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Midlands Masterpiece: 2002 Spondon Framed TZ250

tz righttz left

Can the boys in the midlands of the U.K. improve on what came from the engineers in Japan?  I’m not aware that there were ever things lacking with late model TZ250 frames but Spondon took a swing at improving on the design.  Whatever the case, the whole unit makes for some serious stroker eye candy.

I’ll skip my incredibly witty small talk and lets see what we have here:

2002 spondon tz250, ex derick welch.
Not raced since 2007 just paraded and kept in my collection.
Spec as is.
Spondon frame and swingarm, carbon dymag wheels, double core kit radiator, kit cylinders new in 2007 very low miles since then, kit ignition, kit pipes, 2003 on airbox and fairings, 7 position curve map, ohlins damper, maxton front and rear suspension, Brembo m,cylinder, setup for avgas so ultra reliable, maintained by dennise trollpe thoughout its life as he was sponsoring him, plenty of data, for most uk circuts.

This bike clocked over 160 mph at the nw200 in 2007 and won and set the outright lap record at aberdare park against the likes of ian lougher and chris palmer.

This bike was reported to be around 100 bhp, from derick himself.

Comes with Spare fairing and seat unit, Some jets, spare battery, bars

This is a championship winning bike ready to race.>


tz front

What RSBFS reader can provide the details:  Spondon vs. stock frame?


tz arm

 That swing arm looks down right spindly compared to the stock TZ unit but a dead giveaway that it is a Spondon frame.  Visually, the chambers are art.


tz rad

 Oh, if I could only see this without the bodywork.  I think it would satisfy my radiator fetish quite nicely.  My bucket list would include a spin on a professionally prepped and tuned two stroke.



tz rear If you happen to have 14,000 GBP (approx. $22,000) sitting in a jar from your last trip to the U.K. you are in luck my friend.

 Here is the classified ad





  • What a beautiful, unique, and hard core focused race machine. Epic want.

  • […] […]

  • Hi Ian

    Yes it looks a beauty. However, my knowledge of TZ’s harks back to the late 70’s to early 90’s and detail of the ‘later’ kit not so good. I thought the price point was a little north, but it is a rare find I guess.

    We sometimes find that in the uk some things are not always as they seem. Which can be frustrating sometimes. I just wonder if the current ‘owner’ is kiting this around.

    Perhaps I may look and your blog is certainly useful


  • Hi guy’s im the current owner of the spondon tz250 thats sitting outside my shop,
    “And no im not kiting it around”, iv’ decided to keep it as i wont find another like this one.. i have 2 others aswell note in the back ground in pic no1.
    im racing it this year and had a win on it this sunday 26th may.
    ill post you some naked pics of it then….
    cheers simon.

  • OK Simon, I’m going to hold you to the promise of more pics! Feel free to post them on our Facebook page.

  • how do i post pics then.

  • You can post directly on our Facebook page or you could email me and I could post them there for you.

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