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Aprilia June 20, 2012 posted by

It’s Moving Soon, Reserve Met: 2004 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup

It's Moving Soon, Reserve Met:  2004 Aprilia RS250 Challenge Cup


Well here is your chance if you missed out on a RS250 Challenge Cup bike back in 04.  It isn't brand spankin new but it is damn close.  Maybe best of all, the auction is for real now with the reserve already being met.  Plan your bidding strategy now.

Before you ask:

This motorcycle "IS NOT STREET LEGAL". There is "NO TITLE". It is being sold the same way I purchased it, with a "BILL OF SALE".


Yep, it hasn't been used much and here is the story:

Offered for sale is my 2004 Aprilia RS 250 Challenge Cup bike. This is one of my little jewels in my collection that I said I would never sell. The economy here in LasVegas is horrible and I need to generate some cash so I am forced to let it go to a new home. This bike was originally purchased new, by a friend of mine in 2004 from a Ducati/Aprilia/Motoguzzi dealer that I managed here in LasVegas. According to Aprilia, this was the very last RS 250 shipped out of the North American warehouse. The dealership received the bike on 11-13-03. The original owner did one track day with it and decided the power band, being use to the Ducati, wasn't to his liking. I was thrilled to be able to purchase it from him, as I have always wanted one. In the last eight years, it has had a total of four mild track days on it. The odometer reads 408km or 254mi. Since I have owned this bike, it has either sat in my Ducati specialties shop on stands or displayed on stands in my home as pictured in this ad.  The stands are not included with the bike. The bike is in as new condition, never been damaged in any way. It looks like it did the day it rolled out of the crate.  I know this because I am the one that uncrated it and prepped it. This bike has never even gotten dirty, never been washed, the chain has never been adjusted. The slicks on it are just old and hard. They will need to be replaced before it sees another track day.  Also, the rear display stand is not kind to the rear tire due to the tight fit. The bike comes with the original owners manual, both original keys, and all the extra parts that came with it which are pictured. Including 41 and 43 tooth rear sprockets and the 13 and 15 tooth fronts, extra front fork springs and adjusting tool. These are all new and never been used. I just put a brand new Shorai Lithium race battery in it today.



More Proof



This photo got me thinking.  Kick starting; gone.  Carbs; gone.  Two strokes; gone.  This thing is already a museum piece.  If you are new to the two stroke 250 scene, that is a RGV250 engine tucked in there.



Yikes, who stuck that there?



If you are still on the fence about bidding, the bike is located in Las Vegas.  Work it the right way and you could come away with a hell of a weekend and a shiny RS250.  Work it the wrong way and we see you on Pawn Stars pawing a shiny RS250 to pay off your casino debt.


The auction is here.



Aprilia June 20, 2012 posted by

Conversion Soup: Aprilia RS250 Framed, RG500 Powered, Tyga wrapped Biaggi Replica…..


Conversion Soup:  Aprilia RS250 Framed, RG500 Powered, Tyga wrapped Biaggi Replica.....


..and Ohilins sprung.  Conversions are an acquired taste but this UK RS/RG/ETC impresses in pictures.  It has a bit of everything and that everything appears to be top shelf.  With a conversion though, a true test is seeing it in person.  Seeing how the wiring is done, how the engine conversion was handled and basic fit and finish. First impressions are this one is put together correctly.



500cc's wasn't enough so this is bumped up to 570cc's.  I think I'd let an expert look at how that engine is mounted for peace of mind.  I've seen some mounted without the down tubes and I had a frame builder tell me that is insane with the big RG engine. It looks like a down tube peaking out there beneath the fairing though.





It's a long list!

here we have my latest just completed aprilia rs250 with suzuki rg500 engine fitted

the bike has been built with no expense spared, every part of this bike is either new or refurbished 

if you no these bikes you will appreciate how much time, effort, and money goes into building one of these bikes

brief description of the specification of the bike

engine completely rebuilt inc

cranks rebuilt 

570cc big bore

new pistons rings gudgen pins bearings clips

gearbox rebuilt with new later undercut gears

new clutch with mod done

refurbished disc valve covers

new billet clutch cover

new itg air filters

every bearing, gasket, o ring, oil seal, has been replaced with genuine suzuki parts where available 

swarbrick exhaust pipes with carbon cans

carbs ultrasonic cleaned and rebulit with new needle valves, gaskets etc


standard aprilia rs250 frame modified to take rg500 engine

frame powder coated

swingarm powder coated

ohlins front forks with radial brake callipers, fully rebuilt with new seals, oil etc

ohlins rear shock fully rebuilt and resprung 

rs250 wheels powder coated new bearings

brembo 320mm discs

brembo radial master cylinder with pazzo lever

new pazzo clutch lever and perch 

gsxr switch gear

new carbon frame protectors 

new carbon swingarm covers

new carbon hugger

new carbon front mudguard 

new braided lines

new alloy clipons

new chain and sprockets

new koso dashboard

new tyres

new tyga fairing

new one off seat unit loosely based on honda rs250

new max biaggi paint job last years colours in fluorescent orange, the pictures dont do it justice



I'm guessing the suspension is swiped from another Aprilia model since it has been rebuilt and resprung.  Not sure if the brakes are Aprilia items as well.



I wonder how much it has been ridden since all the work.  There would definitely be some sorting out on a project like this.  I'd wonder about the heat coming of those chambers under there and ruining the paint if it is a tight fit.



Have you been adding up the numbers as you've been looking at the pictures?  Did you come up with 12,500 GBP ($19,600!)?  If you go down the list and add up all the parts and labor I'm sure you get to that total.  You know there has to be a "but" don't you?  The problem with conversions is that you build them to your tastes and the pool of buyers out there probably doesn't have the exact same tastes.  More importantly, they aren't willing to pay for the things you thought were worthwhile.  Even if you aren't a buyer this bike should be an inspiration on what you can do with a conversion.


Take a look at the ad here.





Ducati June 20, 2012 posted by

Beveled Beauty: 1978 Ducati SD900 Darmah

For Sale: DUCATI SD900 Darmah

From the green hills of Connecticut comes this wonderful period sportbike. One of the last of the bevel line, the Sport Desmo 900 embodied the segment known today as the naked bike. Intended to be unencumbered and less complicated - not to mention lighter - than a fully faired bike, the 900 Darmah was a good "all 'rounder" and equally at home in the canyons as on the boulevard.

Built in the day when men were men and bikes were started with a forceful kick, this classic Ducati shows what the brand was all about: good looks and great components. The bike is a veritable who's who of the respected: Brembo brakes, beautiful Campagnolo wheels, and Conti mufflers working in conjunction with the latest 90 degree vee twin Bologna had to offer; a true taste of Italy.

From the seller:
Up for Auction is a DUCATI SD900 Darmah, Sport Desmo, 1978. I purchased this bike a year ago in the condition that is shown in the photos.
It is currently registered and insured by me in Connecticut. It runs very strong and shifts in all gears. Kickstart. Front Light not working. Will need rear brake pads.

The following was performed on the Ducati:
-Gas tank was removed and cleaned.
-New Fuel Petcocks installed, Have the original.
-Twin carbs were dismantled soaked and rebuilt.
-New Fuel Pump Diaphrams.
-Changed Engine Oil.
-Rear Brake Master Cylinder rebuilt.
-New Handgrips.
-New Clutch Cable.
-New Brake Pedal Spring.
-New Brake Fluid.

This bike has survived quite a few years to come to you in this condition. The seller notes that there are some minor issues to correct, but the bike presents well and provided that the mechanicals are in decent shape this could be a keeper for years to come. While we have not see prices on the "standard" bevels climb too high in recent years (price inflation has primarily centered around the green framed 750SS models and the Hailwood replicas), there is no reason to believe the SD models cannot achieve collector status from a monetary perspective. Until then, ride the heck out of it just like the Italians intended!

This auction is going on now and the opening bid is a cool $5k. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this one; there are not many clean Darmahs still around, much less in stock (or relatively stock) condition. As we know, condition drives the price - especially with the older bikes. While this is not one of "the" collectable models of the era, this is a nice model in presentable condition. Take a look and then share your thoughts!


Honda June 19, 2012 posted by

Canadian Mystery: 2010 Honda HRC Kitted CBR1000RR And CBR600RR

Canadian Mystery:  2010 Honda HRC Kitted CBR1000RR And CBR600RR


Damn, no sooner do  I get used to coming in late and taking extra long lunches and  I get a note from the boss that RSBFS reader Tim has done my job and done it quite well.  Tim spotted these two CBR's for sale and then did a little investigating.  He noticed the seller has also listed some Jordan Szoke leathers for sale.  A little more interneting found Szoke had some sponsorship from  DeWildt Honda in 2010 but has since signed with BMW.  If BMW is paying the bills you can't have Honda's in the garage.  Adding two and two together I think you can make the assumption that these are indeed  Jordan Szokes former bikes.  If they aren't,  blame Tim!


Whats on the CBR1000:

Hotbodies Bodywork/Windscreen
K-tech fork internals
Offset triple clamps
HRC Showa rear shock
Lightech clip ons
HRC Quick turn throttle
Motoholders Birdcage
Motoholders sub frame
Carbon intakes
Lightech resists
Lightech GP style chain adjusters
Brembo Floating Rotors
EBC rear waved rotor
Sunstar sprockets
DID chain
HRC wiring harness (traction control-power adjust-mapping)
HRC alternator
HRC fuel pump assembly
Undercut transmission
Dyno jet power commander 5
Dyno jet quickshifter
Dyno jet auto tune
HRC velocity stacks
NGK plugs
HRC cams
HRC valves
HRC springs
HRC Head
Ackropic titanium full exhaust

What's on the CBR600:

HRC Everything
HRC exhaust
HRC alternator
HRC wiring harness - ECU
HRC engine mods
HRC velocity stacks
HRC gages
HRC etc etc
Showa Shocks and Forks
Brembo Master
Motoholders sufbrame and birdcage
Sharkskins Bodywork


The 600 apparently only has a couple of track days under its' belt and both bikes are located in Canada.


Asking price on the 1000 is $22,500 and here is the ad.

Asking price on the 600 is $15,000 and here is the ad.



The CBR1000RR in question?  This might be him on a 2009 CBR.



Sport Bikes For Sale June 19, 2012 posted by

1985 Yamaha RZ500 For Sale in Florida!

Location: Longwood, FL

Miles: 10,230

Price: Currently $7,700 ($10,500 BIN)

Hey two-stoke fans, here is another good one for you! Seems like we have seen a decent run of 500cc two-strokes on RSBFS in the past couple months. The was the Gamma rush little while back and there have been some RZ’s sprinkled in here and there. Up for grabs here is another RZ500, this time located inFlorida.

If you like your cylinder configuration in the form of a “V” instead of a square, then the RZ500 may be the bike for you. The bike for sale here is a Canadian model (as are most two-strokes seen in the states) and appears to be all original except for the canisters. The seller mentions some slight cracking on parts of the fairing, but states that the bike runs as smoothly as it should.

From the seller:

Rare Yamaha RZ500 2 stroke 4 cylinder. These bikes were never sold in theUnited   States. Most here were brought in fromCanada. The speedo reads in Kilometers (also shows MPH)and shows 16,463 Kilometers (about 10,230 miles). Everything on the bikes works like it should. Flip on the choke, give it one or two kicks and fires right up at a elevated idle for 20-30 seconds then drops down to a perfect idle (again just as it should). It runs, shifts, rides, handles and idles excellent. The oil injection is hooked up and working though I also run 50:1 premix for insurance. Even with both oil systems it never fouls a plug and only really smokes when cold. I beleive the bike to be mostly original with the exception of the chambers. If something is important to you please ask. The bike is ready to ride home. Tires, brakes, chain and sprockets are good to go. Cosmetically the paint is shiny and and looks great. There is a small ding on the front left side of the tank from the handlebars and a couple small marks here and there. I tried to show in the pictures. Also a couple splits on the plastic body panels. They are minor and can be repaired when and if you ever want to repaint. All RZ's get these cracks eventually. I have brand new complete graphics kit that go with the bike. Also comes with service manual and magazine test. I welcome and encourage pre-bid inspections. If you win the auction and come to pick it up you feel I have misrepresented the bike you don't have to buy it. Don't let shipping scare you away. I have had bikes shipped here fromCaliforniafor $300-$400. Although shipping is the buyers responsibility. Don't let it get away.

It seems to be a well cared for bike and virtually free of modifications, which can be hard to say for a lot of 80’s two-strokes. The seller doesn’t mention anything about a title and registration, so I would be curious as to if it has one or not (though it does have a plate). There was a similar condition RZ500 with almost the exact amount of miles as this one that ended up selling for a little over $11k. The auction for this bike has a Buy-It-Now price of $10,500. If this bike is indeed as advertised, then I would be inclined to believe that the BIN will be taken advantage of before the auction ends. Check out the auction here before it’s gone and make this bike yours now!


Ducati June 18, 2012 posted by

Monster Monday Mailbag!

Good morning guys!

Here are the latest reader rides and suggestions, and it's a packed day to say the least! My apologies to those who were missed and good luck to those still available.

Anyone score any new rides or gear for Father's Day? Drop a comment and tell us about it!


Let's kick things off with this Honda CBR400RR Joey Dunlop tribute bike spotted by Jeremy. Located in San Francisco for $6500.

Mark spotted this unusual Suzuki RG400 available in Toronto for $8900 CAD. The seller is a dealer who states they can export to the U.S.

This 1985 Yamaha FZ750 custom cafe is being offered from Noel. Normally I'd post this on one of our sister sites, but since he's thrown in some free advertising for us on his listing you check it out. Opening bid is $2500 reserve not met and it's located in Minnesota.

Jay W. has been loving our GSX-R 1100 posts and sent us this listing for a 1986 Suzuki GSX-R. With about a day to go it's at $3k reserve not met and has 21k miles.

Here's another submission from Mark, a sweetheart 1985 Suzuki RG500 in Toronto for $9000 CAD.

Joel emails us his gorgeous 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 survivor. With a bit over 7k miles he's asking $6200 in Detroit. Good luck with the sale!

Eric emails us this sweet spot, a 1987 Yamaha FZR1000. This is a really sharp looking ride and appears mostly original for just $4500 in Bakersfield, California. As a bonus, the seller is throwing in a parts bike!

Shaun emails us his 1992 Ducati 851 with just 11k miles in Dallas, Texas. Good luck with the sale!

Finally Tony sends us this RZ350 he spotted on San Francisco Craigslist for $6500. Just 5k miles from an older rider according to the seller.


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