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Buell December 7, 2022 posted by

Factory Authorized – 1999 Buell X1 Carbon Kevlar

Buell’s final Lightning was a substantial update to the S1, and incorporated a neat alloy seat subframe, Thunderstorm engine mods, and a few limited editions, like today’s super clean Carbon Kevlar example.

1999 Buell X1 Carbon Kevlar for sale on eBay

Peak power wasn’t the Sportster engine’s strongest suit, but stump pulling torque made the most of the dry sump and digital fuel injection.   There’s more to the steel tube chassis than on the S1, and the alloy swingarm is fitted with a better Showa pull shock.  Inverted Showa forks are up front, along with the 340mm single disc brake.  H-D’s Kevlar drive belt matches the carbon kevlar fairings and tank cover, though the voluminous rear mudguard didn’t get the treatment.

Just 9,100 miles from new, the blue frame and wheels on this X1 play well with the carbon tank cover, scoop and fender.  The oversized factory intake has been reduced to a conical filter, the shock is safe in a beauty cover, and the muffler is polished.  History, condition and commentary could have been a great part of this eBay auction, but the seller did post links to two walkarounds, – here – is the running one.

Most X1’s arrive more experienced than this carefully tended example, and number 69 of 250 is the first Carbon Kevlar we’ve seen.  One thing the 45-degree V-twin didn’t do was make designers jump through hoops to achieve a quick handling wheelbase.  As you’d expect from a young company with plenty of oversight, Buell presented an X1 that was a little more mature than the S1, but didn’t forget the fun factor.  The carbon treatment makes this one an interesting and rare animal.


Factory Authorized – 1999 Buell X1 Carbon Kevlar
MV Agusta December 5, 2022 posted by

Quick-Change Artist – 2000 MV Agusta F4 750S

Even as their “base model” F4, MV Agusta’s 750S ran interference for their many limited editions and total production could have been accomplished in an afternoon in Japan.  Today’s MV looks to have great potential, with a few notable upgrades.

2000 MV Agusta F4 750S for sale on eBay

Engineers at the Cagiva Research Center placed a call to their buds in Maranello for a little assistance with the hemi-head design on the F4, and its radial array of valves.  It’s been a great engine for MV Agusta, with the original 749cc mill clocking 126 hp.  Though initially built with a magnesium swingarm and sideplates, for the not-so-limited edition they were aluminum.  Designer Massimo Tamburini’s latent thoughts on the Ducati 916 are evident when looking at the F4 unfaired, with the compact trellis frame and speed-oriented riding position.  The hinted velocity was delivered with the 750S, able to run an 11-second 1/4-mile and a top speed of 160 mph.

With 8K and change miles, this F4 has been enjoyed, but looks excellent with the second owner’s attention.  Along with the carbon Silmotor mufflers, the exhausts have been ceramic coated, elevated by the included designer rear stand.  Some better pictures could be requested, but fairing tip-overs seem to be in the past, and some nicer spare lowers are included in the sale.  Comments from the eBay auction –

Many spare fairings, Rizoma rear brake fluid reservoir (red), three stands (2x rear 1x front), much carbon fiber, new tires, new tune up, fresh oil change, coolant flush, new plugs, new neutral switch, Moto Corse billet aluminum side stand (and original side stand), new fuel filter, new rear hub. Two owners (including myself), clean Carfax (included).
Also Factory magnesium wheels, ceramic coated pipes, Fast by Ferracci carbon fiber silencers (Italian Silmotor slip-ons), FbF bar risers, and two bike covers. One rear stand is Pitbull, one rear stand is the now unobtanium original Tamburini rear stand.
Note 1 – Ferrari badge from previous owner removed from fairing. Pix with fairing off are so potential buyer can see the frame and engine. Can send video of running bike. One LH fairing damaged in garage when I dropped the bike on my leg (see fairing pix) because of auto-retract side stand “feature”. No other damage. Fairings currently on bike are “daily driver” bought used to save new or nearly-new fairings. Two keys. “Suicide stand” auto-retract side stand “feature” now disabled with Ducati 748 side stand spring. Typical crack in RH side belly pan fairing – epoxied and this is shown in the pix. Magnesium wheels in great shape. Front and rear fenders are carbon fiber (see pix).
Note 2 – The stock rear hub has been replaced with a new “Mitch” rear hub. Bike will also come with the original used rear hub in a box.

There isn’t an MV Agusta dealer in every town, but fans of the brand will have a couple of websites and an “indy” service shop handy.  This seller doesn’t hide the bike’s history and seems to have made every effort to make things easy for the next owner.  At this point the F4 is an acknowledged classic and is as solid an investment as any motorcycle, with an occasional spirited ride as a benefit.


Quick-Change Artist – 2000 MV Agusta F4 750S
Honda November 9, 2022 posted by

Recent Acquaintance – 1988 Honda CBR400RR / NC23

Evidently a new arrival from overseas, today’s NC23 looks nicely tended, appearing to have just one slip-and-fall in its past.

1988 Honda CBR400RR / NC23 for sale on eBay

The 399cc inline four has gear-driven cams and an early valve timing system, making the 59 hp sleepy below 9,000 rpm and a tiger the rest of the way to the 12,500 redline.  The other trademark printed on the fairing refers to the heavily triangulated swingarm, pre-dating the single-sided variety on the NC29.  The budget didn’t allow for multi-adjustable suspension, but it did review well, like the dual 275mm brakes.  Even though tire availability is better these days, the 17-inch front and 18-inch rear rubber might take some shopping.

With its dash indicating just about 13K miles, this CBR looks very good with bright finishes and just isolated  corrosion.  Rather new muffler.  Seems like the right hand scrapes could be corrected by a good painter, and if it runs well as claimed then maybe the four 26mm carbs won’t need cleaning.  “Best livery” and “never imported until now” are the only eyebrow raisers in the the eBay auction comments, the last item about documents indicating that the new owner will be shepherding it through customs and DMV –

Super low miles (odometer in KM)
Just imported JDM original in really nice shape.

Runs & rides beautifully. Looks incredible.
This is a very unique model and never imported to the USA until now.

Needs – touch up on right upper, mirror, and front fender. Prior owner did not properly repair scratches. Nothing else needed.

All import and clearance documents are provided.
Bill of Sale provided.

Since it brings riders to the brand, Honda’s 400cc home market is intensely competitive, and engineers jammed as much tech into this young person’s ride as the bottom line would allow.  The model had a nice run but was only ever a gray import here, few and far between.  Quite a few more hp are in the engine, just waiting for a competent shop to let them out.  Whether straight to the racetrack or a visit to RSBFS friends at Deftone Cycles for some restoration, this one looks like a great starting point whichever way it goes.


Recent Acquaintance – 1988 Honda CBR400RR / NC23
Ducati November 6, 2022 posted by

Rider Alert – 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto

Original 916’s don’t pop up all that often, and hardly ever with touring bike mileage, but today’s looks well cared for and used as intended.

1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto for sale on eBay

Designer Massimo Tamburini made a balancing act out of the design – the lightweight trellis frame versus the 114 hp L-twin, squeaked into the 55.5 inch wheelbase, with the battery mounted amidships to coax the weight distribution to 50:50.  17-inch wheels were at both ends, with adjustable Showa dampers and a slippery full fairing.  Brembo cast the 320mm brakes with gold calipers and disk carriers, as well as the single-sided swingarm.  Airflow is the final arbiter of balance, with the rider’s wrists lightening and temperature gauge relaxing only above 65 mph.

Coming up on 44K miles but looking extra nice, this 916 might want that “big twin” oil to take care of those rod bearings.   The presentation is remarkably original and finishes looks great.  Eminently clean with some nice polish on a few bits.  Even though it’s not visible in the photos, some patina is mentioned in the eBay auction

Rides and drives as it should. Very nice 27 year old motorcycle. Bike been maintained and lovingly cared for. This bike has the solo seat from the factory. Termignoni mufflers, Pirelli tires and Brembo brakes. If you’re looking at this bike you know it’s legendary! Bike is 27 years old and has been ridden sparingly over the years. But it is not a museum piece. The fairing has some scratches and cracks but rest of the bike looks like it’s 2-3 years old. Paint is very nice and shines. Bike runs very well , idles nicely and pulls strong.

The bike of the decade, there’s room for even a base 916 in any collection – and a well-used example won’t worry the owner on an occasional ride.  The next custodian will have a challenge to keep it as nice, even in a less crowded toy shop.  This one is on a no-reserve auction and will be worth watching.


Rider Alert – 1995 Ducati 916 Monoposto
BMW October 27, 2022 posted by

Blackout – 2007 BMW R1200S

Always fun to look at an unusual BMW model from more than a decade ago, seemingly undamaged, super clean – and then power up the dash to see the odometer… 33K miles !  Today’s R1200S from a Philly suburb, is hiding out in black with black trim.

2007 BMW R1200S for sale on eBay

The R1200S was a clean sheet re-design, and the 122 hp played a lot better with its 467 lbs. than the previous R1100S.  Telelever front end reduces dive under braking, and Paralever rear lessens the tendency of the rear to rise when accelerating.  Brakes are 320mm, without the servo assist but with optional ABS.  Each side of the fairing are one piece from nose to tank, and the seat console is one long piece from sidecover back.

The original owner plunked down well over the $14K list for this well-optioned S, with ABS, Öhlins, grip heat and 6-inch rear wheel all coming from the factory.  Akrapovic exhaust is a nice addition, possibly installed right at the dealer.  Miles are only mid-life for a Beemer, and no indication that either of the hex-head guards has ever been used.  Gotta like an owner with a nice rug under the bike.  Notes from the eBay auction –

33K miles in near pristine condition. It has ABS, BMW expandable luggage, heated grips, and a Centech fuse box. Performance upgrades are the factory optional Ohlins suspension, 6” wide rear wheel and full Akrapovic titanium exhaust system.

The R1200S had a two year run (2006-07) and with very low production numbers is already a niche classic. It was the most powerful BMW twin to date with 122hp and over 80 ft. lbs. torque at the crankshaft. Weight was 29 lbs. less than the previous R1100S largely due to the new trellis style frame.

The 30K service was done and I have service records going back to 2010. It has a current PA safety inspection sticker, brand new front brake pads and the tires are approx. 80%.

BMW seems to have worked on some niches in the oughties, and beside the R1200S, there were K1200S and K1200R Sport, HP2 Megamoto and G650X Challenge models available.  None were long-lived and all numbered in just the hundreds, but certainly charged up the fan base.  The R1200S had the top line BMW’s twin power spreadsheet for a few years, until the HP2 Sport came along.  This auction has recently opened, and there is a reserve.  Looks worthy of a bid though !


Blackout – 2007 BMW R1200S
Honda October 1, 2022 posted by

Goshawk – 2003 Honda VTR-1000F Super Hawk

Maybe the nearest Ducati emporium is a bit of a hike but you’d still like to partake of some V-twin liter supersport goodness ?  Honda kept their answer on budget and this example looks to have carefully ridden little more than 1,000 miles per year.

2003 Honda VTR-1000F for sale on eBay

First offered in 1997, the Super Hawk was known as the Firestorm abroad, and used an alloy chassis which primarily secured the engine from above, with the swingarm bolted directly to the gearbox case.  A pair of 48mm Keihin carbs fed four-valve heads and percolated 110 hp plus a healthy 71.5 ft.-lbs. torque.  Forks are of the right side up cartridge variety, and the Pro-Link monoshock is also multi-adjustable.  Brakes are supersport-sized at 296mm, with four-piston calipers.  Side-mounted radiators vent from the upper-only fairing.

This Hawk is a bit unusual in blue, and looks very good for a little over 24K miles.  Recent baloney skins and coolant hoses are noted, and looks very original save the blinkers and tail tidy.  Not many pictures but no doubt more are available.  Comments from the eBay auction –

Known as the poor man’s Ducati, Honda developed the VTR as an answer to the 996 and produced a fabulous bike in the process. This bike may be 20 years old but is just as nimble and powerful as today’s sport bikes. If you have ever ridden one, you know. These are getting really hard to find and this one is in really good condition. Always garage kept and never down. This is not a show bike as it is a daily rider, but is above average for its age. New tires this summer, all new coolant hoses, all new fluids. No cracks anywhere in the fairings and the original paint is still shiny with no signs of fading.

Reviewers gigged the Super Hawk on its range and sometimes weight, but otherwise it was above average in every way.  Not sure about the Super Hawk / RC51 relationship, unless the VTR was a proof-of-concept exercise before HRC was brought in to design the RC51.  Ever just a street machine, the Super Hawk delivered grounds for acquittal at a popular price.  Still a few days to go on this auction and hope the seller hasn’t set to optimistic a reserve.


Goshawk – 2003 Honda VTR-1000F Super Hawk
Honda September 17, 2022 posted by

Erion Nation – 2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Edition

As lucky as Erion Racing was to have been Honda’s partner in AMA Formula Xtreme, Honda recognized their good fortune in the four-peat 1997-2000 championships conducted by Kevin Erion’s team.  The factory produced a not-often-seen tribute CBR929RR and today’s has some serious miles but hardly shows it.

2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Edition for sale on eBay

Honda’s 2000 update to the CBR900RR included an all new engine with the titanium HTEV power valve and 152 hp.  The swingarm is located in bosses cast into the transmission case, cutting out the middleman and using the engine as a stressed chassis member.  Even though brake size was increased to 330mm and a 17-inch front wheel was fitted, other components like the titanium exhaust helped reduce weight to well below the 1999 model.  Bodywork was sleek and blended into the Honda line-up almost anonymously.

Offered without comment by an eBay dealer with hundreds of listings, this Erion has nearly 37K miles and certainly isn’t perfect.  But the personalizations look limited to trimming the rear fender, mirror extensions, shorty levers, conformal signals, rim reflectors and tank grips.  Minor wear and tear is sprinkled all over, except for the left mirror area which needs repair.  Even so this might be a nice deal for a limited edition seeming to be in its original wrapper.

Formula Xtreme was an inclusive concept, with a wide-ranging selection of models awarding less cylinders and valves more displacement.  They hosted the Daytona 200 for several years, but was eventually absorbed into other AMA classes.  The RSBFS archives have a few actual Erion race bikes, but very few of the commemoratives.  It might be largely a sticker edition, but still a great year for CBR fans.


Erion Nation – 2001 Honda CBR929RR Erion Edition
Honda September 14, 2022 posted by

Intercepted – 1984 Honda VF1000F

Since many if not most GP teams have embraced the V4’s intrinsic balance and mass centralization, Honda may have been ( way ) ahead of the power curve with their 1980’s VF collection.  Here’s a very sharp classic with original looks and single-year rarity.

1984 Honda VF1000F Interceptor for sale on eBay

The capstone on the 750 and 500cc Interceptors, the 1000 was the big wheel, with 122 hp and period 16-inch front / 17-inch rear rubber.  Reviews said the torque made downshifting optional, and the 550 lbs. half-full weight lent stability to unusual situations.  Brakes seem optimistic with triple 276mm disks, but TRAC anti-dive forks slide on 41mm tubes.  FJ and GPz models scored a little higher on the sportiness scale, but even then the Honda name counted for a lot.

Offered by a northeast PA dealer, this looks like a really nice survivor, with original black chrome pipes and the easier maintenance done.  Sure an effort to give the carburetors an ultrasonic bath could be mounted, but one could get started with a carb cleaning fuel additive and address a few rusty fasteners.  Honda fans of a certain age are waiting for the next owner to lean back on that blue seat and chat.  Part of the comments from the eBay auction –

13,000 original miles, 1000cc, V-4. As far as I can tell this machine is an Original, number’s matching, iconic survivor from the the golden era of sport bikes.  This rare bike looks, rides, and runs great. This was purchased along with another just like it at auction and was part of a 43 bike collection displayed in a climate controlled setting.  The stunning Shasta White, Candy Aleutian Blue and Candy Bourgogne Red paint is basically perfect, I see no scrapes, scratches, chips, fading, or dents, shines like new. Seat is perfect, no rips, tears, or discoloration. Aluminum is not corroded, plastics are smooth and glossy, gauges are clear, colors are bright, all rubber components are soft with no cracking, inside of tank is clean, exhaust has no scrapes, dents, etc, windshield is clear with no scratches. All lights, headlight, hi-lo, instrument lights, indicator lights, tail light, brake lights, horn and blinkers work. Inside of tank is rust free and this bike has not been modified in any way that I can see.

Slain by many darts rather than a single arrow, the VF1000F was pestered by association with an earlier model’s camshaft metallurgy, design quirks, a dearth of racing success, and new competitive bikes with aggressive pricing.  The updated VF1000F2 succeeded it, but only for a couple of years.  The -84’s classic Interceptor styling continues to look good, and the GT performance makes for a great street ride.  Bids are coming in on this auction, which shows a buy-it-now which isn’t that far away.


Intercepted – 1984 Honda VF1000F