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Kawasaki September 16, 2015 posted by

Showbike Restored – 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R K2

Not often a will a dealer restore an older sportbike to mint condition, rarer still if the bike is not a bargain purchase but someone’s polished showbike.  But the Kawasaki ZX-7R K-model can have that effect on people, and the low-mile machine was a good place to start a great restoration.

20150915 1992 kawasaki zx7-r-k right

1992 Kawasaki ZX7-R K2 for sale on eBay

20150915 1992 kawasaki zx7-r-k left

Built as an homologation special in very low numbers, the K variant has a few key upgrades from the standard.  Flat-slide carburettors which are just a millimeter larger, and after un-doing the factory restriction on the J-model result in 121 hp – a 20% improvement.  A close ratio transmission and slipper clutch are more track-oriented.  Front and rear suspensions are fully adjustable, overcoming the reported poor ride of the base version monoshock.  The exhaust hanger is done differently and of course there’s the solo seat fairing.  Superb standard aluminum frame and floating disc brakes complete the package.

20150915 1992 kawasaki zx7-r-k binnacle  20150915 1992 kawasaki zx7-r-k front

20150915 1992 kawasaki zx7-r-k right fairing

Evidently the previous owner’s baby, the aluminum perimeter frame and swingarm had been mirror-polished .  Part of the restoration was disassembly and painting most of the polished parts the factory gray, however some of the polished bits still show here and there.  The rest of the bike looks cherry, stress cracks in the seat fairing repaired and painted.  Though it only has 8,000-ish miles, the ZX-7R has also been treated to a comprehensive mechanical service, as the eBay auction states:

Our Service Dept has gone completely through this bike from top to bottom. Did a full service on the engine including valve adjustment, valve cover gasket and all fluids and filters are OEM new. The chain and sprockets were replaced with new OEM parts from Kawasaki. Brand new Bridgestone Battlax BT106R tires were installed front and rear. New OEM brake pads and brake fluid were replaced front and rear.

20150915 1992 kawasaki zx7-r-k right rear wheel  20150915 1992 kawasaki zx7-r-k right front wheel

While it’s easy to find a ZX7-R, the K and accompanying enhancements make it a very special machine, must’ve been neat as a bike show winner.  A very well designed and high performing special edition, the fact that it has been returned to factory original make it part of a longer story.  The results appear to have been worth the hours poured into this rare bike…


Showbike Restored – 1992 Kawasaki ZX-7R K2
Honda September 15, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: Pristine 1984 Honda VF700F and 2007 VFR800 Interceptors for Sale

Update 9.21.2015: RSBFS readers do it again! This pair and two others from the seller’s collection sold in just 24 hours! Contact me if you have a special bike that needs to be sold with a Featured Listing. Just $59!

Congratulations to buyer and seller! -dc

1984 VF700F Interceptor R Front

Honda’s V4 sportbikes have gained an enviable reputation as sophisticated, do-it-all motorcycles, and it all started in 1983 with the VF750F. Although it was originally designed to compete in AMA Superbike racing’s 750cc format, it offered up cutting-edge technology and handling while managing to be a very usable, comfortable motorcycle.

1984 VF700F Interceptor L Rear

The chain-driven 90° V4 engine layout eliminated primary vibration and was very compact. The slightly smaller VF700F tax-beater size put out 81 claimed horsepower, down just 5 from its bigger brother. Visually, the only difference between the two bikes was a lack of any mention of the smaller bike’s engine size in the graphics. Internally, it used a shorter stroke to reduce displacement and had different cams and ignition timing. Both the 750 and the 700 featured an early slipper clutch design to help keep the rear wheel in contact with the track on high-rpm downshifts, although the gearbox had just five speeds, compared to the six of earlier shaft-drive V4s.

1984 VF700F Interceptor R Rear

Suspension was state-of-the-art, with a 16″ front wheel for razor-sharp steering and the typical 18″ rear, fashionable air-assisted shock and forks, and fully-adjustable suspension. The VF even had an effective anti-dive system at the front, a relative rarity in an era of gimmicky technology of dubious value.

1984 VF700F Interceptor Dash

Unfortunately, Honda’s usually stellar reputation was marred by problems with cam wear in the early V4s. The problem was eventually traced to excessive clearance in the camshaft bearings and these should present no problems if the original bits have been updated appropriately as the rest of the bike was up to Honda’s high standards. This scandal ultimately led to the heavily-revised and overbuilt VFR that cemented the bike’s reputation as an impossibly durable sports motorcycle.

1984 VF700F Interceptor Engine

Today, we have a matched bookend pair of bikes from the VF’s history, one from the beginning, and one from the modern era, both in nearly crate-fresh condition

From the Seller: 1984 Honda VF700F and 2007 VFR800 for Sale

For sale are my two matching Interceptors. My 1984 VF700F with only 54 original miles and the 2007 Honda VFR800 25th Anniversary model with ZERO miles on it that matches it. This is extremely rare to have both the original 1984 and the matching 2007. PLEASE see the 282 photos link for the entire two year build. Bought the 1984 with 28 miles (see original title scan in photo link) , reconditioned it piece by piece, drove it to the current 54 miles and professionally and properly stored the bike. Bought the 2007 new in the crate, built it last year for display, it has never been started or even had the battery hooked up. It IS a new bike period !

Here is the photo link to almost 300 hi-res photos:

Both bikes have never seen direct sunlight, never rain and both kept in my climate and humidity controlled, carpeted garage or my carpeted den. Both bikes fogged and professionally serviced before storage. all fluids replaced or renewed if needed. Both gas tanks FLAWLESS and untouched inside. VF700 was originally in flawless RED and has been painted with FACTORY OEM Honda paints to convert to the BLUE model as it matches the 2007 VFR800 25th Anniversary model. Have the paint cans. This is shown in insane details in the almost 300 photos. I am a 54 year old serious collector and a certified Harley-Davidson and Honda Motorcycle Master Tech of 20+ years. I have been employed in the motorcycle industry from 1975 through 2014.

Have all keys, OEM manuals, parts, etc…absolutely everything is MINT, IMMACULATE, FLAWLESS, PERFECT. My ebay feedback is 100% perfect and reflects my sales of over 80 motorcycles and cars since 1999 to include my Ferrari’s, Porsches, Acura NSX’s, Vipers and on and on.

I am a former PCNA [Porsche Club North America] Concours Level Judge and fully understand what a 100 point PERFECT motorcycle is…these are it. Not one nick, cut, dent , scratch, lint, dust, rub, smear, mark, nothing PERIOD…NO excuses and NO stories…these are better than museum condition and run as new. 2007 has easily removed red Tapeworks wheel tape and fender eliminator kit. all OEM stock parts [pegs, rear fender, etc still new with all stickers]. only the gas tank, tail and side covers were painted on the 1984 VF700F, everything else is still factory FLAWLESS and cleaned and polished to absolute perfection.

On the 1984 VF700F; even the OEM tires are still flawless with no dry rot or separation. Brake pads are new, even the engine gaskets are still green and all fluids flawless. All stickers, chain same as when new from Honda.

Selling as a matched set for $10,500 for the pair. Have over $20,000 invested in these two collectibles. Will also sell separately at $5000 (VF700F) and $6000 (VFR800) each. Open to offers, so please call, as we (wife and I of 30 years) are selling off part of my collection to buy land to retire on. Happy to answer any questions. Call with your offers as we are going to closing in about 35 days.


The seller mentions that he is looking for $5,000 for VF700F by itself, which is fair money for one of these — and you are unlikely to ever find one in this kind of shape or with this kind of mileage again.

1984 VF700F Interceptor L Seat

The 2007 VFR has not yet achieved collector-bike status and purists seem to scoff at the VTEC bikes, but it looks great in HRC colors and is a pretty cool bookend for the earlier bike.

Obviously, this matched pair is meant more for collectors than for riders: there are plenty of well-maintained examples of these out there if you’re looking for something to put miles on. But if you’re looking for the perfect bikes to complete your V4 Honda set and sit alongside a VF1000R and an RC30, your search is over.


2007 Honda VFR800 Interceptor

Featured Listing: Pristine 1984 Honda VF700F and 2007 VFR800 Interceptors for Sale
Aprilia September 15, 2015 posted by

Tasteful two-stroke: 1999 Aprilia RS250 with Tyga bodywork

I am willing to bet that a lot of RSBFS readers didn’t get into sportbikes until the two-stroke era was pretty much over.  I am also willing to bet a lot of these same people now have a 250cc racer on their personal motorcycle “bucket list”.  While most of the bikes posted here on RSBFS are OEM examples of exotica, I think this nicely done Aprilia RS250 is a nice potential addition to someone’s collection.

rs250 1

1999 Aprila RS250 for sale on ebay

Despite its displacement, the Aprilia RS 250 is a proper sports bike. The two stroke Aprilia powerplant is 90 degree v-twin and horsepower officially lists at a max of 72 horsepower.  Like most two strokes, at low speed the engine will just putter along but once the needle swings up past 8000rpm you get a thrilling experience.   This is largely due to the little Aprilia’s dry weight of only 140 kilograms together with a race bred chassis and amazing brakes (floating disks mated with Brembo twin-piston callipers).

rs250 2

Sound good?  Wait..don’t answer…there’s more.   According to the seller this one is one of the “cup bikes” originally designated for the track.  Current bodywork is by Tyga and looks great and the seller indicates the original bodywork is available as well, although the original bodywork also appears to have been painted.

I have to admit, two strokes that have the dual/twin pipes together on a single side just seem right to me.   These seem to be Tyga or Arrow or perhaps another brand; the identifying brand plate/decal has been removed (note the residue on the lower exhaust canister).   But damn this bike looks good, I especially like the cleanly integrated handlebar turn signals.


Now while this bike certainly looks lovely, there are a few scuffs and fluids and rubber might need to be updated.  Also while mileage looks to be low at about 1780 miles (dash is in kilometers) the RS250 is a two stroke so maintenance is required, including recommended ring changes at 3000, pistons at 6000 and crank at 15000 miles respectively.

There are lots of reviews and posts about what riding a Aprila 250 RS on the street is like.   There are numerous YouTube videos from professional reviews (including Richard Hammond of Top Gear UK fame). There are also lots of posts on numerous websites from owners of these bikes, including Apriliaforum and adventure rider website, a sample of which is posted below.

“First you need to let it warm up properly before you can expect to even ride it reasonably. Usually about 10 minutes on mine. Next, you have to keep the revs over 6k as often as possible to keep the exhaust clear. It will sludge up if you don’t, foul the plugs, and be extra smokey. My gearing is such that I have to pretty much slip the clutch and keep blipping the throttle until I reach 15mph. In downtown traffic I want to shoot myself most times. And if you have a friend with you, let them go ahead of you or they’ll be getting choked out on your exhaust in slow traffic.”


So its a two-stroke track bike that has been setup for use on the street and looks great.   Is it worth the asking price of $9500 USD, even with the extra bodywork?  Well we post a fair amount of these on RSBFS and the asking price seems kind of high to me but the seller does indicate a willingness to listen to offers.   Perhaps this one will go to an already experienced two-stroke owner who understands what it takes to maintain and enjoy one of these beasties.


Tasteful two-stroke:  1999 Aprilia RS250 with Tyga bodywork
Ducati September 15, 2015 posted by

Yeah Hello – 2006 Ducati SportClassic 1000

Developed as a styling exercise for the 2003 Tokyo Motorcycle Show and offered for sale in late 2005 as a 2006 model, the SportClassic has been a real success story.  Named a “best used bike” by Cycle World in 2014, the 1000cc air-cooled bikes used up-to-date techniques to achieve a vintage feel, and show up regularly in nice shape.

20150914 2006 ducati sportclassic 1000 right

2006 Ducati SportClassic 1000 for sale on eBay

20150914 2006 ducati sportclassic 1000 left rear

Thought the Paul Smart commemorative and Sport 1000S draw most of the attention and high bids, the SC1000 is a great cafe racer.  The fuel-injected Desmodue has an oil cooler to help the fins, and reliably generates 92 hp.  Sponsons on the side of the tank recall Paul Smart’s #16 racer and increase fuel capacity to almost 4 gallons.  Most versions have two-into-two exhaust, this one has been upgraded to Termognini silencers.  Beefy 43mm upside-down forks are stock, these have been re-built by C-M performance.

20150914 2006 ducati sportclassic 1000 right front

2006 was the only SportClassic year with the sculptured monoshock swingarm, the factory Sachs shock on this machine having been replaced by an Ohlins.  While a classic Ducati would always have a dry clutch, this one has been upgraded to one from SpeedyMoto, with their elegant open cover.  Almost invisible rear fender with flying license plate bracket has replaced the factory plastic.  Owner has added fork, frame and swingarm sliders, thankfully unused.

20150914 2006 ducati sportclassic 1000 right rear

Maintenance duties have been attended to also, as the owner shows in the eBay auction:

Maintenance Records
Fluid change 2 months ago
One year old tires/battery/clutch
Gas tank has been caswell coated
New Regulator installed by dealer
Battery Tender “pigtail”
All manuals and Keys included
Rear PitBull Stand [included if purchased at asking price]
Also included are a set of hi-rise handle bars [not installed]

20150914 2006 ducati sportclassic 1000 right front wheel

Looking excellent in burnt yellow, this SportClassic has under 5,000 miles.  With 5-1/2 days to go there are already quite a few bids, to be expected for a creampuff which has been updated and maintained…


Yeah Hello – 2006 Ducati SportClassic 1000
Honda September 14, 2015 posted by

Middleweight Two-Stroke: 1987 Honda NS400R for Sale

1987 Honda NS400R Faired

I have a contrary streak in me a mile wide and sometimes I like being different just to be different. I’ve owned Saabs and Alfa Romeos, both of which feature some really interesting design features that offer up alternatives to conventional thinking, although they don’t always work as advertised… And to me, the Honda NS400R is a bit like that.

1987 Honda NS400R L Engine

A middleweight two-stroke with a liquid-cooled, 90° V3 that put 72hp through a six-speed transmission, one might reasonably ask, “Why a V3?” I’d assume it was marginally narrower than an inline triple for better aerodynamics: Honda isn’t known for doing things “just because.” But the truth is that I don’t really care if it’s actually better. I just want a two-stroke V3 motorcycle.

1987 Honda NS400R Dash

If you’re looking for a typically wild, two-stroke ride, this might not actually be the droid you’re looking for. Strangely, Honda did everything possible to un-stroke-ify the NS400R: water-jackets quieted the mechanical racket, and power-valves combined with bigger displacement to provide a modicum of midrange power.

1987 Honda NS400R L Rear

These were a bit of an odd duck when new: not as lightweight and visceral as the 250’s, and certainly not as lethal as the big 500cc fours. But they were blessed with what some claimed was the best handling of the era, and if you’re into weird engine configurations, I dare you to try and find another two-stroke V3 running around anywhere.

1987 Honda NS400R R Side

From the original eBay listing: 1987 Honda NS400R for Sale

1987 Honda NS400R, MC-19, 3 Cylinder, 2 stroke, 34,000 KM, Brand New Paint and Windshield, Runs Great, Clean Calif. Title and Registered. 

So there’s a bit of a mystery here. Is that the same bike in the first photo? It looks a bit sharper and cleaner than the other pictures… And that front mudguard doesn’t match. The seller claims that it “runs great” which is a good sign, considering these can be a bit of a pain to obtain parts for. But if it has “brand new paint” it might be a good idea to show some pictures of said paint. Or does it mean he has brand new paint in cans, not yet applied to the bike?

Questions like that don’t appear to be discouraging potential buyers: bidding is up north of $3,000 with the Reserve Not Met. Fairing off, it looks pretty dusty and I’m wondering how much more this would sell for if they’d bothered to clean it off a bit before listing it…


1987 Honda NS400R R Rear

Middleweight Two-Stroke: 1987 Honda NS400R for Sale
Cagiva September 13, 2015 posted by

Rare Curiosity in the USA: 1986 Cagiva Aletta Oro S2 for Sale

1986 Cagiva S2 L Side Front

Cagiva’s “Aletta Oro” S2 was designed to be a stylish, entry-level sporty motorcycle for countries where a “starter bike” is defined as something other than a 600lb, 883cc machine with no cornering clearance. The name translates as “gold wing” and the little bike offered up the usual light weight and nimble handling required to compete in the class.

1986 Cagiva S2 R Side Rear

This is no race-rep corner-carving two-stroke like Aprilia’s RS250, and had comfortable ergonomics, oil-injection, a six-speed gearbox, and a convenient electric-start that set it apart from other bikes in the class. Interestingly, that little door in the right-side fairing doesn’t cover the fuel cap. Instead it allows you to access the water-cooled bike’s radiator filler. And that comprehensive dash looks like it was taken straight off the Alazzurra 650, something that can’t be said about too many bikes…

1986 Cagiva S2 Dash

So while this was really never intended to be much more than a starter sportbike, it is still very cool and a far-cry from the Ninja 250s that passed for beginner “sportbikes” here in the USA. With 23hp and a sub-300 pound dry weight, it should be fun and very manageable.

1986 Cagiva S2 R Side Engine

This example isn’t in absolutely perfect condition, with a few minor chips and scrapes and those aftermarket rear signals, but looks to have been well cared for all 2,500 miles, and the body panels appear to be in good shape, a serious concern when shopping for a weird budget bike.

From the original eBay listing: 1986 Cagiva S2 for Sale

Up for sale is a clean, and very rare 1986 Cagiva S2 125cc motorcycle. We are a multi-line motorcycle dealership, selling new BMW motorcycles in addition to Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and a few other brands. This Cagiva S2 125cc is both electric start (although there is no battery currently installed) & also kick start too.  Motorcycles like these are getting rarer & rarer each year & a bike like this deserves to be part of somebody’s Italian motorcycle collection!  This bike has not been started in the past 2-3 years, but was in great running condition last time it was on the road.

A hard to find and rare motorcycle like this needs to be preserved in this original condition.  This Cagiva has just over 2,517 miles and was previously registered in New Hampshire, which does not issue titles for motorcycles older than 1999.

1986 Cagiva S2 R Side

I’d expect parts to keep the engine running wouldn’t be difficult to obtain in this era of eBay, although shipping times could have you waiting a while. Bodywork however, could be a pain and/or expensive to ship, so while this will probably prove to be a cheap buy, don’t drop it or you might find yourself creating the world’s first S2 “streetfighter…”


1986 Cagiva S2 L Side

Rare Curiosity  in the USA: 1986 Cagiva Aletta Oro S2 for Sale
Ducati September 12, 2015 posted by

Raw Materials: 1987 Ducati F1 For Sale

1987 Ducati F1 L Front

Ducati’s 750 F1 was intended to closely resemble their competitive TT1 racebike, and was the very last bike introduced before the company was taken over by Cagiva, when Ducati was on the ropes financially. It was the very last of the old-school Ducatis, and is finally starting to find its value because of that.

1987 Ducati F1 R Rear2

The F1 displaced 749cc’s and produced a claimed 76hp with the typical 16″ front and 18″ rear combination for impressive agility. Unlike later Ducati’s, the F1 still featured the older, less compact carburetor configuration, instead of the more familiar arrangement with both carburetors situated in the vee of the engine.

1987 Ducati F1 Dash

There’s plenty of potential in these motorcycles and handling was exceptional, but that’s kind of the problem: it’s almost like Ducati assumed that they were selling roadbikes to race teams, who planned to tweak and tune and set them up to suit, instead of to normal, everyday consumers. It’s like they thought they were just supplying the raw materials out of which you could build a very nice sportbike.

1987 Ducati F1 L Fairing

This one looks to be in very nice condition, although as a display piece, you’d obviously have to put some work in before riding it.

From the original eBay listing: 1987 Ducati F1B for Sale

A complete frame up restoration. This bike retains all original equipment including mirrors, original brakes, turn signals, air box, two into one exhaust (stock exhaust available). Engine dismantled and serviced as required. New battery, tires, brake cylinder kits and more. Only displayed since being renovated. A show quality motorcycle. Lying in Ft Lauderdale inspections welcome. One of the last true Ducati custom designs.

I’m really not sure what “one of the last true Ducati custom designs” is supposed to mean: this is neither custom, nor the last of anything. And period tests were not especially kind to the F1, nor were they especially popular.

1987 Ducati F1 Controls

Sure, go find some nice, period suspension upgrades and have Loudbike tune your 750 for 100hp and you’ll have yourself a nice, vintage firebreather: air/oil-cooled Ducatis are fundamentally tough, race-bred motorcycles. But as stock, the F1 was a raw material than finished product. In spite of that, these early Pantah sportbikes have rocketed in value recently, so this might be a good investment or the perfect bike to complete your collection.


1987 Ducati F1 R Side

Raw Materials: 1987 Ducati F1 For Sale
Yamaha September 11, 2015 posted by

Cover Your Eyes ! – 1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition

Last seen here in 2010 with some 1,200 less miles, this FZR600 is as special as speed yellow and magenta.  Together.  A long-lived model built 1989-99, the FZR600 was the lightweight of the 600s, often winning the late braking segment and occasionally the overall shoot-out.  The Vance & Hines colors are a 1992-only edition, and at number 505 0f 636, this FZR600 offers great performance if only an apology to the pillion.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition right

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition for sale on eBay

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition left

Using a light-gauge steel Deltabox perimeter frame, the FZR600 kept the weight around 450 lbs. fueled, not bad for the time.  The carburetted 4-valve engine delivered 91 hp via a 6-speed transmission.  Yamaha’s EXUP controlled exhaust valve system was on some bikes in this era, but just as well not this one.  Dual disks in front of 298mm diameter, with single 214mm rear, are mounted to 17-inch wheels.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition front  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition seat

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition binnacle  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition rear

This Vance & Hines edition could use a detailing but looks good overall, having been mildly customized.  The color-coordinated seat looks great, and the rim edges have been polished.  Not sure the steering damper is factory, but it is Vance & Hines.  Exhaust system is polished and the owner states the engine is also, in the eBay auction:

– V&H SS2R Stainless Muffler
– V&H Stainless Steel Header
– K&N Intake Air Filters
– Has Rear Seat Cowling Cover
-Stabilizer Bar
-Engine Has been Polished
-Has Alarm
-Bike has custom neon lighting at night
-Has Come Seat with FZR in purple on back.  Comes with Original seat as well.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition left front wheel  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition right rear

Not to mention alarm system, neon lighting, and the world’s smallest banana wing on the tail cone.  The fairings look pretty good, and any mechanicals required should be easy.  With some judicious neatening up, you could have a single-year performer that could again be a show bike…


Cover Your Eyes ! – 1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition

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