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Tiny Two-Stroke Terror: 1994 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale


This post is in our archives. Links in this post have been updated to point to similar bikes available to bid on eBay.

A tiny racebike with big performance, the Yamaha TZ125 was a pure racebike and should not be confused with the TZR series of sportbikes. Handling was thought to be on par with the Honda RS125 but the Yamaha was down slightly on power compared to its rival. At 56mm x 50.7mm bore and stroke, it was oversquare, compared to the slightly underquare Honda, and featured Yamaha’s “YPVS” to boost power. That little two-stroke single was backed by a six-speed gearbox with a dry clutch for extra lightness and improved rattle-osity. The owner’s manual claims 180lb with oil and a full tank of fuel which means you may not need a ramp to unload your bike at the track if you work out regularly…

The listing for this particular bike is very… um brief and doesn’t mention any spares, but several photos of parts are included, so I guess you can always email the seller if you want to know exactly what is included… Even if you’re very familiar with the TZ125, some idea of what you’re getting here would be a very good idea for the seller, especially since these are racebikes that need regular maintenance to keep them running and gearing/jetting changes to perform at their peak.

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

No title, no bill of sale, GP 125 for track, spares for a couple of seasons, ready to race. If you don’t know what you’re looking at. Don’t waste our time. This is not a TZR our some sort of race rep. See pics.

The price seems reasonable at $6,000 considering what folks have been asking for other TZ125s but, perhaps as a result of the lack of details, interest in this machine has been pretty limited up until now, with just about 24 hours left on the auction.



  • Yes, the seller clearly has a wonderful way with words and a great attitude!
    @Tad- what happened to your sister site Classic Sport Bikes For Sale? Dormant or done?

    • CSBFS was removed from the Google index for some reason and traffic fell dramatically. At this time it doesn’t make sense to publish there so for the time being we’re posting on occasion on the CSBFS Facebook page: http://facebook.com/classicsportbikes

      If anyone can assist with the Google indexing issue please let me know.


    • I believe that attitude is just how they speak in Joisey – this is probably considered a friendly sales pitch LOL

      As for “no bill of sale” – uhm, that would be the receipt they prepare when they sell it to you verifying they in fact are legally entitled to sell the bike. Why would they not be prepared to provide a bill of sale to the buyer as a receipt?

      “No bill off sale” for me would mean “No sale”. And I am actually looking for a TZ125 to play with, shame about the sellers attitude.

  • One of the most poorly written ads I’ve ever seen. “If you don’t know what your’e looking at, don’t waste our time” ??? I know exactly what I’m looking at and don’t worry, I won’t waste my time.

    • Yeah, some more details would be helpful, ESPECIALLY if you know what it is and might be a serious buyer….

  • Nothing worse than a shitty seller attitude.

  • I like it. Lets you know up front that it is not worth contacting the seller or making a trip to see the bike and make a deal.

  • No bill of sale?……. Just goes to show you even a tool can own a cool bike.

  • ok, I think we’ve established that the seller should’ve written a better ad. Any comments on experience with this model?


    • Yamaha TZ “anythings” are great bikes and more fun than a barrel of monkeys to ride and I raced a 250 for many years. They put the “C” in cornerspeed, handle like a sharp knife and are fast enough to make you pay attention. Two big problems are finding a good one and maintaining them with the proper spares without breaking the bank. That being said, 125’s are more affordable to ride and maintain than a 250 and the one listed here, could be a good one. Hard to say.

  • Without actually stripping off the head and barrel on the motor you cannot tell what shape the motor is in, or taking it for a ride, which on the the public highway is tricky, the accepted etiquette in Europe for selling a 2 stroke racebike was either to hand it over at the racetrack at the end of a race (no swapping out of trick parts) or else dismantle what is a fairly simple motor for inspection.
    Two things to bear in mind with any Yamaha TZ125, is firstly the size, if you are over 5ft 6in high that’s too big-and secondly they were a flop at the track, being roundly beaten by Honda for years during the period. So price will reflect that.
    But if you are short and want a genuine Grand Prix 125 to scream around the track on, or just hang from the ceiling, well go to Joisey and tell the guy you have a suitcase with a few hundred dollars in it and se what happens.

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