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1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Racing edition with only 1 Mile!

1986 Suzuki RG250 Walter Wolf Racing edition with only 1 Mile!

Update 6.28.2011: Back on Craigslist and with 2 more miles and a grand less! Thanks for the heads up Anthony! -dc

Price: $9,000.00 Now $8000
Mileage: 1 3
Location: the Bay Area CL

Yes, you are reading that correctly in that this WWR RG has a mere 1 mile. That whole mile is said to be racked up by pushing it around the garage and by looking at the pictures you have no choice, but to believe it.

Now, I have to ask for Ian’s forgiveness since I’m upping him one on his WWR RG that was also posted today. I normally wouldn’t have done such a thing, but since either of my Suzuki crazed buddies won’t buy it I felt compelled to show it to the RSBFS masses as soon as possible.

I kept telling one of them that it only has 1 mile and he couldn’t go wrong and his response? “It’s not a 500”, but it only has 1 mile! “But, it’s not a 500.” Anyway, since I couldn’t beat him into submission- here it is.

What’cha think about that baby?

Ultra rare Japanese spec Walter Wolf Gamma 250 two stroke!! Perfect gift to put under the Christmas tree. 1 mi on it from pushing it around our shop over the years. Considering offers north of $9k..no low ball offers please.

Ultra rare indeed, but maybe not as rare as my 98 VFR with the super, ultra rare red paint scheme.. Okay, okay, I jest, but this could be the only brand new 1986 RG250 Walter Wolf Racing left in the world!

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  • As nice as this one is something is a little off on it. The seat and wheels don’t match. A WW with a red seat should have red wheels. Black seat for a bike with gold wheels. I wonder if it has the solo cover as well.

  • But its not a 500…. 🙂 Its still a very nice 1987 RG250 MK4 it was an in between model between the RG250 MK3 and the 88 RGV250 and I believe only sold for 6 months and only in Japan in limited numbers. I believe the seat in red and the 3 spoke 17 inch wheels in gold are correct. Very very tempting.

  • If I had a Suzuki collection and this came available I’d buy it. I’m just say’n…… 🙂

  • Dude I dig it. You get the nostalgia of a WW gamma at about one third to one half the price. heck at 9k it would almost be cheap enough to ride it a bit, but that might offend the gods as it is probably the only new one left. Doug, thanks for the photo of my Ex-7r . I thought you were going to sell it.

  • Man I had a non-running regular blue/white RG250 I bought about 10 yrs ago . Kept it in my Mums basement for 2 yrs and sold it for the $400 I paid for it . It neede a bit of work to get it going …but it was all there . Now maybe I could have got $4000 – 5000 for it ?? Ah….hindsight is always 20/20 !! Whaddya gonna do…?

  • I realize it is not a 500 but if you compare it to say the bike I posted earlier or stock photos (or even the bike in the video) it looks different, I haven’t seen one with mismatched seat wheels. Maybe it is just a model year thing.

  • I am officially incorrect. I did some more looking around the WWW and found a couple of pictures of 87 WW RG250’s with red seats and gold rims. Funny thing is none of the bikes with this seat/wheel combo had the solo cover and most of the other WW RG250’s have the solo cover. Anyways, I am wrong and this bike is the real deal!

  • Don’t worry Ian I still love you.. 😉

  • Maybe the rear seat cover was with it in the crate and was never installed, kind of like the tool kits sometimes are ,and it just got lost over the years.

  • So is this a deal @ 8k?

  • Whoa!! Wait a minute!!! THis guy TRIPLES the mileage and only knocks a GRAND off????

  • RMD wanted $5500.00 while bike was still in Japan in spring 2010. The lowest shipping I could find was over 3000.00. He advertises now of about 800 to get some of his bikes stateside. I hated to let this one get away. It is the real deal. Plus the coveted 17″ rear wheel.


  • IF SO CALL ME 1-920-570-3753 CELL.

  • anyone out there know were this bike is now??email ABROUILLARD@NEW.RR.COM 1-920-570-3753 I want it…

  • I WILL PAY 9OOO.00 FOR IT IF IT HAS ONLY 3 MILES ON IT YET. email me thanks al

  • awesome bike!

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