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Tiny Two-Stroke Terror: 1994 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

A tiny racebike with big performance, the Yamaha TZ125 was a pure racebike and should not be confused with the TZR series of sportbikes. Handling was thought to be on par with the Honda RS125 but the Yamaha was down slightly on power compared to its rival. At 56mm x 50.7mm bore and stroke, it was oversquare, compared to the slightly underquare Honda, and featured Yamaha’s “YPVS” to boost power. That little two-stroke single was backed by a six-speed gearbox with a dry clutch for extra lightness and improved rattle-osity. The owner’s manual claims 180lb with oil and a full tank of fuel which means you may not need a ramp to unload your bike at the track if you work out regularly…

The listing for this particular bike is very… um brief and doesn’t mention any spares, but several photos of parts are included, so I guess you can always email the seller if you want to know exactly what is included… Even if you’re very familiar with the TZ125, some idea of what you’re getting here would be a very good idea for the seller, especially since these are racebikes that need regular maintenance to keep them running and gearing/jetting changes to perform at their peak.

From the original eBay listing: 1994 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

No title, no bill of sale, GP 125 for track, spares for a couple of seasons, ready to race. If you don’t know what you’re looking at. Don’t waste our time. This is not a TZR our some sort of race rep. See pics.

The price seems reasonable at $6,000 considering what folks have been asking for other TZ125s but, perhaps as a result of the lack of details, interest in this machine has been pretty limited up until now, with just about 24 hours left on the auction.


Tiny Two-Stroke Terror: 1994 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale
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Even Lighter-Weight Racer: 1980 Yamaha TZ125G for Sale

Sure, it may be decades older than yesterday’s RS250, but the elemental simpicity of this 1980 Yamaha TZ125 and racing heritage visible at a glance, just as it was with that bike. The TZ125 was the successor to the earlier, air-cooled TA125 and was an over-the-counter racebike. Just add talent.

The tiny, liquid-cooled two-stroke put out 30hp, good given the displacement and even better considering the claimed 159lbs it needed to move. If I had one, I’d weigh more than the bike… With a more appropriately-sized jockey at the helm, speeds of nearly 130mph were possible. The rest of the package was pretty exotic as well, with a dry clutch, six-speed gearbox, and disc brakes both front and rear. This particular example even includes twenty-year-old safety-wiring…

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Yamaha TZ125 Road Racer for Sale

Complete with Factory Spares Kit

This pristine example has never been run or raced and is a NOS bike.  The bike has been part of a private collection and has been stored in a climate controlled environment its entire life.

The bike comes with unmounted fairing, stand and a crate of factory spares.  The factory spares kit itself is impressive.

15 – cylinder gaskets
15 – piston rings
10 – side case gaskets
2 manifolds
14 – main jets (different sizes)
105 – various o-rings, seals & gaskets
10 – clutch friction plates
3 – countershaft sprockets
25 – circlips
6 – rear wheel sprockets
seat cushion
crank assy
2 – cylinders
cylinder head
5 – pistons
Misc other brake pads, throttle cable, bearings, etc.

Everything in the crate is NOS.

This is a racing motorcycle that has been sitting many years.  It is ready for display, but if you wish to race it, the bike will require a thorough inspection of all systems and critical parts.

Bidding is up to nearly $5,000 with the Buy It Now price set at $10,500. Unlike yesterday’s Honda RS250, this bike includes a comprehensive set of spares, and it sounds like you’ll need it if you plan to get it back on the road.


Even Lighter-Weight Racer: 1980 Yamaha TZ125G for Sale
Yamaha August 12, 2016 posted by

Pint-Sized Racer: 2006 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

2006 Yamaha TZ125 R Side

Unlike the roadgoing, but still-sporty TZR series, Yamaha’s TZ bikes were track-only motorcycles with performance far exceeding what road riders might expect from their diminutive displacements and dimensions: technically, the Yamaha TZ125 isn’t even pint-sized as this post title implies, since Google reliably informs me that a pint is actually 473cc, and even a cup is 236cc, which is an interesting coincidence for bikes like the Aprilia RS250 Cup… The TZ125 featured a liquid-cooled two stroke with slightly oversquare 56mm x 50.7mm bore and stroke that produced an impressive 44hp from those 124cc, helped by Yamaha’s YPVS power-valve. Pushing just 160lbs “semi-dry,” the featherweight sportbike could see speeds north of 125mph, depending on tuning, gearing, and what the rider had for breakfast.

2006 Yamaha TZ125 L Side Bare

A cassette-style six-speed gearbox allows for quick trackside repairs and changes, and there’s no starter of any kind, so rollers or bump-starting are the order of the day. Keep in mind that this is a true MotoGP machine in miniature, so you should be prepared to spend plenty of time between race or track weekends tweaking and maintaining this highly-strung little beast. But even just sitting still, this is such a cool machine: the details and welds on the frame, that huge intake snorkel, the dry clutch jutting from the side of the bike, and the airbox nestled between the frame spars.

2006 Yamaha TZ125 Dash

These probably work better for younger or smaller riders, owing to the fact that even last night’s heavy meal could make a difference in top-speed and acceleration. Those 20 pounds of ballast you’ve put on since college? Yeah, that’s more than 10% of the bike’s total weight. But several commenters in the past have claimed that taller folks can actually ride them, something I hope to put to the test at one point or another.

2006 Yamaha TZ125 R Side Bare

From the original eBay listing: 2006 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

Yamaha TZ125 Roadracer 2006 year model, all must go! Same owner since bought new in Nov 2005, original crankcases as new, KLS shifter, Ohlins rear shock, Marchesini wheels, Galfer brakes, PVL programmable ignition, MCE Racing/airtech airbox and fairing, thumb Choke, Storz steering damper, MCE Racing ported and flowed Cylinder, MCE Racing crankshaft, MCE Racing tuned engine. Additional spare parts, new crank cases, 2 new cylinders, 3 new cylinder heads, new front forks, 2 new windscreens, front and rear stands, tools with toolbox, crankshaft fixtures, foldable steel worktable, misc new gaskets, leathers, gloves, helmet, Accumix jug. Dent in top of fuel tank from something falling while in storage, can be removed by dent specialist.

The listing is pretty simple, but includes plenty of information about performance modification and spares included. The bike has a starting bid of $6,995 with no takers yet, which seems fair for a pure racing machine that includes some trick updates and a bunch of parts to keep the bike running for a long time to come.


2006 Yamaha TZ125 L Side

Pint-Sized Racer: 2006 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale
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The Motorcycle Under The Stairs: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale


1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side

Most peoples’ basements are filled with boxes of moldering old magazines, holiday ornaments, clothes destined for Goodwill, and maybe the odd dry well for storing kidnapping victims, but at least one individual has a nice vintage Yamaha TA125 racebike hiding in theirs. A relatively inexpensive production racebike, the TA filled a gap in Yamaha’s racing lineup and paved the way for the TZ series that followed.

1974 Yamaha TA125 R Side Rear

Prior to the TA125, if you wanted to go racing on a small Yamaha, you were kind of stuck. You had to start with a roadbike, either a YAS1 or AS2 and then add some Genuine Yamaha Tuning parts: heads, clutch, expansion chambers, and a wide variety of sprockets to suit next weekend’s racetrack. Unlike the 250 and 350cc machines, the TA125 wasn’t a pure racing machine and used many parts from the AS3 and RD125 models, meaning lower performance and higher weight than might have been possible with a dedicated track weapon. The upside was easier parts availability and lower running costs, a big bonus for privateers, and the bike proved to be popular among budget racers.

1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side Engine

From the original eBay listing: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale

You are bidding on a 1973 Yamaha TA125 production roadracer. This bike currently has a Yamaha RD125 bottom end installed. This was done for vintage racing purposes where the 6 speed transmission of the RD125 is allowed. The matching numbers TA125 bottom end is included as well as the RD125 top end. This bike has the original, uncut exhaust stingers for a sound that transports you right back to the 70’s. There is also a set of muffled expansion chambers for vintage racing.  The bike has the original, undamaged, baffled alloy tank and the original tail section. Since the US version of the bike was usually delivered without a fairing, this bike was fitted with an early 1980’s fiberglass fairing. There is some documentation and some pictures from the previous owner.  This bike has the original owner’s manual, a copied parts manual as well as a Clymer repair manual. The most important feature of this bike is the extensive spare parts kit including cylinders, heads, pistons, rings, seals and gaskets.

This bike was last used at the Loudon / Belknap Cup vintage weekend in 2001 at which point a new clutch was installed by Crowns Racing. The bike has been stored in a climate controlled basement since then and is now offered for sale.

1974 Yamaha TA125 R Side Fairing

There hasn’t been much interest so far and there are just a couple days left on the auction. With a starting bid of $8,999.00 and no takers as yet, is the bike priced a bit too high, or has it just not found the right buyer? It’s obviously not completely original, but period-appropriate racing modifications shouldn’t really hurt the value too much. It’s not mentioned whether or not the bike currently runs, but certainly this example is in excellent cosmetic shape, considering the age. And the extensive spares package would mean less time scrounging eBay for parts and more time racing.


1974 Yamaha TA125 L Side Rear

The Motorcycle Under The Stairs: 1974 Yamaha TA125 for Sale
Yamaha April 18, 2016 posted by

Jewel-Like Race Bike: 1980 Yamaha TZ125G for Sale

1980 Yamaha TZ125G R Side

The Yamaha TZ125 was an evolution of the company’s TA125, a privateer GP machine in miniature. It might look like a glorified scooter but, although the TZ’s displacement was small, it came with sophisticated specification to match much bigger machines: liquid cooling, dry clutch, disc brakes, and a six-speed gearbox.

1980 Yamaha TZ125G L Fairing

The highly-strung engine made a claimed 30bhp at a screaming 12,000rpm and the entire package weighed in at a featherweight 159 lbs meaning that, if I bought one, I’d weigh more than the bike. With a power-to-weight ratio of something like a modern, air-cooled Ducati, the TZ125 could reach almost 130mph, no joke considering that some lawn mowers pack more displacement…

1980 Yamaha TZ125G Dash

Today’s example might present a bit of a dilemma to potential buyers: although it has been built to run, it’s almost too perfect to beat up in wheel-to-wheel competition.

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Yamaha TZ125G for Sale

I obtained this 125cc Yamaha production race bike about 12 years ago from a Suzuki factory team race mechanic who used it for track days. According to him, it had never been raced and by all appearances this was true. There was no evidence that it had ever been crashed, abused, or even tipped over. The brake rotors showed minimal wear. Much of the original factory spares kit was included.

Nevertheless, I did an extensive restoration to bring it up to like-new standards. I disassembled everything but the wheels and the engine/trans bottom end.  The frame, swing arm, triple clamp, and fairing mounts were powder coated. The fairing, seat, and tank were professionally painted to original, and a new Gustafson windscreen was installed. All of the polished aluminum parts were repolished. New Avon vintage-style racing tires were mounted (not yet balanced). The top end of the engine was rebuilt with new parts and the cooling system re-done. New clutch plates were installed. The brakes and master cylinders were rebuilt and now use silicone fluid. Most of the external rubber parts were replaced, as were the fork seals and fluid.

I started the bike and ran it briefly to make sure that it ran strongly and shifted properly. Everything was as it should be. I shut it off, drained its fuel and coolant, and have used it only for shows and display in my collection since then. Now it’s ready for its next owner, whether you want to race it in AHRMA vintage events, use it for track days, or display it proudly. It has won a number of show trophies.

Included are much of the NOS parts from the original factory spares kit (Yamaha packing list included) and many used parts in excellent condition. This comprises about 90 part numbers. I would guess that there is about $3,000 worth of these parts. Additional items include a custom-made rear axle stand, the original owners manual (sadly, missing its cover), the parts microfiche and a hard-copy printout of the parts list.

1980 Yamaha TZ125G Rear Suspension

Those spindly, bicycle-looking tires give the TZ125 a look that’s more “vintage” than the actual age would suggest. These are very rare bikes, but interestingly Airtech does produce replacement fairings if you happen to want to actually race it as God and Yamaha intended. 

Bidding is up north of $4,400 with the Reserve Not Met and just a couple days left on the auction, so fans of skinny little racebikes should move quickly if you want to add this to your garage!


1980 Yamaha TZ125G L Side

Jewel-Like Race Bike: 1980 Yamaha TZ125G for Sale
Yamaha January 15, 2016 posted by

Fast Flyweight: 1980 Yamaha TZ125 G for Sale

1980 Yamaha TZ125 Bodywork

In an era where 200bhp, 200mph superbikes with MotoGP electronics packages can be had for less than the cost of a Honda Civic, this little Yamaha TZ125 might seem a bit like a joke, not much more than a racy moped. A moped with a dry clutch, a six-speed gearbox, and a pair of disc brakes!

1980 Yamaha TZ125 L Engine

But the TZ125’s 30bhp motivates a claimed 159lbs and can push the bike to almost 130mph, with no rider aids other than your right wrist, so while power is seemingly modest, that makes this bike more of a scalpel and less of a butter knife.

1980 Yamaha TZ125 R Engine2

The TZ125 was the liquid-cooled follow up to the air-cooled TA125, an over-the-counter privateer racebike with cutting-edge technology: check out the top mount for the rear shock right behind the steering head. This one has a metric ton of patina, as it’s basically a time-capsule racebike in miniature, complete with period safety-wiring!

From the original eBay listing: 1980 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

1980 Yamaha TZ 125 G with the factory spares kit in it’s wooden crate. It’s being made available for sale after being displayed in a collection from the time it was purchased new at the Yamaha dealership and the Certificate of Origin will be given to the new owner. This bike has never been ridden and only started after assembly at the factory and before being shipped to the U.S.  This is an absolute museum quality factory built race bike that you can actually own.  A rare and unique opportunity and investment with a modest reserve price, so bid to own it, you won’t be sorry.  Good luck!

1980 Yamaha TZ125 L Front

So obviously, with zero miles on it and the original packing crate included, this bike will probably appeal more to collectors than lightweight speed freaks and aspiring racers. Unfortunately, bidding is pretty slow so far, with the reserve not met at $9,000. That’s not really a huge surprise: this is a race bike with no actual racing history and, while a production run in the neighborhood of 3,000 makes this relatively uncommon by roadbike standards, that’s a pretty big number for a race bike.


1980 Yamaha TZ125 R Front Bare

Fast Flyweight: 1980 Yamaha TZ125 G for Sale
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Race Team Starter Kit: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

Do you have a fourteen-year-old with a head full of gears and a heart that pumps premix? Are you a serious sport rider that’s built like a fourteen-year-old? Are you a normal-sized guy who doesn’t care if he looks like the proverbial “monkey humping a football” while riding a bike that’s a bit on the small side? Well have I got a deal for you.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 for sale on eBay

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Side

What we have here is a complete package, a ready-to-ride bike with stands and a whole raft of spare parts, extra transmission gearsets, and even a complete spare engine! Win the auction, roll up with a van, and drive away with your brand new race team. Just add stickers.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Side Naked

The TZ125 is not a roadbike converted to track duty: it’s a two-stroke racing machine in miniature with no starter but 44hp and six forward gears.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 Dash

From the original eBay listing: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale

Here is a chance to own a Two Stroke GP Bike. The little 125 can make 50hp and is certainly no toy. Lot’s of features on this bike, my favorite being the cassette transmission. These are getting to be quite rare and hard to find. The bike was purchased used and completely disassembled and rebuilt. We had a plan to begin racing the following spring, but unfortunately the rider failed to qualify with his school grade points and the project stalled. The bike has sat unused in my heated garage and is now going to be sold. As you can see, the bike has had thousands invested in it. It is a racing motorbike and has no title and can not be ridden on the street. The Front and Rear Stands are included, along with one brand new windscreen worth $100 alone. But Wait there’s more! A huge package of spare parts is included, Parts Manual, Workshop Manual, Jetting, Gearing, Pistons, Gaskets, O’rings, Throttle, Clutch and Brake Levers, Clutch Plates, Tachometer, Complete wire harness, ECM, Power Valve Actuator, Exhaust Pipe and muffler. A brand new Battle shifter, never fitted. Also included, all the alternate gear ratios for the trans, that’s like 18 gears! Along with three new Shift Forks. Just take a look at the pictures. Just when you think this can’t get any better, IT DOES!!!!! Now for the most amazing part of this auction……………A complete spare ENGINE with Carb and Generator is also included in this auction. I’m not kidding, it all goes with one winning bid.

1995 Yamaha TZ125 R Engine

This is obviously no collector’s item, no jewel-like classic to adorn your office or living room. This is a tool, a device for going fast. Or a device for learning to go fast. Given everything that’s included, the price so far is looking very fair.

Your teenage son or daughter is going to be so excited this Christmas, they probably won’t even notice that you’ve been “breaking it in for them”! Who needs a pony, anyway?


1995 Yamaha TZ125 L Side

Race Team Starter Kit: 1995 Yamaha TZ125 for Sale
Track Bikes For Sale June 3, 2013 posted by

Kitted TZ: 2004 Yamaha TZ125 W/SJK Kit

tz right


How about a tasty TZ125 to brighten your Monday?  They don’t come up for sale often and this one is unique in that it has a full SJK kit.  What does said kit involve?  Read on.

From the seller:

SJK were to Yamaha what HRC is to Honda – a dedicated race company. The SJK kit was only available for the Japanese market – they were released to help promote the bike for the worldwide sales. The kit comprises of airbox, snorkel and fairing, K810 kit power valve cylinder, titanium kit exhaust, N800 kit piston, carbon reeds, 7 position ignition/power jet controller with special loom and CDI, kit 39mm carb and VHM head. This results in a 45 bhp output – dyno sheets to prove this.

tz naked

That little beast needs plenty of cool air to breath.

The rest of the story on the bike:

 Reluctant sale of my very rare 2004 Yamaha TZ125 with the full SJK kit. Only 6 of these were produced – most are in Japan, Australia and America.

  This bike was raced in the All Japan 125 championship – finishing second (it still has the Aida circuit scrutineering sticker on the frame) The bike was then brought to the UK and raced in BSB in 2006. It was then laid up for a number of years. I purchased the bike and have fully rebuilt it – it has the following new parts on it, new handlebars and grips, new brake pads front and rear, new chain, new kevlar silencer, new footrests and Battle Factory gear and brake pedals, new clutch and front brake levers, new front mudguard, new battery. It is ready to race, the cylinder is in perfect condition and there is no signs of detonation on the head – I will strip the top end of the engine for any serious buyer.
tz head
tz engine

Some of the said SJK kit parts.


tz spares 2tz spares 3tz spares

But I need spares, damn it!

The bike comes with a massive spares kit – too much to list here – send me your e-mail address and I will forward a complete list, but briefly there are brand new wets on wheels with discs, a full gearbox kit (optional high and low gears for every gear) clutch baskets, plates, pistons, rings, gaskets, fairings, seats, sub frames, ignitions, wiring looms, Battle Factory pedals, levers etc. etc.
2 x Clutch baskets
5 x Clutch springs
1 x Clutch centre
1 x Clutch pressure plate
6 x Inner clutch friction plates
4 x Outer clutch friction plates
2 x Clutch ‘half’ plates
14 x clutch steel plates
7 x Clutch housing gaskets
1 x ignition stator
1 x ignition rotor
1 x wiring loom
1 x SJK N800 kit piston
3 x SJK kit piston rings
4 x small end bearings
2 x gudgeon pins
5 x inner head o rings
8 x outer head o rings
4 x balancer shaft housing gaskets
4 x water pump housing gaskets
2 x water pump seals
1 x VHM 11.20 head insert
15 optional gears for gearbox – high and low options for every gear
1 x SJK 61T optional primary drive gear
2 x power valve pulleys
2 x SJK kit carbon reeds
5 x gearchange rod oil seals
1 x ignition kill switch
15T front sprocket
18T front sprocket
37T rear sprocket
38T rear sprocket
1 pair handlebar clamps
2 x clutch levers and perches
5 x front instrument/fairing brackets
1 x Battle Factory gear pedal
1 x Battle Factory brake pedal
6 x upper fairing brackets
6 x side fairing brackets
1 x SJK kit fairing upper and lower
2 x SJK kit airbox scoops
SECOND HAND SPARESFront and rear wheels with brand new Dunlop wet tyres, new EBC front disc and s/h standard rear disc
Engine bottom end – crankcases with freshly rebuilt crank, new mains seals etc.
1 x CDI box
1 x wiring loom
3 x rear sub frames
2 x seat units
1 x SJK kit fairing (upper and lower)
2 x SJK N800 kit pistons
1 x SJK kit airbox
1 x SJK kit airbox scoop
1 x VHM 11.30 head insert
1 x reed valve block and rubber
4 x clutch cables
2 x power valve cables
1 x throttle cable
1 x 16T front sprocket
1 x 17T front sprocket
1 x 18T front sprocket
1 x 38T rear sprocket
1 x 39T rear sprocket
4 x sprocket cush drive rubbers and bolts
Carb jet kit
Parts list
16 x kit base gaskets (all re-usable)
1 x Paddock stand
tz tach

The bike is located in the UK and she isn’t cheap.  The asking price is 6,995 GBP ( roughly $10,700) and the seller is open to offers.


See it here.