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Honda February 14, 2010 posted by

1995 RVF 400 for sale

1995 RVF 400 with 6,900 miles on the clock located in Gilbert, AZ and submitted to us by Gary – the owner of this beautiful machine. It seems likes it pouring RVF 400’s these past few weeks on, but hey, I’m not complaining one bit. I love these things and if I had an extra $7,800.00 bucks this one would be sitting in my basement. The 1994-96 RVF’s are my personal favorite and this one is especially striking with the Tyga tail section and exhaust. In the email to RSBFS Gary sounded a little reluctant to let this one go and who can blame him? We’ve had race only RVF’s, super sweet street RVF’s and Gary’s is right there with the best of the latest bunch. Priced at $7,800.00 it probably won’t be around too long so if you have the itch to get one of these I wouldn’t scratch too long.

Have a look and don’t drool on the keyboard..

1995 Honda RVF400 (RR) NC35
400cc V-Four
Tyga Performance tail and subframe (installed)
Tyga Performance Full Exhaust
Stock tail and subframe
Pit Bull rear stand
wired for Battery Tender
11,000 km (approx 6900 miles)
Alabama Title
Located in GIlbert, AZ

For sale is my very rare 1995 RVF400RR, the most desirable of the Japanese exotic 400cc and 250cc race replica sport bikes. This bike is powered by the greatest motor configuration ever built, a V4 16 valve double overhead gear driven cam engine.

An amazing conversation starter and attention getter, this RVF400 is in excellent condition. It runs great, handles great and sounds awesome. Since it’s import by the previous owner, the bike has seen little road use and has been stored indoors. It has never been raced or tracked and to my knowledge, has never been dropped or crashed. This bike has always been well maintained including a recent brake bleeding and a new battery installed. Also included is a Honda RVF400 illustrated parts book. I would like to mention it has a few minor paint chips and small scratches indicative of a 15 year old motorcycle. Additional photos are available, serious inquiries only. $7800

Video’s of Gary’s bike:

Start up and idle.

Drive by:


To make this one even sweeter it does currently have an Alabama title. And if you’re not a Honda guy a little bird told me that there was another small cc bike headed our way. Stay tuned…..

Does anyone have the number for that trucking company? I need to get a quote and quick.

View this RVF 400 here



Honda November 2, 2008 posted by

Shopping Abroad for NC30 Honda VFR400’s

I shouldn’t say shopping, I was actually just casually browsing my Google Alerts and a couple of sharp looking NC30 VFR400’s came up on Craigslist. Unfortunately they’re both overseas. But they’re so good looking that I was curious to see what current exchange rates would equate to.

First up is this NC30 Honda VFR400 For Sale in County Durham, UK. Listed on Craigslist for £1795 (~$2900 today):

quote from seller’s Craigslist posting:

Honda VFR400 NC30, excellent example of a classic, J-reg, low milage at 16500miles. Sounds amazing, starts first time.

The second VFR400 is located in Yokohama, Japan and is listed on Craigslist for ¥200,000 (~$2000!):

quote from seller’s Craigslist listing:

Honda VFR 400 V4, 19 months shaken, new tyre, battery, excellent condition 14,000 km only. Regrettable sale due to baby. Also come with race pipe.

They both look pretty nice, but the black and red one is so sharp it’d by my pick; especially at two grand! How much do you think it would cost to ship a bike like this from Japan or the U.K.? Of course these wouldn’t be legal for road use, but I’ve posted plenty of bikes on this blog that should fall into the same category and many feature titles and registration.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on value, cost of transportation, and if it’d be worth the trouble! Please join our conversation and leave a comment!