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BMW April 15, 2022 posted by

Silver Meteor – 2007 BMW K1200S

Unlikely as it would be to see a shaft-drive Beemer with a stretched swingarm and a stance that says “staged !”, it’s even more surprising that those wild Bayerischen built it themselves !  For just a few model years the R1200S made a flat out name for itself, though this Miami example looks to have been ordered with every option and then pampered for under 6,000 miles.

2007 BMW K1200S for sale on eBay

BMW had a 1200cc four in the stable for several years before the K1200S, but the new model was optimized for power – with 13-to-1 compression, electronically controlled ignition and injection, and 167 hp.  Torque was prodigious at 95 ft.-lbs. but peaked at sporty 8,250 rpm.  BMW’s  new Duolever front end used a double-wishbone system to isolate steering and braking forces.  The Paralever rear was stretched to accommodate the superbike power, with a wheelbase some four inches longer than a more track-oriented sportbike.  As speed helped the K1200S feel like lighter than its 500-plus lbs., the slippery bodywork masked the land missile’s velocity.

Presented by a used moto boutique, this K1200S is a premium build, with ABS and electronic suspension adjustment.  The brushed Remus exhaust plays well with the silver bodywork, and might be the only mod aboard.  Despite a liberal slathering of protectant, this -S looks great and the dealer has these comments in the eBay auction –

This K1200S is in great condition, always kept in the garage, no accidents nor major dents or scratches and a clean title.

It is a very comfortable motorcycle, with symmetrical deeply padded seat sitting positions to the handlebars and the pegs are positioned just right, to create a real all-day riding position. A design screen with full benefit of its protection from windblast, while mounted clocks show all the necessities, including a gear indicator and fuel gauge.


Bonneville regular Andy Sills was enlisted by BMW to take a new K1200S out to the salt flats, the fall before the 2006 model year would ship.  A stock class record was ratified, the average of two runs just equaling the 173,68 mph mark set by Ernst Henne’s supercharged BMW streamliner in 1937.  Rather than four miles of full throttle, hoping this example will just get the occasional blast down the connector, maybe as Andy set another record – with a fearless pillion.


Silver Meteor – 2007 BMW K1200S
BMW April 6, 2022 posted by

Bespoke Beemer – 1991 BMW Martin / Brune K1

BMW’s flying brick has only occasionally been the basis for sport bikes without a touring bent, but here’s a K1 engine in a French-built chassis, organized by the German performance specialist Brune.  Even the paint on this perfect example was a moment, BMW M-Power colors as applied by Azola Cycle Colors.

1991 BMW – Martin / Brune K1 for sale on eBay

The K1 was a great choice for this build, with Bosch injection and the four-valve head it was good for 100hp and 74 ft.lbs. torque.  Georges Martin’s craftmen made some magical welds on the nickel-plated chassis, with an alloy tank and streamlined pillion cover.  Motorad Brune chose Forcelle Italia forks to allow a quicker wheel change and the W-P monoshock controls the shaft drive better than the original K1 part.  The 5-speed reminds us that this is an early 1990’s machine, though the Brune choice of brakes and wheels are a serious update.  Would love to get this K1 on a scale to compare with the original.

While the clocks indicate just over 25K miles, the auction states 28,000 – and neither number seems possible if the paint hasn’t been re-done, as claimed.  Many auctions say they have been on display for years but appear to have been rolled out of dusty storage, this one claims to be ridden occasionally but looks museum ready.  Too much comment to share but here’s a snippet from the eBay auction –

This bike has been part of the seller’s collection for a while and is ridden on a regular basis, although not that much overall. It runs and rides with absolutely no issues. Again, everything on this motorcycle is original to the Brune, including the exhaust system. The seat is also in original condition and is beautiful.

The machine has had absolutely no restoration performed to any part of it. The paint on the tank, fairings, side covers, and cowl is original, and have never had any type of paintwork or touchup. The bike has never been in any type of accident or been dropped at any time. The machine has 28,000 original miles on it, and is in perfect running condition with a compression test having being recently performed. The condition of the engine finishes, is very nice, with the aluminum and cast parts being particularly beautiful for their age.

The seat is original and in perfect condition, and the rear cowl is easily removable, allowing for two up riding. The wheels are original to the Martin Brune, and are also in very nice original condition. All of the mechanical components have been checked over to ensure they work properly including the clutch and brakes, which were recently serviced and adjusted. The fuel injection system was also completely gone through this season, and there is a new battery installed. 

Seen on RSBFS pages ten (!) years ago – here – this build was clearly subsidized by a serious fan – the Brune kit cost about as much as a new K1 donor, and then had to be professionally built.  Not sure where the reserve will fall, but this K1 might come in below cost – if thirty years of inflation and the value of opportunity are considered.  At once a BMW performance statement and 90’s period item, this is one BMW that will put the next owner in the “ride or show” dilemma.



Bespoke Beemer – 1991 BMW Martin / Brune K1
BMW March 31, 2022 posted by

Neo Classic: 2010 BMW S1000RR

In a world full of what can seem like constant change, there is one consistent entity:  Time.  It relentlessly marches forward.  Every now and again we get a jolt to remind ourselves of this fact.  Today that jolt is the realization that the BMW S1000RR is over a decade old.  For many with a passion for sport bikes there is a sweet spot around the 10-15 year mark when a motorcycle transitions from being just used, and starts to become a classic.  For some this is an interesting idea as it normally correlates to the bottom of the depreciation curve.

It might shock you to think that the asymmetrically styled BMW S1000RR is pushing 15 years old.  Some forget that we have been living with 190 horse power machines for that long.  When the S1000RR hit the market it was seen as a totally new take on the sport bike formula.  The four cylinder pushed more RPM and performance then the Japanese offerings all while packing more technology and style then some of the Italians.  It was fast, desirable and most importantly, usable on the street.

From The Seller’s eBay Listing:

Up for sale is my Very Clean 2010 Acid Green Metallic BMW S1000RR with only 5,151 miles!
Runs and rides perfectly. No scratches dings or dents. Never dropped or Damages. Has a few Tasteful add-ons.

The S1000RR set the stage of Sportbike technology with it’s Traction Control, ABS and other telematics.

Brock’s Full Exhaust
Traction Control
Yoshimura Engine Sliders
Billet Bar Ends
Billet Radiator Gaurd
Adjustable Levers
Near New Tires

S1000R’s are hard to get, and Acid Green is a hard to find color – this bike is a true find with only 5,151 miles. Don’t miss it!

Clean Texas Title in Hand

These will absolutely be sought after collectables in a few short years.  Smart money will be looking to find the cleanest and stockest examples, but for right now a few modifications to enhance the experience can be forgiven.  This bike comes in a very iconic and eye catching color, and the Brocks exhaust is sure to announce you are in the area as well.  The $14,750 Buy It Now price might be slightly high, but not so high that an interested buyer should not reach out to the seller and see if a better deal can be had.  One can assume the price is inflated a bit due to the current climate in the market and the fact that spring is right around the corner.

The styling, color and technologies are an amazing representation of the era and have shaped the newest generations of bikes.

Neo Classic:  2010 BMW S1000RR
BMW March 24, 2022 posted by

Tail be Told – 2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica

Spring is in the air in eastern Tennessee, and here’s a Boxer Cup that’s apparently been used as intended.

2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica for sale on eBay

BMW made some showroom hay from their single marque race series, and the Replica ( or Replika ) had the extended Telelever tubes and shorter torque arm from the race bikes, making a sharper lean angle possible, but raising the seat to an enduro-like 33.9 inches.  Not quite sure whether the 03’s had the dual-spark heads, but even with the dealer-installed Cup ECU chip, claimed power was the same 98 hp – with Euro-2 cleanliness.  R-bike paradigms like the Paralever shaft drive and single-plate clutch are there, and the BCR had niceties from Öhlins front and rear, plus a steering damper, carbon belly pan, and Laser exhaust system.

This R1100S lives pretty close to the Tail of the Dragon, and like so many BMW’s looks to have been ridden – carefully – but not home collecting cobwebs.  27,288 miles show on the clocks, and while the pictures need help, the bike looks stock and undamaged.  Comments from the eBay auction:

Special edition. number 163 of 200 produced. A ridden example with a few minor paint imperfections but very nice condition. As original except Stainless “cat” eliminator. Never down! Recent full dealer service including brake fluid flush, less than 1k on new Pilots, “Pit Bull” stand included.

Reviewers were undecided whether the Replica was worth all the extra Euros, but it did put a sharper edge on one of the best all-around sportbikes.  The Dragon calls for lighter and smaller, but the ride over would more fun on the big Beemer.  Even at 28K miles, this one will probably go double that before slowing down.  A back seat bag or backpack would hold enough for a weekend away, or leave it all home and go credit card camping.  Whichever way, but yeah – ride there.



Tail be Told – 2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replica
BMW February 14, 2022 posted by

Featured Listing – 1982 BMW R65LS Custom!

Winning bid was $16,500. Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

Friend of the site and uncommon vendor of some amazing motorcycles, Peter brings to us today a very unique example of an interesting and rare motorcycle. You are familiar with Moto Borgotaro already, as Peter has listed Guzzis, Laverdas and Ducatis in the past, just to name a few (check out some of Moto Borgotaro’s work on RSBFS here). Every time Peter is involved, we see a beautiful bike, exquisitely presented with high quality photographs. Today’s specimen is no different, but it does have a twist. A tastefully hot-rodded oddity from BMW, Moto Bototaro brings us a 1982 BMW R65LS, reimagined and refined with power and elegance.

1982 BMW R65LS Custom For Sale!

Designed by Han Muth of Suzuki Katana and XN85 Turbo fame, the R65LS differed from the plane Jane R65 thanks to swoopy-yet-understated bodywork; a small bikini fairing (which is said to cut down on front end lift by 30%), and a tail section with aerodynamically integrated grab handles. The snowflake cast wheels, painted white, were also unique to the model (and later utilized elsewhere). The engine remained the same R65 “airhead” powerplant across the line; large pistons pushing through a relatively small stroke, two valves per head operated by pushrods and a central camshaft, and a dry clutch connecting the 5-speed transmission and final drive. The R65LS did have unique valve covers, but no difference in power or performance. In stock form, figure 50 HP pushing 450+ pounds of solid, overbuilt German engineering.

From the seller:
I acquired the doner bike from the second owner with only 6600 original miles on the clock, the frame was in near mint condition so, it made sense to refinish it. The paintwork was sent to Holt BMW (one of the best painters in the BMW community) He opened up his Glasurit paint code books and proceeded to make some tests for the final color you see here.

The motor has a brand new 860CC piston and cylinder kit from Sibenrock BMW, at the same time the heads were sent for complete refinishing, new seats, guides, and valves were fitted and the valve springs were checked for tolerance. At this time I also fitted the new Asymmetrical camshaft from Siebenrock.

The carburetors were completely rebuilt and ultrasonically cleaned, all airbox rubbers replaced and K&N air filter fitted. The exhaust is a special unit made by Cone Engineering. The original exhaust headers and crossover were ceramic coated in black.

More from the seller:
I upgraded the Ignition system & charging system, both from EuroMoto Electrics Now with the 450watt brushless alternator system and the Saches Ignition with a 9 curve adjustability. The ignition coil was upgraded to a Nology Engineering coil.

The brakes have been heavily upgraded, new Brembo FO8 calipers the stainless brake lines are made by Spiegler and carry a lifetime warranty, the brake rotors were sent to Spiegler at this time for Semi-Floating rotor conversion, I then finished this off with the highest quality Brembo brake pads.

Suspension, the front forks were completely rebuilt and the fork legs expertly powder-coated, at this time I installed Wurth front fork springs and Ikon rear shocks with custom spring rate.

Other details include, Ultrasuede reupholstered seat by long-time collaborator Via Meccanica, LED Moto-gadget turn signals, all rubbers replaced, new tires installed, wheels powder-coated, new wheel bearings, fuel line, misc parts refurbished or renewed.

There does not seem to be much that was spared in this refurbishment. Power – the big Achilles heel of the model – has been nicely addressed via the introduction of a big bore kit, updated ignition components, and a sweet exhaust system. But braking and handling have also been greatly enhanced, especially those trick floating rotors up front. The black wheels set off the whole package nicely, and helps to avoid the inevitable curse of the stock white wheels; namely, brake dust and staining discoloration. The black accents on the motor (front cover, valve covers) match the underside of the tank, and provide an eye-popping visual for that stunning paint. This bike just jumps out of the photos at you, and I would love to see it in real life.

Check out this cold start video provided by the seller. The bike looks great upon approach, you can hear that distinct click of the fuel petcock which just screams BMW quality. The engine fires right up, and idles nicely without any undue shaking or other indications of rough running. Look how quickly the choke can me disengaged! Throttle response sounds crisp, and those wonderful pipes put out just the right Bavarian sound.

And what about this helmet-mounted camera video highlighting a ride through town and some freeway. Both accentuate the integration of the build, as this bike appears to be in its element motoring through both scenarios. Often the hot rods will run fine on the highway, but display issues with in-town riding. Not so here!

This unique build is going under the Bring a Trailer hammer for a no-reserve auction. Some serious effort and expense was put into this bike, and whoever wins this one will have won something truly special. The R65LS is a fantastic platform that never quite had the “go” to match the show bike design. Using top-shelf components Peter from Moto Borgotaro has resolved those issues and created a striking machine that is just begging to be ridden into the sunset. Jump over to the auction before this Teutonic Retro Missile is gone!


Featured Listing – 1982 BMW R65LS Custom!
BMW October 24, 2021 posted by

Index of Performance – 2006 BMW K1200S

BMW turned their re-designed inline four transverse for 2004, leaned it sharply forward and introduced the K1200S.  A new high for BMW, the 167 stock horsepower convinced a west coast dealer to take one right to Bonneville where they set an FIM speed record for 2005.  This suburban NY K1200S has low-ish miles and looks great except for one sad fairing panel.

2006 BMW K1200S for sale on eBay

BMW stacked the 1157cc deck with 13.0-to-1 compression and a 11,000 rpm redline, achieved using dual knock sensors to retard timing, a piston-squirting dry sump oil system, and two balance shafts.  Tilting the cylinder head 55 degrees pushed the center of gravity lower and straightened the intake tracts.  The Z-shaped alloy chassis supports innovative suspension at both ends – anti-dive duolever front and frame mounted paralever out back, both using conventional dampers with optional electronic adjustment.  EVO assisted brakes are standard on the K1200S, which boosts only the front braking power.

The second owner has racked up 15K miles in just a few years, but the bike hardly shows it, except for the off-side fairing which was reportedly scratched during shipment.  Probably a new or used panel could be found to replace, as the factory paint might be a chore to duplicate.  An intermittent ABS fault has been addressed and hasn’t re-occured, but still might.  A nice grouping of updates and maintenance are listed in the eBay auction:

  • The bike has brand new set of Metzeler Roadtec tires (front and rear) less than 100 miles on the new tires. Have receipt, and the new rear brake master cylinder. 
  • The bike has an aftermarket rear rack installed, made by SW-MOTECH. The rack is solid and will accept your top case of choice, but you will need to add the case-specific top rack mounting plate.  The original rear hand grips are not included, but the rack has built-in hand grips that are similar, and also includes the BMW standard luggage mounting lock pins for the BMW factory sport cases. The cases, however, are not included.
  • There is an aftermarket professionally installed radar detector with front/rear looking radar detection. The radar model is K40-2000, and has city/highway settings with audio and led warnings, and the audio volume can be adjusted.
  • The original fuel level sensor strip has been upgraded to the more reliable float type fuel level sensor from a later model K1300S, and works as it should. 
  • The cam chain tensioner has been upgraded to the later BMW K1200S model (with the small oil reservoir), and makes the bike much quieter on start up and at idle speed.
  • The main battery was replaced with the BMW factory battery last year, when the bike had about 8K miles.
  • The bike also has helibars installed. The original bars are included. 
  • Also, you will get two BMW keys, rider manual, and a handful of oil plug crush washers. 
  • The bike has developed an intermittent rear ABS circuit brake fault that has been difficult to pinpoint. When the problem occurs, the rear ABS servo-assist circuit switches to manual braking setting, and lights up a brake blinking red fault light on the dash. The dealer has stated that the ABS pump is working properly, and replaced the rear brake master cylinder about 50 miles ago, and believes the problem is fixed. However, I have not ridden the bike long enough to confirm the problem is completely resolved. When this rear brake fault occurs, the front ABS circuit continues to operate properly, and the bike stops fine with no issues. Rear brake continues to work in non-ABS manual mode.
  • There are some minor scratches on the right hand side of the bike. Unfortunately, these scratches happened during shipping. The bike has never been dropped. 

The Southern California Timing Association runs an event each fall when the salt flats are generally their best, and in 2005 the stock K1200S with Andy Sills aboard made two runs averaging 173.57 mph.  Even discounting the puzzle palace of classes and rules to boast a “land speed record”, 173 mph on a showroom BMW is quite a statement.  Of course the K1200S is better for reeling in far off targets than a dice in the lower gears, but the suspension and brakes are noteworthy.  The engine design went on to be the basis for the S1000RR, which truly committed BMW to the transverse four.  Not much of an ask for a beast like this K1200S, but maybe request a few more pictures before pushing the Make Offer button.


Index of Performance – 2006 BMW K1200S
BMW October 17, 2021 posted by

Canyon Country Carver – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport

BMW tempered their ultimate flat twin with showy build quality and engineering developed over darn near ninety years ( at the time ).  Like a lot of the HP2’s we’ve seen, this example has low miles, unassailable condition, and a collector’s buy-it-now.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport for sale on eBay

Starting with a new cylinder head design, four valves per cylinder and 130 hp, the HP2 even raised the powerplant in the chassis to provide more lean-ability.  The all stainless exhaust rumbles underneath in the carbon lowers, and exits under the integral carbon seat subframe.  Although dry weight stayed under 400 lbs., there’s room for a load of tech with factory speed-shifter, lap logging LCD dash, and multi-mode ABS.  Componentry wouldn’t be left behind with Öhlins dampers, forged wheels, Brembo monobloc brakes, and full carbon fairings.

Not the slickest presentation in the auction, but additional pictures and history can be requested.  New brake pads are puzzling but not seeing anything untoward, and just a few notes in the eBay listing –

2008 BMW HP2 Sport mint condition
CA bike
New tires
New oil and filter
New brake pads
Solid 9.5 out of 10 bike
4,897 miles
Comes with custom inner fleece bike cover

Occupying a special moment in BMW history, the HP2’s sporty aspirations for a boxer haven’t yet been eclipsed.  Blue and white-clad managers saw the writing on the pit wall, and focused racing developments on the S1000RR.  Privateers have tweaked their own HP2’s, adding slipper clutches and raising the ride height even more.  But like this one, most are un-modified, look excellent, and are just waiting for the right owner to get out more.


Canyon Country Carver – 2008 BMW HP2 Sport
BMW September 11, 2021 posted by

Featured Listing – 2010 BMW HP2 Sport ABS with 7,908 Miles !

Update 11.20.2021: This bike has SOLD! Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

With a long list of “firsts” for BMW, the HP2 Sport was the pinnacle of flat-twin sport generation that began with the R1100S in 1998.  RSBFS reader Bill’s example is immaculate, hiding even its low miles.

2010 BMW HP2 Sport ABS for sale – Asking $20,000

With specs reading like a shopping list for any BMW fan with a racetrack handy, starting with the 1170cc engine.  Four valves were finally aboard each cylinder head, and blueprinted for the HP2 with larger valves and more robust pistons.  133 hp are expected at 8,750 rpm, sent to the rear wheel via close ration gearbox, quick-shifter and paralever shaft drive.  The list continues with Öhlins dampers front and rear, Brembo monoblock brakes with ABS, tuned for the track and even de-selectable.  The all-stainless exhaust is tucked tightly to allow more lean, and warms the integral carbon seat sub-frame.  A run of just a few hundred, with build quality every manufacturer could aspire to.

Bill’s HP2 looks to have been wiped down after every ride, and ridden only on nice days and freshly swept streets.  It’s consigned to EuroCycle in Sonoma, and here are their comments:

2010 BMW HP2 Sport ABS in absolutely pristine condition for the BMW Motorrad enthusiast. This motorcycle is so clean you can eat off the engine! Only 62 of these motorcycles were brought to the US market in 2010. The motorcycle was serviced by San Diego BMW in 2020 where the valves were checked, a complete fluid change, and a new battery was installed. This motorcycle has been garaged, covered, and impeccably maintained since new. Never dropped or down and in perfect mechanical and 100% original cosmetic condition. BMW made an iconic engineering statement with the HP2 Sport by building a very limited production, hand-crafted “factory special” featuring DOHC radial valve heads, exotic internals, and carbon fiber bodywork from an F1 constructor (signed by the technician who built each piece).

The result was the highest performance BMW boxer twin ever made (136bhp), featuring sublime handling, ABS brakes, a factory-installed quick shifter, and the first carbon fiber subframe on a production motorcycle. This bike sparkles with carbon fiber valve covers and tail light assembly, milled-from-billet foot controls/clip-ons/upper triple clamps, Motek MotoGP-style instrumentation (with programmable displays and lap timers), Magura levers, forged aluminum wheels, BMW’s patented telelever/paralever front/rear suspension with fully adjustable Ohlins shocks and Brembo radial-mount monoblock calipers. The best components available were used in constructing these machines. The bike comes with a perfect owner’s manual, tool kit, and the original 2nd set of lower race bars.

Bill asks $20,000 for his HP2 Sport.

The HP2 Sport was delivered ready to drop at the race prep shop, with spares and adjustments galore.  But luckily a few missed their fate and were preserved for an advanced road mission or carpet runner.  Bill’s beauty could go right to the head of the next coffee run or remain a showpiece, hopefully a little of both.


Featured Listing – 2010 BMW HP2 Sport ABS with 7,908 Miles !