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One for the Road: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport for Sale

These days, when someone says "BMW sportbike," two things happen. First, the squinty, asymmetrical S1000RR immediately springs to mind. Second, you don't immediately burst into a fit of laughing: not long ago, "BMW sportbike" would have been something of an oxymoron. But people forget that, sandwiched in between the sporty-toury R1100S and the game-changing S1000RR, BMW introduced the very trick, limited-production HP2 Sport.

It was really intended to set the stage for the S1000RR, to show that BMW could be taken seriously as a sportbike manufacturer, that they had the technological chops to make a world-class machine. Of course, in the case of the HP2 Sport, they were applying that technology to a platform that would seem to be the anti-sportbike at first. It uses the same basic layout as the R1100S: horizontally-opposed twin with a longitudinal crankshaft, shaft drive, and BMW's Telelever front end that used a traditional shock and A-arm set up, along with some fork tubes that aren't actually fork tubes.

That setup has some advantages over a conventional fork, but is generally heavier and more complicated. It also makes the location of a radiator difficult, something that's not such an issue here, since the flat-twin is oil and air-cooled. Speaking of that classic BMW engine: in the HP2, a whole catalog of exotic parts have been thrown at it to increase performance. New dual overhead cam heads, radial valves, and titanium connecting rods all add up to a claimed 128hp, and a 9,500rpm redline you could chase with the very first-ever, factory-equipped quickshifter.

In an R1100S, that power might not be much to shout about, but the HP2 has added lightness: carbon-fiber panels, a self-supporting carbon-fiber subframe, and a generally Lotus-like attention to detail meant a claimed dry weight of 392lbs. Not especially impressive in the sportbike world, but the package was sufficiently light to legitimately compete in terms of handling. And that was another surprise: the BMW Telelever system doesn't always "feel like it should" and is sometimes criticized for offering vague front-end feedback, but a sportier front shock from Öhlins seems to have cured that. Unlikely layout aside, the HP2 was an excellent handler, and the Brembo monoblock calipers provide ferocious retardation for the lightweight machine.

From the original eBay listing: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport for Sale

For auction is my 2009 BMW HP2 Sport. It is in very good condition with 20,532 miles on the clock. It is a great running machine and has been maintained well. It has no known mechanical defects and needs nothing. It has been ridden as it was meant to be, but never abused or track ridden, but has not been stored in a living room. If you want a museum piece with zero mileage then this particular bike isn’t likely for you. If you do however wish to own and ride the ultimate BMW boxer sport bike then this bike is for you and at about half the price of new or some recently posted here on eBay. This machine is serial number 79 as seen in the photos. No one really seems to know for sure how many HP2 sports were produced for the world market, much less the USA market, but it seems about 250 or so. This is the last of my collection of seven BMW motorcycles that I have decided to sell. I have accepted a new job in another state and so all but one of my bikes and cars are going to be sold in the next two months. I work a lot of hours and weekends as well so I don’t have time to ride any of them. These bikes need to be ridden, as opposed to sitting here on a trickle charger gathering dust. I have been on eBay for many years and have great feedback and represent things as they are. Thanks for the interest and I will try to respond to questions as quickly as possible.

There are actually several HP2s up for sale at the moment, but while most are treated like museum pieces, this one has been ridden extensively, although mileage is still low for a BMW twin. Keep in mind that the service schedule calls for those titanium connecting rods to be replaced at 30,000 miles, but at least engine access is easy and you're only looking at a pair of them... There isn't much time left on the auction, and bidding is up to about half what HP2s usually go for. It looks like it's in excellent condition and would be a great choice for a BMW fan looking to ride the ultimate twin in the way it was really intended.


One for the Road: 2009 BMW HP2 Sport for Sale
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The Winner and Still Champion ( of the BoxerCup ) – 2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika

After the introduction of their first sportbike since the R90S of 1973-76, BMW sponsored a spec race series for their new R1100S in 1999.  Running mostly in Europe but expanding to Daytona in 2003-04, the BoxerCup was great international series, with many different riders from different countries winning races during the season.   The Boxer Cup Replika was offered in 2003 and 2004, last year of production, with performance updates such as carbon head guards and belly fairing, braided brake lines, underseat Laser exhaust, and Ohlins suspension.

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right front

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika for sale on eBay

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr left

The most powerful BMW boxer to date, the R1100S has 98 hp on tap, thanks to dual spark heads with four valves per cylinder.  Owners were provided an updated engine management chip at the first service.  Though a heavyweight at 505 lbs. wet, the BMW Paralever single-sided swingarm ( with shaft drive ) and Telelever anti-dive front suspension work with the rigid frame to make it handle.  Brakes are appropriately sized 320mm fronts and 276mm rear.  Nice touches include carbon front and rear fenders and dual seat with fairing cover.

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right rear wheel  20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right front wheel

Following BMW's legendary ability to roll the odometer, this R1100S has over 25,000 miles, but looks good and with the up-to-date maintenance, should be ready for more.  From the eBay auction:

BEAUTIFUL BOXERCUP. LOOKS LIKE NEW. ALWAYS GARAGED. ALL BOOKS AND KEYS.  Bike  has been fully tuned with valve adjustment, new alternator belt,brake and cable adjustment all done in last 2 weeks. Tank bag included. Laser exhaust, non abs model.

20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr seat  20150811 2005 bmw r1100s bcr right

From the last year of production, the BoxerCup offered has the more attractive paint and graphics, and appears undamaged save a few scratches on the head covers.  Looking very stock and racy without the optional luggage, owner improvements include tank bag, K&N filter, and fork-mounted conspicuity lights.   A great, stable and very sporty BMW, this one is just at mid-life, no crisis...


The Winner and Still Champion ( of the BoxerCup ) – 2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika
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Silver slipper ( yellow stripes ) – 2000 BMW R1100S

Introduced in late 1998 as a 1999 model, BMW brought an S-model back to the brand.  Pushing 98 hp from the 1098cc boxer, the light(er) weight Beemer could break 12 seconds in the 1/4 mile and very nearly 140 mph.  Telelever front end has inherent dive control, and low-maintenance Paralever swingarm encloses shaft drive.  This second-year R1100S with optional paint has low miles and some nice upgrades.

20150418 2000 bmw r1100s right front

2000 BMW R1100S for sale on eBay

20150418 2000 bmw r1100s right  20150418 2000 bmw r1100s left front

For the R1100S introduction, BMW made many sport-related upgrades to their sport-touring package.  While their family of touring bikes hangs the rear suspension directly from the transmission housing, the R1100S has a sub-frame providing much great rigidity to the chassis.  The flowing design of the bodywork hides the underseat exhaust and an aluminum fuel tank holding almost 5 gallons.  Carbon front fender and clip-on handlebars were first on a BMW on the R1100S.  BMW pioneered development of ABS and debate continues of whether sportbikes should have it, but the triple Brembo disks on this bike appear to be ABS controlled, and who knows, it could make a save one day.  This example has only 8,500 miles and the newly recovered seat has the cowling, also the nice touches of enlarged windshield, barbacks, clear signal lenses, and factory cover.

20150418 2000 bmw r1100s cockpit  20150418 2000 bmw r1100s right front wheel

From the eBay auction :

New Michelin Tires, Full Remus ext, New recon seat, bmw cover, Barbacks, New batt.

Bike is in the best condition runs great needs nothing but a rider. you can see in the pics how fine the bike is.

20150418 2000 bmw r1100s tail  20150418 2000 bmw r1100s right rear wheel

A sparkling presentation with new tires and battery, upgraded exhaust, and usual Bosch Motronic reliability, a successful bidder should have a summer full of trouble-free miles.


Silver slipper ( yellow stripes ) – 2000 BMW R1100S
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The Other Red: 1999 BMW R1100S

After 25 years without, BMW renewed interest in an -S variant, and their design team applied the innovative Telelever front and Paralever rear suspension to a sport motorcycle.

$_57 (11)

1999 BMW R1100S for sale on eBay

The first BMW with clip-ons, passenger seat cowl, and rear-sets, the R1100S also has carbon fiber fenders and underseat exhaust.  The 4-valve 1085cc twin makes almost 100 hp with 72 ft-lbs of torque, and inspired the Boxer Cup, a single-type race series which supported Moto GP and the Daytona 200.  Later models included a Sport and Boxer Cup Prep with a belly pan, braided brake lines, and carbon valve covers.

$_57 (15)

Tested against the Ducati ST2 and Honda VFR 800, the R1100S wasn't quite as comfortable on the track, but the Telelever front end provided good anti-dive characteristics.  Dual front / single rear Brembo disks are more than capable.  The bodywork flows beautifully and hides a 4.8 gal. fuel tank.  Speed yellow was the predominant launch color, and the red is distinctive.

$_57 (14)

Part of the BMW ownership experience is the wide variety of aftermarket upgrades and this R1100S has been nicely "farkled" - from the eBay auction:

Beautiful R1100S always garaged and in excellent condition. Low miles and great upgrades.  Corbin leather seat, carbon fiber turn signal covers, carbon fiber front and rear fenders, Brembo brakes, billet brake and clutch covers, Rizoma rear turn signal lights, handlebars raised, Throttlemeister cruise control, fuel injected engine, Remus stainless exhaust (including original exhaust), hard cases - both wide and narrow (City), smoke windshield (includes original),Avon tires. Lightly used and looks like new.

$_57 (12)

Doesn't seem like anyone but a BMW owner would call 33,000 "low" miles, but sport-touring can be easier on the equipment, and the higher purchase price tends to make for mature previous owners.  This first-year R1100S appears well-loved and might be a bargain entry into the brand.


The Other Red:  1999 BMW R1100S
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2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika with 4800 Miles

2005 BMW Boxer Cup for sale

One of 300 sold in the U.S., these were meant to replicate the one make Boxer Cup racing series. The enhancements are subtle and limited to a taller ride height for better clearance with the cylinder heads when leaned over, a throatier exhaust, a wider rear wheel, shorter windscreen, a steering damper, and of course the paint scheme. While likely too sedate for many visitors to this site, it would be a cool tourer to road trip to the races!


2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup for sale on eBay


from the seller:

I'm selling my BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika that is in fantastic condition. It only has 4832 miles on it. I bought it with 2100 miles in 2009. I rarely ride the bike and it's time to go. If you're looking at this bike, you know how rare they are. Only 300 were imported into the states. The bike is all original with no aftermarket parts on it at all. There are a couple imperfections on the bike, such as a scratch on the front wheel and the paint on the rear cowl corners are chipped. This was done by the previous owner and I never got around to fixing it. The rear cowl just needs to be repainted. If the hairline scratch on the front wheel is an issue, then a quick powder coat can take care of that. I never leave the cowl on, so it wasn't an issue to me.

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Replika with 4800 Miles
BMW March 10, 2013 posted by

2005 BMW R1100S BoxerCup Replika For Sale in Scottsdale

2005 BMW Boxercup For Sale

In the spirit of Sunday drives, here's an R1100S BoxerCup for sale in Arizona. It has covered just 4280 miles. Current bid is just over $7k reserve not met and the buy-it-now is $8k. The seller sounds like a true enthusiast and does a great job describing the bike. Good luck to buyers and seller, and hat tip to Patrick for the spot!


2005 BMW R1100S BoxerCup For Sale on eBay


quote from the seller:

Limited Edition and has to be one of the best condition, lowest mileage BoxerCups in the USA, perhaps the world. Once in a lifetime opportunity to get your twin on. MY 2005 Red, White and Blue BoxerCup with only 4,280 miles. Expertly maintained and cared for, never down, raced or abused. As you can see from the pics I've included some with its body work removed just to give you an inside look at this street legal race bike. Has a new battery, recent service but needs a new rear tire soon, (will include with BIN). You really have to read-up on the race series to learn about their special race performance parts, (ecu, laser exhaust, carbon fiber and carbon fiber plastic parts, etc). Full race livery. Also, to take things to the next level the bike has a set (not installed) of paint-to-match Corbin sport-touring luggage. So for all you diehard BMW sport touring fans, now a proper boxer twin with real luggage that works for week-long getaways. Save serious money on the best sport touring twin BMW has ever made. A Limited Edition, individually numbered unit, ultra-low mileage motorbike. Does it get any better? Yes, I am a BMW MOA, RA and AMA member and I can guarantee a true BMW enthusiast. Will of course help with delivery, storage and a fly and ride. Please email with any questions. Thanks for looking.


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