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Cover Your Eyes ! – 1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition

Last seen here in 2010 with some 1,200 less miles, this FZR600 is as special as speed yellow and magenta.  Together.  A long-lived model built 1989-99, the FZR600 was the lightweight of the 600s, often winning the late braking segment and occasionally the overall shoot-out.  The Vance & Hines colors are a 1992-only edition, and at number 505 0f 636, this FZR600 offers great performance if only an apology to the pillion.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition right

1992 Yamaha FZR600 Vance & Hines Edition for sale on eBay

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition left

Using a light-gauge steel Deltabox perimeter frame, the FZR600 kept the weight around 450 lbs. fueled, not bad for the time.  The carburetted 4-valve engine delivered 91 hp via a 6-speed transmission.  Yamaha's EXUP controlled exhaust valve system was on some bikes in this era, but just as well not this one.  Dual disks in front of 298mm diameter, with single 214mm rear, are mounted to 17-inch wheels.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition front  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition seat

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition binnacle  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition rear

This Vance & Hines edition could use a detailing but looks good overall, having been mildly customized.  The color-coordinated seat looks great, and the rim edges have been polished.  Not sure the steering damper is factory, but it is Vance & Hines.  Exhaust system is polished and the owner states the engine is also, in the eBay auction:

- V&H SS2R Stainless Muffler
- V&H Stainless Steel Header
- K&N Intake Air Filters
- Has Rear Seat Cowling Cover
-Stabilizer Bar
-Engine Has been Polished
-Has Alarm
-Bike has custom neon lighting at night
-Has Come Seat with FZR in purple on back.  Comes with Original seat as well.

20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition left front wheel  20150910 1992 yamaha fzr600 vance & hines edition right rear

Not to mention alarm system, neon lighting, and the world's smallest banana wing on the tail cone.  The fairings look pretty good, and any mechanicals required should be easy.  With some judicious neatening up, you could have a single-year performer that could again be a show bike...



  • You might want to put ‘claimed’ next to that 91hp figure.

  • I see this and I hear sting singing “IIIII WANT MYYY MMMMM TTTT VVVVVEEEEEE!!!” and then the dire straits riff kicks in

  • I’ll get your Hypercolor t-shirt washed and ready.

  • Geez. And I thought my stock V&H was hard to look at sometimes. That wing and those painted footpeg/ fairing brackets are pretty guido for sure.

  • Says it has an alarm…..why? Doesn’t that colour negate the need for an alarm?

    “Custom neon lighting”…..Lol

  • I have a 95 FZR with the dual headlights, to me they look much better than the fox eye. Yea that 91 HP is a stretch, my butt dyno tells me 75. 4500 is a bit of a stretch, maybe 3ooo to 3500 would be more realistic.

    • Agreed. I sold my restored V&H for $3800. It was in a more “stock” vs. Guido state.

      Def more like 75-80 rwhp, even with an exhaust and proper jetting.

  • Got one… It doesn’t have enough power to pull a sick whore out of bed, and handles like a shopping cart, but, it is a fun bike. Funner than a Mantra, fo’-sho’…


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