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Welterweight: 1995 Honda RVF400 NC35

Update 7.6.2014: The reserve was lowered and has now been met at $4,999. I doubt you’ll see another RVF400 stateside, title or not, for this little. Good luck to buyers and seller in the remaining hours! -dc


In combat sports, welterweight is considered to be heavier than lightweight but lighter than middleweight. That seems apropos for the NC35; larger than a chicken chaser or 250, but smaller than the current 600cc crop of what we consider middleweights today. The RVF400 has long been considered a jewel in the 400cc field – more rare and more potent than the cheaper FZR400. With a gear driven cam sound unique to these Honda V-4 models and sporting a single-sided swingarm, it is clear that the NC35 is not your average small, “starter bike” machine. This is a baby RC45, scaled down in displacement. And price.

1995 Honda RVF400 for sale on eBay


From the seller:
Attention collectors – rare chance to buy one of the highly sought after Honda V4, 400cc sport bikes. For a 400cc motorcycle it has amazing performance and world-class handling. I acquired this U.K. bike in 2006. The reserve is set low.

*** THIS MOTORCYCLE DOES N O T HAVE A TITLE *** bill of sale only

Speedometer is in Kilometers. It has 40,984 Km or 25,466 miles on the clock.
This motorcycle has significant upgrades; (a) aftermarket “shotgun” exhaust system (which was very expensive), (b) custom painted single seat rear cowl to match the original bodywork, (c) custom foot pegs, and (d) gold anodized wheels. This motorcycle is in very nice condition. It does have a few small nicks here and there but it looks exceptional for it’s age and mileage (please see all pictures and look closely). No rust anywhere. Chain & Sprocket Kit from D.I.D. X-Ring Gold installed at ~15,000 miles. Oil change every 3,000 miles. New OEM wind Screen installed January 2014. I do NOT have the OEM tool kit or owners manual.


I’m not sure how the owner is riding this around yet the bike has no title and no visible license plate. Maybe a track only ride? If so, this must have a lot of laps under its belt. The lack of title might be enough to scare off many buyers, but then again not everybody lives in a state where it is difficult to register grey market motorcycles. Check out the details here. This is a great looking bike, and I imagine it will receive lots of interest. Bidding is at the $4k mark with reserve in place. How high will it go? Let’s watch and see!



  • Don’t understand how it doesn’t have a title this bike is on the approved list of import bikes for the national traffic highway safety association list! Along with the cbr400 vfr400 and cbr250rr it is a short list, so getting it titled should not be an impossible task fairing could be tyga stuff they make fairing for the rvf pre painted like stock.

  • Meh, find a shit old cbr600 and restamp the frame worse comes to worse.

  • I just took a quick look at it so going to venture my opinion here and of course if anyone spots anything for sure mention it . It looks pretty clean to me . When I sold my second RC30 I dismantled the front wheel and hit everything with Kerosene and a toothbrush . Looks like the owner is the same . Also the NC35 way more rare than the NC30 …..so it should fetch some decent loot . I would love to try one but I am tall so owning one might be a excercise in torture to pry myslelf on there . I just barely fit my RC30s. At least I don’t have to drive my car from the back seat like the dude in ‘Police Academy’ !

  • Crap , I forgot to comment on the title , or lack thereof ! As mentioned here by Smokin’Joe . it should have more than just a ‘bill of sale offered’ . However I wouldn’t go f-in’ around and try another serial plate or whatever as you would not want to have your nice investment seized by the ‘boys in blue’ . Maybe I watch too many episodes of ‘Cops’ but still better to get all the appropriate paperwork for it . I know from experience . Even if you know it isn’t stolen , if there is a paperwork issue you are going to have a nightmare on your hands unless you have an ‘in’ at your local DMV .

    • even though it came from the uk ,i think it is still a jap market only (grey import to the uk )and the wheels would look better in factory colors ,some are white n some black .

  • There was euro model RVF’s got a euro spec CDI for my friends japanese model to unrestrict it fully also a speedo restriction still have the japanese CDI and the Mmax box.

  • These along with the NC30 are a great bike to ride, my first bike was an NC30 back in the early 90’s.

  • @fighterbandit: those are HRC magnesium wheels- they are not stock wheels that have been repainted. That gold color is the way they came from HRC, and I think they look fantastic just the way they are. Hard to believe it has such high mileage going by the immaculate appearance.

  • Sixthgear I know what wheels your talking about but I think those are just painted in the HRC colors. At least that’s what the ad says. No mention of them being magnesium. I’ve never seen those HRC wheels in a 4.5 wide rear as well. Some people use the magteks that have look the exact same and are a little bit lighter but they’re usually colored white or orange.

    I have stock NC35 At 400cc it’s not my fastest bike but to me, the engine and the handling is sublime. I ride mine more than any other bike I have. I just did 200 miles on it last monday with no discomfort (I’m 5’9) and I’m going to ride it 400+ miles up to the WSBK races next week too.

    I also have the same Yamato spec A twin stack exhaust on my NC30. They sound good. Not too loud and just the perfect volume, You can also repack the exhaust cans to free up a few more HP. I can’t remember details though but if anyone wants, I can find out.

  • Collin- I stand corrected. I didn’t look closely enough at the listing, I now see from the left side rear that it doesn’t have the sand cast roughness- it definitely looks die cast. The 4.5″ width would settle that issue, anyway. I had a set of the real ones, they’re beautiful wheels- thanks for pointing out the correction.

  • The reserve was lowered and has now been met at $4,999. I doubt you’ll see another RVF400 stateside, title or not, for this little. Good luck to buyers and seller in the remaining hours! -dc

  • Definitely not HRC magnesium or Magteks. Luckily I have a brand new in the box set of 3.50×17 and 6.00×17 HRC magnesium rims.

  • At that lowered reserve it is (would be) almost worth it to find a frame with proper paperwork and just get it I am sure the UK is ripe with them (from even bike breakers if need be…..) . Spend the winter and swap over everything and voila…….”Bob’s yer uncle” as good old Burt Monroe (of The Worlds Fastest Indian ) wold have exclaimed ! Someone is going to have an awfully fun little bike on their hands soon .

  • Magteks came in 4.5″ and gold as fitted to the MC21’s and 28’s.

  • Magteks came in 4.5 for the MC28 SP but I don’t think they were ever originally gold. MC21 maybe but those aren’t for a single sided swing arm.

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