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BMW September 4, 2015 posted by

Blowout: 3 different 2009 BMW HP2 Sports for sale

This is a quick post as it covers multiple listings of a fairly rare bike, the BMW HP2 Sport which was one of BMW’s sport efforts before the S1000.   These aren’t very common in the USA; from what I have been able to find over its 2008-2010 production lifespan, approximately 2141 were built but only about 216 coming into the USA during the 3 year period.

For anyone not familiar with the HP2 sport, check out the link here.  You can also review some previous posts of these on RSBFS by Tad D by clicking here

Here is the first one, with 3232 miles and some nice carbon pieces


2009 BMW HP2 (first one)

Here is the second one, located in Illinois.  Mileage on this one is only 1851 miles!

hp sport #2

2009 BMW HP2 (second one)

Here is the 3rd one with even lower mileage of 1034 miles, located in Santa Monica California.  Like the first it seems to have some carbon fiber accents added.  This one seems to be being sold by a dealer.

hp sport #3

2009 BMW HP2 Sport (3rd one)

Previous posts of these seem to indicate a going price of around 11,000 but those were higher mileage.   I have to admit these have grown on me over the last couple of years and I would like to ride one to see what they are like.   IF one of these are something you have been looking for, this seems like a great opportunity.


Blowout:  3 different 2009 BMW HP2 Sports for sale
Bimota September 3, 2015 posted by

Mercifully Rare? 1998 Bimota Mantra for Sale

1998 Bimota Mantra R Side

Bimota made their name building lean, spare, race-oriented bikes with only the barest nods to streetability. So the DB3 Mantra was a bit of a left-turn for them, as it was purely meant to be a road bike and had no track pretensions. Unfortunately, released from the requirement to make the bike aerodynamic for speed and simple for ease-of-maintenance, the stylists went a little bit… mad with the looks of the bike.

1998 Bimota Mantra Dash

The walnut dash, while a beautifully-finished piece, is a bit out-of-step with the sporty image Bimota had been cultivating up until this point. I mean, does a twin really need four exhaust pipes? Aside from being heavy, they look pretty low-slung. I realize the early Monsters aren’t exactly known for the impressive lean-angles they can generate, but I bet they’ve got the Mantra beat easily, although Bimota’s superior suspension probably makes angles up to that point much more pleasant. And period reviews back this up, describing the handling in very positive, if somewhat limited terms.

1998 Bimota Mantra R Side Tank

But the motor is classic Ducati v-twin, with character, power, and torque. The frame is light and stiff. And it’s rare, with just 454 ever made, although by Bimota standards, that’s actually pretty high-volume.

From the original CraigsList posting: 1998 Bimota Mantra for Sale

For sale 1998 Bimota Mantra, about 50 of this model in the US. About 10 were red the rest were painted yellow, this is an investment bike. Want to know more about this bike Google “1998 Bimota Mantra.” All deals cash only. I have 10 classic Italian motorcycles for sale if you are looking for something else.

1998 Bimota Mantra L Side Tail

The bike has 12,000 miles on the clock, which means it’s been properly used, and while the photos are somewhat poor, it looks like the carbon is glossy and the paint is shiny. And I don’t care what Marty thinks: I like that wood dash!

1998 Bimota Mantra R Side engine

So is it worth $9,000? Well that’s not much money for a Bimota and, considering how few were made, you won’t see yourself coming and going. You’ll certainly be the focal point of any bike gathering, for better or for worse, and the air/oil-cooled Ducati underpinnings mean it’s reliable and easy to maintain, apart from unobtainable bodywork.

If you don’t plan to thrash your purchase and have a thick skin impervious to the barbs of riders jealous of your exquisite taste, this might make the perfect affordable exotic!


1998 Bimota Mantra L Side

Mercifully Rare? 1998 Bimota Mantra for Sale
Triumph September 3, 2015 posted by

Red Arrow – 2003 Triumph Daytona 955i

Renamed the 955i in 1999 after the confusing introduction as the T595, Triumph’s big triple had Lotus engineering under the bodywork.  A re-design in 2002 ( the 100th year of Triumph motorcycles ) resulted in 149 hp and a less generic fairing design.  The Daytona maintained the strong dual-tube perimeter frame and re-introduced the alloy single-sided swingarm.

20150903 2003 triumph daytona 955i right front

2003 Triumph Daytona 955i

20150903 2003 triumph daytona 955i left

With forged steel crank and connecting rods, and forged aluminum pistons, the 955i could cope with 12:1 compression and nearly 11,000 rpm.  Handling the 155 mph are conventional forks and rear monoshock, kept in check by 320mm dual front disks with 220mm rear.  The fairings and carbon infill panels by transportation designer Gareth Davies hang together very well, the carbon complementing the black seat.  Close to 450 lbs. fueled, the 955i tested steady and smoothly powerful if not super quick.

20150903 2003 triumph daytona 955i right rear

Offered by a Milwaukee dealer, there are lots of photos of the Daytona and it looks very good.  Substantially stock, it does have an aftermarket 3-into-1 exhaust with carbon muffler, which is nice with the other carbon details.  Tires appear to be about half-life, on those racey white wheels.  From the eBay auction:

The Daytona 955i remains one of the few true superbikes to offer a rare combination of astonishing performance and maximum usability. Delivering 147bhp from its fuel-injected 955cc engine, the sheer drive from the second generation three-cylinder power unit remains one of its most alluring characteristics. Not to mention that the three-cylinder engine provides a unique sound that stands out in a crowd of four-cylinder sportbikes.

20150903 2003 triumph daytona 955i binnacle  20150903 2003 triumph daytona 955i left fairing detail

20150903 2003 triumph daytona 955i right seat detail  20150903 2003 triumph daytona 955i right front wheel

With just over 14,000 miles, this 955i is ready for a lot more fun.  The bodywork is in nice shape, with no apparent incidents.  No telling what the reserve might be, but if the service history could be developed ( or some maintenance negotiated ) this superbike might just be an excellent value.  All it needs is a white stripe, a larger Union Jack and maybe a roundel or two…

20150903 red arrows



Red Arrow – 2003 Triumph Daytona 955i
Bimota September 2, 2015 posted by

La Piccolina – 1988 Bimota YB7

Quite rare stateside, the Yamaha 400-four powered Bimota YB7 might be the exotic you feel safe sending your girlfriend out on.  While most of the 321 production models went to Japan ( due to insurance regulations ), a handful has found there way here.  Though you can wind it out in every gear, the feather weight makes the YB7 probably Bimota’s most streetable bike.

20150902 1988 bimota yb7 left detail

1988 Bimota YB7 for sale on eBay

20150902 1988 bimota yb7 right

Reporting 65 hp at 12,000 rpm, you have to get deep into the 4-valve inline four to go places.  But you’re not swimming alone – clearly oversized aluminum perimeter frame is welded to billet connectors, with matching aluminum swingarm.  42mm Marzocchi forks are followed by Ohlins monoshock, all kept in check by dual 280mm front disks, 230mm rear.  The headline news at the first corner is the “vintage” weight of around 350 lbs., making this a thoroughly flickable ride.

20150902 1988 bimota yb7 left front

From the stable of a Conn. collector, this Bimota has under 5,000 miles, not a boatload of eBay photos, but some good information in the auction:

Only 320 units made for the world wide market it is believed that less than 20 were delivered to the United States making this a very rare jewel.  Most of the production went to Japan where the 400cc motor capacity was the largest bike you could ride at the time.  This is a wicked cool little bike.  It features the hand welded  huge aluminum beam frame that Bimota is known for as well as the top quality Marzoochi/Ohlins suspension, massive Brembo brakes and Bimota spec OSCAM wheels.   For power you got a screaming 14,000rpm Yamaha  FZR400SP power plant.  Cool thing about this bike is you can sit on it and touch the ground flat footed if you are under 5’5″.  My wife and daughter both rode this with no problem.  I’m 5’11” and it fit me perfectly.  It’s so dam light at about 325lbs. It flicks from side to side so quickly its amazing. Probably the most fun bike to ride in my whole collection. This particular bike came to me a few years back from it’s first owner.  It’s in real nice condition.  It has not ever been crashed but a couple scratched on the left  side motor cover and the bar end say it did fall over once.  That is more than likely due to the suicide Ducati style retracing side stand. (stupid design!)  Anyway the bodywork is very nice with no breaks it has a few stress cracks but certainly completely showable.  I would rate it a 8 out of 10.  Not museum quality like my other listed Bimota’s but very very nice. This bike was recently serviced and runs perfect.

20150902 1988 bimota yb7 left

Sporting the classy white with red and gold, the dual-headlight fairing is looking good.  Pete says it fits him nicely at 5’11”, though a backpack would be handy with the monoposto seat fairing.  If you can stick with the bigger-bike guys to the start of the twisties, the little YB7 will show its specialty.  With a road title this is certainly a rare opportunity, and on the east coast…

20150902 1988 bimota yb7 shop


La Piccolina – 1988 Bimota YB7
Suzuki September 2, 2015 posted by

New Old Stock: 2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 for Sale With Just 294 Miles!

2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 R Side Front

At some point, I think I’m doomed to buy a K4 GSX-R1000: when I go to track days, it seems like all the older riders are using them, and it won’t be all that long before I’m one of those grizzled old track rats. But do they get them as retirement gifts from Social Security? Do their spouses think that a nice, used motorcycle will keep them out of trouble? Do they figure that everyone in the pits will have a spare clip-on or shift lever lying around in the event of a low-side? Or do they just know that, for all the stories about “bland” Japanese motorcycles, 164hp in a 450lb package is plenty exciting and all you’ll ever need to go fast…

2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 L Side

The K4/K5 Gixxers are considered by many to be the pinnacle of modern sportbike development. Later machines might make more outright power, but lack the fat midrange of these earlier bikes, and their cable-operated throttles offer up an almost perfect connection to the rear wheel. Traction control may save your bacon when you get it wrong, but for purists, there’s nothing like the feel and control of working without a net.

2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Dash

These are weirdly Jekyll and Hyde motorcycles, among the best in period at both trackday apex-strafing and, paradoxically at sport-touring. The riding position is aggressive, yet humane and the huge midrange from the 1000cc four-cylinder means you can surf the torque and worry more about your line and braking points than on gear selection, instead of chasing revs like you would on a v-twin Panigale.

Wrap your brain around that for a moment.

2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 L Side Rear Wheel

That torque works just as well on the road, where midrange power and flexibility are far more important than top-end power, especially on unfamiliar roads. The K4 GSX-R1000 won plenty of “best of” competitions when it was introduced and has developed quite a following since.

So what about this one? Did we mention it has only 294 miles and is in virtually perfect condition?

From the original eBay listing: 2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 for Sale

This bike is in Near Mint Condition.  294 Original miles. You are probably wondering how this bike only has 294 miles? Long story short it was purchased new and never ridden! The bike has had a major service done in the last couple years.

 Tires are new with 65 miles on them. Everything is stock and still has the warning stickers on it.

This bike is pristine shape and I doubt you’ll ever see another one in the same condition with the same or less miles.

2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 R Side Front Wheel

Bidding is active but still only up to around $2,500 with plenty of time left to go. It may be too soon for these to command any real prices, even with such low miles. If you lusted after one of these in high school but didn’t have the cash or the skill to ride one, this is basically your second chance at the one that got away. It’s basically brand-new, although you’d likely want new tires and replace those annoyingly rubber stock brake lines at the very least.

These are bullet-proof motorcycles, so do a basic service to make sure this thing is roadworthy, then go put some miles on!


2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 R Side

New Old Stock: 2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000 for Sale With Just 294 Miles!
Moto Guzzi September 2, 2015 posted by

Glossy Black – 1995 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100

Following the final Le Mans model in 1993, Moto Guzzi introduced a similarly-styled model with an 1100cc engine.  Guzzi had tested the waters for a 1000cc 4-valve overhead cam Daytona model in 1992-93 and decided there were still a couple of good years in a carburetted pushrod machine.  With a revised frame and rear suspension, it was a fine platform for the 90 hp engine.  Not seen every day in black, the glossy forks and swingarm are a great look.

20150831 1995 moto guzzi sport 1100 right

1995 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 for sale on eBay

20150831 1995 moto guzzi sport 1100 left rear

A couple of changes from other bikes in the Guzzi line-up from those years – absent is the linked brake system, possibly attempting to be more basic and sporty.  The 320mm  front and 283mm rear disk are up to the task of hauling down the 500 lb. machine.  Also the hip upside-down forks were traded for a more conventional 41mm fork tuned by White Power.  They also did the rear monoshock, which suspends the new Compact Reactive Drive Shaft ( CARC in Italian ), a parallelogram which helps isolate the force of the shaft drive from the suspension.  Though not super sporty, the hallmark shaft drive is maintenance-free.

20150831 1995 moto guzzi sport 1100 left frame detail

The 1100 here shows well and the present owner knows the previous owner and the bike’s history, always a good thing.  Mileage at 13,000 is mid-pack.  Generally stock, it does have a Corbin seat and aftermarket exhaust with carbon mufflers, and new tires.  From the eBay auction:

This is a fairly rare bike. Very original and in exceptional condition. There are minor cosmetic imperfections from normal use but the bike has obviously been well looked after for its entire life. I know the history of it going back many years having bought it from a good friend who owned it for a long time.  The bike is largely original with the exception of the Corbin seats and a single gel battery conversion.  It also presently has a Brembo Gold front brake master cylinder on it as the original (included) needs to be re-built. It has a nice full aftermarket exhaust with an extremely nice OEM exhaust included.

20150831 1995 moto guzzi sport 1100 binnacle

He goes on to say that the front brake light switch isn’t working but expects to repair it, and that the rear main seal was suspected of fouling the clutch but is working fine after an adjustment.

20150831 1995 moto guzzi sport 1100 cockpit

The 1100 Sport tested well at the time, a stable platform with lots of torque, the 17-inch front wheel aiding turn-in.  The revised rear suspension reduced the tendency of the rear suspension to extend under power, but made the torque effect of the big twin more noticeable, an improvement to a knowing rider.  The sculpted fairing, tank, airbox, and seat fairing all work well together ( especially in black with the classic red and gold emblems ) creating a strong, handsome presence.  The Sport 1000 is great mix of classic Guzzi character and modern components…


Glossy Black – 1995 Moto Guzzi Sport 1100
Yamaha September 1, 2015 posted by

So Fresh and So Clean: Unrestored 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Unrestored R Side Front

Yamaha’s RZ500 was known in some markets as the RD500LC, but by any name, it was one of the weirdest and wildest sports machines ever built. The twin-crank, liquid-cooled two-stroke V4 featured a set of torque-boosting YPVS powervalves and standard Autolube oil-injection so riders could worry less about premix and more about handling what was one of the most heart-attack serious bikes of the period.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Unrestored Lower L Fairing

A six-speed gearbox put power to the 18″ rear wheel that had its motions damped by a rear shock mounted under the engine, Buell-style, because the rear expansion chambers needed somewhere to live.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Unrestored R Side

Forks of course used an anti-dive system that seemed to be required equipment for virtually every 1980’s Japanese sportbike to help keep the front wheel in contact with the road.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Unrestored Clocks

Although power-to-weight ratio meant the bike was For Professionals Only, the RZ was surprisingly civilized: the engine used a balance shaft that was intended to reduce vibration and allow the frame and brackets to be more lightly constructed, saving weight, but also had the side-effect of making the RZ smoother than Suzuki’s RG500. Unfortunately “civilized” sort of defeated the purpose of the whole exercise, and performance nuts generally prefer the wilder RG.

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Unrestored Rear Wheel

The seller claims that this is “probably one of the nicest you’ll find,” and from photos it certainly looks that way. Head on over to the original listing for additional photos and plenty of close-up shots.

From the original eBay listing: 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

Selling my 1985 Yamaha RZ500. I am the first registered owner. This bike was purchased new by JO-CO Motors Yamaha in Overland Park Kansas for one of there employees. They had to pick it up in Canada since the RZ500 wasn’t sold in the US. He put 4,450 miles on it before he parked it in 1988. I bought it from him in 2009. He had never titled it. I went thought the necessary steps to get a clean MO. title in my name. So I am the first registered owner. He told me the motor would have to be torn down and inspected sense it hasn’t been started in 21 years. The upper crank bearing sits dry and could seize from not being oiled. I contacted Bill at Wilson Performance an expert with RZ500 and he said the same thing. I took the motor to him on 11/09/2010 and he did a top to bottom rebuild. There was nothing wrong with the motor other than the upper crank bearing. I have receipts for all the work he did. He finished the motor on 8/18/2011. Bill was very helpful getting it dialed in. It start’s on the first kick and run’s perfect.

Now on to the bike:

It’s probably one of the nicest 500 you’ll find. This bike is “unrestored”. Nothing has been refinished or repainted. There is no rust in or on the tank. Even the tires are original. It shows 7566 KM which is 4698 miles. I have the original exhaust, Manuals and spare parts. It has a rare steering dampener and the fox shock on the rear end. 

1985 Yamaha RZ500 Unrestored Lower R Fairing

Having just seen one for the first time in the flesh over the weekend, I was surprised how small they are. The styling is pretty bulbous when seen in photos, but it’s all very compact and purposeful when viewed in person. And while the Yammie may have lost out when directly compared to the Suzuki RG500 in terms of outright peformance, these are still extremely collectible and have very dedicated fans. More refined, but still pretty raucous when compared to modern four-stroke fours, the RZ offers up plenty of performance and thrills for fans of 1980’s hardware.

If you’re a Yamaha fan, or a vintage racebike fan, you should head on over to and check out the TZ750 currently listed there.


1985 Yamaha RZ500 Unrestored L Side

So Fresh and So Clean: Unrestored 1985 Yamaha RZ500 for Sale

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