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1986 Honda VF1000R with only 31 miles for sale!

1986 Honda VF1000R, Collector condition

Location: Sanford, ME
Mileage: 31!!!
Price: It’s gonna take a lot, but currently $5,100.00

I couldn’t resist when I came across this one today. I know you’re going to be seeing at least 2 and possibly 3 of these over the next few days. I apologize now because I don’t like posting the same bikes over and over either, but for whatever reason bikes always come up for sale in clusters and it’s the VF1000R’s turn.

This is the lowest mileage VF1000R I’ve seen come across the RSBFS.com pages and as you would expect from a machine having only covered 31 miles it’s as clean as a whistle.

This one still sports the original 16″ front and 17″ rear hoops and the owner says they show no signs of dry rot- Who wants to take it for spin and see what 130hp and 68lbft of torque will do to 25 year old tires? Nah, you wouldn’t take such a pristine machine out for a spin and risk it would you? This one has to go in a collection and be admired from a distance. I bet our friend Bruce would love to have this one hanging around in stock pile.

From the seller:

Selling my antique/collectors bike. This bike is next to mint and has only been titled to one owner and has never been registered. Bike speaks for its self. Super clean and rare with 31 ORIGINAL miles. All OEM parts, nothing aftermarket. Has original tires with no dry rot. This bike will make someone a great collectors piece! Has been stored inside in a climate controlled building its whole life. Runs and shifts flawlessly. Has factory air ride rear suspension and ABS front brakes. Can be seen in person in Sanford Maine.

It truly is a sight to behold- If any of you guys, that are old enough, can think back to 1986 this was the cat’s meow and the one to be seen on. GSX-R who? Ninja say what?

The HRC Red, White and Blue still looks the part and I can’t imagine the will power the owner must have exercised to stay off of this one for 25 years.

If this is the one you need to complete the collection don’t let it get away because you may never see another one like it. Click here for the action.




  • Yelp, it’s confirmed Bruce will be looking at this one. And yes there are more popping up.


    The only knock I see on this one is that it can’t not be registered in CA. That reduces it’s resale market by about 10%. It should not only bring the money but I’m guessing it might set a new high price for this model.

  • I was hoping you might stop by and let us know what you think Bruce. Let us know what you find!


  • Let us know how she looks.. I’ve been looking for one and this could be it..

  • ABS front brake ?
    Don’t believe this to be correct.

  • sold for $10,000

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