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Ducati September 23, 2015 posted by

Featured Listing: Custom 2007 Ducati Sport Classic “Bella” for Sale

2007 Custom Sport Classic L Side Front

For some people building their dream bikes, the ideal is to create something that’s truly new, something that’s never been seen before. Others take a different approach, building something that looks basically original, but is just subtly different. They’re asking, “What if the factory kept building my favorite bike, but updated it to keep it modern?” Today’s featured Ducati Sport Classic is exactly that kind of machine.

2000 Custom Sport Classic R Side Rear

Mechanically, you’re looking at a twin-shock sporting Ducati powered by their venerable but very effective air and oil-cooled, two-valve Desmo L-twin engine with twin-plug “DualSpark” heads. Dead stock, the engine produced a claimed 92hp, with plenty of midrange and real-world poke. It’s considered by many to be one of the very best streetbike engines ever made, and the extended service intervals of more recent iterations make them reasonably economical to own as well.

2007 Custom Sport Classic Dash

The earliest examples of the Sport Classic actually featured a monoshock rear suspension, with a single shock offset to one side for a vintage look with modern performance. Later bikes switched to the actual twin-shock rear as seen here, although with the very bling-y Öhlins rear shocks, I’d expect this will still outhandle plenty of more mundane sportbikes.

2007 Custom Sport Classic R Side Tank

At a glance, this bike might look almost stock, but a closer look reveals a laundry list of subtle updates and modifications that should improve the performance and looks, but stay true to the original spirit of the bike.

From the Seller: Custom 2007 Ducati Sport Classic “Bella” for Sale

Most people are familiar with the Ducati Sport Classic line designed by Pierre Terblanche, but they may not realize that the inspiration for these icon motorcycles was one of his earlier projects, the MH900E Mike Hailwood tribute. This was a limited edition hand-built bike that was carefully assembled in a separate corner of the Ducati factory. It featured one-off details and a fit and finish that was not available in the rest of the regular mass-produced models.

My vision for the Bella project shares that ideal. I imagined what the Sport Classic would look like if it was produced today with high-tech changes, modern improvements, and upgrades that spared no expense. It would be given the same attention to detail and hand-built treatment as the MH900E while being indistinguishable from a bike coming from the Bologna factory. I wanted only the educated and discerning eye to be able to truly appreciate the countless subtle changes that went into building this original machine. For this reason, almost every part and feature that went into the bike was adapted from other modern, high performance Ducatis or the MH900E itself. At the same time it had to be classy and timeless; no billet parts or carbon fiber. From the featherweight 999R forged Marchisini wheels wrapped in sticky Pirelli rubber, to the Ohlins Superbike front end with Brembo brakes, everything there belongs on a Ducati.

Asking price: $35,000. Contact Joe for details

Full ground up restoration and customization with minor frame modifications
iPhone compatible Bluetooth ignition
1098 Digital dash w/ custom ECU firmware, mapping, and wiring harness
Ohlins 1098s forks w/ Brembo radial calipers
999s polished triple clamps and clip-ons
Ohlins dual rear shocks
Brembo radial brake and clutch master cylinders
999r forged Marchesini wheels
Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires
Hypermotard mini handlebar switchgear
MH900E polished reasets, frame plugs, and reservoir holders
One piece hand-formed aluminum solo tail section fabricated by Ill Eagle Designs
Matching hand-stitched suede leather seat and rear pad by New Church Moto
Custom undertail dual tipped exhaust
One piece front fairing w/ recessed LED headlight
Hidden indirect LED taillight and turn signals
Ballistic Lithium-ion batter
All aluminum engine and body parts hand polished and brushed

2007 Custom Sport Classic L Fairing Detail

You can’t go wrong with a red frame for your trellis-framed Ducati, and the builder obviously tried to keep the build “in the family,” using as many parts from other Ducati models to stay in the spirit of a “what if” build.

2007 Custom Sport Classic Rearset

Personally, I think the cone-style mufflers look a bit small, and although I like how the bifurcated headlight echoes both the Diavel’s unit and Ducati’s “D” logo, I’d prefer something just simple and round, but that’s just picking nits: this is a meticulously built, beautifully prepared, and sumptuously photographed motorcycle that looks like it flat works on the road.


2007 Custom Sport Classic L Side

Photographs used with permission by the seller. Photo Credit: Pierre Robichaud

Featured Listing: Custom 2007 Ducati Sport Classic “Bella” for Sale
Buell September 23, 2015 posted by

The Tools at Hand: 1991 Buell Westwind RS 1200/5 for Sale

1991 Buell RS1200 R Side

Given a clean sheet of paper and nearly unlimited resources, it’s no surprise when major manufacturers come up with good motorcycles. In fact, when you consider those factors, it’s shocking how often they get it wrong… But Buell had neither advantage in building his motorcycles and still managed to come up with some very interesting motorcycles. In fact, many of the most striking innovations in his early bikes like this Buell RS1200 were workarounds for the tall and heavy Harley powertrain he was using.

Too heavy? Save weight everywhere you can. Bulky non-unit engine and transmission? Centralize mass with a shock mounted under the engine. Vibey powerplant? Mount it using innovative heim joints that works like Norton’s “Isolastic” system to isolate the worst of the vibrations and allow a stiff package that doesn’t try to rattle the rider’s teeth loose. Worried about losing your girlfriend off the back? Don’t worry, the passenger seat cover doubles as a backrest!

1991 Buell RS1200 R Side2

Much of the bike’s detailing honestly looks custom up-close. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear those heim joints mounting the engine to the frame were aftermarket bits, but no, they were there from the factory, a measure of the quality components used to build these. Performance Machine is a brand often associated with Kustom Kruizer Kulture, but they make quality stoppers.

1991 Buell RS1200 Front Brake

And if the styling of this early Buell is, um… unconventional, the complete package exploits the antediluvian engine’s inherent power, torque, and character for a uniquely American take on a sport-touring motorcycle.

From the original eBay listing: 1991 Buell Westwind RS 1200/5 for Sale

I am the original owner of this Beautiful Red California RS 1200/5 Westwind. Purchased in 1991 From Fremont Harley Davidson in FremontCalifornia, it has 5289 miles on it and is in very good condition. It has a small scratch on the tank and fender. It has a small crack on the fairing. It needs to have the fork seals replaced. It is bone stock expect for the screaming eagle Dyna ignition. It fires right up and runs like new. It has been garaged and covered since new.

I take for granted that most of you know this is one of the hand-built, low production models, before they were mass produced and cranked out by the thousands on an assembly line. This was when Erik Buell owned the company. It has a unique 5 digit VIN number acceptable to the DMV. Most vehicles have a 17 digit number.

1991 Buell RS1200 Dash

There are no takers yet with a starting bid of $5,500 but plenty of time left on the auction. Whether you love his motorcycles or hate them, Erik’s obvious passion for motorcycling and innovative mind shine through in all of his bikes, and it’s a shame he’s had so much trouble. But it’s a testament to his talent that people keep trying to give his ideas a home, so let’s hope this new guy in Asbury Park can give Buell the stability he needs to keep making interesting machines.


1991 Buell RS1200 L Side

The Tools at Hand: 1991 Buell Westwind RS 1200/5 for Sale
Suzuki September 22, 2015 posted by

The other GSX-R: 1998 GSX-600R SRAD with 2800 miles

Its well established that the GSX-R 750 is one of the genesis bikes for any serious sportbike collector.  But the GSX-R range also included both the 1100cc and a 600cc series, and each has its devotees.   Here we have a pristine 1998 600cc version, which was the second generation version that that incorporated Suzuki’s radical redesign SRAD functionality.


The smaller Suzuki GSX-R had the same basic chassis as the 750cc model which was based on Suzuki’s RGV500 race bike so it’s not surprising the smaller GSX-R rode really well.  As for the engine, the 1996-1997 models were flat at the low end of the rev range but had lots of power at the top of the range.  Fortunately, this is a 1998 model, which is when Suzuki re-tuned the engine to give the 600cc edition more midrange.  Also, for a late 1990’s 600cc sportibke the GSX-R600 was surprisingly comfortable, with a pillion pad hidden beneath the rear cowling and excellent wind protection.  (NOTE:  But like a lot of late 1990’s sportbikes, a forward oriented riding position means wrists can ache after a while).

An excellent series of actual owners reviews can be read at by clicking here.


1998 Suzuki GSX-600R for sale on ebay

I can still remember when Suzuki re-launched the 600cc model with the the SRAD/Suzuki Ram Air Direct technology on it.  The GSX-R600 promptly laid waste to the rest of the 600cc class with its combination of light weight (384 pounds) and 96 hp and in some dealerships SRAD wasn’t the only four-letter word the competition was muttering. Basically the GSX-R600 was simply THE 600cc/middleweight sportbike to have.


This particular GSX-600R looks to be in really pristine shape but not everything is OEM.   A few non-stock parts are identified, including a double bubble screen, slip on yoshi exhaust and crash protectors.  The seller also states a previous owner cut the rear mudguard which ws a common modification back in 1998.  Also some paint is rubbed of the top the triple tree but otherwise the bike looks pretty much OEM/stock.

On the plus side, the seller appears to be a bit of a collector and is pretty clear in the auction description about the condition of the bike.   Some extra perks include some OEM parts being available and fresh rubber already installed.

Here is a summary of what the seller states

  • NEW Pilot Sport tires
  • New Yoshimura titanium slip on.  Bike will also come with the STOCK factory muffler if the buyer wants it.
  • Bike has had recent service, oil, all brake fluid
  • Has steel braided brake lines front and rear, frame sliders, and swing arm spools installed.
  • Carburetors have all new seals as well as the fuel pump.
  • Factory rear shock is installed, not the one in the pictures with the blue remote reservoir.
  • Right front turn signal stalk was cracked and I will replace it with a new stock one or I can compensate the buyer if he wants different signals.


Is the 2nd gen 600cc worht the $3,400 USD asking price?  Well the price is a bit higher than previous 2nd edition GSX-R600’s seem on ebay over the last 12 months.  But its important to recognize that all the 2nd generation Suzuki SRAD editions seem to be jumping up in value lately and the 600cc version is particularly hard to find in this condition.

Personally I think an offer of somewhere between $3000 and $3300 would be fair for both buyer and seller.   The new owner could perhaps relive a bit of their youth (has it really been over 17 years since this bike came out?  yikes!- MARTY) and then easily restore back to full OEM condition and enjoy some price appreciation.


The other GSX-R:  1998 GSX-600R SRAD with 2800 miles
Honda September 22, 2015 posted by

Arizona-Titled Two-Stroke: 1988 Honda NSR250R MC18 for Sale

1988 Honda NSR250R R Side

Here in the USA where torque, big, low-revving engines, and straight-line speed were the order of the day, corner-shredding 250cc race-replicas never stood a chance of being popular. But you always want what you can’t have, so quite a cult has grown up around bikes like this little Honda NSR250R.

1988 Honda NSR250R L Side Detail

Powered by a reed-valve, liquid-cooled 90° v-twin two, stroke with a six-speed casette-style gearbox, these are a far-cry from the “learner bike” stereotype often applied to bikes of this displacement. But racetrack-bred handling and a slim powerband mean there’s plenty of joy to be found wringing the neck of an NSR on a twisty road.

1988 Honda NSR250R Dash

Stock, these two-strokes were limited to just 45hp, although the MC18 is capable of another 15hp once de-restricted: with just 280lbs to push around, 60hp should make performance suitably entertaining. Improvements over the earlier MC16 included electronic PGM ignition, bigger carbs, and other updates to improve flexibility, something that’s generally lacking in two-strokes.

1988 Honda NSR250R R Side Rear

Bigger brakes, wider wheels, and uprated suspension rounded out the package and although the passenger seat and headlight scream “practical transportation” they’re largely ornamental and this bike is best for back-road blasts and track days.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Honda NSR250R MC18 for Sale

Up for sale is a legally-imported NSR250.   The bike was imported by me this year along with 2 other bikes, I have decided I don’t need all 3 so here is your chance to get a very clean example of a 1988 NSR250 MC18.

The bike runs great, it has 9517 original KILOMETERS (title shows a miles, as that is how they measure here, but is in KM, which makes it about 6,000 original miles from 1988.   The bike is clean and has the original fairings which fared well over the years, but do have minimal cracks and scrapes.   The gas tank is very clean with no trace of rust inside.  The bike starts well and the oil injection works great, I have only used synthetic oil and the 2 stroke smoke is not bad at all.

As for performance, this is a blast.  Even though this is a 250cc it is NOT a beginner motorcycle, it puts out a lot of power in the high RPMs (for any of you who rode a 2 stroke are probably familiar with). The bike goes through all gears with no issue, all lights work, it is a good running cycle.

This bike is street legal in Arizona, all turn signals and lights work, etc.  The speedometer is in kilometers per hour, there are conversions available, however, I just used a free cell phone application to monitor speed.  Please check with your local DMV if there are any concerns regarding the speedometer cluster, etc.   A clear Arizona title is provided.

1988 Honda NSR250R Rear Wheel

The seller also helpfully includes a video of the bike running. 

These aren’t especially rare in the UK and Japan, but few ever made it to these shores. With prices on sporty two-strokes low in their original markets and demand rising for them here in the USA where they represent tasty, tasty forbidden fruit, many are finding their way over here in less-than-stellar condition. This one isn’t perfect, but minor cracks and bits of wear aside, it looks like a very solid example, assuming the reserve is set reasonably.

It’d be nice to know if the bike has been de-restricted and you should definitely do your homework if you plan to run this on the street: the Arizona DMV may be more permissive than your own.


1988 Honda NSR250R L Side

Arizona-Titled Two-Stroke: 1988 Honda NSR250R MC18 for Sale
Bimota September 21, 2015 posted by

Affordable Exotic: 1997 Bimota SB6R in South Africa

1997 Bimota SB6R R Side Front

The idea behind the SB6 is classic Bimota: take a dead-reliable, honking big Japanese engine and wrap it in a sexy, lightweight frame, drape with carbon bodywork, and fit top-shelf suspension at both ends. Unfortunately, by the mid-1990’s, Japan had well caught up to the Europeans in terms of handling and, although their bikes sometimes had a bit of a “mass-produced” air about them, they certainly performed.

1997 Bimota SB6R R SideSo Bimota started down the path of making their bikes “more exotic” rather than actually faster. Luckily, the SB6 was based around Suzuki’s slightly lardy GSX-R1100 so the resulting machine was almost 90lbs lighter. Certainly it followed the Bimota template in every other area, with a gorgeous frame, sleek bodywork, fully adjustable Öhlins shock, huge Paioli forks, and a self-supporting carbon-fibre seat unit.

1997 Bimota SB6R L Side Rear

With 150 or so horsepower from the 1074cc engine and light weight, the bike was a scorching performer and a big seller for Bimota, with 1,700 made, including the 600 “R” models like the one shown here. This one is available in South Africa and includes the desirable Corse exhausts that look pretty sharp and should make the bike sound a bit more exotic to match the wild looks.

1997 Bimota SB6R Tail

From the original eBay listing: 1997 Bimota SB6R for Sale

Italian design flair combined with Japanese reliability makes this one of the most desirable motorcycles in the world. Powered by the legendary Suzuki GSX-R 1100 engine and weighing in at almost 40 Kg lighter the Bimota ticks all the right boxes. This exotic bike a great investment as there were only 600 built with the “R” designation.

1997 Bimota SB6R Front Wheel

Although the seller references the “reliable exotic” trope, the reality isn’t quite so simple. The SB6 is certainly easier to maintain than a Ducati or MV Agusta, but Bimotas of the period are notorious for those annoying little “Italian bike foibles:” bits vibrating loose, electrics failing, a fairing that can push back into the headlight unit and crack at speeds over 140mph. You know: little things.

1997 Bimota SB6R Dash

Earlier SB6 bodywork used a pair of round lamps and I do like that look, but this later design with a VeeDue-style headlight and “speed holes” reminiscent of a CBR900RR is very distinctive. I appreciate Bimota’s desire to use their bespoke dash, but they are far from reliable. I think I’d just rip it out anyway and fit some kind of cool race-style dash or Motogadget unit.

1997 Bimota SB6R Rear Wheel

When new, these things were stupidly expensive. Now, like the MV Agusta F4, a nice SB6 can be had for basically peanuts. Of course you can buy a modern bike that will eat an SB6 for lunch, but you won’t look nearly as good doing it, and there’s something to be said for pride of ownership. These certainly aren’t perfect bikes, but if you don’t mind dealing with a few quirks, the SB6 represents a pretty serious bargain right now.


1997 Bimota SB6R L Side

Affordable Exotic: 1997 Bimota SB6R in South Africa
Kawasaki September 21, 2015 posted by

Second Time on RSBFS? 1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1


I spotted this bike last night and a quick image search of the site reveals that this bike was first shown back in 2011 when Doug was still a contributor on the site. The first picture is the same one used in the original ad. It is now on the east coast, has a few more miles, and a much higher asking price than 4 years ago. Check out the original post and then check out the current auction.


$_57 (1)

1996 Kawasaki ZX 7RR N1 for sale on eBay

from the seller:

I have for sale a 1996 zx7rr, zx750n , this is number 71, they are very rare, this bike has 5839 miles on it, the bike is in very good condition for its age, the bike starts right up and rides great,
I got it out of an estate sale ,
The motorcycle is registered in my name, title in hand, I have the stock fender, turn signals, brake light.

I have a buy it now ,please make reasonable offers , the first reasonable offer will take it

Second Time on RSBFS?  1996 Kawasaki ZX-7RR N1
Ducati September 20, 2015 posted by

Gilded Lily: 2000 Ducati 996 SPS for Sale

2000 Ducati 996 SPS L Side

Perhaps the most iconic version of an already iconic bike, the Ducati 996 SPS wasn’t just a carbon-covered “limited edition” named after some famous person that may or may not have had a passing relationship with the brand. It was an homologation special, with just enough built to allow specific bits like adjustable steering heads and engine internals to be used for racing.

2000 Ducati 996 SPS Cockpit

The SPS was the highest-specification roadgoing Ducati during the period. The bike featured lightweight wheels, improved suspension, and an adjustable steering head, along with an uprated engine. That engine displaced a genuine 996cc and put out somewhere in the neighborhood of 120hp.

2000 Ducati 996 SPS Tank

In typical Ducati fashion, the bike is faster than it feels when ridden back-to-back with the 750cc inline fours against which it was competing, the fat midrange torque and lower redline making it feel deceptively lazy. But these are serious performance motorcycles from an era before traction control, selectable ABS, and other rider aids and should provide thrills-a-plenty, even for riders weaned on modern literbikes.

2000 Ducati 996 SPS R Side Engine

Although the 996 values are currently at a low-ebb, the fact that this is a genuine SPS obviously means it will command a premium over the regular bikes. The seller says that these were never road legal, which I hadn’t heard but regardless, an SPS is a rare sight for sale in form, for road or track.

From the original eBay listing: 2000 Ducati 996SPS for Sale

Bikes like these don’t come along every day.  What I have for sale is a 2000 Ducati 996 SPS.  This is one of the last of the Massimo Tamburini designed motorcycles, and the last year for the 996.  This bike has been loved and well taken care of.  It has all of its services (including replacing the rockers per Ducati instructions).  There were 80 of these made for the USA in 2000, and they came into the USA as race only bikes, not for road use.  I have managed to get this titled for road use in the USA.  This is a very low mile example with only 3300 miles.  Bike has never been raced.

I have done some work, but in most cases still have the original parts.

I have upgraded some carbon:
snorkel tubes
rear fender
front fender

I have added aluminum rear sets, reservoirs 

I have upgraded the clutch disc

I have new mirrors with integrated turn signals

Lots of pictures attached, you can see the level of detail on the bike.  Comes with two bike covers, and front and rear bike stands.

2000 Ducati 996 SPS Tail

The question is why the owner of this particular SPS felt the need to festoon it with some of the more questionable items from the Rizoma catalog. I happen to think Rizoma makes some cool stuff, but you’ve gotta use that catalog judiciously or your bike starts to get that “parts hanger” look. And really, the SPS doesn’t need much in the way of “personalization” and probably should have been left alone…

That being said, the changes are completely bolt-on and cosmetic, so the next owner can and should probably return the bike to a more stock appearance.

There’s not much in the way of bidding and there’s just about 24 hours left on the auction. I’m not sure what other SPS’ have been selling for, but $9,000 seems on the low side for a clean homologation bike like this.


2000 Ducati 996 SPS Number

Gilded Lily: 2000 Ducati 996 SPS for Sale
Bimota September 18, 2015 posted by

Built for Two: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side

Although they built their reputation around their race-spec bikes, Bimota also built plenty of street-biased bikes. There’s obviously no real racing class for a bike like the Bimota YB5, powered as it was by Yamaha’s 1188cc FJ1200 engine and 5 speed transmission.

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side Rear

But while it may not have been eligible for any race series, the YB5 had a couple aces up its sleeve. One was that massively torquey engine. The other was something you don’t often see on a Bimota: a set of pillion pegs matched to a passenger seat!


So while this probably wouldn’t be an ideal bike for long-distance touring, it’s nice to know you can head out to a local bike night to show off not just your taste in bikes, but your taste in significant others as well.

1988 Bimota YB5 R Side Fairing

While Bimota was obviously famous for their lightweight construction and, although it was more than 50lbs less than the donor machine, the YB5 still weighed in at 463lbs dry. The frame was based on their SB4 and period testers reveled in the bike’s nearly magical combination of stability and agility, traits that, when combined with the flexible engine, make it an ideal sportbike for road-biased riders.

1988 Bimota YB5 Rear Wheel

The original YB5 used 18″ wheels with low-profile tires, although this one looks like it’s been fitted with a set of 17″ wheels from Technomagnesio.

From the original eBay listing: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale

Rare chance to own a Bimota YB5,  one of only 208 units built.
Has been in climate controlled collection for past 10 years.  (thinning the collection)
Mileage  10,651
Condition very good,  but will need new
tune-up, etc.
All stock motor and exhaust. (FJ1200 motor)
Rare Special option Brembo technomagnesio wheels
please note:  stock “suicide” side stand and several small blemishes in fairing.

1988 Bimota YB5 L Side Fairing Damage

So it’s not pristine shape, but has obviously been well cared for. The bike has attracted little interest so far, with one bid at $6,500 and the reserve apparently met. Bimotas are often thought of as hideously expensive exotica, but many of the mid to late 80’s bikes sell for a relative song, considering their rarity. And because the engines and transmissions are all from common Japanese bikes, you should be able to keep one running for peanuts. Body panels can be an issue, but for the price, they represent a serious exotica bargain.


1988 Bimota YB5 L Side

Built for Two: 1988 Bimota YB5 for Sale

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