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1992 Ducati 900SS For Sale with Just 706 Miles!

1992 Ducati 900SS For Sale

If you’ve been searching for a great looking SuperSport your wait may be over. While many will prefer the better equipped SS/SP model that came a few years later, some will agree they prefer the red on white frame combination. Personally I think it just makes the bike look more age appropriate somehow.

1992 Ducati 900SS For Sale on eBay


This example has not even really been broken in yet with just 706 miles. It appears all stock and ready for display. The owner states it runs perfectly but that even the tires are original, so I suspect it will needs some refreshing before any long rides.






  • I can’t remember if it was 92 or 93 that had the frame weld issues at the steering head, where Ducati had to replace the frames. I wonder if this one is one of those or not?

  • What a great find! Truly rare indeed, unmolested and with such low mileage. Even if the frame recall/repair hasn’t been taken care of, this is a true survivor. If I am not mistaken, the frame welds breaking seems to memory to have resulted from actually being used, which arguably, this machine has not. Fits nicely in the stable of my dreams…

  • ApeHanger — took the words out of my mouth. All the SuperSports of this generation were susceptible but I agree this one is likely fine!


  • …In my dream it is nestled cozily between a yellow superlight and a silver F.E., sort of a holy trinity if you think about it…

  • Sweet. My brother is the “brother” referred to in the text. This was indeed completely original. I don’t know if anything has changed in 100 miles, but I can say it wasn’t ridden because the original owner had a early carpal tunnel surgery, and found the riding position position unaccomidating.

  • I don’t understand why people want bikes to NOT ride, especially when they aren’t particularly historically significant or exceedingly rare. Granted, Italians do it with more flair, but this is basically an “all-arounder”. Do people look back and say “Man, that Ford Taurus I had back in ’88 was a perfectly adequate vehicle. I want a low mileage one to keep in my garage.”?

  • On one hand I completely hear what you are saying Adam, I would only add that I don’t know HOW people own bikes and don’t ride them?! On the other hand it is a bit off kilter to compare a Supersport to a Ford Taurus. It’s not that I find these Ducatis to be anything particularly exotic, in fact it is the “all-rounder” versatility of them that makes them so appealing to me. Just my $0.02. If you don’t find a Ducati Supersport stirs your soul more than a Ford Tore-Ass, my friend I hope you take comfort in my deepest sympathy.

  • It was hyperbole, but I’ve owned eight Ducati’s and I ride my 996R frequently.

  • Nice! The only reason I dream of having the holy trinity of Supersports is to feel free to ride each of them at my leisure without sending the odometers into the stratosphere- come to think of it, this is my motivation for owning multiple bikes, period. Until that glorious day of multiples arrives, I will keep clicking off the miles on my all-rounder RSVR Bol d’Or. Who cares about the mileage anyway, I can’t imagine ever wanting to sell it!

  • This bike was bought with the intention of being ridden. The PO was unable to ride the bike for more than 5 minutes before his hand went numb due to surgery. He had dreams of being able to get back on it, after all he had already taken the hit on depreciation.

  • Sold for $7151.

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