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Mailbag: 1998 Ducati 900SS/FE #208 Custom

Dan 6

Mailbag is a new idea I’m piloting for bikes submitted via email. It’s a no brainer that bikes like the RC45, 916SPS, ZX7RR, and the like are natural fits for the site, but there are so many bikes just outside the uber-collectible that many RSBFS readers will appreciate. This is especially true for modified bikes that haven’t traditionally been well received at RSBFS. For commentors that claim museum pieces are a waste and bikes are meant to be ridden, here’s your ride!

We’re looking for your feedback and expertise on the submitted mailbag bike in the comments: What to look for, what’s a good price in 2023 (with citations), and your experience and stories with a similar bike. Constructive criticism is appreciated, but disrespectful comments that add no value will be deleted. -dc

Bruno emails us this week with this loaded 900SS/FE. As a prior SuperSport owner from this era, I can tell you his bike has all the desirable upgrades and then some. He’s painted the bike to resemble a Paul Smart as well. He’s asking $14,500 and can be contacted by email.

Listing up for sale the my beautiful Ducati 900ss Final Edition #208 of the 300 imported.
This bike was built to cure the few flaws that the 900ss had, as well as improve it in all departments.
It has been painted to be a Paul Smart replica, something that I’m sure some will love, some will hate. I personally love it.
This bike is obviously extensively modified, I’ll give the cliff notes. This bike could not be built today as it has many very rare parts on it.
> 944 big bore
> Keihin FCR41 Carburetors
> Termignoni high mount carbon slip ons
> OZ lightweight wheels
> Ohlins rear shock
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon gas tank
> OEM Ducati Performance carbon solo seat, side fairings, front fairing, and front fender.
> Shorai lithium battery
> And much more…

Recent Maintenance:
> Fresh oil and filter
> Spark plugs
> Cam Belts
> Fresh brake/ clutch fluid
> Gas tank resealed

Runs and rides like a dream. This bike is deserving of being in a collection for a long time.

$14,500 OBO

Located in Sacramento, California.

Contact Bruno by email.
{additional comments from our email}

I do want to say that I was not the builder of this motorcycle, Martin Wong, the owner of Moto wheels was. It was built a long time ago in the early 2000s, that’s how it has such rare parts like the DP carbon tank and bodywork. I also forgot to mention that it has a carbon air box cover and dual plug heads.

Also when the frame was painted, it was reinforced where these tend to crack.

But to answer your main question, I have zero clue if the bike was ever down because nothing is original, and while to most that would obviously point out the bike has been down, this bike was Martins personal bike, and I saw pictures on the forums from the early 2000s and the bike has remained the same since then apart from BST carbon wheels. I know that Martin had a knack for modifying(obviously) especially since he would get all the parts wholesale since he owned a Ducati parts store. I personally feel like this bike was never downed, just customized from the start to make a special bike even more special. And it rides amazing!! I ride it almost everyday.


Aftermarket Parts for your Ducati 900SS on eBay!

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Sport For Kings: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport

Mike 1

As an iconic and rare model that moved the needle for the staid, German brand, the HP2 Sport deserves the press it receives on the pages of RSBFS. Essentially a last-gasp effort to make the traditional boxer competitive in a world that included Ducati’s sublime 1098, the HP2 Sport utilized technology and innovation to create the pinnacle model of the brand. Massaged and breathed on, the opposed horizontal twin was good for 130 HP thanks to high compression, four valve heads, fuel injection and air/oil cooling. Carbon fiber was used everywhere, including the valve covers and throughout the minimalist bodywork. Traditional shaft drive was retained, but BMW incorporated the drive into the single sided swing arm of the Paralever rear suspension with Ohlins shock, saving grams on the way to a sub-400 pound weight. Stable under braking (Brembo Monoblocs) and in corners thanks to the Telelever front suspension design, even the motor was raised in the chassis to enable better cornering clearance.

2009 BMW HP2 Sport for sale on eBay

From the seller:
A very rare and collectable motorcycle

Consider the BMW HP2 Sport came with every desirable component we’d all like to have on our own motorcycles eg Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension. To BMW purists this is the best, sportiest BMW ever and may be considered priceless. Most of the 95 bikes UK bound for 2008 were pre-sold.

Based on the R1200S engine, the BMW HP2 Sport gives up a claimed 128bhp at the crankshaft to make this the most powerful Boxer engine ever. The power figure comes from a higher rev ceiling thanks to a new four-valve, double-over-head-cam design and lightweight pistons and superb electronics. Put this all together and you get a punch-laden lump that will hit high 120mph all day every day – and sound good from the underslung exhaust system. Gear ratios are revised enough to ensure the front wheel will loft in first gear and keep the engine on the boil at the top end of the revs. The HP2 Sport is also the first production motorcycle to carry a quick shifter as standard – fitted in-line of the gear lever to cut the spark and fuel injection for clutch-less shifts.

The exceptional motorbike now surpasses my capacity to properly use its full potential. At 66 years of age, it is time that I transfer this mechanical wonder to a rider of younger years.

There is not too much to go on here, and the seller text reads a bit like marketing boilerplate – but good info nonetheless. There are few pictures, and it is unclear if they are all of the same bike. The seller notes “Level 1 condition, never tracked, BMW Dealer maintained” in the ad, but there is clearly a track day shot included in the pictures. Perhaps that is a stock photo showing the track potential of this beast, which is indeed quite high. The seller also includes a YouTube link of a review of the HP2 Sport model. The asking price for this one is on the north end of what we have seen recently, but due to rarity there are not a lot of current comps; the market will speak regarding the going rate for one of these rare boxers in 2023. This bike is located in Quebec, Canada, and the seller is asking $22,500 in a Buy It Now format. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!!!

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I Think I’m Turning Japanese – 1985 Suzuki RG500G Gamma

Mike 0

Spring has not yet sprung, but the ring-a-ding-ding sounds of our favorite smokers continue this week with a very cool RG500 Gamma. We don’t see enough of these square-four monsters on these pages, and rarer still in the black & red livery. This particular bike is on the ground in Japan, purportedly a full-power example out of Australia. It doesn’t matter to me what flag it runs under, because as an American this is one awesome looking 38 year old piece of forbidden fruit.

1985 Suzuki RG500G Gamma for sale on eBay

The RG500 magic starts with the engine – which is actually TWO engines. Think of the RG as a pair of independent, parallel-twin, 250cc two stokes, complete with independent rotary valve induction (there is a very thin, Mikuni flat slide attached to every cylinder), exhaust and crankshaft. Now stack those two on top of each other, one right behind the other. Connect the two cranks via gearing, and route that whole hot mess through the gearbox. You end up with a very powerful, very compact and dense package that can be placed far forward in the chassis for optimal weight distribution. And speaking of chassis, that would be a double down tube cradle style affair, exquisitely constructed in aluminum alloy. A 38mm, air adjustable front fork and Full Floater single rear shock complete the package.

From the seller:
SUZUKI RG500G GAMMA(Type HM31A, motor type M301)Export car full power (Australian specification) There is an aluminum caution plate on the left side of the frame. (Year 1985)500cc 2-stroke square 4-cylinder full power engine It is a very valuable vehicle. First year registration date in Japan (April 1994)

*Restore & Custom*The engine has been fully overhauled at a specialty shop (there is a list of work, change parts, etc.).
* Replacement of uotani SP II coil, headlight relay kit, etc., harness wiring, other electrical system refresh (work, change parts, etc. list available).
* Restoration around the car body (work, change parts etc. list available).In addition, customization and maintenance at the shop
* Racing chamber for Sugaya 500 Gamma (at that time).
*Equipped with carburetor O/H setting and oil check valve.
* Ohlins rear shock (separate tank with height adjustment).
* O/H with white power front fork springs and hard OL.
* Change to external aluminum F sprocket outer plate.

More from the seller:
Restore & custom
The engine is full overhauled at a specialty shop (listed, changed parts, etc.).
*New speedometer at the same time as engine O/H.
Current mileage 6533km (30400km before O/H) There is a possibility that the odometer will increase due to handling.
*Replacement of uotani SP II coil, headlight relay making, harness wiring, and other electrical refresh (list of work, change parts, etc.).
#Restore around the body (list of work, change parts, etc.).
*Sugaya 500 Gamma Racing Chamber (at that time).
*Cabretta O/H setting, oil check valve is installed.
*Orleans -made rear shock (separate tank, vehicle height adjustment).
*O/H with white power front fork spring and hard OL.
* Changed to external aluminum F sprocket outa plate.
* Changed to XAM front sprocket, aluminum rear sprocket, 520 chain.
* Brembo front master cylinder
* Mesh brake hose before and after.
* Yamaha TZR High Slottle / OW type thin handle switch.
* Seat leather reupholstered
* Various bearings around the body, dust seal replacement.
* Suzuki genuine key x 2 (main key, gasoline tank opener, gasoline tank cap, same seat).
* At the time of sale, such as the body, front and rear wheels, exterior, it is almost for Suzuki genuine export. (FRP non-genuine under cowl)
* The inside of the gasoline tank seems to be rusted.
There is no big wound due to falls or accidents.
* Although it was stored indoors, there may be scratches, cracks, rust, dirt, etc. Be sure to check the image for used cars, and ask if you do not know.
* No issues with riding at the moment.
* Accessories other than the main unit (used goods include scratches, rust, dirt, etc.
* Buyers are responsible for paying transportation costs, taxes.
* An export cancellation registration certificate is attached.
* Tandem seat and manufacturer genuine 500 racing stand (at that time). If you wish,we will ship separately.

A full power RG500 is published as 95 HP – which is a fair amount of poke for a sub 350 pound (dry) machine. This gives the big RG its bona fide GP replica status, and general reputation as the fastest of the street-going two strokes. This one is safely tucked away in Japan, indicates nearly 23,000 miles on the KM clocks, and has been cared for and maintained in a manner that allows it to show very well indeed. Paperwork, shipping, taxes and importation hurdles notwithstanding, this auction has an opening ask of $36,500 USD (no takers yet) and a BIN of $48,000 USD. Check out all of the details here – including a walk around video – and Good Luck!!


Track Day Tuesday: 2022 Aprilia RS250SP2 racer

Mike 1

Here is a quickie for your Track Day Tuesday morning. Up for grabs is a pretty special machine, an Aprilia RS250 SP2 race bike. Aprilia offered two different specifications of this model, which included the lower spec SP and the high specification SP2. Meant to emulate a Moto3 machine – but with greater reliability and a less-stressed engine – the modern RS250 offers 30+ HP from a single cylinder, four-valve, liquid cooled four stroke. Weighing in at a scant 230 pounds, the RS250SP and SP2 feature top-rated components such as Marchesini forged aluminium wheels, Brembo brakes, Ohlins rear shock and SC-Project exhaust. These bikes are used in Europe as a single-class, one make event for younger riders, such as the CIV Junior class promoting regional riders, as well as over on the US side of the pond with the North America Talent Cup. If you can fit on it, you are looking at one of the sharpest motorcycles your track day experience money can buy. Located in Canada (details are here), there is only a single picture of this weapon; but boy-oh-boy does that look like fun!

2022 Aprilia RS250SP2 racer for sale on eBay

From the seller:
A rare opportunity to own the Aprilia RS250SP2 race bike, perfect for younger racers or as a showpiece in a collection. The bike is in immaculate condition, the suspension has just been professionally serviced. The bikes comes with the Alfano dash/datalogger, and front and rear stands.


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Cheap as Chips – 1998 Bimota SB6R

Mike 2

One time RSBFS contributor and long-term RSBFS friend Marty pointed out this pretty SB6R in the UK with the following note: “Back in the day, the joke on RSBFS was that Bimota SB6’s couldn’t be counted as a Rare Sport Bike because there were always ones for sale on eBay and other sites. Sadly those days are gone…” And this was generally true; the Bimota SB6 series was one of the most popular bikes from the Rimini brand, and were regularly found on eBay and other sites. Today that is not longer true, and one has to look considerably longer to find a decent example (if any at all). And to top it off, today’s SB6 variant is the desired R-spec model. So quicker than you can say “Robert is your father’s brother” let’s dig into it.

1998 Bimota SB6R for sale on eBay

From the seller:
1998 BIMOTA SB6R (not to be confused with the cheaper SB6)
For sale is this HPI CLEAR SB6R
Vehicle Registration Mark: P*** ***.
HPI Category: This bike is HPI clear with no outstanding finance.
V5 present: Yes, the V5 and owners manual are here.
Keys: 1x Genuine Bimota key.
Does bike run: YES and it sounds really good.
Mileage: Just 1562 miles (backed up by MOT history) although I cannot guarantee it. Close inspection of the hidden areas of the bike suggest that it may be true as its very clean.
MOT: All of our bikes are untested and sold as projects. Despite this Im happy to get it through a MOT for the FULL asking price.

More from the seller:
Bad points/Damage: This bike has a few light marks around it from usage. The right hand mirror, right edge of the petrol tank and the right hand frame spar all have some scratching on (see pics). This was all done before I bought the bike so I cant explain it. Please study the pics as this description is just a guide!

More from the seller:
Good points/Extras: This is a Genuine UK bike from new and has just 2 former keepers. Ive ridden it and it goes well. Being the R model it has loads of carbon fibre (including the entire subframe) and has the uprated motor over the standard SB6. It is very low mileage (although I cannot guarantee it) and these rare bikes are currently appreciating in value. I am in no rush to sell this bike as its a lovely thing to own and it wont go down in value.

For those not well versed in their Bimota nomenclature, the “S” in the SB6R stands for Suzuki. In this case, the power is supplied by Suzuki’s mighty 156 HP GSX-R1100 drivetrain. This is the 6th generation of Suzuki-powered Bimotas (the B6 in the title), offering Bimota’s sublime aluminum twin-beam frame and that beautiful embossed aluminum swing arm. The huge front forks are Paioli, rear shock is Ohlins, and the beefy big brakes are, as expected, top-shelf from Brembo. The rest is pretty much carbon fiber.

Located in the west midlands area of the UK (think more Birmingham than London), today’s SB6R is being offered as a 2 owner bike with only 1,562 miles on the LCD counter. This bike has seen some use, and exhibits some minor bumps and bruises. The current ask is £11,000 – which equates to about $13,300 in US greenbacks. You can check out all of the details here. Good Luck!!


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Sweet 16 Again – 1997 Ducati 916

Mike 0

Original 1st generation Ducati 916 models are solidly in collector cross hairs. If you were around when these rocket-powered works of art were released back in ’94 and you didn’t score one, chances are good you remain nostalgic for Tamburini’s beautifully carved block of bologna (see what I did there?). The time to get in the game was earlier than now, but it is still not too late as these models are doing nothing but going up. Today’s example is a 1997 model monoposto, showing just over 6,000 miles.

1997 Ducati 916 for sale on eBay

When released in 1994, the Ducati 916 was the sharpest weapon the collective sport bike world had ever seen. A unique combination of stunning design and style, outrageous performance and exclusivity (primarily due to price), the 916 was an instant hit and spawned a long lineage of showroom winning Superbikes. And speaking of Superbikes, Ducati hit the WSBK circuit with the 916 (just as it had with the previous generation 851 and 888), providing Carl Fogarty with championships in 1994, 1995 and 1998, while Troy Corser took the title on a 916 in 1996. This was the most influential motorcycle of the decade and continues to be a much-loved model for riders and collectors alike.

From the seller:
This 1997 Ducati 916 Monoposto is powered by a liquid-cooled 916cc L-twin paired with a six-speed gearbox and is finished in red over a gold trellis frame. Tasteful period correct modifications include a Corbin solo seat, an inverted Showa fork, an Öhlins monoshock, carbon-fiber fenders, Fast by Ferracci slip-on mufflers, Brembo brake calipers, and three-spoke 17″ wheels. The bike was bought from it’s second owner in Sept 2021, it was serviced by him prior to the sale which included replacing the timing belts and spark plugs, changing the fluids, and performing a valve adjustment. This 916 shows 6080 miles and is offered with a rear axle stand, all origional removed factory components, and a clean New York title in the seller’s name.

There are many that claim that the oval-piston Honda NR750 pitched the concept of under seat high exhaust and the single sided swingarm, but there is no argument that – regardless of origin – the Ducati 916 has cemented ownership of the classic sport bike silhouette. And while “Ride Red” has long been a slogan of Honda, it can be argued that a certain Italian brand has owned the color since the launch of this model.

This particular bike looks extremely clean and well presented. Miles are low, bodywork is clean (with some minor boo boos), excellent F-B-F carbon exhaust add on, and a more comfy Corbin seat. Experienced riders will note that these were never particularly comfortable motorcycles, as the tight seating position and forward cant places a lot of weight on the riders’ wrists. But in the canyons there is nothing like the sound of the desmoquattro L-twin booming across the mountains and the sure-footed, trellis-framed chassis inspires ultimate confidence. This particular beauty can be yours, with the bidding starting at a cool $15,000 USD. There is a Buy It Now option set at $21.5k if you simply cannot wait. Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!


Little Red Racing Hood – 2002 Ducati 748R #707

Mike 0

Jumping back across the pond, today we find a very nicely equipped 2002 Ducati 748R. This iconic design, penned by Massimo Tamburini back in the mid 1990s for the launch of the 916, is completely timeless. And while the smaller motor may lack some of the “I’m gonna kill you” grunt of the bigger bike, the rest of the kit is pure Ducati R bike. Which is to say, about as top-shelf as you can get. Exotic, rare, beautiful and unbelievably potent, the 748R is a bike worthy of riding or collecting; or both.

2002 Ducati 748R #707 for sale on eBay

Like the 916, the 748R was designed to go racing. In the case of the smaller bike, that meant World SuperSport. And while looks remained similar, the 748 went through some pretty major changes from inception through the 2000s. For example, in 2000 the 748R adopted the WSBK winning frame from the 996. The engine was substantially reworked from the airbox on down, including updated Showa fuel injection utilizing throttle bodies and F1-style shower injectors. That air/fuel mixture is introduced via hotter cams and bigger valves, and results in an estimated 105 ponies from the screaming twin. By 2002 the R-spec suspension was upgraded from Showa to Ohlins, new Marchesini wheels were added to reduce unsprung weight, and carbon fiber was sprinkled everywhere to reduce weight and up the glam factor.

From the seller:
DHSuperbikes are pleased to be able to offer for sale a lovely little 2002 Ducati 748R. Uk Bike since New, Lots and lots of History and Receipts and some Tasteful extra’s. Rearsets, Termis, Performance Ducati Clutch, Slave Upgrade, Levers, Carbon ETC ETC

Fantastic Clean condition with a few Marks from General use. If Im being over critical (mirror Scuffed, Carbon Chain Guard Laquer marked)

Very good honest Bike with lots of History and paperwork. Very Easy to make absolutely Mint with a few hours TLC

HPI Clear

Full Service and New Tyres along with Belts done this year at JHP in Coventry and she’s covered 200 Miles Since. Supporting Invoice for £1200

Much like when first introduced in the showroom, the 748 remains the lower-priced brother of the vaunted 916. However this is a good thing in a collector sense, as while a 916R may be priced out of the range of many, a 748R is starting to look downright affordable – while looking exactly the the bigger bike. How much win is that? This bike is located in the UK, shows 15k on the clocks, and is looking for a new home as a classified advert for $11,249 GBP (approximately $13,390 USD in today’s exchange rate). Check out all of the details here, and Good Luck!!