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Ducati June 18, 2012 posted by

Monday Medicine: MV Agusta F4 Serie ORO, Ducati 996RS Ex Bostrom NCR, Suzuki RG500 MKII

If you dread Monday's like I do, hold your calls, push the files to the side of your desk and enjoy a little UK dreaming for the start of your work week.

Is there any other MV Agusta to own? The ORO still gets the largest "Wow" factor in my book. Wow best describes the asking price as well, approximately $36,000. They are open to offers though and I highly suggest that route.

It is basically new, old stock. It has only traveled 11 kilometers. Sometimes MV's start to look generic to me since they all basically have the same shape. When I see close ups like this though I realize how beautiful they actually are.

The bike is actually located in Italy but is listed on Ebay UK. Don't worry, they will ship if the check clears. Place a bid or make an offer here.

How about an Ducati 996RS ex NCR race bike to fill out the old Ducati collection?

What shes' got:

Super rare genuine RS Factory 1998 bike with certification. Bike has all the "works" upgrade as 16,5" wheels, big tank, magnesium swingarm, doulble water radiator, rear monoblock caliper, etc. 1998 WSBK and 1999 as spare bike of Bostrom/Team NCR.

Bet you'd like to take that apart and see what lies inside. The price you ask to be able to do so? $54,000 OBO. A quick search brought up a parts bike 996RS advertised at $30,000 and a BSB Champion 1999 996RS for $75,000. I think I can afford the race stand it sits on.

All business. What would you do with it? Ride the hell out of it or worship it in your garage? Here is the auction.

And lastly one for the premix crowd. A fully restored RG500 MKII with a TT race history. It apparently was restored by a well known ex Suzuki technician.

Do you really need another photo? I'm ready to plug my ears.

To pretend you are a TT hero of the late 70's will set you back roughly $44,000 + premix. Sorry, no best offer on this one.

I'm not sure if this is the same bike but it is well worth a look if you are interested in the restoration process. Click here to see the classified ad.

Now stop dreaming up ways to empty your bank account and get back to work!


Sport Bikes For Sale June 17, 2012 posted by

Genuine 1986 Suzuki GSX-R 750 in Germany

The 1985 Suzuki GSXR-750 is where it all started for Superbikes. Before the Gixxer there were street bikes, fast street bikes, heavy street bikes and a few contemporary 2 strokes GP racer replicas.

The whole hierarchy of sport bikes was then turned upside down by the first lightweight, high output 4 strokes 750 cc. This was race focused, it had a full fairing with double headlight at the front and a narrow tail. The first Suzuki GSXR was born and with it a new era began.

The 750 cc became the “standard” superbike engine size and still now regarded by many the best compromise between lightweight and power. And so for the next 2 decades every Japanese OEM built their most sporty bikes on their catalogues on what basically was the blueprint given by the GSXR 750 of 1985.

Still now, the legacy of these sporty white-and-blue bikes from Hamamatsu is very much alive and even more so is the desire to own an original oil cooled model from the eighties (look for the great forum and search for the threads under “oiled cooled...” You’ll find a large and extremely knowledgeable worldwide community of enthusiast, plenty of documentation and professional, friendly advice on what model to choose, what to watch out for, how to maintain it, tune it etc. etc...

...Now that you've been sucked in by the desire of buying the progenitor of modern Superbikes, follow me to this immaculate and very rare (for the conditions) sample available in Germany:

In my personal search for the ultimate Gixxer I ended up finding a 1986 LE but I was ready to commit to the standard model in case the R model would be off my budget -- and assuming I would find a good condition GSX-R 750. It turns out that in a weird sort of way, it is actually more difficult to come across a well preserved low mileage “standard” model. I guess it is because the Limited Edition was so exclusive in those years that it was bought with the intention to either hit the track straight away or end up in a living room. And so here we are with a bike that practically handles just as well, has the same power, and when you'll get in need to change your clutch because of excessive wear you won’t have to search every possible forum on the net to locate the spare parts and release a check with 4 digits.

You are asking how is it to ride what seems to be a long wheelbase, narrow in the rear-wide in the front bike with wheels of a size that seems far to narrow and too tall in comparison to current standards of 120/70 17 inch in the front and 190/55 17 inch in the rear? Well, the best way to describe it is to urge you to try it. Riding a 1986 Gixxer is in my opinion a greatly rewarding experience, not only for the smooth responsiveness of the engine and the precise gearbox but also because you feel you are riding a piece of history. Immediately you can relate to what at the time must have been an extreme Superbike for its high revving engine power versus the fairly standard (for the time) brakes and chassis on what still now feels very lightweight!

Going back to the model on sale in Germany, here's a display of the condition in which this 750 can be found:

A few words from Stefan, the seller:

GSX- R 750 Bj. 1986 (Typ: GR75A) im 100% originalen Sammlerzustand. Das Fahrzeug war noch nie umgebaut bzw. verbastelt und befindet sich im unversehrten originalen Erhaltungszustand wie am Tag der Auslieferung 1986. Sämtliche Kunststoff- und Aluteile sind weder spröde, noch vergilbt oder korrodiert. Das Fahrzeug ist unfall- und umfallfrei und hat keinerlei Verkleidungsrisse! Technisch und optisch top! Sicherlich ein Leckerbissen und eine einmalige Gelegenheit für alle Fans der Ur-GSXR! Dieses Fahrzeug ist mit Sicherheit nicht vergleichbar mit den übrigen hier angebotenen 750ern. Eigentlich zu schade zum Fahren und es sollte wieder in Sammlerhand gelangen und nur ab und an zu Erhaltungszwecken bewegt werden. TÜV neu, Reifen bei 10.545km neu, original Fahrerhandbuch, Rechnungen der letzten Wartungsarbeiten sind vorhanden. Bitte nur ernstgemeinte Anfragen, keine "letzte Preis" Gespräche oder sonstiges! Kontakt bitte via Email oder Telefon.

He describes how well well kept the bike is in its 100% original condition. The bike is a truly a rare find in such a state and deserves a collector as the new owner. Zou can contact him by email or phone at the details available from the link below.

This bike has just 11.400km (!) and is on sale for 4750 Eur which in American units equals to about 6000 $.

Suzuki GSX-R 750 1986 in Germany

Thanks Stefan !


Honda June 17, 2012 posted by

Blades of Fire! – Part Deux- ’94 CBR900RR

Location: Marion, Ohio

Mileage: 11,570

Price: Auction with reserve

Mike, fellow RSBFS staffer and admirer of all things kick ass, already got the party started on the CBR900RR on the site with his recent post of a clean '93 model. Mike also points out what makes the CBR900RR so special. This bike was simply a revolution in the sportbike world, and as Mike highlights, brought the concepts of power, weight and compactness to a whole other level. He is right to say that this bike is still very relevant today, being a direct connection to the CBR1000RR and really, to me, setting the tone for the Honda CBR line. These are special bikes.

Here's what the seller has to say-

1994 HONDA CBR 900RR



And the photos-

The seller lists the bike as original and it certainly looks that way. And that folks, is pretty amazing in itself. As I'm sure everyone here knows, finding a bike this old that hasn't been modified is rare. This one also doesn't have super high mileage. So if it has been maintained, then you should be able to ride for many more miles. And when looking at collectibility, and I believe these will become collectible, the low mileage and original parts only help you out.

So now you have a choice in your CBR900RR pursuit. This one or the one Mike posted. Not a bad situation to be in if you ask me. To help make up your mind go check this auction out!


Honda June 16, 2012 posted by

Blades of Fire! 1993 Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade

For Sale: 1993 Honda CBR 900 RR Fireblade

This fantastic survivor - MK I of a game-changine model line - shows only 8,100 miles since new. A timely find given our friends over at Sport Rider magazine just covered the exploits of Honda engineer, team leader and father of the CBR900RR (known as the Fireblade in every other market *except* the US), Tadao Baba. This bike revolutionized the approach to big-bore motorcycles, much like the original Kawasaki Ninja 900 did a decade before.

Originally conceived as a 750 - before being punched up to a 900 - the CBR900RR redefined size and weight. Tipping the scales on par with a contemporary 600 class machine, the Fireblade was a manic exercise of minimalization, centralization and diet. What rolled out of the Honda shops was a razor-sharp monster, and still very relevant today. We don't see many RR bikes in this condition on RSBFS, and you can view Claudio's post on a Swiss-based 'Blade here.

From the seller:

This bike is about as clean as you can hope to find a 1st generation model. Thre are some slight mods to it, but nothing to pull away from the value. Mileage is low, and the pictures seem to show that this ride has lived a pretty pampered life. That makes this iconic superbike a rare and worthy find.

This auction is going on right now, and the bidding has been pretty steady. There is still a lot to play for here, with the current bid at $4,950. There is no reserve at this time, meaning that this fantastic piece of Honda history is going to a lucky new owner at the end of the auction. For your chance to own one of the fastest, sharpest and most desirable Honda four stroke this side of the RC line, click the link and jump over to the auction. Good luck!


Aprilia June 15, 2012 posted by

124’s Second Dance: 2003 Aprilia RSV1000R Mille Haga Replica

124's Second Dance:  2003 Aprilia RSV1000R Mille Haga Replica

It's gained 2 miles, dropped $1,000 in price since its' last appearance here back in 2010.  This Haga Replica is still looking for a new home.  The darn thing is still basically brand new with 364 miles on it.  Mille's are a dime a dozen but now that I think about it, you really don't see the Haga or Edwards replicas come up for sale that often.


If you forgot what you got:

  • Top Distinction: only 300 units worldwide limited edition with only 60 slated for US delivery ensures top collectors value, and a phenomenal presentation to further stand out from the crowd.
  • Built on the class-leading RSV 1000 Mille R platform.
  • Fairing graphics faithfully duplicated from WSB- Spec RSV 1000 Mille SP Superbike – complete with Haga racing numbers
  • Blue anodized Ergal top triple tree with “Noriyuki Haga” inscribed signature + production identification serial number + inscription “SBK REPLICA RSV 1000 R”
  • Aprilia Engine Department developed dual-sided Akrapovic TITANIUM exhaust and stainless steel collectors+ EPROM specifically designed for this exhaust system
  • Building on the already class-leading performance of the Mille R, the Haga Replica sees a 10 hp increase at 6.500 rpm, and a flatter power curve, over 9.000 rpm with the installation of the competition-grade Akrapovic Exhaust system. Torque is greatly increased with torque curves reaching optimal values 1700 rpm earlier than the standard motor.
  • 6.6 lb weight decrease with the Akrapovic Exhaust system installed (with respect to a standard RSV R) and more equal lateral balance (also thanks to the double and not single exhaust).
  • Top quality components from RSV 1000 R carry-over, including the Carbon body panel inserts and fenders, Brembo 4 pad calipers, Ohlins suspension and steering damper
  • Full rear subframe reduces cost to add optional Bi-Posto kit
  • The 2003 RSV 1000 Mille R Haga Replica: World Superbike technology and imagery, in a single value-packed performance package.



Time has really caught up with WSB and they've lost some real characters that added a lot of the color to the series.  Can you ever forget Haga sliding that Yamaha around the track?  Would that even happen now with all the electronics?


Damn, I'm a sucker for replicas. I'm a marketers dream.



You and Nori's office.  He only rode for Aprilia two years and only one of those was in WSB.  He has a pretty nice website with photos throughout the years.  The guy has had a lengthy career.  If you haven't kept track of him, he is currently riding for Swan Yamaha in BSB.



So why is it still for sale?  I can only assume it is because it is priced at collector type pricing ($15,500) and that has really shrunk the market for the bike.  It doesn't help that Aprilia released the RSV4  that is light years ahead in terms of technology.  If you are an Aprilia collector and have a Haga Replica on your list, now is your chance.





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