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2000 Bimota DB4 – low miles, low serial number, and low price!

2000 Bimota DB4 – serial number 2 – for sale with only 1300 miles.  Asking $7500 only!

We haven’t seen many Bimotas listed lately (biking season is [almost?] over and most Bimota owners aren’t in a rush to sell their bikes anyway), so I am a bit surprised when Dan sent me this one:

2000 Bimota DB4, serial number 2, Ducati engine, 1300miles, like new, orig. owner. $7500.

There’s not much info on the bike other than what’s listed, but  a.) the bike looks clean (like most Bimotas)  b.) it’s an original owner bike  c.) it’s got low miles (only 1300 for crying out loud!)  d.) it’s a low serial number bike (if you’re into that sorta thing)  and e.) at $7500 it’s reasonably priced – no matter what time of the year.

The DB4 tricolore is one of my favourite Bimotas with that charming 2V air-cooled Ducati lump inside. I would have preferred if this one has the Corse kit installed (Motocorse full exhaust, FCR carbs, different fuel tank…etc.), but for $7500, I’m not going to be picky.  Early Christmas shopping anyone?

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  • Well, I’m the lucky second owner of this bike now. Its as nice as the ad states – owned by a fastidious Mercedes mechanic, its basically ‘new’.
    Was kept in a living room – probably like a lot of Bimotas.
    In the process of putting it back on the street where it belongs – but 11+ year old tires and cam belts gotta go first….

  • Congrats Jeremy! Looking forward to a ride report 😉


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