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2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup in Florida

Dan 3

Just 8k miles on this Boxer Cup and a very reasonable $7k buy-it-now. Seller description is a little light but taking a look at close values over at BaT, this looks like good value if it checks out! Paging Tirefriar for analysis!

Act quickly, this one closes on Sunday evening. -dc

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup for sale on eBay

from the seller:

2005 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup. Boxer Cup limited edition series with the Red , White and Blue color scheme. The bike is in amazing condition and ready for a new owner. Please call with questions. Bike is currently registered and titled in my name. I’m open to provide more information.

  1. Tirefriar Tirefriar

    Tirefriar here. From the photos looks like a clean and original 2005 BCR. Last of the BCR, the 2005 model is the most polarizing out of the three year series. It also came with Laser exhaust from the factory and the bug antenna mirrors were handle bar mounted as opposed to front-fairing mounted mirrors on 2003/2004. It is also nOt certain how many 2005 models were imported, as they were 2004 models in Europe so the States may have gotten some Euro leftovers in addition to the 300 or so originally slated for our market.

    My preference is the 2004 model with dual spark plugs and the 2003 more subdued livery. No power difference between sing and dual motors but I prefer the cf valve cover trim of a dual plug.

    I can attest these are great bikes. Bought mine back after 3 years of kicking myself for selling it in the first place. Market has bottomed out on these so the only direction is up, as BaT results confirm.

    This one did not appear to sell and maybe worth a look but do yourself a favor and perform a PPI, especially on anything coming out of Florida

  2. Dan Dan

    Thank you as always! -dc

  3. Tirefriar Tirefriar

    My pleasure, Dan. BYW, it appears to have sold.

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