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Waltz Across Texas – 1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R

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Might be time to turn that fly-in / ride home daydream into a reality – today’s 1986 Ninja 1000R looks up to the task.  99 percent original, it looks excellent with just 10K original miles !

1986 Kawasaki Ninja 1000R for sale on eBay

Design to succeed the 900 “Top Gun” Ninja, the 1000R was a comprehensive update, with larger 36mm carbs, lightened valve train, more modern piston rings and fresh air ducts.  Top speed was a focus item with taller final gearing, and fairing updates even included the turn signals, which are applied to the aerodynamic strakes.  Variable damping forks and period solutions like 16-inch wheels attempted to help the 550-odd pounder turn in.  Styling updates were light and didn’t mess with success.

Hidden away in south Texas, this Ninja looks super clean and surprisingly original, with a new dark windscreen.  One minor dent and an over-stressed fairing fastener look eminently fixable.  Finishes on the tank and the wide seat fairing are amazing for their age, and though the dash photo is blurry, the owner states just 10K miles in the eBay auction –

True time capsule here!

All original Ninja 1000, only 10,000 miles, runs and rides like a new one. I have documentation to show these are original miles. The only non-original item is the Zero Gravity windscreen. I have the original owners manual and tool kit. Everything on this bike works perfectly. There are two small defects that I have shown in the pics. Let me know if you need additional info.

Check out eBay’s GPZ1000R offerings here !

This owner is almost right about his Ninja being a ZX-10, it’s more often called a GPZ1000RX, which was left to battle the 900 it succeeded in the showrooms until the ZX-10 arrived in 1988.  The liter segment was borderline GT those years, and the 1000R more than held its own against its rivals.  This one would likely be a hit at a bike night, after a comfortable and speedy ride part way across Texas.


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Heckcat – 2011 KTM RC8R 1190

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KTM made several updates to the RC8R for 2011, most focused on smoothing out the power and handling.  Today’s KTM evidently agreed with some rider(s), to the tune of 31K miles !

2011 KTM RC8R 1190 for sale on eBay

Along with a newly designed crankshaft to smooth out the powerband transitions, KTM re-thought the twin butterflies to make throttle response more predictable.  Engineers added twin spark plugs and found a passel more ponies, making 175 available.  Adjustments to swingarm linkage and seat subframe are added to the numerous foot and hand control variables.  WP forks and monoshock are also more adjustable than some, with separate adjustments for compression and rebound.  320mm Brembo brakes sound typical but reviewed as excellent, and a Buell-ish under-slung muffler peaks out beneath the right footpeg.

Presented by what looks to be a used motorbike parts eBay-er, this RC8R has a little patina just about everywhere, and a close brush with reality on the right side.  Even the minuscule stock rear mudguard had to go, with serious frame sliders added, and levers upgraded to the adjustable folding type.  Michelins look ready for another season, and considering how easy it probably is for an RC8R to find trouble, this one looks very good for the mileage.  Just a sentence and change from the eBay auction –

Original with OEM WP suspension, OEM Brembo brakes, and OEM Marchesini 5 spoke rims. The owner has had it for less than 1 year. The vehicle runs/shifts/rides great and is mainly used for weekend rides.

Electronic sensibilities were being introduced to the superbike segment when this RC8R was built, but KTM left it all to the rider’s judgment.  KTM stopped building superbikes for the road in 2015, with the RC390 now their only road-going supersport.  This rider could be buffed up by the next owner, but is now one of those collectible machines that they aren’t making any more of.


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Fade to Black – 2002 Ducati 900SS

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With everything else Ducati had in the early 2000’s showroom, it’s not surprising that even the newly re-vamped Supersports struggled.  But the Terblanche design has weathered the storm, and the time-tested chassis with its fuel injected, air cooled mill is still a great choice.

2002 Ducati 900SS for sale on eBay

Charged with updating the square headlight design that had been on the books since 1988, Pierre Terblanche presented a complex set of curves that was sculpted in places the old 900SS didn’t even have places.  The long wheelbase favored gentler curves but the torquey L-twin still made plenty of power.  Showa USD forks and Sachs monoshock were fully adjustable, accompanied by typically excellent Brembo brakes and a dry hydraulic clutch.  Semi-gloss black looks super-bad and maybe even a little longer than a gloss black finish.

Today’s 900SS is presented by a Virginia mostly auto dealer with an eclectic collection, and looks good with just under 4,000 miles.  Not much catches the update eye except the DP exhaust, open clutch cover and seemingly recent matching Michelins.  Hopefully “serviced” includes cam belts, a good question for the dealer.  A new owner can lavish the TLC all those different silver and black finishes need, and maybe put a black cover on that Pepé Le Pew seat.  Just a short comment in the eBay auction –

We just purchased this nice 2002 Ducati 900 Super Sport with only 3995 miles!

This Ducati was purchased in Italy new by one of America’s finest service members and brought back to the states! 

 Just serviced & Virginia state inspected  and ready to enjoy! 

The later Supersports had a sportier riding position, and raising the bars might require some finagling since the fairings are snug.  The Weber-Marelli fuel injection was tuned for less emissions and often wanted a Power Commander to plump up the fuel map.  But for a relatively modern 900 with easier two-valve maintenance, this example looks worth an inquiry.


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Power Corrupts – 1993 Suzuki GSX-R1100

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Suzuki made so many substantive changes to the first water-cooled GSX-R1100 that reviewers were knocked cold and only colors were updated for 1994. Today’s GSX-R has low mileage, typical period mods, and excellent cosmetics.

1993 Suzuki GSX-R1100 for sale on eBay

Quite a few engine changes accompanied the switch from oil to water cooling – a slight decrease in displacement, with increased compression and bigger valves power came to 156 hp.  The alloy chassis was constructed of pressed, cast and forged elements, with many of the extruded parts having five sides.  While happy that the suspension was fully adjustable, most reviewers noted that changes should only be made incrementally, the delivered settings were that good.  The 500-lb. barrier came and went, but the sharp chassis and 6-piston brakes made for a lighter feel under way.

With under 15K miles, this GSX-R shows well and appears complete.  Rear signals and fender have been changed, but fairings seem to be original along with the sought after factory front turn signals.  Tires might take a close inspection before a run for glory, and the smooth pillion cover might be a better idea than a co-rider.  Notes from the eBay auction –


Always plenty of GSX-R1100 parts on eBay. Shop Now!

Though a bit of a beast, Suzuki engineers managed to keep the WP’s powerplant trim and even lower in the chassis.  Beside increasing power, water cooling provided better longevity, part of the reason these continue to reappear.  Photos are good but not comprehensive, showing a very clean GSX-R deserving of at least more investigation.


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AMA Recommended – 1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley

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Though today a multi-media campaign would be in the works, all Suzuki had to do was paint their GS1000S to match Wes Cooley’s back-to-back AMA championship winner to cause a sensation.  Today’s example is a real survivor but has had stem to stern attention.

1980 Suzuki GS1000S Wes Cooley for sale on eBay

Wes Cooley specs read like the standard GS they’re based on, but with some internal part differences and larger valves, the air cooled liter was good for 90 horses.  The twin downtube frame reviewed as rock solid, and dual shocks and air adjustable forks were house brand but reportedly better than usual.  An 18-inch rear wheel was specified for additional ground clearance and brakes were triple 295mm disks, slotted up front.  Flatter bars hid behind the generous bikini fairing that had unusual anti-lift chines.

Presented by a Florida collector / restorer, this example shows almost 42K miles, and looks very good, with a blueprinted engine.  The stainless exhaust is a bit short to be popular with the neighbors, but this isn’t your daily rider.  Braided brake lines along with new tires and battery will serve the next owner.  Comments from the eBay auction –

WES COOLEY Numbers series correct, this is quite a machine has 41k on clock , but it has been totally reconditioned / rebuilt / restored.  This is a high Performance machine, the engine has been ported / cams / crank /clutch upgrades / Dyna ignition / 33mm round slide carbs / 4 into 1 s.s. exhaust / new tires / battery s.s. brake lines / fork brace / the list goes on.  The ’80 is the one to have as it comes factory with the big port head along with the porting and carbs makes this bike way faster than my ’92 GSX-R1100.

Wes also won the Suzuka 8 hour race twice for Yoshimura, making him a legendary figure on the far side of the Pacific as well.  A career-changing accident injured the future AMA Hall of Fame member at Sears Point in 1985, and he took up a medical career after his recovery.  With only several hundred ever in existence, this example deserves further attention and maybe a push of the Make Offer button.


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Winterfresh – 1982 Suzuki Katana 1000

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Though most of the country isn’t quite ready to think about bikes, the season is right around the corner.  Here’s an interesting GSX1000SV with a reinvigorated engine and updated cosmetics.

1982 Suzuki Katana 1000 for sale on eBay

Suzuki had a design program for a new GS1100-based sportbike going, but the German importer interjected with a new styling firm, Target Design.  The 1000cc version was built to homologate the model for racing, with its 4-valve four pushing 108 hp.  The chassis was typical round steel downtubes, with the wheelbase tightened up almost an inch.  Suspension and brakes had more in common with the GS than innovation, which worked for the slightly lighter Katana.  The sculpted saddle, signature Hans Muth fairing and clip-on handlebars caused a sensation in the press and the showroom.

Guess the chain of ownership on a forty year-old motorbike isn’t worth mentioning unless it’s very short, but this Katana seems to have survived its 21-1/2K miles without any major events.  Adding the blue from the 1983 livery gives interest to the tank and fairing, and the top end / carburetor work will benefit the new owner.  Overall a very together presentation with many new parts listed in the eBay auction –

This one is more than just a survivor, it is a lightly modified very sound and solid bike to ride. The modifications are as follows: 4 into one Yoshimura exhaust that allows you to retain the center stand, tinted wind screen, rear taillights, front brake master cylinder, original silver paint job has been enhanced with ‘83 Katana blue striping. The engine heads and carbs have been professionally freshened up by Emma at Motown in Monterey, CA less than 1,000 miles ago. It starts, runs & rides excellently.

The original Katana design statement hid some of the engineering work required for the 1000cc model, such as a new block casting to keep the cylinder spacing but accommodate iron liners of the proper thickness.  And like the forks with the front axle at the end rather than offset forward, many other parts were adjusted or beefed up with AMA superbikes in mind.  The relatively new fork anti-dive circuit worked well, but reviewers took issue with the rear spring rate, too high even at the lowest pre-load.  Besides a spirited classic ride, the Katana 1000 could provide a pretty good engineering study for the next owner.


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Black in Back – 1998 Yamaha FZR600R with 2,713 miles !

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Out behind the pallet jack, tires and batteries on charge, a certain dealership had an FZR600 hidden since the turn of the century.  Just a few pictures but what’s here looks good.  And black.

1998 Yamaha FZR600R for sale on eBay

Manufacturers in this segment bounce between advanced engineering and budget consciousness, and luckily the FZR had a recent chassis redesign and the four-valve engine was a bit of all right.  The Deltabox frame used the engine as a stressed member, giving the 99 hp something to push against.  17-inch alloys and 298 mm brakes walked a fine line between price and performance.  Fresh air delivery  to the airbox at the forward part of the tank is right under each handgrip.

Presented by a Fresno, CA dealer, this FZR might seem a peculiar choice to hide away.  But there will be original owners and others, looking for other than horsepower.  A new windscreen and tires are in order, and maybe better engine end covers can be sourced.  But more pictures or a live video walkaround should be requested.  Comment from the eBay auction –

Had this in the back of a dealership before I retired, Owned about 10 years, Miles are actual. Tires are original!! (will need to be changed). Just serviced, runs great, motor tight and crisp! Vance and Hines Carbon Fiber Exhaust. Bike is perfect, Except: Windshield a ‘lil dull, small dime size tear rear seat, quarter size chip upper fairing ( can’t see) and a good “airbrush” painter can repair with minimal cost. also left at mag cover (see pics), very small forward scratches around starter (motor cover), and fairing. For a collector, this bike is an excellent candidate to add to a collection.

The later FZR600’s have a strong fan base, have been occasional features on RSBFS, and gave Honda some competition in quality if not sales.  Very few have survived with so few miles, and this example’s flaws seem very correctable.  A little homework though, before making an offer.



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Almost Friday – 2007 Aprilia RSV 1000R Asking $3,800 !

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For just a usual down payment, it might be possible to ride off into the California night on a sharp Aprilia superbike.  Looks way better than its 63,628 miles would suggest.

2007 Aprilia RSV1000R for sale on Cycletrader

Aprilia threw a kitchen sink of tech at their gen 2 RSV, claiming 143 hp from the 60-degree magnesium cases, thanks to advanced fuel injection and ram air in the nose.  Triangulated chassis segments kept things strong and light. Even the basic R components were nothing to sneeze at, adjustable Ohlins forks and remote reservoir monoshock, with Brembo radially mounted brakes.  Red and bronze fairings afford the rider all possible protection.

As good as this RSV looks, it would be hard to believe the seller scrimped on maintenance, though having a friend stop by and take a listen might be all the inspection there’s time for.  Saying they’re the original owner, the – Cycletrader listing – gives a deadline –

Must be picked up by no later than Friday nite Dec. 16, plus I’m the original owner, bike never been laid down, moving out of state must sell.
2007 Aprilia RSV1000-R, 63,628 miles.
Great condition.

Interested buyers will have to be local or fast on their feet to take delivery by tomorrow night, but a clean RSV1000R will be worth the trouble.


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