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Cagiva June 30, 2012 posted by

Nearly New: 1987 Cagiva Alazzurra 650

For Sale: Cagiva Alazzurra 650

The Cagiva Alazzurra fits into the category of relatively rare, but does not always fit into the category of well loved. In the day they were as close as you could get to a legally imported, street Ducati. But adoption was low and Cagiva eventually removed the brand from the US shores in favor of Ducati. What we have here is the leftover orphan.

From the seller:
When I bought this Cagiva a year ago, it had never been started and the odometer showed two miles. It had been in a museum, stored in climate-controlled conditions. It had never been titled and was on its original MSO. I thought that it was time to “liberate” it, so I changed the oil and filter,put a new sealed battery in it, changed the timing belts, rebuilt the stuck master cylinders, and replaced the cracked windscreen. She fired right up after her 27 year slumber! I then put 256 highly enjoyable miles on this great bike, following the break-in procedure as set out in the owner’s manual. I did not even change the original Pirelli Phantom tires since there are no cracks showing. I do recommend that you put new tires on it before you do any serious riding. On the minus side, the left petcock leaks in the “on” position, there is a small wrinkled paint area on the fairing where some brake fluid dripped, and one of the ridiculous rear turn signals has broken off (you would be replacing these silly things with shorter stalk versions anyway).

The bike is a joy to ride with a comfortable, humane riding position. The handling is top-notch as you would expect of any Ducati. The engine is torquey, smooth, and has that soul-stirring Ducati sound. The trans and clutch work well, as do the brakes. All in a package that is small and light enough to make it a joy for everyday use. If you do your research, you will find that the Alazzurra was the ultimate development of the Ducati Pantah line, built after the Cagiva takeover of Ducati in 1983. As such it is the most refined and developed Pantah. Most agree that the fit and finish and overall quality was improved. Think about this: buying this bike has all the advantages of having a new un-worn bike, but without the penalty of plummeting depreciation. You can ride it and watch the value go up over the years.

If you don’t expect class leading exclusivity or performance, the Alazzurra is a nice bike. It is not an outstanding model by most counts, but with a decent seating position, a nice L-twin rumble and above average componentry it is still a relevant bike. If you don’t expect it to go – or go up in value – like an RC30 you might find this to be a real jewel.

This auction is going on right now with a fair amount of bidding. I would guess that there are not many “near new” Alazzurra’s left in the country, making this one a pretty interesting find. The current bid is at $3,050, with a reserve still in place. Generally these are $6,500-ish machines in great condition, but I would expect this to place higher than most given the miles. Check it out here and good luck to the bidders and the seller!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 29, 2012 posted by

South of the Boarder: 1997 Suzuki RGV250SP (VJ23)

Location: Metepec, Mexico

Miles: 3,100mi (5,200km)

Price: Opening at $4,500 with Reserve

It should come as no surprise that two-stroke 250’s are some of the most popular bikes featured here on RSBFS. With the Honda NSR and Aprilia RS the most common we see, it is nice to see a Suzuki RGV pop up here. But unlike a lot of the two-strokes seen on here, this isn’t in Canada… It’s located in the other direction.Mexico.

OG RSBFS fans might see this bike as familiar, because it was indeed posted by our resident VJ expert Ian almost two years ago. You can check out Ian’s very informed post here, and trust me he knows what he is talking about. This bike does look very clean and stock. The seller does mention (and include photos) of some scratches on the upper left fairing and signal, as well as a seeping O-ring on the front right caliper.

Excerpts from the seller’s description:

Take note the bike is 9.8 on 10 and cost me a lot of money to make sure it will be perfect. It drive perfectly and all original. It starts and runs perfectly, no issues to be worried about. It is ready to ride and be enjoyed. NEVER been abused, raced o drag.

According available documentation there are approximately 20. VJ23 all color schemes currently known to exist world-wide. Five (5) in theUS. This bike is “Mint” with approximately 5,200 KM or 3,100 miles on the clock.

the bike had 2 issues

1. – some minor but annoying scratches on the front section and the front left turn signal

2. – The front right caliper wet’s (moisture) the brake disc, due to a aged O-ring in the piston caliper, very easy to change

the bike looks new and runs awesome.


THIS BIKE IS EXTREMELY RARE. (I’ am the only owner) An absolutely stunning example of an all original Sport Production, Racing Replica, Imported by SUZUKI OF MEXICO from Japan, for the Mexico MOTOR SHOW 1997

I was a former SUZUKI DEALER and got this piece as a sales history award

I receive the bike with 0 kilometers so I really know the history on this bike, right Know It’s only 5,400 kilometers or 3,200 miles on it!

There you have it, a clean RGV250SP in awesome pink/purple graphics with low miles and stock condition. Unfortunately there is no title supplied with this bike and only a bill of sale from Mexico is all you get. The last time this thing was on the market, the seller had a BIN of $14,500 for the bike. Yes, that is a hefty price for one of these and it is possible that the Reserve might be close to that. But you never know if the seller has decided to lower his asking price in the last two years. You just have to figure out how to get it to your garage. Check out the auction here and make a play for it!

If you do score it, you should totally get this exhaust too!


Honda June 29, 2012 posted by

Plated Honda VFR400 NC24 For Sale in Reno, NV

On our Facebook page, John M. forwarded us this listing on BARF for this sweetheart NC24. For just $3400 I’m not sure how you can go wrong here. The owner has posted before and after pictures, as well as a quick video. Check it out:

quote from seller’s listing:

I’ve had this bike for about a year. Semi-tore it apart and cleaned it up. Runs well, has fresh rubber, brake pads, etc. Needs a few things still, but is a turn key bike right now and i still ride it weekly. Cali titled before I registered in Nevada (current NV registration/title), so in the CA dmv computers i think. Thinning the herd – and although this one is seriously fun to ride, she gets left home often. $3400 obo. Possible trade for the right sport touring beast.


Details – odometer shows ~16K KM. No speedo healer – bike reads/rides in KM’s. Right now the left fork seal is weaping a bit on long storage cycles (aka if I don’t ride it often). I have a new set of seals here. The original tank has some wear and tear that the photo hides quite well – tank is original paint with some dings.

For a collector there would be several details to take care of. My feeling was ride it another 30KM’s and then take it apart and make it really clean. Truth is I shouldn’t sell this one – but I’m deadset on a more manageable bike fleet – starting with getting rid of what I don’t ride and getting my Hawk torn down and finished the way it was supposed to be.

When bike came to me it didn’t run – gummed up carbs and several other issues. Bike has stock carb settings and I’ve read that they were lean from the factory – explains the flat spot around 5-6K RPM. She sings though – really a unique engine sound while on board. The Honda techs did a good job on the exhaust/intake/cam train note. Slick shifting little bugger for sure, and more power than I expected. I frequently find myself speeding as the speedo is in KMH and I forget that 120 KMH isn’t 45 mph, hehe. She arrived to me pretty rough and had some beat plastics on it (before pic below). PO was kind enough to provide these as well, and they’re not OEM but not bad at all. I never finished mounting the windscreen, and I really dislike the mirrors I put on it (useless but I had them hanging around at the shop). But riding it is different than anything else I’ve ever ridden. Ultra-flickable and a seriously user-friendly engine and gearbox. Longest ride I’ve done is ~260 KM’s and I enjoyed every second of it. No soreness afterwards but these are smallish bikes – so the very tall be forewarned.

Have some spare bits that came with it too that will go to new owner.

Love the sound of these Honda V4’s. Sounds like my buddy’s old VFR750 in a much more sporting package.

While the seller is upfront about it not being all original, who really cares at this price and in this condition. As he states, ride it for another 30k KM’s and then restore it. Or keep riding it; it’s a Honda after all!

Thanks for the heads up John!


Ducati June 28, 2012 posted by

2002 Ducati MH900e For Sale in Rhode Island with Just 80 Miles

Need a new display piece for the den? Perhaps this MH900e with only 80 miles will fit the bill.

from the seller:

This is #1907 of 2000 of these special edition models. I’ve used it only as (heated, dehumidified) garage art, up on a stand, looking pretty. A beautiful piece of mechanical sculpture. It comes with the Ducati stand, a spare set of directional signals, and factory manuals.

So what would you do if you could throw down on this one? Would you keep it a display piece, or arrive at meets on rare occasion in perfect weather to everyone’s envy, or would you put this one right into regular duty? While I’d love to think I could do ride it often, I think it has to be relegated to to a collection right?


Aprilia June 27, 2012 posted by

End of Month Mailbag

Good morning guys! Here are your latest submissions for this Tuesday. (Facebook readers: click through to see all the bikes!) Enjoy the rest of your week,


Motion SBK for sale

Let’s get things started properly with this Motion SBK Ducati 1198 built by Brad Miller. Thanks for the forward Jason!

rz350 for sale in Canada

Tom sends us this Yamaha RZ350 for sale in Canada. At $3500 this could be the deal of the day.

Greg spotted this sharp FZR400 for sale in Washington for $3500.

Bol d'Or for sale

Rob has emailed his Aprilia Bol d’Or which is for sale in the bay area. His listing on BARF states it has about 16k miles and the dealer selling his bike is asking $8995. Good luck with the sale!

Dan sent us this 1998 Ducati 748L for sale in Wisconsin for $4800. This is the Neiman Marcus edition. With just 14k miles this looks like a buy at that price!

suzuki gs700es for sale

We’ll continue with this unusual 1985 Suzuki GS700ES “tariff” bike for sale in San Francisco. In 1984 the GSX750 was facing stiff import duties being over 700cc, and the GS700ES is essentially the same bike with 50cc less displacement. Good luck with the sale Robert!

Next up from Sandro in Portugal is this 1981 Honda CB900 F2 Bol d’Or. Two in one week is unusual?! His has 84k kilometers but looks restored from the pictures. Asking price is €3250.

From Tub we have this very unusual MV Agusta 50cc minibike. According to his listing the minibike was built by MV Agusta for Phil Read, who won the 500cc championship for them in 1973. Thanks for the forward!

Coby spotted this 1987 Ducati Paso that needs resurrecting. The ad states it’s been sitting for 10 years but looks pretty decent in the photos. Under 10k miles for $2500 in Ohio.

Here’s a 1997 Moto Guzzi Daytona RS for sale in Los Angeles with 10k miles for $11500.

FZR for sale

How about an FZR with 73 original miles? For sale in North Carolina for $3800. Thanks for the spot Oliver!

And finally, Chris sent us this sharp 1986 Honda VFR750 for sale in Texas at $2500.

Sport Bikes For Sale June 26, 2012 posted by

Parts Bin: RGV250SP VJ23 Custom And Kit (Autorimessa) Exhaust

Parts Bin:  RGV250SP VJ23 Custom And Kit (Autorimessa) Exhaust


Yes, these are extremely expensive. Yes,they are difficult to buy.  And yes, shipping will add to your pain.  Being a 23 owner myself,  I couldn’t pass up these two sets of  as they aren’t your average set of chambers you normally see for sale on Yahoo Auctions Japan.  If you are interested in anything from Yahoo Auctions Japan just do a Goggle search for proxy bidding and read up.  If you visit enough forums you will also notice there are some guys people recommend.  We even have an advertiser here who provides the service.  There is no getting around the fact though, that the Yen is killing the Dollar and 23 parts are at an all time high price wise.  Read on at your wallets peril.




These are an interesting set of 23 chambers, they are custom made.  I’ve followed this seller for years and he has had a steady stream of VJ23 kit parts and seems to be quite the VJ23 enthusiast.   I’m not a welder but the craftsmanship looks top notch to my amateur eye.  The stinger length looks quite short compared to most 23 pipes I’ve seen.  I believe that means less over rev (more top end though?).



What is interesting about these is that they are a true race exhaust.  They will not fit under your stock bodywork and you will have to remove your starter motor for them to fit.  Not matter what part of the world you live in,  people like to fudge HP numbers.  The seller is claiming 77 rear wheel HP with these beauties.  It sounds like he is claiming 80 HP from the crank.  To be honest those are real high numbers (maybe I should have said unheard of) for a 23.  You’d have to have carb work, porting, high octane fuel and maybe a magic wand to get anywhere near that.  I’ve never heard of a 23 making  anything over the mid 70’s but there is a first for everything.


Welding porn!  I’ll let the price be a surprise.


Here is the auction



Next up is a set of genuine Autorimessa (sometimes known as Racin Function) kit chambers.  I know a lot of people swear by Sugaya’s, and they are a great pipe, but if you want the real kit item then Autorimessa’s are what you want.  An interesting fact is that in the kit catalog they actually recommended Sugaya and Vega Sports because Autorimessa apparently only produced a limited amount of chambers.  The key to identifying the kit chambers is the flower petal like muffler mount and they have a built in nut on the mounting tab.  They didn’t get too fancy with the mufflers back in 96.  They are surprisingly heavy.



The rust is normal on mild steel and easily cleaned off.  I can vouch for great fit (although I run the kit bodywork) and finish on these chambers.  It is common to have to split the rear belly pan on the stock bodywork to accept the aftermarket chambers.  I can’t quite see in these pictures but  the pair I have appear to have been hand hammered.


Years ago, I saw an auction for  “high” and “low” speed sets so they apparently made different styles back in the day.

The starting bid on the auction is 75,000 yen which is approximately $933.

Here is the auction.



Sport Bikes For Sale June 26, 2012 posted by

Another Lance Gamma ummm…Gamma (Suzuki RG500)

Location: Leicester, North Carolina

Mileage: 30,000

Price: Auction, currently $10,000

We see Suzuki RG500’s on RSBFS from time to time and they command some significant attention. Never imported into the U.S., the Gamma was a potent two stroke 500cc bike and a rider’s ticket to Grand Prix racing on the street. The two stroke motor offers an incredible combination of power and weight, and power that comes on like an earthquake wrapped in a tornado. Lance Gamma likes to build, tweak, and well, improve on an already insane formula. So while you may not get the pristine, all original, Gamma you’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting for, you do get an awesome ride that will probably scare the hell out of you.

Here’s the description-

I have always enjoyed a classic blue and white Gamma around the shop. These things came in several paint schemes along with many custom options performed afterward, but there’s something about one in traditional Suzuki racing colors that just seems right. This RG is in excellent shape both mechanically and cosmetically with a complement of Lance Gamma goodies. The bodywork is all new with my premium fiberglass and paint/graphics applied. The motor is freshly rebuilt and performance tuned by the premiere RG specialist, Lance Gamma (hence the eBay handle). This motor is at factory second overbore and assembled with all correct and OEM stock Suzuki parts with ported cylinders, bored carbs and milled heads. You can expect to see my clutch kit, ride height strut, petcocks and Crawford pipes along with my LG TriPod filter kit and inline oil check valves. The Fox shock and 3.5″ rear wheel along with a 3″ front rim fitted with a set of Continental radial tires assure traction when needed. Upgraded brakes and Race Tech fork mods complete the chassis for a fine handling experience. If you are disappointed that the bike is no longer in absolutely stock trim, I understand. I am sure that a nice original bike with 26 year old ABS plastic and untouched motor will be along any time now. Be patient and don’t compromise your beliefs by considering such a well developed and highly functional RG in place of your dream machine. If however, you are wanting to discover for yourself what all the hoopla was about at the release of these bikes some 27 years ago (you remember, GP bikes for the street? What were they thinking??), this is one which will bring you up to speed, so to speak. It simply begs to be ridden. If you wish to discuss this bike in further detail or explore the options in my extensive Gamma inventory, please give me a call. I would be happy to put your mind at ease concerning such a frivolous purchase. Test rides happily accommodated to hearty souls willing to take the trek to Western North Carolina and visit my shop. And now for your viewing pleasure…..

And photos for you to drool over-

Since this is a Lance Gamma bike, you will see that it’s been gone through and rebuilt. The bodywork and paint is fresh, as described. So you should be getting a bike that runs well and looks good. Granted, it’s not stock, but looks real good to me and the overhaul should hopefully provide you with a reliable bike that you can enjoy riding while scaring the hell out of other people.

Clearly this isn’t a bike that’s gonna be cheap. You are already starting at the $10k mark. So it’s up to you to decide how much money it’s worth to you. Whatever you decide, you should at least treat yourself and go give the auction a look!


Honda June 26, 2012 posted by

400cc Party for You- ’90 Honda CB-1

Location: Van Wert, Ohio

Mileage: 14,888

Price: Auction, starting at $2,200 no reserve

In the last few years, we’ve seen a bit of a resurgence in the smaller cc sportbikes in the U.S. The success of the Ninja 250 and the introduction of the CBR250R have shown that there is a demand for the smaller sportbike. Are they just beginner bikes? No, I don’t think so. They are fun, efficient transportation in a world of always fluctuating gas prices. I would love to see the same thing happen with 400cc bikes. The FZR400 is the most common of the 400cc sportbikes to grace RSBFS, but this CB-1 is another great option. The 400cc bike is common the rest of the world over and I hope someday, as gas prices eventually lead to bikes taking over U.S. roadways, the 400 makes an new appearance here. Okay, that bike takeover part may not happen, but you get the idea.

Here’s the sellers description (if you could call it that)-

1990 Honda CB-1 (CB400F)

Vintage High Performance

Redline= 13500

Excellent Condition

Like new tires and chain

Center Stand included

14,888 miles

No excuses – Fun Machine

Any Questions please ask

Pictures tell all

And the tell all pictures-

The bike looks original and in good shape cosmetically. Looks to be a small dent in the exhaust, but nothing major outside of that. Mileage isn’t too bad and it sounds like tires and chain have been taken care of. All in all not a bad looking example.

So the starting bid is $2,200 and there’s no reserve. In theory then, you could pick this bike up for $2,200 bucks. I think that would be a great deal on a bike that you don’t see everyday (or where I live, at all). To take advantage of the opportunity to get a cool, rare bike and maybe start the new 400cc trend, go place your bid!



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