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East Coast Opportunity: 1998 Honda RS125

rs left


A clean looking Honda RS125, proudly flying the Honda wing, is looking for a new owner in Holden, MA.  Not that you never see them but they are definitely  a rarer bread on the east coast.  Hey, save on the shipping cost and stock up on VP and Motul.


rs left rear


Looks like it is sporting a much sleeker later model (2004?) tail.

Are you wondering about spares though?  The seller claims a healthy amount that includes:

Seat foam, Frame sliders, Crank seals, Cylinder, Head Gaskets, Crank, Magneto Cover Battle Shifter, Battle Box, Bearings, Exhaust, Rear Sprockets, Reeds, Base Gasket, Chain, Water Pump Gasket, Used Clutch, Subframe, Reed Cage, Brake Pads, Tire Warmers, Front and Rear Stands


rs right

No mention from the seller on what possible mods it has had.  The starting bid is $5,500 on the little ring dinger.


Here is the auction.



  • RS125’S are not all that rare in New England. No real mention of motor condition or race history. The spare list does not justify the price on this one.

  • Is it still for sale? And able to ship to canada if out of countrylet me know I might buy it. Very clean honda

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