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2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica #006

2006 Bimota SB8K Santa Monica #006

Location: California, MD
Miles: 350
Price: $13,000 SOLD!

I’d normally ramble on about how the SB8K is my favorite Bimota and how sexy I think they are, but this time the owner has done a tremendous job detailing his beloved SB8K. I will express that I think this is a killer deal and should not be passed on if you’re remotely thinking about a Bimota.

Original Owner (Purchased new in 2007)
VIN# ZESS889696R000006
Clear Title (In hand)
Only 350 miles
New Michelin Pilot Power CT’s
Original Bimota Keys, Rear-stand, and Cover Included
All Books and Records

From the seller:

This Santa Monica has been meticulously maintained and cared for since delivery by a Bimota enthusiast. It’s been stored in a climate controlled room, and detailed regularly by yours truly. As an open and honest seller, it’s important to disclose that the bike recently endured a low-speed lay down on sandy terrain. The lay down was necessary in order to avoid on-coming canyon traffic on a lazy Socal mountain road. The bike was quite literally “laid down” at ~10mph due to the front wheel locking up in the sand under heavy braking (see pics). The resultant damage was minimal, and only affected the LH rearset (dented), LH fairing (scratched), and clutch lever (broken). No other parts on the bike were found to be affected following a thorough inspection by GP Motorcycles in San Diego.
As I intended to keep this bike until my last day on Earth, I replaced all damaged parts with fresh Bimota parts sent directly from Rimmini. Although the bike is again 100%, it is being offered at a price that reflects this “story”. I sell the bike (along with the rest of my small collection) only because I simply don’t have the time to ride anymore, and these beautiful works of art were made to be ridden. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the bike in general, I completely understand and ask that you contact me at (858) 539-5307.

Many thanks, and I look forward to speaking with you.



Good luck withe sale Ross!




  • This bike is either sold, or was never available in the first place. The seller is non-responsive at the phone number listed, nor by e-mail.

  • Don’t worry, it is only a Suzuki afterall.

  • Actually, the bike is still available. Had a deposit within 15 minutes of posting the ad, but unfortunately he’s run into a CA DMV issue, and I refunded his money.
    Received 2 to 3 phone calls/emails a day but I don’t recall one from you David. In any event, give me a ring tomorrow and I’ll be glad to discuss the bike with you (858) 539-5307. I’m in Maryland.
    Thanks. Ross

  • So the bike is not California legal?

  • Still for sale? I called and left message.

  • Ross do you still have the bike? Im in Virginia and would love to ccome take a look, let me know and thanks!
    please email me at

  • Shot you an email, Steve. Talk soon.

  • Bike is miraculously still available for interested parties. Serious inquiries only, please.

  • I am extremely tempted to pull the trigger on this!! Someone please hold me back!!!

  • Last chance, Gents. You’ll simply never find a better conditioned SB8K, and at this price, it’ll likely be the best money you’ve ever spent.
    Spring is almost here and your favorite mountain road is waiting (or living room)!

  • So is the bike in California and available to be seen in person? Is the Title and Reg. in California?

  • The bike is located in California, MD and is available to been inspected by any serious buyers. Note that “California” is a city within Maryland, not to be confused with the State! The bike is titled and registered in Georgia.

  • I am a little confused. Is this not a $45,000 motorcycle when it was new? If so, why so cheap? Excuse me if I seem a little skeptical


  • What was the California DMV issue? Is it not 50 State Legal?

  • If you are giving the straight scoop on this bike and there are no title issues, I will bring certified funds and pick it up.

  • 11APR11 Update- Deposit received and expected deal closure on 13APR. I have the names and info for 5 follow-on buyers should the deal fall through. Thanks for all of the interest, but the bike is off the market.
    Took a little warm weather to spur the interest I suppose…


  • SOLD- Thanks.

  • Beautiful bike!!!

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