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Not-So-Heavyweight Contender – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

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This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

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After the R1100S and the BoxerCup marque series faded into the German sunset ( and just before the introduction of the game-changing S1000RR ), BMW breathed some new life into the big opposed twin models with an additional 50-ish cc’s, four valves per cylinder, and a lot of advanced design work.  Leading off with the ground pounding HP2 Enduro in 2007, they followed in 2008 with a streetfighter and the HP2 Sport.  Without denying its sport-touring heritage, the HP2 Sport was BMW’s uncompromising track weapon.

20151111 2008 bmw hp2 sport left

2008 BMW HP2 Sport for sale on eBay

20151111 2008 bmw hp2 sport left rear

20151111 2008 bmw hp2 sport left cockpit

Hanging in the beautiful tubular frame as a stressed member, the 1170cc engine has dual overhead chain-driven cams responsible for 130 hp and 85 ft-lbs. torque.  The stainless exhausts make their way under the bike, away from the rider and up to a canister muffer in the tail.  Integrating the usual brackets in carbon fiber, the full fairing and seat subframe are self-supporting.  BMW’s Telelever front suspension has intrinsic anti-dive properties, and the rear Paralever encloses the driveshaft, both damped by fully adjustable Ohlins shock absorbers.

20151111 2008 bmw hp2 sport right rear wheel

Brembo radially mounted 320mm brakes are up front, with a 265mm disk at the rear.  Wide forged aluminum wheels are painted the bold blue of the frame.  Race-derived features such as the quick-shifter and digital dash complete the package.  The designers were able to bring the half-fuel weight in under 400 lbs., an achievement for any 1200cc bike, which pays dividends every ride.

20151111 2008 bmw hp2 sport left engine

Looking very good for its 12,000 miles, the HP2 offered here appears stock except for bar-end mirrors.  Though ABS eventually was available, this early model could be considered more sporting.  The second owner is a collector thinning the herd, and states in the eBay auction:

For selling consideration i am offering this 08 Bmw HP2 Sport, is a very early model, no Abs.

i always wanted to own a Hp2 Sport because i have heard nothing but superlatives about the bike, loved the looks but couldn’t convinced myself to drop $19000 for a used one so i patiently waited until i got a fantastic deal, purchased as a package with few other bikes i ended up owning the bike i was waiting for.

i rode the bike all summer,put about 1000 miles on her,absolutely no problems,had a lot of fun,bike is just as advertised,gorgeous looking, loaded with high end components and the highest of german engineering at hearth. I am fortunate enough to own several bikes and this has to be up there with the prettiest of all.
I would consider the bike to be in Great condition, has minimal wear from riding almost 12000 miles, few small chips on the cylinder  heads covers, belly pan, has on crack in the clear coat on the front fairing, maybe the size of a dime. Is all stock, no modification or alterations, i went with a bar end mirror because the stock were useless.

20151111 2008 bmw hp2 sport rear

With its light weight, modern design and premium components, this is a pretty special Beemer.  The factory continued to send teams to endurance races, and though instantly eclipsed by the S1000RR, the big twin will always please fans of the marque, and surprise some with its performance.  BMW durability speaks to the value of this bike, a great rider with a lot of great rides left…


  1. AJ AJ

    I not normally disagree about posts but “uncompromising track weapon” and shaft drive don’t belong in the same descriptor. While I haven’t ridden this bike, I have ridden bmw’s with what looks like to be very close to this shaft system and shaft jack was far too present and unsettling, I actually couldn’t believe how terrible it was. I was excited to ride the bike, then I got hit by shaft jack in a turn and I was like WTF!

    I had shaft bikes in the past and instantly was reminded why I didn’t like them.

  2. ciprian ciprian

    Itotally agree with the comment but funny think is that this bike does ride exceptionally well and loves to be ridden hard, there are so many followers out there for whom the shaft is a must, they will appreciate this bike more than you and i,

  3. hwould851 hwould851

    Unresolvable fuel surging issues.

  4. Alan Alan

    He just had to have one, waited for a fantastic deal, put a thousand miles on it, and now he’s “offering it for selling consideration”…

  5. Bill Braski Bill Braski

    Call me crazy, but I’ve always been a fan of getting my shaft jacked.

  6. Jay Jay

    I don’t know about “BMW durability” on this model… the manufacturer recommends a top end rebuild after only 30k miles or so!

  7. ciprian clit ciprian clit

    That’s correct, I wanted one, waited for a good deal, got one for a great price, enjoyed it for a season and now I am offering for sale for what’s gotta be the best deal on a Hp2 Sport, true story. I had owned over 120 motorcycles and that’s how I do it, my plan is to ride as many motorcycles models as possible and unless I buy them and later sell them don’t see any other way to accomplish that. Bike is awesome but not for everyone, expensive to buy! Expensive to maintain and limited what can do. But very exclusive and rewarding for the ones who have one. This side had featured over 20 of my motorcycles, u know why? Because they rare and I have a impeccable reputation. Good day everyone

  8. Big Bang Big Bang

    No shaft. No way. Never.

  9. Evan Evan

    Ridden one a number of times. Fun bike but the flat motor has almost unsettling engine braking and the shaft drive does have substantial kick to the system. A little uninspiring for a road bike but it is a BMW.

    One thing they do have going for them is they look much nicer in person than pictures can do justice.

  10. Jeugen Jeugen

    The guy selling this has a screen name of “clit?” Weird

  11. ciprian clit ciprian clit

    That’s my last name, funny…… I know
    I thought this site was about the bikes not people screen names. Lol

  12. Alan Alan

    You know, I’ve been trying to ride as many models as I can, but they never seem to notice me… maybe I need to change my last name to something a bit more suggestive. Meanwhile, like Bill I’ll have to make do with the occasional shaft jack …
    Good luck with the sale – all in fun.

  13. ciprian clit ciprian clit

    I dig the humor. U boys ride safe

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