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Cloaking Device – 2007 BMW R1200S

Made in relatively low quantities and just in 2006-07, BMW’s R1200S was their lightest, most powerful sport-oriented bike to date.  Hidden in the standard silver or black ( yellow and silver/red stripes were available ) the able performer disappeared into the background of the track days and canyon runs, but held their own and were often ridden home afterward.

20151122 2007 bmw r1200s right

2007 BMW R1200S for sale on eBay

20151122 2007 bmw r1200s left

Using a single overhead cam to actuate four valves per side, the R1200S used 12.5:1 compression and a lot of forged internal parts to come up with 122 hp and a whopping 83 ft-lbs. torque.  In a departure from the R1100S that preceded, the 1200 had a steel trellis frame, using the engine as a stressed member.  The stainless two-into-one exhaust winds it way underneath and eventually to an underseat muffler.  BMW’s Telelever is hung out front, with great anti-dive and suppleness mid-turn.  Their shaft drive and single-sided Paralever are at the rear, both with Ohlin’s dampers. Front brakes are 310mm, and 265mm rear.  Though it was available, I don’t see the wheel speed sensors, indicating ABS is not on this bike.  The angular upper-only fairing blends nicely into the fuel tank, and the seat fairing is very sporty, with a little afterthought for the pillion.

20151122 2007 bmw r1200s dash

20151122 2007 bmw r1200s right head

With only 2,100 miles, this bike should and does look pretty mint.  No rash on the lower valve covers, a common tipover indication, only a small scuff on the right.  The sole upgrade appears to be Heli-bars which move the heated grips up and back a couple of inches.  From the eBay auction:

Beautiful 2007 R1200S in garage kept mint condition. 122 HP, very fast,agile and light. All recalls done by dealer. Heli bars installed for a more comfortable ride, original clipons included.

20151122 2007 bmw r1200s right front wheel

20151122 2007 bmw r1200s right rear wheel

After 90-odd years of development, the 1170cc twin is thoroughly modern, but recalls the brand’s beginnings.  Though it was succeeded by the DOHC HP2 Sport and now the R1200RS, the S is still a rider’s machine, and is actually little lighter than the RS.  Though the heritage is more sport touring, there’s plenty of sport in the R1200S.  The buy-it-now seems optimistic, but you could make an offer.  No race decals or loud paint, but nothing looks better than black, at least for the first hour after you wash it…



  • Clean bike, but 10 grand for an 8 year old R series boxer? I don’t think so man.

  • Good luck with the sale,bike is awesome and who never rode one would not understand how potent that boxer is.

  • Its a shaft.

  • That’s the whole point, bike it’s a shaft and that’s a quality not a flaw, just like most of the bikes Bmw had made for a long time, including the GS that dominates one of the most popular class today the shaft is a compromise that promotes reliability, maintenance free and durability in favor of little performance.

    • Clit, apparently that shaft is so much of a “quality” that the seller admits he is dumping the boxer for a proper chain driven s1000rr. 😀

    • Keep telling yourself. Shaft is lower performance than chain. Shaft also creates shaft jack, a condition that can be very unsettling at the wrong time and very dangerous. Chain does not have this flaw. If shaft was so good every Moto GP bike would be shaft.

      The fact is shaft is for lazy people who have some issue changing a chain once in a blue moon.

  • These are excellent bikes for the sport touring crowd. I prefer my VFR, but for a BMW they actually fun to ride. $10,000? not that much fun.

  • i agree, while the price is a little high imho it seems to be the right bike to make an offer on

  • “in favor of a little performance” oh the talent for massive understatement on this site

  • The massive understatement of this site is that every amateur has an opportunity to leave a comment.

    • I think most of the people posting on the site are far from amateurs

  • Its not a pure performance machine like the S1000rr is. They took what they had, improved it and made it as sporty as possible with what BMW had in their toy box. I lust for one of these or BMW’s HP2 sport model as a GREAT back road/canyon carver with usable power at every RPM. Not the fastest on the block by any means, and you won’t see five of them at the local bike meet or group ride like an S1000rr

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