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The French Connection: 1993 Ducati 888 SP5

Update 9.6.2021: We have received word from a reader who is well known and respected in the modern classic Ducati community, that there is some cause for concern with this example. See the thread here:

the Ducati SP5 Community & I have been all over this “genuine” SP5. It’s a fake.

According to the frame VIN, 3 months ago it was a 888 Strada being sold for $13,000 in France. Now it’s $38k.

Thank you for the heads up, -dc

Queue up the Oooh La Las, because regardless on which side your baguette is buttered you are looking at an Italian legend… that has been well preserved… yet definitely ridden… and lives in France. Sure, the global pandemic may prohibit you from taking the Grand Tour across Europe, but you can get Italy delivered via France without ever leaving home right now thanks to eBay.

1993 Ducati 888 SP5 for sale on eBay

The Ducati triple 8 was an evolution of the milestone 851, and incorporated key learnings from the initial seasons of WSBK racing. Namely, more capacity and more power. The 888 produced just 2 ponies shy of 120 HP in the SP5 trim, thundering its way to an 11,000 RPM redline. That is big territory for a twin. This is, in fact, the SPS motor, which therefore includes stronger rods and twin injectors. Limited to 500 units, the SP5 offered a substantial set of components, from race-ready Brembos (including braided lines and a fully floating rear disk), the close-ratio six speed box, solo tail section with the upswept Termi cans, and Ohlins rear shock. Up front the SP5 came stock with a multi-adjustable Showa front fork, but it appears today’s seller rectified that cost cutting measure with a proper Ohlins front unit. Exclusivity was pretty good to start with across the years of the 888 (1991 – 1994 model years), but to ensure stature the 888 SP5 was fitted with a bespoke numbered tag on the headstock. Today’s bike is #369.

From the seller:
for sale this fantastic ducati 888 SP5 N° 369
only 32, 000 km, new complete overhaul.
many rare parts like the magnesium rims “Raymond Roche replica”, the carbon footrests (originals, not replicas ), the ohlins fork, the brembo race brake calipers, the magnesium casing.
a unique opportunity to acquire this exceptional motorcycle.
the engine was completely rebuilt 10 years ago at virginio ferrari and the bike has not been driven since.
it is therefore running in.
Bike is in perfect condition

Unlike many rare Ducatis, this particular beast has been ridden a fair amount. 32,000 KM equates to just under 20,000 American miles, which is a lot for a rare collector. The seller indicates a significant amount of work done on the bike, including a complete engine rebuild. Note that the work was completed 10 years ago, and it is likely the bike was parked soon afterwards. Visually the bike appears to be in good condition, especially when the mileage is taken into consideration. Historically significant, justifiably rare and potent, this 1993 Ducati 888 SP5 is looking for a new home. The seller is asking $38,000 USD, and you can check out all of the details here. Does the 888 touch a nerve in your collector heart? What’s your favorite 888 variant? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Good Luck!!



  • We have received word from a reader who is well known and respected in the modern classic Ducati community, that there is some cause for concern with this example. See the thread here:

    .the Ducati SP5 Community & I have been all over this “genuine” SP5. It’s a fake.

    According to the frame VIN, 3 months ago it was a 888 Strada being sold for $13,000 in France. Now it’s $38k.

    Thank you for the heads up, -dc

  • Yikes, caveat emptor. The rotten whiff of fraud is in the air.

  • 1993 Ducati Superbike
    1993 Ducati 888 SPO Superbike
    $18,500 on ebay
    In case you are not aware 888SPO was sold only in the US market. The SPO was a combination of the highperformance SP5 and the European- specification Strada. Apart from a differentEPROM, the engine of the SPO was identical to the Starda. The SPO shared morewith the SP5 when it came to the chassis. There were only 170 produced for the1993 model year with another 120 equipped to meet California emissions. This isnot a California example. There were another 100 released for 1994 with theonly a few cosmetic differences including a production number plate on thetriple clamp.

  • Making copies of high end Dukes is an old game, many of the old bevel GTs and Sports of the 70s got butchered and reworked as 750SS bikes, as the Italians always had dodgy record keeping and nobody could be sure how many they ever manufactured in the first place.
    Given the price differentials it’s always going to be a temptation, another point to bear in mind is how many of these bikes would have been thrashed regularly at racetracks yet that minor fact rarely surfaces in later adverts.
    If you have done any track days over the last few decades you will have doubtless seen many Dukes getting a good spanking, oddly they disappear into the ether after this period in their lives.
    That’s business I guess.

  • I don’t understand the third comment above from “are you for real?” Is this the seller defending the authenticity? Can somebody please clarify?

  • hello,
    I am the seller of this SP5. I see that some people question the authenticity of this Ducati. You must always be very careful with the information circulating on the internet, because very little has been verified. It would have been okay to contact me before making any accusations.
    This 888 is indeed an SP5. Here are the elements that attest to it, they are the original serial numbers of this motorcycle:
    frame number ZDM888S002015 and engine number ZDM888W4002222.
    Of course other material elements prove that this is indeed an SP5, like the 2 injectors per cylinder and many other technical details.
    All motorcycles have their own history and this was imported from Italy to France by the company SIMA which was the Ducati importer at the time. In France at that time the registration of motorcycles was only possible for motorcycles not exceeding 100 hp. I am available for anyone who wishes to have more information on this magnificent motorcycle.

  • […] in on the heels of Mikes French Drama Lama 888 SP5/Strada is this Merica 888 SPO. This Ducati is certain to please WhyzeeF and Luke because this one lacks a […]

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