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Taking the Bimota Fetish to the Extreme: YB 8 Furano (Switzerland)

Regular readers of RSBFS might know that I have a fetish for BIMOTAs. If you wonder why, just look at this:


Do I need to say more ?

I am tempted to leave the rest of his article empty.

There is really not much to say here that your eyes have not already captured. A short time ago, there was some discussion on the blog about how special an MV Agusta F4 SPR 750 really is. I am not going to make comparisons. All I can say is that with about 14500 $ you have here an opportunity to acquire:

1) A beautiful and exclusive (by nature) Bimota
2) A very special and rare model within the Bimota production range
3) A hand built motorbike
4) A bike that featured the best components that a race team would have had access to in 1993
5) A bike with a full carbon fairing beautifully painted and all stock
6) A bike that had in 1993 a whopping 164 HP from the FZR 1000 power plant…that’s more or less like a bike of today with 250 hp (just like a factory GP)
7) A bike that is so sexy and unique that you wonder whether viewing it should not be allowed to non adults
8) A bike that you can take apart piece by piece and you will be left with a collection of the finest craftsmanship bits made of machined blocks of aluminum
9) A bike that had in 1993 a carbon fiber gear actuator lever
10) A bike that in 1993 was so light that you wouldn’t believe it (180kg = -30kg vs Yamaha FZR 1000)
11) A bike that today will still perform in any conditions
12) a bike that is the most advanced evolution of the YB4 which won a Formula 1 World championship in 1987


With less than 10.000 km on the clock, this pristine piece of art is an object of desire…literally!



Repeat after me: I want it….I want it…I want it…





Here it’s not a matter of: “is there a buyer ready to pay 14500 $ cash for this”, it is a matter of “first come, first serve”….

1993 Bimota YB 8 Furano in Switzerland

Good luck to you all!



  • 100% agreed.

    This harks back to the days when the Bimota re-chassis models made sense: The Japanese open-class bikes were ill-handling porkers (compared to repli-racers and the Bimota versions), meaning that some actual measurable gain was conferred by Bimota engineering.

    I would challenge anyone to test their 1993 sport bike against this. Then try the same trick with today’s bikes. While a modern Bimota may perform slightly better than it’s production counterpart today, this bike was a quantum leap over its FZR parent.

  • Well, given that the YB8 was a limited production, hand built, fuel injected, most expensive motorcycle in the world in 1993 with carbon fibre silencer, mudguard and fairing parts, an exotic race chassis, 320mm drilled Brembo discs, composite wheels and 7 inch rear tire and a tuned FZR engine … I would hope it to be some type of leap above the showroom Yamaha and anything else available at the time….

    Also calling the FZR its parent is kinda like considering a heart donor a family member.

  • Beautiful Bimota – very clean.

    George Villar

  • Hello from Spain. Is the bike still on sale…? Tks

  • Hola Horacio! Unfortuntely not… But keep checking the blog and you might get lucky another day…


    • Snif, snif…
      Tks any way

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