quick shifter, forged aluminum wheels, carbon fiber bodywork and Brembo radial-mount brakes. In all, it is a BMW tour-de-force


BMW May 10, 2010 posted by

BWM 1100R Boxercup W/1500 Miles #244

BWM 1100R Boxercup  W/1500 Miles

Waiting to be picked up in Oklahoma City is what appears to be a very clean/low mileage BMW 11ooR.

From the ad:

Only 300 of these units were produced worldwide. This numbered 244 bike only has 1500 miles. It’s in showroom condition. Serious inquires only

No model year is stated in the ad.  The bike is listed for $10,500.  Check it out here.

BMW April 27, 2010 posted by

Rare 1990 BMW K1 in Red/Yellow on Ebay

Rare 1990 BMW K1 in Red/Yellow on eBay

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now just keep telling yourself that. Joking aside these are extremely rare bikes and they grow on you after looking at the pictures for a bit (it was either that or the gin and tonic). Approximately 600 were brought into the U.S. and the production run from 88-93 produced less than 7000 world wide. If you are interested in one of these bikes I’m sure you are up on their history. For the gawkers, the K1 was conceived to change the publics’ image of BMW motorcycles. Along the way the vision got a little cloudy and what the world got was a high speed sports tourer with alot of high tech features and styling that was, well, different. The styling actually had a purpose though. BMW had committed to the EU limit of a 1oohp and they saw aerodynamics as the way to get more speed with less ponies.

Enough of the history lesson, here is what the seller has to say:

Mint condition. Collectible. Garage kept and has never seen rain for the last 10 years that I’ve had the bike. Includes original rider’s seat pillion, rear saddle bags, owner’s manual, tool kit and both keys.

Aftermarket options lovingly applied include:
– Clear coat paint (to protect the original paintwork)
– Daytime running lights
– Air horn
– Second 12V auxiliary jack (for radar detector, etc.)
– OEM BMW logo reflectors
– High-intensity driver’s light
– Bodywork heat shields (dealer installed)

This is just a small portion of what the seller has listed on the Ebay auction, he has a quite a write up on the bike.

Plenty of people are interested in the bike as the bidding looks pretty active so far. The reserve is still on so there is still time to sneak in there and get yourself some rare German engineering.

I include this video for not only the bike but maybe more importantly your dose of Tarzan Boy for the day (you can thank me later). What people listen to in their cars will never cease to amaze me.